i love this im so happy with it


short rant - i don't know if this is triggering. i'm so sorry!

i just really need to say this:

andi mack, specifically cyrus, helped me through the darkest time in my life. everyone was leaving me behind. my girlfriend had just committed suicide, my parents were sent to jail, and my sister was left to take care of me.

i honestly thought that there was nothing left in life for me.

but then i found andi mack.

this show has given me happiness that i can not describe. sometimes i just come to their tumblr tag, or binge watch the episodes over and over again because of everything that has happened. andi mack is one of my favorite, if not- my favorite show to every exist. it will always and forever hold a special place in my heart for being my source of happiness.

thank you, @persongoingfast for playing cyrus unexplainable well. his character has made my days the brightest when i just couldn’t handle anymore. i love your character, and i love you so much. so much that it’s hard to comprehend! i just relate to cyrus so much. he taught me to be myself, and to love myself. i couldn’t be happier where his character is going. the season finale’s scene with cyrus looking back at jonah made me cry real tears. happy tears. i have never been so happy in so long, and i can’t thank you enough for that! i really do hope he is portrayed the way he should be, and i just can’t wait to see more of you in season two.

everything about this show is just so amazing & i hope it continues that way for many many seasons. because it deserves many MANY seasons!

okay, i think i’m done 😂😂

you’re allowed to love being trans!!!

you’re allowed to focus on positive aspects of being trans!!!

not everything about being trans has to be negative, and loving this part of yourself feels amazing and liberating


Damianos & Laurent,
The Power Couple,
Uniters of Kingdoms,

                                                T H E  K I N G S

Take care of him. Please.
—  To the new girl