i love this game so i decided to make some for it


idk if this exists already but

okay so I’ve read (and loved!) quite a few fics now where zimbits are out publicly and the falcs are playing a game where one of the opposing team members says something derogatory/awful about bitty to jack without the refs hearing and jack just immediately gets thrown in the sin bin for kicking the guy’s ass and it got me thinking

what if it was the other way around?

what if it’s a samwell game and some punk ass douchebro from the visiting team decides to make a nasty comment about jack to bitty (for his sexuality or the OD or smth) and the next thing anybody knows is bitty’s gloves are on the ice and the winger who opened his mouth has a split lip to show for it? and here’s the thing, bitty isn’t generally a violent person, and it’s not like what this dude is saying hasn’t been thrown in jack’s own face already. but like, bits is just so, so tired of every athlete, fan, and sports commentator who have any knowledge of hockey ripping into jack like they know anything about him. like, bitty can take the slurs when they’re directed at him bc he (sadly) is used to it after growing up in georgia. but he’ll be damned if anyone is going to badmouth his loving, kind, generous, and extremely hardworking boyfriend in front of him. not anymore.

Help meeeEEEE i’m addicted to this game lmaO

 I love it so much lol

one day i’ll finish these doodles maybe

but for now i hope you enjoy these drawings lmao i was kinda bored at work cause i finished all things i had to do so i decided to go ahead and make some fanart, i couldn’t look up references so im sorry if i fucked up some stuff lmaO 

i mean these are just some sketches so it shouldnt matter anyway lol

trash-lover-crazy  asked:

Hello there!! I really really love your blog, it gives me Life ❤😄 you are so good at writing!!. Also I wanted to make a request for a headcanon where MC is playing the Pocky game with RFA +Saeran+V 🙏🙏. If you don't want to it's totally okay^°^

LOL, we love Pocky Game scenarios! Hope you enjoy these~


  • He’s helping you prepare party favors for the next RFA event in a few days
  • You two had been working for hours so he offers to get some snacks
  • When he returns, he’s holding a pocky in his mouth
  • “Hey, MC, wanna play a game?” he asks with a wink
  • You’re know he’s just teasing you, so you decide to get him back
  • You lean forward and press the stick between your teeth
  • He goes along with it
  • Until you guys get close…really close…
  • Then he just Nopes out of there


  • He was in a really intense game when you stopped by
  • He tells you he’ll be there in a second and to grab a snack if you want
  • You notice a box of pocky beside him
  • In fact, he’s holding one on the side of his mouth at that moment while he’s engrossed
  • You quietly come next to him, nibbling away at the biscuit
  • He did say to grab a snack
  • He doesn’t even notice until he feels heat by his cheek
  • He turns his head and there’s a brief moment of contact with your lips
  • When he realizes, he just slaps a hand over his mouth and turns really red
  • “Yoosung, you didn’t like it?”
  • “No! No–er–not that–um–”
  • He shuts of his computer suddenly
  • “Do you…wanna play again?” he asks sheepishly


  • You stick a pocky in your teeth
  • “Hey, Jaehee, you wanna–”
  • “I prefer Hello Panda. Thanks though!”


  • He recently returned from a business trip to Japan
  • The clients had given him this huge basket of goodies
  • He tells you to take whatever you want
  • That’s when you spot the pocky, which you say is actually your favorite snack
  • He gives it to you and you place one in your mouth
  • He asks what’s so good about it
  • He’s never had that commoner snack, so he doesn’t understand the hype
  • You hold the box out for him to take one
  • But he takes a bite of half of it from the one in your mouth
  • You’re already flushed, but then he smirks
  • “I’ve also heard of the Pocky Game, but I’ve never played. Want to try?”
  • You agree a huge mistake really
  • You both go through the whole box because you keep dropping out when you both were centimeters apart


  • You see a whole crateful of pocky in the corner of the room
  • You gasp and go to check it out
  • “I love these! Hey, Seven, can I have one?”
  • He agrees…on one condition
  • He sticks one in his mouth
  • He expected you to drop out right before your lips met…
  • But you went all the way and now he was just a flustered tomato
  • You really liked pocky okay
  • He stops you before you can grab a box
  • “I–er–thought of another condition!”
  • He sticks another three pocky in his mouth and winks


  • He had found a new favorite snack besides ice cream
  • Lately, you barely saw him without a box of pocky
  • Feeling a bit bold, you take one from the box and ask if he’s played the Pocky Game befoer
  • He doesn’t answer, so you stick the pocky in your teeth and gesture for him to do the same on the other end
  • He rolls his eyes and snaps the biscuit out of your mouth
  • He kisses you straight on the lips and walks away
  • You’re just standing there stunned for a good five minutes
  • You played yourself


  • He’s heard of the Pocky Game, but he’s never played it before
  • So, when you suggest it to him, he’s willing to try something new
  • On the first attempt, he gets really shy and breaks off the biscuit a little more than half way through
  • After composing himself, he asks if he can try again
  • You agree and take the other end of the biscuit in his mouth
  • Hon-hon-hon…let’s just say he isn’t shy this time around…

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Part 1 of my 1,800+ Follower Gift!

I don’t even know how so many of you are following me but thank you so much ♥♥ Here’s a little gift for you!

