i love this god

can i mention also on how supportive namjoon was towards tae with his english?? he let tae read everything english and repeated it for him and asked what it meant in korean to make sure he understood the meaning of the word and then when it came to ordering he explained it in korean and then let tae do it himself and even if he didnt say it 100% correct, he stepped back and just watched him fondly i fucking love namjoon

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okay honestly zarya is such a clever and brilliant trans lesbian. not only does she quote gagarin when looking through the telescope on horizon, but her big gun (the gun that isnt one of her muscles)? she ripped it off an apc and learned the physics and mechanics needed to STABILISE IT ALL BY HER LONESOME. she's so smart and buff and hot and i love her



Brothers: Adaon & Kieran

“I know you will not move against our father, but I also know you do not like him, or find his rule fair. If the throne were open, would you take it?”
Kieran,” said Adaon. 

“I had not imagined I would hear you speak so, little dark one. When you were a child, you took what you wanted with no thought of the cost.”
No one in the Wild Hunt remains a child,” said Kieran.

voltron has a lot of problems but one thing i will always appreciate is their female alien designs. i know shay and the rest of the balmerans are a favorite example

and of course i love that, but look at some girls from space mall. strange adornments, completely different head shape

and even nyma, who’s femme to hell, still has distinctly alien features, no long flowing hair or dainty hands

and the new galra generals!

only one is particularly humanoid, the rest are outlandish, not just a human girl with neon hair and skin

anyway every alien girl besides allura and like. two. are super outlandish and realistically alien i love it