i love this game's glitches

I was terrified enough when Infinite messed with everyone’s head in Capital City but can you imagine if there was a part in the game that triggered randomly where Infinite messes with the actual player. As in the level your playing suddenly starts glitching and acts broken then suddenly you’re in a completely different level. You go to attack an enemy but because it shouldn’t be there it acts as if the game doesn’t know what to do everything pauses the music gets stuck looping the last 0.4 seconds it played. You as the player are feeling pretty confused and weirded out then the phantom ruby sfx plays, the screen melts then suddenly you’re back where you left off wondering what the heck just happened

I just realised I never posted this but

One time I was playing fallout and the game clearly glitched out on me because all the regular ghouls suddenly turned into Party Ghouls ™

Anyway, that in itself was pretty great, I’m glad I got to spend some quality time with ghouls from the 80s but then I sent it to a friend and…this was his response

‘What’s Ghoulin’ On’

No regrets. This is art.

ahaha anyway i was playing Hustle Cat and it suddenly glitched, froze, closed itself, and about twenty seconds later after trying to re-open it a game launches and it’s FUCKING DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB

Remember that time I got that anon that was like “but how could you possibly like sonic 06 when it was a BAD GAME?”

I love sonic 06, completely unironically. I love silver, I love mephiles, I love Elise, I love sonelise, I love silver’s friendship with blaze. I love the story and the characters and the cheesy lines and Sonic’s funny laugh. I love the soundtrack!! I love the pre rendered cutscenes! I love a lot of the voices!

I also genuinely enjoy playing it sometimes, as a teen I loved it and beat it in two days and just disregarded the glitches because I loved the game so darned much. I remember before it came out I literally cried because I wanted it NOW and was so excited!!! I bought the game before I had a PS3, before I even knew if I would ever get a PS3, I just wanted to have it! My friend and I were so HYPED and we wrote fanfictions with silver and mephiles and it was a blast!

This game means a lot to me, it came out during a very memorable time in my life, I had a lot of fun with it. I don’t care if it’s bad! It was unfinished and I personally feel that it could have been a super amazing game had it just had more time put into it! And even if not, who cares?

I acknowledge that it’s not a quality game. But I love it anyway. I love it with all my heart. And it’s been so long and people need to just let it go and let people reference it without feeling the need to butt in with “but 06 was BAD!”

People can like things that are bad! People can unironically like things that are bad!

Let people like sonic 06 please, the constant negative comments on fan art and writing are getting soooo old.