i love this girl

Okay, but can we talk about this?

Let me remind you that Mikasa has “Perfect control over herself”, which means that she is literally allowing herself to cry that moment. She admits weakness in front of a lot of her team members. Something that she barely, if ever, done before (Source: Jean’s face).

She could’ve just waited till they’re alone, but no, she knows it’s okay to cry.Yes, strong female characters have emotions and weaknesses while remaining strong! 


we all Love Jennifer Lawrence because we can relate to her.

She loves pizza.

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She have dork friends 

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She’s a fangirl.

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She’s a Potterhead

And she’s living the dream of DATING A BRITISH GUY.

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and many other things…

Tifa in KH cracks me up because when she’s searching for Cloud she checks under the desk, the bookshelf, and punches/kicks the freaking walls as if he’ll just pop up and I’m just like

Tifa honey, do you really think Cloud would be chilling inside the wall?