i love this im so happy with it


Happy birthday to the person who makes me smile the most! Thank you for always making us smile and for always looking out for us. I hope you’re getting enough rest these days. You work so hard and for that I thank you. We appreciate all that you do for us and know that we’ll be always with you forever. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, getting lots of love from your family, friends, the rest of the GOT7 members and your fans because you deserve the world and more. ♡ #KingJacksonDay   

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Hi! I'm the trash anon that begged you to consider the voltron au and let me just say that I love the character interpretation??? Like it's so spot on and I'm just in love! Thank you so much for drawing something for it, it like really actually made my day

!!!!!!! I’m happy you liked it, then!!!! ‘cause actually I have more

a Role Reversal™

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I just went thru ur entire blog (instead of homework) and I love u and this made my heart happy. Also for your consideration: obscure southern phrases. My favorite bein "cold as a witch's tit" and other such stuff (I'm texan IDK what constitutes southern slang 😅) ps ur art is beautiful and the tags you leave for other artists are so nice

aw omg thank you so much!!!!! im so glad you think so its so nice of you to send such a nice ask :’)) i m laughing really hard at “cold as a witch’s tit” omg??? the south is truly amazing



Happy birthday to the funniest, liveliest and sweetest member of GOT7. I’m so happy he’s well again and that before his birthday. I never realized how much I missed him over the past few days without him. I can truly understand the meaning or ‘’7 or never’’. I love this human being with all my heart. Happy birthday Jackson ♡ ♡ ♡



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omg im actually fucin nutting rn I love "Dancing" so much ur like the only person on here who writes batb fanfic and bless ur soul that u do.

Thanks 😗 I worked hard on it and I’m glad you liked it so much!!! I’m happy to be here to satisfy the need for BATB fanfics lol.

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Aaron's fluffy hospital hair still makes me so happy. I love how Robert wasted no time ruffling it repeatedly with the biggest heart eyes ever. Let this happen more often emmerdale gods

i mean it’s fine

*muffled sobbing noises which eventually develop into agonised screams as i claw my way through my house on my stomach because wHEN WILL ROBERT PUT HIS HAND IN AARONS HAIR AGAIN IT IS 2017 AND WE HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH*

im fin e

  • Sarada: Papa, why don't I ever see you kiss mama?
  • Sasuke: We prefer to do it in private.
  • Sarada: (glares) Yeah, right. You just don't want to kiss her.
  • Sasuke: (frowns) I'm not going to argue with you, Sarada. You beter go meet up with your team, don't you have a mission today?
  • -later that day-
  • Sarada: Mama, papa, I know it's early but I'm ho- (hears weird noises)
  • Sarada: ... (walks into the kitchen) !!!
  • Sasuke: (pressing his wife against the wall, holding her chin with his only hand and basically sucking on her lips)
  • Sakura: (has one leg hooked around her husband's hips, her fingers roaming through his hair, pulling him closer)
  • Sasuke: (smirking, moving his lips to Sakura's neck)
  • Sakura: (moans) Sasuke-kun oh yess!
  • Sarada: (thinking) Oohh nopenopenope (runs)
  • -in Sarada's room-
  • Sarada: ... (burning cheeks, heavy breathing, extremly embarrassed) They haven't noticed me... dirty adults... doesn't this qualify as po*n?
  • -the next day-
  • Sasuke: (amused) So, Sarada, do you still want me and your mom to kiss in public?
  • Sarada: ... No thank you.
random ass thought

there’s something really comforting in knowing that the video game industry is still as embarrassing and silly as it’s always been. I finished that 20 minute video about mass effect andromeda by crowbcat and for some reason, it just made me really happy.

people act like these mess ups are new, and I will admit that they can be very large mess ups(no man’s sky being a kinda recent example) but I wonder when everyone will realize that the video game industry in general is still very new in relation to other entertainment, and this shit is still going to happen a lot.

