i love this hug


Rose’s whatnow

Honestly one of my favourite underrated Bismuth moments. Never fails to make me chuckle, along with the “You think it’s hot now?”/”Yeah. Like an oven.” exchange. Becomes really sad once you think about it for more than 5 seconds, just like all the Haha Aliens Don’t Get Human Reproduction bits from Three Gems and a Baby. They do try, though, bless them.

Look at this. So precious.

me: *says stuff like “dude bro you gotta see this my man”*

me: *has a caring dad and 2 other sisters. aka 3 kids.*

me: *wants to have stable relationships with friends*

me: *is stressed out 24/7 and literally Cannot Stop The Anxiety*

me: wonder why i like craig so much

Not Everything Broken Can Be Fixed

LET ME HUG MY NEW WAIFU OMG NO! I found this drawing from yesterday in my camera roll, why did I do two sad drawings of this angel last night? I just, I just wanna hug her and take her home, she deserves hugs and hot chocolate and someone who will take the time and energy to treat her right, the poor thing! I love her to pieces and I will fucking break the fourth wall so I can kill the asshole that is Brute so she can be happy god damnit! Anyway, Fanny belongs to Disney and the quest AU belongs to @thebbros

“Personally I want to see Korea and Vietnam interact since I feel they could connect with each other. Their histories are incredibly similar and I want more East Asian/South-East Asian interactions! I feel Korea would bring out the silly side of Vietnam and they would have a lot of fun together. And Hima could show a sorrowful side to Korea with his relationship with Vietnam. I don’t ship them with anyone else bc of this.“

second meetings

A chance meeting in a musuem between two friends who lost touch years ago turns into a second chance for something new.

a fluffy Bill x Rose piece for @keepcalmandf-ckoff

Bill couldn’t believe her eyes as she walked into the room. It’d been years since she’d last seen her but right there in front of her was Rose Tyler sitting on a bench in the National Gallery, completely involved in sketching something. Her blonde hair was pulled back into ponytail and her lips were pursed as she concentrated and Bill thought she was even more gorgeous than the last time she’d seen her.

She walked up next to Rose, hands stuck in the pockets of her jacket and a smile on her face. “I know we’re not supposed to touch the masterpieces, but I think I’m going to have to make an exception for you.”

Rose’s head snapped up and her eyes went wide as she spotted Bill, smile spreading over her face.

“Oh my god, Bill!” Rose popped up and had her arms around Bill in half a second, crushing her in a hug. She pulled back and pushed at Bill’s shoulder. “Haven’t seen you in seven years and you say hello with a pick up line?”

“I live in eternal hope that they will work one day.”

“You never know, it just might.” Rose shot back.

“Brilliant. So, are you busy today or do you have time for an old friend?” Bill answered, trying to ignore the way her heart sped up at the sight of Rose’s teasing smile, the one with the tip of her tongue peeking out that had always driven her mad.

“I’m yours, Miss Potts.”

“Mmm, don’t get my hopes up.”

Rose stuck her sketchbook in her bag and reached for Bill’s hand. “Let me show you some of the art? I did what I always said I was going to, I’m in art school right now.”

“That’s brilliant! I just finally started uni, actually.”

She was explaining the roundabout way she’d ended up an official student as Rose led her away by their clasped hands to show her all the masterpieces that could never hold a candle to her smile.

Bill smiled while Rose started telling her about her favorite pieces and art school and didn’t bother to hide the sappy hope that this was a bright, new beginning that was shining out of her every expression.