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Grayson photography studio L.E.N.S (not sure about the name)

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comet’s apartment part 1 (apartment created by @jools-simming, decorated by moi) + my new editing style inspired by @sims3melancholic (thank you @gabreux for the reshade/psd!)

20/08/2017 Hey guys! I’m in my dorm room again! Woohoow I have so much love for this room haha I’m obsessed.
Only 2 days for revision until my first exam!

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dreamt of @milkatcrossing’s adorable and cozy town of drowsy! 🍄🌱 this was such a breathtaking and beautifully decorated town ♪ the landscaping was so gorgeous and thoughtful! the colors, the clovers and mushrooms, I just loved how comfy and charming everything felt~

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maybe you meant to type lovely in the tags, but he does sound a bit lonely doesn't he?

No, I meant lonely, and it’s just my observation. I could be totally off.

I feel like Harry’s a very shrewd observer of people, and also an extroverted introvert.

Obviously he’s clever and entertaining when he’s out there telling jokes, performing, sassying muscle men and dads and older couples and charming little kids. And of course we see the public Harry at events and parties who’s a cute, cuddly drunk, who could make an impromptu 20-second video that’s better than anything a Hollywood video director could produce, just by being himself. He’s an endless source of fascination for everyone, really.

But there’s a lot of deflection, subterfuge, indirect reference in his interviews. The fact that he says the person he wrote Sweet Creature for may or may not know it’s about them means he’s never discussed it with them (if you believe Harry). The song comes from direct, personal feelings deepened and purified over time, until they were distilled into three-and-half-minutes of music. It’s the purest way a musician can write a confession. And it’s all interior.

Listen to the lyrics of SOTT, ESNY, Sweet Creature. There aren’t a lot of words. They are simple, direct, and repeated over and over. The harmonies are simple and repeated over and over too. The man knows what he wants to say.

I loved this interview so much because Zach Sang focused on Harry’s creative process, but was respectful of his private space (he seemed to sense where Harry’s do-not-cross tape was). Harry again talked about vulnerability, as if before this, he wasn’t allowed to express it. He also talked about an appreciation for the length of time he had to work on the solo album, and the people who allowed him his voice and vulnerability. The interview showed that all of these songs, feelings, thoughts had been there for a long, long time, but were kept private.

I don’t mean to imply that loneliness is a bad thing. Harry is a songwriter. Suffering, meditation, conflict, interior monologues all make for excellent art. The visual art that he collects and admires has these qualities too– of beauty and courage burnished through loneliness and suffering.

This observation struck me, too, when he was talking about his touring venues– that he has seen some of his favorite shows in these small, intimate, historical, acoustically perfect places.

First, he must have, at some point, thought it would be really cool to play these venues.

Second, he was going to feel less alone with a smaller audience– he was going to be able to convey an intimacy in a setting like that. It wouldn’t be to play to 100,000 anonymous screaming fans. It would be to play for his friends, he said. And he would play– basically the story of his life, to people who held on to his every word. I’d like to think that some of these friends might be the musical giants of history, watching him from above, the very people he venerates.


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This town is like my pink lemonade daydream! I probably spent the most time in Ax’s house after walking around town taking in all of the amazing scenery~ 

Mingyu High Cut Interview

Q: Seems like you’re the housekeeper since you were called “Ming-jubu”

MG: Actually, there are not much house works that I can do in dorm. I originally interested in cleaning, making something & interior (design) so I’m doing the work. Later, if I moved out from the dorm or when I get married I think I will still be concerned about it

Q: Seems like you will be a well-loved husband

MG: I will really do my best to cook. (laugh) even now, in dorm if we want to cook & eat something.. I cook all of it

Q: What’s the most popular dish you cooked?

MG: Hmmm.. not too long ago, I made carbonara pasta but the food that the members like the most is indeed ramyeon. Just recently, I told the members, “I was called Ming-Jubu in the shows, but if I was asked what kind of food I cook the best.. actually it’s only ramyeon. If there’s anything you want to eat, tell me. I will cook it for you”.

Q: As a master cook, do you have any cheat-key?

MG: Baek Jong Won said this to me, “When you’re cooking.. if you can season the food properly, it’s 80% success”. It’s really cook right?

Q: You’re in charge of visual in Seventeen

MG: In early days of debut, I have overflowing confidence on my appearance. But recently, the other members became very cool

Q: Did you get threatened?

MG: Ah, it’s not to that extent. Hahaha. I just want to look humble, but I think I still look…  fine (laugh)

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