i love this guy though

Status report!

Hey, kittens (that’s what I’m calling my followers now, shut up)! I’m not dead! I know I haven’t posted a ton today because my cousin’s fixing my laptop.
But wait, you scandalous bitches, there’s more!
I got mad period cramps so bad that I cannot move enough to take pain meds. On top of that, I didn’t eat for most of the day so I pretty much almost passed out at the tech store my cousin took me to.
It’s been a rough day, but my spirits and tiddies are high! I’ll be back writing for prompts and reblogging and talking to y'all tomorrow when my laptop’s back!
I love you all so much ❤️

-XOXOXO, Kitty 😸

got it from this but i feel like suga’s more likely to do this than daichi actually he has a potato shirt and likes puns pLEASE don’t tell me he’ll let the opportunity to do this pass bcos hE WILL DO IT no matter the cost #REST IN PIECES DAICHI

CLYDE: This just in: The Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour has arrived.

JIMMY: Hey guys, are you ready to get this party s-ss-st…

JIMMY: Are you ready to get this p-party st–

JIMMY: Are you ready to get this party st-started?

TIMMY: Timmy!

CLYDE: Hell motherfucking yeah, let’s DO this.

CLYDE: Well actually we need to wait for Token.

CLYDE: …Where are you, you sneaky son of a tater-tot…

I’m in pain

Actual physical pain from Marty being a jerk and letting his son down for 9 years and STILL now and not caring about him at all ever in his entire life and lying to him about actually “wanting” to spend time with him for once JUST TO ADVERTISE A HORRIBLE SODA TO MAKE MONEY AND CALLING SOUR CREAM SELFISH AND THEN LEAVING AGAIN

Smol adorable santa fisherman Yellowtail supporting his step-son is the only cure

Thank you Yellowtail


Hey guys! I just reached 8k followers and as a thank you for following me I wanted to give you guys something. Here is a psd I made for all of you! I really hope you enjoy it! (✿ ♥‿♥)

  • Adjust to your liking if necessary (if it’s too orange lower vibrance)
  • Contains black and white option 
  • Like/reblog this post if you download.
  • Don’t redistribute or claim as your own.

Download here


Ah, more ons merch~
Featuring Yu, Mika, and Guren scarf buttons and Mika’s floral perfume d(^_^o)

Darcyland Positivity Week//Day 4//Favorite Trait

Her sense of humor, even at the worst of times.  ;)  For @fuckyeahdarcylewis‘ Positivity week.  <3

Gotta love Darcy dialogue.  :D  It’s inspired some of the best fanfiction I’ve ever read and endeared so many wonderful people to each other.  I love this fandom and I love everyone in this bar…*sniffs*  I would have stopped writing a year ago if I hadn’t discovered this wonderful little corner of the MCU fandom.  You’re all awesome.  


This is by far the most unorganized mood board on tumblr lol. So i was tagged by @suavesehun and here it is.

I was going for a “how i feel when i see this pictures” mood and thats why mr.krabs is there LOL and the top is just some cute sehun. I shouldve made this a kai mood board but whateves lol.

I’ll tag @thatsrightmytype @asshun @oilyho @jonginsacne @popped-in-exo @ohsehips @sehunsluckyone @monstersavedkpop @sehuneta @ohsenhun @cucumbyeoll