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Thoughts on Marinette after The Christmas Special

Obvious spoilers like woah, i’m tagging this as #mlspoilers, #ml spoilers, and #christmas special spoilers so that you guys can blacklist!

But anyway, can I finally get something off of my chest about Marinette please? Because I love this girl with my entire being and whenever I learn something about her in the show I have to scream and share it with people because she is such an interesting character to me. 

Marinette is a cocky little shit. 

Like, let’s please get this whole image of Marinette as this insecure little girl out of our heads. When she knows she’s really good at something or when she thinks she’s right, this girl gives no shits. She will let you know. She will prove to you how good she is. She will prove to you how right she is. That is a girl who has confidence in droves

The fact that Adrien “Love of Her Life” Agreste was standing right there telling her that Santa Claus wasn’t trying to hurt him and she just flat out said “look, I know an akuma when I see one, I know better than you, so just let me handle this” is just so indicative of the fact that Marinette is completely unafraid to flaunt her prowess. Like she clearly sees herself as an authority on akumas (rightfully so, I mean, she’s Ladybug) and is personally invested in this mess because she thinks that this man kidnapped Adrien. So of course when a) she thinks she’s right, and when b) the things she cares about are in jeopardy, she’s gonna shut you the HELL down. 

Marinette takes pride in what she does. That’s passion. That’s a good thing. She’s also very ambitious in the sense that she wants to defend what she’s good at and she wants to defend what matters to her. And she’ll do whatever necessary to make that happen. The problem with her is that she tends to overdo things and inadvertently hurt people or refuse to see other people’s points of view. 

She didn’t think about what it would mean to embarrass Lila. Like granted, lying isn’t okay, but hey, Lila’s a new girl at a new school trying to make friends. She probably had her reasons that weren’t necessarily malicious. But Marinette doesn’t take the time to think through that possibility. She’s more concerned about preventing her from muscling in on Adrien and shutting down liars because she doesn’t like them (especially when they lie about her). Lila’s feelings were last priority. Same with Max. She didn’t think about the fact that this video game tournament was Max’s dream until much later. At the moment, she was only concerned with beating Max to spend time with Adrien. And the Christmas Special further drove this point home. Her priority wasn’t taking the time to listen to Adrien’s point of view or listen to Santa. Her priority was to stop this akuma villain from kidnapping Adrien because she was so damn confident that he was an akuma. In fact, it took her a hella long time to realize he wasn’t. That’s how blinding her confidence can get. 

Marinette is an overthinker. She doubts herself and freaks out when things don’t go her way or have the possibility of not going her way. Like look at that small moment where she couldn’t find Adrien’s present. Freaking out. Overthinking. Oh my God. Where is it? How could this be happening? What am I going to do? But the moment she finds it? Right back to normal. Races downstairs and out into the cold to make sure the present is delivered. Business as usual. 

She’s not insecure. She’s a perfectionist. A confident, cocky little perfectionist who is learning how to get better about seeing past her goals and considering the bigger picture, i.e. other possibilities and other people. So it annoys me to see people portray her as this girl that doesn’t think she’s good enough for people or thinks she’s not deserving of things. Like that’s just not the Marinette we get in the show. And maybe it’s because people are afraid to admit that the protagonist of our show is flawed and capable of making mistakes (like hey, let’s talk about the fact that this is not the first or even the second akuma Marinette has inadvertently caused). 

Like, yes creative liberties are allowed, but I also get sad when I see people disconnecting from canon too much. Marinette is super fascinating. Don’t take her confidence away from her.