So I love graphic shirts but I can’t seem to find that many with simlish writing so I decided to make some myself! The designs are from Society6 (I couldn’t live without this site tbh) I just changed the writings to simlish! :) There are 9 designs total and they are all food related! Some non food shirts are also coming shortly These are base game compatible :)

Download(AF+AM): Simfileshare


Starting November 10, 2016 you can read all main stories, epilogues, sequels, and substories from games SIMILAR to these pictured above for FREE!!!

OK let me explain a bit about what I mean.

Voltage inc has made a series of game adaptions intended for overseas users VERY similar to these. Everything from the plots, to the characters resemble the original. Yes, there are some differences but considering that you will be able to soon play them for free I think that it’s a small sacrifice to make.


Voltage will soon be removing these selected game adaptions from their database on December 31, 2016 and they decided to make all the content from these selected games free to those that have the games already installed on their mobile devices. (They are going to remove them from the Google play store and itunes (I think that’s what it’s called) on November 7, 2016 so you have to hurry and download them now).

Here is a list of the voltage games above and their Voltage Entertainment USA adaptions;

-Office Secrets -> Intimate Business

-Seduced in the Sleepless City -> Glass Stilettos in Manhattan

-10 Days with my Devil -> My Killer Romance

- A Knight’s Devotion -> Knight of my Heart

-Love Letter from Theif X -> My Lover’s a Theif

-My Sweet Bodyguard -> To Love and Protect

- My Forged Wedding -> White Lies and Sweet Nothings

Now remember, if you want to play these classics all you have to do is

1) Download the apk’s from your mobile device’s app market now before they disappear on November 7th

2) Wait until November 10th

3) Play all the title’s content for free in these select games until December 31st


Voltage policies STILL apply to these titles which means that even though it’s 100℅ free, you are not allowed to record the stories or share them with other people. I know it’s tempting to want to keep these stories forever when they are going to be shut down so soon but please refrain from doing so. Instead, support the game by buying the original story from the original title where you can read it again and again.

The last thing I want to say is that I have all the android APKs files saved and because I know I made this post so late I will be happy to share them with you until the 10th. So if they are gone from Google play store you can just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to send them to you in an email.

Have fun playing! :)

*NOTE* ONLY VOLTAGE ENTERTAINMENT USA GAMES ARE GOING BE FREE AND ARE GOING TO HAVE THEIR PLUGS PULLED. THE ORIGINAL TITLES ARE STILL HERE TO STAY AND WILL NOT HAVE A FREE CONTENT PERIOD http://voltage-graphicnovelromance.tumblr.com/post/152651627048/it-is-with-a-heavy-heart-that-we-announce-the-time

Okay everybody, it’s been a not-so-fantastic year but I intend to end it fantastically! I’m leaving tomorrow morning and I’m going to be out of town for a bit for my wedding and Christmas vacation stuff. I may pop on occasionally but won’t really be around again until next year. So here’s a preview of what’s on the agenda for when I return…

Prompts/ideas/bunnies that I haven’t forgotten about:

The arranged marriage Malec AU

The dystopian soulmate prompt (still haven’t decided if this should be Malec or Sterek. Maybe I’ll be really self-indulgent and make it both. XD)

The Peter Hale as the Librarian fic

The ABO!Sterek fic

and of course the just came to my mind a few days ago Steter gladiator/hunger games mashup fic

But those are just some prompts that I don’t want to lose in the next year. Now for the real fun stuff! 

Coming in January!

The grindr!Malec fic (which turned out not to involve very much grindr, but that’s not important)

Magnus reaches out for his phone, as Alec pulls his pants on. “You should put your number in my phone,” he says, tapping the screen to unlock it.

Alec freezes a little. He’s always taken a ‘one show only’ approach to this sort of thing. He doesn’t want to see these guys again. Grindr makes that easy for him, and most of the guys are pretty understanding. But Magnus is so hot, and the sex was so good. He hesitates.

Magnus, still not entirely awake, doesn’t notice. “You could show me around town, maybe …? I understand you need a true native to really enjoy New York.”

“I, uh, I can’t really.” Alec clears his throat. “Sorry.”

“Are you sure? I’d love to - ” Magnus sees something shift on Alec’s face, and winces. “I’m sorry. I promised not to make the morning after awkward, and here I am doing precisely that. Number, yes, no?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Alec holds his hand up for the phone, and Magnus tosses it to him. Against his better judgment, he enters his number into Magnus’ contacts. He can always ignore it if Magnus calls him. “I’ve gotta go. I’ll see you around, maybe,” he says, and leaves the room without looking back.

The new plot-filled section of Live and Learn:

When Alec finished reading Magnus’ letter aloud, the room was silent. Clary was crying quietly, and Jace was holding her. Finally, Alec looked up, found Izzy. “Does Meliorn know where the portal to Edom is?”

“I’ll ask him,” Izzy said, and turned and walked away without argument.

Jace rubbed a hand over the back of his head. “I hate to state the obvious – ”

“Then don’t,” Alec told him.

Jace grimaced, and Lydia spoke up. “Alec, he told you not to come for him. He told you over and over again.”          

“So what? If he can ignore what I would obviously want, I can ignore what he wants.” Alec’s hand tightened on the letter. “He’s my husband. I take those vows seriously. What God has joined, no man can sunder. And I don’t care if that man is the prince of hell. He cannot, and will not, take my husband from me.”

And last, but certainly not least, Adult Wolf: Season Two!

Gerard smiles a hard, mirthless smile. “Well, I wanted to meet the man who murdered my daughter, of course. That would be you, I think.”

