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For a prompt, how about BB asking for dating advice? (It could just be one person, or a few and getting bad/conflicting/hilarious answers)

Okay! Thank you anonymous anon of mystery for this prompt! I’m not sure if it’s funny, it’s just… A fic? Oh gosh, I don’t know. Hope you enjoy!

Fact: Everything Beast Boy looked up are the searches I found. I looked up everything he did. I hope no one checks my internet history.

Beast Boy had checked once, twice, three times. No one was in the tower. Stealing on more glance at the opening of the living room, Beast Boy began typing, already embarrassed with himself. If Cyborg had actually helped me, I wouldn’t have had to do this. Beast Boy thought. He had asked his friend for advice on how to ask out a girl, and Cyborg had only become curious about what girl he had in mind. Beast Boy had barely gotten out of there without telling him it was Raven he needed help with. Beast Boy glued his eyes to the scree, knowing he was wasting time.

Search: How to ask a girl on a date

196,000,000 results (0.49 seconds)

Lots of results. Surely one of them would fit Raven. She and Beast Boy may be “together”, but they had never been on a date. Beast Boy read the first thing that came up in the search.

Step 1. Get her attention

Step 2: Get to know her

Step 3: Ask her out

Step 4: Make date plans

Step 5. Go on the date

“What?!” Beast Boy said to himself. “That doesn’t help at all!” The green-skinned teen scrolled down and clicked on the next link.

How to ask a girl out w/drawn and written examples

Make sure you look nice

Start as if it were a normal conversation, with “hi” or “hey”

If you aren’t good at talking to strangers, click these links.

How to talk to strangers

How to talk to humans

Keep the tone casual (crack a joke or two! Girls love it when you’re yourself)

YES. Beast Boy thought. But… That’s not Raven.

When the time is right, just ask her!

“AUGH” Beast Boy wanted to know how to word it, not present himself! He and Raven were already together! Beast Boy sighed as his fingers started moving once again. He had one more idea, but her didn’t like it.

Search: How to ask a serious girl out

140,000,000 results (0.59 seconds)

Beast Boy hated to put Raven in that category, or any category (Raven was different, it was one of the many reasons he liked her so much), but he just wanted her to have a nice night. Besides, she would never know. But it was all the same. Everything just said something along the lines of “be cool” or worse, “be ready for rejection.” Nothing on what to actually say. Just then, the Titans all walked, Raven with her hood up, Cyborg being, well, Cyborg, and Robin with an arm around Starfire’s shoulders. Beast Boy stood up, making sure he turned the computer off as he greeted his team.

“He-e-e-e-y…” he said, walking past all them, bumping into Raven. (Of course.) “Raven. Wassup?” she gave him a weird look, and Beast Boy blushed.

“Where are you going? Why weren’t you with us?” asked Robin, the team leader part of his personality taking over. Beast Boy opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

“I… hafta… Gotta go…” Beast Boy put his hand to the back of his head and quickly walked into his room, collapsing on his bed. “UGGGHH.” he moaned. Why was it all so hard? 

Half an hour later, the door to Beast Boy’s room creaked open as a slim figure slipped through the small opening. Beast Boy was sitting on his bed, playing a video game on a Nintendo. When he saw it was Raven, he put it down. 

“Hey.” he said, trying to play it cool. Raven looked slightly on edge as she sat down. “What’s going on?” Raven looked Beast Boy in the eyes.

“Beast Boy… Would you… Like to go to dinner?” Beast Boy’s eyes widened. “On… A date? It could be fancy, I don’t really care, I could borrow something from Star, but I just wanna… Um, be with you…” Beast Boy’s grin quickly devoured his face. 

“YES! I mean, yes. Please. I’d love to, I… Thanks Rae.” Raven smiled, then began to walk out of the room. When she stood by the door, she turned around and looked at her ecstatic boyfriend.

“Garfield… Next time, exit out of your tabs.” she said.

It was kinda fun to be the one to make him blush for a change.

I really hope you like it!