i love this hnngg


i fucking love Good Cop and Bad Cop.. and it’s been a very long while since I’ve drawn them ;-; (i also seem to be in the mood to just drawing black and whites ´w`;;)

So I drew them again! and I’ll probably resume drawing them in the future because I absolutely adore badass Good Cop and super chill Bad Cop like that’s my crack and I cannot get over it.. 

-sigh- I’ve also changed how I draw them so that’s a plus too >o>;;

GCBC©Lego Movie/WB
art and stuff©moi :U

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a very nsfw link!!! but hotguyswelove(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)118223470314 tell me this isn't mafia au yuri OR loverboy au yuri look at him

Omg it’s so very yuri tho I LOVE THIS fhdkdjsj what a soft kitten hnngg

a really quick doodle before i sleep

so there’s Good Cop, bad Cop and Sleepy Cops owo/

my sister and I were chatting about this over Skype.. it was her idea

guis i’m hooked on The X-Files like a drug ugh.. i’m working backwards and I love Agent Dogget so much -cry-

BadCop/GoodCop©The Lego Movie/WB
art and stuff and the flippy sunglasses©moi :U

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Aahh also theres no need to be afraid or nervous! TvT) Just let me know whenever youd like to start! Im sure it’ll be a lot of fun!~ I look forward to iiitt!! Hope you have an awesome day!!~))

Alright, just, hear me out, okay?
Like, I love Reaper. I’m so fucking gay for him, he’s the fucking best. Like, I want him to sit on my face and/or hug me. And I fucking LOVE reading all of these imagine stuff and headcanon things for him cause YES. JUST YES
But, you know what?
I’m not a huge fan of this trend of Reaper getting his masked knocked off before he’s comfortable with it.
Like, even if it’s an accident, it’s still not cool and shouldn’t be romanticized, just like walking in on a trans person dressing/chest out.
What we should be thinking about is when he IS comfortable showing his face to his s/o.
Like, he’s super self conscious and nervous cause he’s about to show his horrendous, decaying monster face to the greatest thing in his life. He trusts them, but there’s still that ocean of doubt and fear that they won’t accept the way he looks. He’s trying really hard to act all tough, but it’s not helping nor working and his hands are just ever so slightly shaking.
His s/o is waiting patiently, not saying a thing, but trying their damn hardest to send out supportive vibes. They can wait, they love him, they will wait for however long it takes.
Reaper finally takes it off and there it is. Practically a cloud of face parts, only simi solid and barely held together. There’s practically nothing left of the late Gabriel Reyes. Huge mouth stretching ear to ear, just teeth, no lips. Almost a dozen floating red eyes looking around, some are closed, others are looking straight at s/o. Black smog surrounding his face, creating a slight outline of a jaw and bit of hair on the top of his head.
And there’s s/o, staring at the monster that is Reaper, completely frozen and silent. Reaper starts to worry, thinking that all of this was a mistake. But then, he notices the wild flush rising on his s/o’s face, the glint in their eyes, and a small gulp being taken.
Reaper decides to take one more chance; he leans in and licks the shell of his s/o’s ear with his long, inky black tongue. A wild shiver wrecks their body, so he continues. He grabs a fistful of their hair and keeps playing with their ear. A loud moan falls from their lips and they’re shaking.
When he pulls away, s/o is red as blood, short on breath, and clenching their hands to their chest.
“You like this kinda stuff?” Reaper asks.
A pitiful whimper and strangled noise comes from his s/o, who’s trying desperately to reply but just can’t cause that fucking tongue just wrecked them.
“Come on, tell me.”
“I love it! I love your face! And I can’t- I just- you’re so- hnngg.” They finally stutter out, tears in their eyes. A deep chuckle rumbles out of Reaper,
“Well then, since you’ve been so honest, I guess I should reward you, shouldn’t I?”

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For the fandom question: your traditional art is sooooo precious I love it so much!

((Hnngg thank you very muuchh!! Q///Q) YOURE precious! TvT) This made me real happy, thank you for the lovely message! ^v^) I appreciate it!! And have a nice day!~))