Tom doesn’t flinch. “Your daughter aimed a deadly weapon at a civilian. I acted accordingly. You have my condolences.”

“That ‘civilian’ was an alpha werewolf,” Gerard says.

Tom thinks of several snappy retorts, but then decides against them. Instead, he says nothing. Just meets Gerard’s gaze and waits. If Gerard wants to make the point that Peter wasn’t worth protecting, he’s going to have to come right out and say it.

“An alpha werewolf who had murdered five people,” Gerard adds, and Tom still says nothing. “An alpha werewolf that I think you know how to find.”

Seeing that Gerard is going to continue to push, Tom decides to push back. “Let’s get a few things straight. First of all, Kate’s death has been investigated and I have been cleared of any wrongdoing, so although you can have my condolences, you cannot have my remorse. As far as Kate’s death is concerned, my conscience is clear. Perhaps you haven’t seen the picture of her holding a gun to my son’s head. If you haven’t, I’d be happy to show it to you. Secondly, Peter Hale has not been charged with or convicted of any crime. Thirdly, you should probably know that the five deaths you referred to are thought to be Kate’s work, that she was cleaning up after herself by killing anyone who could implicate her in the death of the Hale family. Lastly, since Kate was one hundred percent responsible for that fire, Derek and Peter Hale are both her victims, and I would like to advise you that as the sheriff of this county, I will not tolerate harassment of either of them. So yes, Mr. Argent, I do know where to find Peter Hale, and no, I don’t particularly care that you’d like my help with that.”


100 Followers Gift!

Thank you guys so much for 100 followers! I am so happy and thankful for each and every one of you guys! So to thank you guys, I decided to make some more cc :D Thank you all again so much! Love ya lots! <3 ~awsimmer92 




  • 4 swatches
  • Standalone Item
  • Skin Detail
  • Base-game Compatible


  • 5 swatches
  • Standalone Item
  • Skin Detail
  • Base-game Compatible

Devin Oswind

  • Download on the gallery, search: awsimmer92
  • Download her tray files: simfileshare
  • CC List
  • In cas and maybe on the files it says her name is Devin Oswald but I’m too lazy to change it so I’m just going to leave it as that in the gallery.

TOU: Don’t claim as your own. Not for use as a base sim. Tag me if you use this sim!

Florence Hair Recolor

  • 48 Different Colors
  • Standalone Item
  • Requires mesh by nolan-sims
  • Base-game Compatible

TOU: Don’t reupload these to any sites, don’t claim as your own, please tag me if you use any of these items b/c I would love to see your creations!

Sorry if they aren’t the best, I’m still kind of getting the hang of making cc.


So last year I made my  TFA and Civil War Valentines. This  year  I decided to make some dumb Final Fantasy XV Valentines because I just.

I love me some road trip boys. I also love puns :’D And my favorite ship in the game is Gladio/Cup Noodles closely followed my Prompto/Trains ahaha…

You can also get a physical version of these at my Etsy!

Lies and fake things that people assume as being facts about DRV3:

For some reason people have spread so much fake information about parts of V3′s story and characters that they read on 4chan or other places that if you go on places the should contain canon facts like the wiki or Tv Tropes they all have big lies and fake information in then.
So I decided to make a small list of the fake things I have most seen spreading around as truth(DRV3 spoilers of course):

1-Their personalities before the killing game are not the opposite of their game ones.
-While we see Kaede, Shuichi and Kaito’s real selves before the killing game and they are really diferent compared to how they are in the game it’s never mentioned anywhere that all characters personalities before the game where the opposite, for example it’s never said that Tenko loved to get a boyfriend in the game or that Gonta was a dick that hated bugs and yes Ouma wasn’t a nice guy(I will get back to him because of course he has the most fake information out of all the characters), this whole thing originated because people started to come up with theories how some characters where before the game and came up with opposite personalities theory and while yes you can make that theory because the game never disproves it, it’s not a fact or canon.
Also there’s a possibility that the “join the game out of their own free will was a lie” so yeah they might just had similar personalities but without the talents.

2-Tenko and Himiko aren’t in a relationship.
-While I wish this one is true, unless I missed something, they just have the same relationship Asahina and Sakura and Saionji and Mahiru had in the previous games. There’s nothing wrong with saying they are in one and shipping it but don’t state it as a fact(Tv Tropes does that for some reason) because it might give some people their hopes up and some people might get sad or angry when it’s not simply true.
I have no idea how this one started.

3-Korekiyo wasn’t in a sexual relationship with his sister.
-I’m gonna be brief because of this particular topic but Korekiyo’s love for his sister was one-sided until her death so yeah…
This one started because people saw the CG when Korekiyo is talking about his sister and they are naked and people assumed the worst.

