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Hayley Atwell being ridiculous:

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Hayley Atwell being Peggy Carter serious: 

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Hayley Atwell having eyeforeplay with Keira Knightley:

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Hayley Atwell being adorkable:

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Hayley Atwell having eyesex with Keira Knightley:

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Hayley Atwell wondering if you’re freaking serious:

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Hayley Atwell examining a fine specimen:

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Hayley Atwell, won’t you please be Thirteen?

The youngest daughter and second child of the Rajpa King, Princess Karjol is every bit as lovely and beautiful as she looks. Friendly, cheerful, kind, compassionate and very gentle, Karjol is always willing to listen to someone’s problems and to give you a hug should you need it. Though initially not the most talkative of people, preferring to listen and to only speak when she fully understands the situation, Karjol becomes a lot more vocal with close friends/family and will indulge in gentle teasing and friendly banter.

Her quietness is not shyness though; Karjol carries herself with confidence and knows how to handle herself, very well, in social settings. Like many in her Tribe, Karjol is gifted with ‘The Voice’, a type of magic that is song based. While others in her family were born with the ability to sing words to cause strife and destruction, Karjol was born with the ability to sing words of healing; the songs she sings are able to heal physical wounds and to, temporarily, soothe emotional pain and to temporarily calm people/animals. 

She is a bit passive aggressive; if something bothers her, she will not admit to it but will instead make it very clear that she is irritated by something. Naturally, this can get a bit frustrating at times.

As the Rajpa are also known for breeding Rocs, clouddancers, hippogriffs, and bonepickers, Karjol has trained and handled dangerous birds and birdlike creatures all her life. She is an extremely gifted falconer and has a deep love and respect for birds. 

At the moment, after the engagement of her eldest sister, Princess Khali, to the Haratha Heir, Prince Ashoka, the Rajpa King is currently seeking to secure a marriage for Karjol (in hopes of increasing the Rajpa’s wealth) with a prominent Noble or Prince, offering her future Clan the right to have and use their prized war birds (and to share their knowledge/techniques when it comes to magic). Though not thrilled at the idea of an arranged marriage, Karjol is not opposed to it and hopes that her future husband/wife is someone who she will be able to have a lasting and loving relationship with. At the very least, she hopes for a good friendship out of the marriage and someone who won’t be opposed to her strong love for birds. 

No, but seriously, Sarah Shahi is that too sexy to handle woman you see on an event and then she just goes out, in a regular day and she’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever see, and then you see her on a tv show playing a, kind of, cheerful lawyer/mediator and then she’s playing a grumpy cat, sociopath, killer and… No, you know what? I’ll stop explaining and just say it.


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Ok, but you guys realize that this is a direct parallel to the Doctor, right? Each regeneration is a mask he wears to appeal to the humans in hopes of being accepted/adopted by them because these little humans, mayflies as they are, but so similar to his own race, are all he has left. He just wants to belong, to fit in as much as possible with them, and pretend he is human, with one mask after another disguising the sad old alien underneath in order to protect him from the pain of the loss of his own people. (This is especially apparent in the cases of 10 and 11)

However, when Twelve came along, he trusted Clara so much that he decided to loosen his protective mask and show more of the true vulnerable man underneath. The 900 years of watching people live and die on Trenzalore affected The Doctor much in the same way 800 years of watching people live and die affected Ashildr, where both started out as kind, innocent, selfless beings, (11 and Ashildr in TGWD), but the constant loss of those they loved hardened their souls. Ashildr, much like Twelve, emerged desensitized to the world, and it is revealed that that’s truly who they have become now that their masks are gone.

Throughout season 8 and 9, we have seen Twelve gradually progress from almost complete apathy regarding human death (“Top layer, if you want to say a few words.”- Into the Dalek), to great emotion for his beloved humans (“I really am terribly sorry.” -the Doctor sighs mournfully, devastated by Ashildr’s death in TGWD). It took a long time, but eventually Clara “fixed” him and made him feel again, and now Twelve is definitely a happier man compared to who he was in season 8 once he realized that “living desensitized to the world was no way to live his life.”

In this scene, he recognizes Ashildr’s situation on a personal level as if he were looking in a mirror at himself back in s8, and now to “fix her and make her feel again,” Twelve relays back Clara’s ultimate message, not only to Ashildr, but also to his past self, if he could, and to remind his future self to hold to the mark once Clara is gone.

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