I think that’s why I find comfort in it. people have always been laughing at stuff like ME:A and other various major video games that fall on their faces. Stuff like E3 or the game awards have always had lots of stupid and embarrassing moments. don’t forget the awkward faces of these events like Todd Howard, Major Nelson or Geoff Keighley(random examples), who just kinda embody the faceless entity that is “video games”.

the video game industry is still a baby (or an annoying toddler), and even though video games themselves are always getting better and improving, there’s still so much about it that’s a huge joke.

it’s like watching your old high school get larger and improve after you graduate, but when you go back to visit it still has the same old dysfunctional staff and awkward-looking students you remember it having

(granted I haven’t been around for the 90s video game craze, but from what I can tell it’s still the same old video game industry)

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i love ur art style dude it's so beautiful it's my favourite... i also love this idea that maurice buys a new shirt every time he loses one it's hilarious keep up the good work with tbwtpe im really enjoying it so far thank you for being kind and nice and creating such good art ily 🐝

:’O thank you so much!!! and thank you for following the story, i’m really happy and pumped that people are interested! :’) xoxoxo <333

March 27th, 2016 I created this potato. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! 

To be honest I wasn’t expecting him to go so far, he went from a stupid little doodle to something more. I’m so happy I kept him and kept developing him. 

Happy Birthday Techno! I love you my potato child! 

look at me I’m so lame celebrating my own characters birthdays lol 

Techno and Art © Me 

Absolutely Smitten (Im Jaebum imagines)

I was listening to Dodie her EP all day long, and I am in love with this song so I needed to write an imagine about the song.

Please listen to the song: https://youtu.be/0TAJwGniuUs

(Fyi, I gave the bff the name Laura because I didn’t want to say Y/BFF/N everytime I named her)

Have fun readimg soms extreme Jaebum fluff.


Absolutely Smitten • song by Dodie • written by Anna

She is actually happy. She found the perfect boy for herself. Y/N has met this guy, the handsome stranger. Laura thought to herself.

When she bought the coffee from Starbucks and ran outside because she was late for work she bumped into him. They collided and all the coffee she just bought went all over him. And to make everything worse, he was wearing a white shirt.

She was ashamed and apologized way too many times. He just smiled and was intoxicated by her cute face. Before she had to run again to go to her work he asked for her phone number so he could buy her a new coffee. Y/N promised to buy him a new white shirt. That’s how their love story started.

Laura decided to grab a coffee with him, the handsome stranger. Y/N was Laura her best friend after all. “Hey Jaebum!” Laura said when she met him at the table he was waiting at.

“Hey Laura, how are you?” He said, starting the small talk.

“Great! How are you and Y/N?” You asked giving him a smirk.

He just smiled and his eyes turned into the eye smile that always made Y/N weak. Laura could understand why it did. “Oh, we are great. I have the best time with Y/N.”

“Oh yeah, Y/N knows that feeling all too well. God JB, you made her insides turn to jelly.” Laura said laughing thinking about the many talk they had about this handsome stranger.

“Really?” He asked, getting a smirk on his face, happy about the fact he has such an impact on Y/N.

“YES!” You said loud. “God, you even made her kind off insecure. You made her wonder if she’s pretty! She never thinks about those things!”

Jeabum had the biggest smile on his face. The fact Laura told him those things made him wonder about her. What did she make him think about?

Laura interrupted his thoughts and said: “She’s absolutely smitten, she’ll never let you go”

After a great talk for the both of them they went there own ways again. Jeabum still thinking about Y/N and the other things she made him think off.

Jaebum went over to Y/N. almost everyday he went to her and they had the greatest times. They played games, watched movies, maybe even have some fun together 😏😉.

This time it felt different for JB though. His mind was cleared of all the doubt he may have had.

Y/N opened the door, and the first thing that went through Jaebum’s mind was: That girl, just there, yeah, she’s the one.

Laura told him so many times: “Jaebum, you have made her happy.” And he could see it. Her smile wide as ever when she sees him. The sparkle in her eyes even brighter. She was in love, and he finnaly saw it with his own eyes. Not just because people, like Laura, tell him so.

He went over to her and whispered in her ear: “God, I’m so in love with you Y/N.” he did not just realize this, he always kind off knew. He knew from the moment he bumped into her outside Starbucks.

But those words were like music in Y/N’s ears. Words she only dreamed to hear. Y/N remember those moment Laura made her think about those words.

“Pretty lady,” Laura started making Y/N laugh. “Look at how he’s smiling” Laura said at a night out with the three of them. “I think he likes you.” She sang afterwards. Y/N just rolled her eyes and went back to him with the drinks they just bought.

But now, after hearing those words, she knew that smile Laura was talking about was a smile of love.

Yeah it’s too late, JB thought to himself. just like Laura said: “you’re absolutely smitten, you’ll never let her go.”

“I love you too.” Y/N answered to Jaebum’s love confession.

“I still love you more though, I’ll never let you go” He said while getting Y/N in a thight embrace.