4-90% of everything about Ouma
-Oh boy I could make a full other list about the wrong information about him like holy bagels man I don’t remember this ever happening to Komaeda but I will mention the main two things.
Fist of all it’s related to the whole previous personalities thing, he wasn’t a nice guy that worked in a circus or something and he didn’t join the game for charity, that was a fake spoiler that people made in 4chan. Again you can make your theories that he was a nice guy before but to be honest a nice person wouldn’t join a game to kill other people for charity, that makes no sense and I’m shocked people bought into that but hey if someday I decide to kill someone I will say it was for charity so people don’t hate me and call me a good person.
Second is the whole chapter 5 thing, he didn’t die so Maki could be saved, his main goal was to stop Monokuma’s plan, like heck he even sorta blackmails Kaito to join him on his plan because Kaito doesn’t want to kill him but Ouma tells him if he doesn’t Maki will be considered the culprit when Ouma dies from the poison. By using Iruma’s eletric bomb to jam Monokuma’s surveilance on them and working with Kaito he made a murder where Monokuma didn’t know who the victim and culprit was, and that was to make when they voted for Ouma as the culprit Kaito, the actual true culprit, would appear and say that Monokuma was wrong and if he was wrong the game couldn’t continue because it’s all about the rules and if they don’t matter then the game just doesn’t work anymore and has to stop, he decided to die because his plan focused on the culprit and victim working together to make it work and to do that he had to convince Kaito to help so he gave him the only poison antidote to get his help and so Ouma had to be the one to die since he was already dying from the poison and there was no more antidote. With this one yes you can say that there were other motives like saving Maki because Kaito cared for her and Kaito saves Ouma’s live at one point so he also wanted to help him and Kaito says that until the end he doesn’t know what was truth or lies about Ouma but yeah his main goal was to beat Monokuma.

4.5-Iruma’s TIME BOMB!!!!!!
This isn’t actually a thing that people say but people on 4chan thought that Iruma’s eletric bomb was a bomb that reversed time by a few seconds because someone saw Ouma “drinking” the antidote and then using the bomb and giving the antidote to Kaito so someone said that he used te time bomb to reverse the fact that he drank the antidote and gave it to Kaito. This is now a meme on 4chan because it’s so dumb but people believed it at first anyways and it’s so hilarious I had to mention it.

I bet there’s more things, especially about chapter 6, but this ones are the ones that I saw the most so I hope I have helped and cleared some things.
One final message I have is that people who might hate the game or not looking forward to it anymore because of stuff they read I still say they should still give it a try later when it’s in english, like many opinions on things about the game might be from fake information so I bet even when playing the game when it’s out in english many things will still shock you despite reading spoilers and thinking you know everything.
Still kinda funny about how a game about truth and lies became such a mess of truth and lies in information.

Beauty - Arkham Knight Jason x Reader

So I had this great idea to write a fic based on If I Can’t Love Her from the Beauty and the Beast musical, and it was supposed to be this, but the background story got long, so I decided to make it into two parts. This will be featuring Arkham Knight Jason, so game spoilers are a thing. I imagine this fic happening after the boss fight where Arkham Knight reveals that he’s Jason Todd. So imagine daddy issues angst. Then this happens.

Words: 732

He’d been trying to protect you. He knew about Scarecrow’s plans, and he was determined to keep you safe. Whether you wanted it or not. He found you earlier in the evening, using the chaos of the evacuation as a cover. He could see the terror behind your brave mask as the Arkham Knight abducted you, and it tore him apart that he couldn’t let you know that it was him. At least not yet.

He hid you underground, assigning some of his men to guard and protect you while he did his job for Scarecrow. His confrontation with Bruce had left him shaken. Now that all of his big plans had been foiled, Jason wanted nothing more than to escape the city with you. He’d retrieved a backup helmet so that he could face his men, and he returned to your hideout. Bruce knew his true identity now. It was past time you found out.

“What am I doing here? What do you want with me?” you demanded as soon as he walked in the room. Instead of answering, he dismissed your guards. Once you two were alone, he stared at you for a few minutes, trying to permanently press everything about you into his mind. It had been too long, and the pain of missing you was comparable to Joker’s torture. You sat on the small cot in the room, staring back at him. But soon enough you couldn’t take the uncomfortable silence any more. “If you’re going to kill me, just get it over with.”

That grabbed Jason’s attention, and his heart ached at the fact that you thought he wanted to kill you. “Y/N, I don’t want to kill you.” Jason said, his voice distorted by the synthesizer in the helmet. “I want to protect you.”

“Well you’re not doing a very good job of showing that.” Jason smiles a bit at how bold you’re acting in the face of danger.

“That’s because you couldn’t know… You couldn’t know who I am.”

“I know who you are.” You hiss. “You are the Arkham Knight. Partner to Scarecrow. Militia training.”

“And,” he takes his helmet off to reveal his identity to you. “Jason Todd.”

You stare at him, trying to process the fact that your ex-boyfriend, the love of your life who died, is now standing in front of you. “Jason? But… I thought you were dead.”

“You’re not the first one to say that tonight.” Jason smirks and kneels in front of you, cupping your cheek in his hand. “But I’m not dead, Y/N. I am very much alive. And I want to take you away from here. To protect you. I still love you, Y/N. I never stopped loving you.”

“Jason,” you lean into his hand and reach out to touch his face. “I love you, too. But I can’t,” you take his hand off your face and hold it with both of your own. “That doesn’t change everything you’ve done.”


“Jason, listen to me,” you stare in his eyes. “I know what you’ve done tonight. Killing Bruce? Destroying Gotham? It’s too much. You’ve changed, Jason. You’re not the man you used to be. The man I fell in love with. You’ve turned into a monster, Jason. And it’s not because of this,” you trace the J on his cheek. “It’s because of this.” You press your palm against his chest, over his heart. “And until you kill that monster, I can’t be with you. I’m sorry.”

“Y/N, please.”

“Jason, if you ever loved me at all, you will let me go.”

“Fine,” Jason hangs his head in defeat. He stands up and walks to the door, barking a few short commands to someone outside. “I’ll have someone escort you out of the city.” When he finally looks at you, the broken look in his eyes causes a heavy weight in your chest. He holds the door open and gestures for you to leave. There’s so much you want to say before you leave, but your words are caught in your throat.

Instead you walk toward the door. You try to meet his eyes, but he keeps looking at the floor. You pause when you get to the door. You reach out and touch his arm with as much love as the touch can portray. “Thank you.”

And with that, you walk out the door.

I don’t know if you knew this, but I’m a big map buff. I love collecting images of maps on my computer. So, you can imagine my disappointment when, after an exhaustive search, I found that there weren’t any maps of Glenwood, the continent from the game Tales of Zestiria.

Since I really wanted that map for my collection, I decided to make my own. First I took a bunch of screenshots of the in game world map. Unfortunately, the in game world map only zooms to the potion of the map you selected, plus, part of it is obscured by menus. So I had to edit all the images together and removed the menu overlays to get a complete, obscured map.

Unfortunately, some of the areas near the eastern edges of the map were still covered or incomplete and had to be edited out. And there are some small places where, if you zoom in closely, you can see the seams where I stitched places together or made edits to remove menu icons. But other than that, I think it’s pretty good. I’m really proud of it.

After making it, I thought I might as well share it on here. I hope all the Tales fans out there find it interesting as well.


There are literally millions of reasons why I love Bones but unsurprisingly alot of it boils down to B&B’s relationship.

For some reason, 90% of TV shows out there only cater for people who like the “thrill of the chase”/UST/on-off relationships, and it’s absolutely fine if people prefer to watch that kind of relationship all the time. And we have seen it in the Bones fandom where some people stopped caring about Bones as much when B&B got together. Personally, I don’t get it. WTF WHY??? WHY WOULD YOU STOP CARING WHEN YOU’RE GETTING THE AMAZING PAY-OFF???

But anyway, Bones is completely unique since it started off as a typical will they/won’t they but they didn’t let that stick throughout the entire show. They actually let B&B be a healthy/committed couple WITH CHILDREN (*cue gasps in TV land!!). They could so easily have decided to play the stupid break-up/make-up game like every other TV show out there. I adore that once B&B got together that was IT. Yes, it may have taken a taken a long time but it was totally worth it because we haven’t had to watch any stupid relationship drama between them.

Back to the children though…REMEMBER 6x23.

Omg how we all lost our minds and then S7 was the land of fluff and unicorns and we just COULD NOT BELIEVE OUR LUCK. And then things just got better and better from thereon.

I remember when we were all excited at the idea of getting to see Christine walk/talk…AND NOW LOOK.

B&B’s son is TWO YEARS OLD. THIS IS REAL. WE GET TO SEE IT ON SCREEN. I will never be over it.

I know every fan proclaims that their ship is the best, which is completely fair and expected…but come on, B&B TRULY ARE THE BEST(:P). Please direct me to another show where we get to see MORE THAN A DECADE of a couple’s deep love with a truly happy ending. I’m not saying that children complete a couple’s love. B&B aren’t the best because they have children we get to see grow up. Happiness for different couples comes in different ways and we get to see B&B’s ultimate endgame which just happens to include children.

I’ve spoken about this many times. but B&B have such a deep and pure love which can only truly be a case you can put forward, when you have years and years of proof to fall back on. Since getting together, their love has only become stronger, the UST days are not the defining part of their relationship. There are so many shows that try to harp back to the “old” days of UST when a couple gets together but Bones has never done that. It’s always been about showing how B&B are better together. In Bones time, B&B have been together for 8 years now (considering that Christine should be 7 in S12)…that is just unprecedented for a show that was all about will they/won’t they at the begininng.

I mean I do understand why people yell about babies/children on TV shows, because often writers don’t know how to deal with it. but that has never been the case on Bones :)

As always, this has been a ridiculously long post which can be summarised in 4 words…BONES IS THE BEST :)

anonymous asked:

sis i love your kpop recommendations! can you give us some more current kpop bops?

You want some kpop bops? I shall give you some kpop bops!

These are the 3 hottest kpop bops at the moment imo.

🥉 3rd place: Gfriend - FINGERTIP 🥉

Eternal high school girls Gfriend finally gave up on their virginal high school girl themes and finally hoed it up stepped up their game and gave us this retro bop. This song is a kbop but I feel that it still needs to grow on me a little bit so I give them the third place (also the MV is a bit weird and doesn’t really make any sense so I always end up watching the superior choreography version). If Gfriend are the next Girls’ Generation, FINGERTIP is definitely their Genie era.

🥈 2nd place: gugudan - A Girl Like Me 🥈

After a HORRIBLE debut (song wise) gugudan decided to forget that they ever debuted with an awful song that nobody liked (not even them) and decided to re-debut again with the major kbop A Girl Like Me. Best decision ever.

🥇 🔥 💥 1st place: Brave Girls - Rollin’ 💥 🔥 🥇

Underrated KWEENS Brave Girls snatched everyone’s wigs and ended your faves’ careers by releasing this early kpop summer bop. Rollin’ is the perfect bop of 2K17 so the rest of the kpop artists should hide until 2018 comes because they’ll never be able to touch the masterpiece that Rollin’ is. Too bad few people actually care about Brave Girls and thus this bop will probably go unnoticed.

Anyway, this song keeps slaying me.

Literally me every time Rollin’ starts playing on my playlist:

Brave Girls are here to save Kpop so show them some love and listen to Rollin’ and stream the MV for it. Every time you listen to Rollin’ a Sailor Moon Crystal animator’s animation skill levels up.

Just a little announcement...

So, this isn’t Smite related. At least, not Smite game related. So if you’re not interested, feel free to ignore this.

Today I would like to thank the Smite community here on Tumblr.

I am in love with this community, and… well… I decided to come out with something today.

I hold everyone in this community dear because you’re all amazing, but I am gonna do a couple of shout-outs.

@blog-of-tahuti, thank you for inspiring me to start my blog, and @moonflower-dance thank you for starting that selfie post a couple of months ago.

I say this because these events led to me meeting @playgroundofthegods… and, well, I know some of you probably knew or guessed this but, consider this me making it official. 

@playgroundofthegods and I are dating.

I’m truly indebted to the Smite Tumblr community for bringing us together. We are truly happy together.

So thank you, everyone, for helping me find the man that has come to mean so much to me in such a short amount of time. And sorry if this was ridiculously sappy or not what you wanted to see on your dash right now ^-^;

Let me sit on your lap - Yoosung

  Yoosung was doing his best with his studies, we would go out a lot and he was a lovely boyfriend. But with his vacation from college, the LOLOL matches were only getting longer.
  I would spend the month with him and it was nice seeing him so happy, however his was speeding more than 4 hours playing in the second week. When it was supposed to be a simple match.
- Yoosung, I made you a sandwich. Why don’t you stop for a while and eat?
- Oh, leave it there. I will only finish this.
  It was the second time this week. What does this game has that is so cool? I decided to stop and watch for some time, still I couldn’t miss the opportunity to make Yoosung blush. A lot.
- Turn a little.
- Huh? What are you…?! Are you… okay…?!
  Even after dating for 3 month, I never sat on Yoosung’s lap. This was the perfect opportunity to make him embarrassed.
  I told he should move fast or he would be killed. And the game was pretty interesting and I only had to ask if I didn’t understand something.
  Expect I started getting sleepy after one hour and used Yoosung as my pillow. He was more comfortable with that, but he still would be surprised when I moved a little.
  After some months and it was a common thing for me to sit on Yoosung’s lap. And he was okay with that now, but our rule was to never do it in public.
  Today was my graduation party and Yoosung said he needed to be there. It was so nice to see him getting along with my friends.
  After I talked with some teachers, I went back to the table everyone was. And it was a big group, so some people were sitting in the same chair or lovers having one of them sit on the other’s lap.
  And I would have to do the same. I would ask Yoosung to move a little so we could sit on the same chair. I would love to sit on his lap, but this wasn’t the best time.
- Yoosung, can I sit with you?
- Huh? Of course!
  I was waiting him move a little, but he just opened his arms like waiting for a hug. He always would do this for me to sit on his lap.
  Like usual, I answered and there I was. So I looked to some friends and they were laughing. Then I noticed what happened.
- Did you notice what happened?
  After whispering it, Yoosung became red as in the first time I did this. And he was trying to hide his face using me as a shield.
- … sorry for doing this in front of your friends.
- It’s fine! I am happy to be here with you.

WW2 Recommendations

In my last post I recommended some of my favourite historical movies, and it ended up being much more popular than I thought that it would be. So this week, I decided that I would recommend some books, movies, and TV shows about my favourite time period to learn about- World War Two. This is an ongoing post, and I will be adding on to it later.

Atonement by Ian McEwan, movie directed by Joe Wright

I mentioned this movie in my historical movies post, but I love it so much I thought i would put it in here, too. Both the book and the movie are fabulous.

All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr

I actually just finished this book, and it was perfect. The story follows a young blind girl living in France during occupation and a German boy who is good with radios. It is almost impossible to describe this book without making it sound like a quaint French movie starring Audrey Tautou. Hopeful, suspenseful, and rich in detail.

Annexed, by Sharon Dogar

Based off of Anne Franks diary, this novel follows Peter Van Pels, the son of the family that hid with the Frank family. I loved how this book showed us Anne from a different perspective, one that we wouldn’t normally see. Beautifully written, incredibly sad.

Black Dove, White Raven by Elizabeth Wein

This book offers a different view of WW2. It talks about what happened in Africa through the war, and Italy’s brutal invasion of Ethiopia in the late 1930s.

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

Okay, I know that pretty much everyone has read this book, even if they aren’t interested in history, but i love this story so much, I figured it deserved a spot.

Between Shades of Grey, by Ruta Sepetys

No, this is not part of the 50 Shades of Grey series… A stunningly sad story about a Polish girl who is sent to a Siberian work camp during the second world war.

Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein

A story about friendship, survival, and hope. This is probably one of my favourite books, and I have read it many, many times- remember to carry tissues around with you when you read it…

Front Lines, by Michael Grant

A alternate history about girls fighting at the front lines during world war two.  I couldn’t put his book down, and I am thrilled that it is going to be a series! Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long for the next one…

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

Not set during WW2, but right after when the world was emerging from the shadows. Told through letters and telegrams, the story tells of a group of friends who created a society to prevent the members from being arrested by Germans. It is apparently being turned into a movie, if you would rather watch a movie than read a book.

Home Fires, created by Simon Block

A BBC series about a group of women in a small community during WW2. This show is beautifully filmed with gorgeous music and fabulous costumes.

Rose Under Fire, by Elizabeth Wein

Another Elizabeth Wein book! A companion novel, in a way, to Code Name Verity. The story revolves around a female pilot who is captured by the Nazis. Definitely would recommend.

The Scent of Secrets, by Jane Thynne

Set during 1938 about an actress named Clara Vine who has a hidden background. Set in Germany, the story follows her bravery in the time right before the war.

Violins of Autumn, by Amy McAuley

In 1944, 17 year old Betty  Sweeney lies about her age and joins the Special Operations Executive and finds herself parachuting over Nazi-occupied France. I found this book completely by chance, and I absolutely loved it.

X Company, created by Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern

About Canada’s secret facility on the shores of Lake Ontario, the TV show follows five agents behind enemy lines. One of my favourite shows, and I will be writing a post about it after season two ends.

Since I am losing steam, here are the names of some other great books, movies and TV shows. Trust me, they are all amazing

The Imitation Game

Almost a Great Escape by Tyler Trafford

Schindlers List (both the book and the movie are amazing)

The Bletchley Girls (non-fiction, about a group of women who worked at Bletchley Park during the war)

A Train in Winter by Caroline Moorehead (another non-fiction book. About women in the French Resistance who were sent to Auschwitz)

Agent Carter (a Marvel TV show set right after WW2)

Foyles War

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, by Leslye Walton

Saving Private Ryan

Band of Brothers

Land Girls

Bomb Girls

Resistance (a French drama)

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (yes, Nicholas Cage is in it, but the rest of the actors and movie is really good, I swear. The book is better)

The Bletchley Circle (BBC series about a group of women who worked at Bletchley during the war who get together in the early 50s to solve crimes)

The Kings Speech

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne (it is also a movie)

Sarah’s Key

The Book Thief (movie)

The Monuments Men


Suite Francais (book and movie- haven’t seen or read them, but they are apparently good)

Omg , you’re so lovely, good luck too! i tried my best, any mistakes feel free to say (i love this odd theme) and i hope i did it right, i’m a bit insecure.

I hope you enjoy just like i did!


  • He was gaming Really?
  • Gotta go for that special loot baby!
  • When he decided to take a break and go grab some water he hears someone singing
  • It was MC
  • The curiosity took over him and he go there
  • He finds MC in tears singing A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, a Cinderella Song
  • He look a bit confused why you are watching this at this age you can’t say anything Yoosung
  • He noticed that in your side was a lot of films abouts Disney Princess related stuff
  • “Mc…?Why are you watching these?”
  • You finally look at him, pausing without even looking at the remote
  • “I just love Disney Princess stories…It’s so romantic..Incredible”
  • You sigh, lost in your own world, and Yoosung is just like:
  • What?
  • Mc go to sleep
  • Then he just sit beside you, and you don’t waste time and start to  watch the Cinderella film again
  • 15 minutes passes and Yoosung is just cuddling with MC almost in tears with her
  • “I can relate so much to Cinderella when my mom come to visit us”
  • Yoosung, stop


  • You’re his princess already.
  • And he is your knight in shining armor, beutiful hair, shining ey—
  • Ok that’s enough Zen
  • He just got back from jogging
  • And he finds MC, singing Let it Go
  • He don’t mind at all
  • He finds it cute in a way
  • But he is a little sad that you’re not singing his songs all the time !
  • “Wow MC, i dind’t knew it you liked kids stuff, you want one?”
  • You jump in surprise to look at him, your face is all red and he already came closer
  • “W-What?N-No!I just…Really like disney princess…That’s all!”
  • He just laughts and he gives her a very tight hug
  • “Baby..That’s why your room is filled with this kind of stuff, i would prefer it’s was my photos instead”
  • Tipical Zen..
  • You just look at him, giving a wicked smile
  • “Maybe…If you put an Elsa costume..You will look just like her!”
  • WHAT
  • His jaw just hit the ground
  • Was because of the hair?
  • He is not a cold guy, Jumin is, he is more warm than a furnace
  • “Don’t call me a princess!You know i’m the knight!”
  • “So don’t say it is childish”
  • After a long time, he just..Accepted your obsession
  • The neighbours will have to endure two people singing Disney Songs, but SPECIALLY Let it go


  • I don’t even know if he really know any Disney Princess, so i put in a way he didn’t  know
  • If he knows, it’s not my fault , i keep forgetting some important info
  • Ok…What the hell is going on?
  • He just came back from work and he founds his penthouse filled with those cartoon girls that look just like a princess
  • And Elizabeth with and odd pink dress
  • Ok , Elizabeth is cute in these, but his penthouse?
  • No,no,no
  • He was wondering, what the heck did MC done?
  • He knows it was you, because he already has seen one of those cartoon princess in your phone
  • And then you gets out of the bedroom and look at Jumin smiling
  • “Honey, you’re home!”
  • You give him a quickie kiss , smiling , you look really happy…
  • “Mc…What happen to the penthouse?”
  • “Oh..You already said to me that i can decorate this place anyway i want…So i just did this”
  • Ok he said that
  • But he didn’t think she was going to do this
  • After a long conversation, he convinced you that this was a little too much and you agreed, but in one condition
  • He has to watch some disney princess movies with you
  • He agreed, it didn’t seen that bad
  • “Why she is living with 7 men ?”
  • “Why midnight?”
  • “She just sell her voice to see a man?She don’t know the value of a family?”
  • “Jumin just watch the goddamnit movie”
  • After some days he finished his promise, and MC was taking off the decorations,Jumin said that you don’t need to take it off, he would pay someone to do it, but you insisted
  • Meanwhile,Jumin is talking with Jaehee trought the phone
  • “Yes, cancel all the meetings tomorrow, and arrange everything for my Disneyland trip tomorrow”
  • You just look at him while he turn off his phone, surprised
  • “Really?”
  • He just laughts and give you a little kiss on your forehead
  • “If my princess love other princess that much, why don’t go to their kingdom?”
  • Besides he needs new princess fantasies for Elizabeth..And for MC


  • Wait what was he hearing?
  • Disney songs in his bunker?
  • Omg!
  • This is just…
  • Just…
  • MC was singing and dancing really noisy songs from a few Disney Movies
  • He loves it
  • He already know about that little obssesion of yours
  • A few minutes went by and Seven just entered the room
  • With a dress…And with a blonde wig, she looks just like Aurora, but with glasses
  • “Seven?!”
  • MC said between laughts, seeing him like that was the funniest thing ever
  • “Oooh weeeell…My beautiful wife loves those princess more than me, so i thought, why can’t i be one of them?”
  • He said smiling, spinning
  • “Besides, i look stunning in this dress,don’t you think?”
  • MC couldn’t even say anything, you was relieve that he was not angry at you for liking this things, you got worried about it
  • But he did what he always do
  • Makes jokes about it
  • Without you realise Seven got  pretty close to you
  • “And a dress is much more easy to take off than pants and a hoodie”
  • He said in your hear, that makes you shiver and look at him
  • “You know one thing Seven?You would be my favorite Disney Princess”
  • “Oh really my love?This is one kinda of info i didn’t know!”
  • You laughts and hugs him
  • “And yes, you are stunning in this dress,as always”
  • The rest of the nights mas that dress switching to one body to another, with the two singing off key
  • Saeran just was in the kitchen hearing that sound…
  • Gosh…
  • Maybe kill himself is not a bad idea at all


  • Ok hear me out
  • Jaehee never had time for such thing as princess and this things
  • So when she discover that MC was obsessed over it
  • She was pretty confused
  • She was like..
  • Why Mc?
  • WHY MC
  • For Jaehee was childish, but MC always tried to make her love it
  • She finds pretty cute MC singing and her happy face when she was watching one movie
  • Ok, she tought :
  • Why don’t see Zen instead?She have a bunch of his performances filmed ready to make a marathon for it
  • But MC prefer this cartoon woman
  • She was not seeing the sense of art, the sense of beauty
  • Ok,ocurred a little fights in that house
  • Who gonna watch?Zen or princess?
  • Util the two of them make a pact
  • One day Disney Princess, another Zen related things
  • With this pact she realizes that was not so bad at all watch this
  • But watch Zen was a lot better
  • Things got better


  • MC was watching Pocahontas
  • Singing the song that was playing in the moment
  • V can’t see,well he can a little, but now to recognize the movie
  • But he can listen
  • He make his way to the couch and sit beside you
  • “Sweetheart…What are you listening?Seems familiar”
  • You laughts and cuddle with him in the sofa
  • “I’m watching Pocahontas”
  • It takes a while to him understand and remember but when he realizes he thinks that it is pretty cute
  • “But why are you watching these kinds of movies my dear?”
  • “Oh…Ugh…I kind have a little obsession with Disney Princess related things”
  • You said with a red face and he just laughts
  • Little?He swears that he already hear that song before
  • “A little dear?”
  • “Ok a lot.”
  • You quickly said and he laughts again and kiss her forehead
  • “You’re just too cute to me handle…The film has some sort of…Books for children?”
  • “Why do you ask?”
  • You said looking at him confused, and he just gives that smile that make you melt
  • “I want to know more about it love, perhaps you could read for me, if it makes you happy , i’m willing to know”
  • He is just too precious


  • Ok
  • No just no
  • He really just stand up and unplug the TV
  • Not this shit
  • Be more considerable?
  • You want him to commit suicide?Yes or no?
  • You want to continue watch this close to him?Then yes
  • You want to keep this thing to yourself?Then no
  • Simple as that
  • He don’t think he ever  want to listen to that music again or see those cartoons again
  • Ugh
  • But he can listen to you sing…He would like this
  • And see you in a few dress
  • Ok, plug the tv back on
  • Maybe is worth it

Please i don’t know if this was what you wanted, if it’s not, sorry, request again

Hey guys, it’s Ang :) I decided to do another follow forever because it’s already this blog’s 1 year anniversary! In some ways, it’s hard to believe it has only been a year. I originally started this blog as a way to see some BTS content from time to time without flooding my dashboard. Before I knew it, summer came along, I had learned how to use Photoshop, and I found myself awake at bizarre times giffing videos of 7 boys and questioning my life decisions 😂 😭

I have made some amazing friends through this blog and am so thankful for all the wonderful people that have entered my life this past year. To all my followers, mutuals, and everyone who has sent me a message or played an ask game with me (lmao), I want to thank each and every one of you for making my experience here on this site such a great one. I’m still in awe over how many of you find this blog follow worthy 😳. Though the school year makes it much harder to be as active as I once was, I still look forward to coming on everyday and making content when I get the chance and that’s all thanks to you! 💕  I hope I continue to grow alongside this blog and meet many more people in the future 🤗  And of course I now want to give a lil shout out to the amazing blogs that I follow. Everyone should go check them out because they are all wonderful people and beautiful content creators. Without further adieu, let’s get into it~

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