i love this flower crown it's cute

lil gorillaz headcanon

(phase 4) ok but like what if noodle got 2D his first iphone and he’s so amazed by the nice photo quality and becomes obsessed with taking selfies and all his selfies look exactly the same but he loves them and its so cute 

BONUS + noodle let’s him use her snapchat so he can play with the filters

“noodle look ima doggy”

“yes i see”

“omg now i have a flower crown noodle come wear a flower crown w me”

Tim and his love for Snapchat honestly. Favourite subject? Kon obviously.

Tim: look! Look! Theres a flower crown filter ! Here try! *shoves Kon beside him*

Also Tim: I used a vampire filter and wow, do I really look that depressing??

Kon: uhh yeah???

and of course, everyone’s favourite dog filter. Both of them have literally hundreds of those.

Bonus, Kon’s favourite snap is where Tim is taking a nap and used the dog filter on him. Its Kon’s wallpaper and Tim had to fight him for it.

Also, the batkids are sometimes grossed out seeing those two posting cute snaps ‘cause really Tim? In the showers???

Heads up, Bruce does'nt have one but Clark has one so of course Clark uses every filter with Bruce too. Bruce humours him as always 'cause omg Clark looks good with that dog filter. The Justice League had a field day with that when the media manages to get a snap of Clark and Bruce using the princess filter.

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OMG I LOVE U,WHENEVER I SEE HAMLAF FROM YOU I WOULD SCREAM LIKE I JUST BECAME A DINOSAUR can i have alex wearing a dress and a flower crown and lafayette with a nosebleed?I LOVE YOU SO MUCH U ARE MY JESUS

We need more cute boys in dresses!

also asdfghjkl thank you so much,you are so sweet-

Flower Crowns

Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Modern AU

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 1204

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: I am in a very spring mood so I tried to make it very springy! Hope you lovelies don’t mind. I honestly didn’t edit this very well so I apologize for any grammatical errors in this imagine! I hope I did okay with this request! I have a lot of fun when I get to write about poly!hamilsquad!! Thanks again for requesting! I hope all you cute beans have an amazing day or night! Love you!!

Request: Hey, can you do a poly!hamsquad x reader where its just really fluffy and cute ? - @fuckyfrickfrack

A picnic felt like the perfect way to start off spring, so that’s exactly what you and your four boyfriends decided to do. Hercules had found the perfect spot underneath an oak tree in a field of flowers. There you were scattered on a large blanket that was filled with snacks and treats.

“(Y/N), this idea for a picnic was genius!” Alex gushed at you, pecking your cheek between bites of his sandwich.

“Well, I was going to drag you boys out here whether you liked it or not.” You grinned, stretching your legs out and placing them on Lafayette’s lap.

“Toss me a grape, Laf!” Herc exclaimed, opening his mouth wide for Laf to throw a few grapes in. Somehow, Hercules managed to catch all five that were thrown at him.

“We need to start doing things like this more often.” Laf smiled, running his hand softly up and down your calves that were on his lap.

“Agreed.” You nodded, watching as Herc rested his head on Alex’s shoulder.

“Wait! Where’s John?” Alex asked, making you all perk up in panic.

“How could we have lost him?” Hercules asked in frustration, looking in every direction for a glimpse of John’s curly hair.

“Oh my god, we don’t even know how long he’s been missing!” You cried, everyone rushing to stand up and start searching for him.

“Wait! Not all of us should go out, what if he shows up while we are looking for him.” Laf explained, everyone nodding in agreement.

“NOT IT!” Herc, Alex and Laf all screamed before you had a chance to.

“I don’t want to be stuck here alone!” You protested, but they were already starting to walk away.

“Don’t worry, we won’t take that long to find him and if he turns up text us!” Alex called to behind him to where you stood.

“Why don’t we just call him before you guys go looking?” You suggested, but the three boys didn’t turn back having not heard your suggestion.

“So much for a nice picnic.” You huffed, sitting back down on the blanket that you had brought.

After scanning the area for John for a couple of minutes you got bored. Sighing in defeat, you decided to lie down and take a short nap while you waited. Hopefully, this would make time pass much faster as you waited.

Just as you were about to drift off the sleep, you heard a rustle coming from the bushes. You jerked up from where you were laying and searched for where the sound was coming from. Finding a bush that was shaking, you stood up warily to approach it.

“GUYS I HAVE DONE THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING!” John screeched, running out of the bush with lot’s of flowery things overflowing in his arms.

“John! Where have you been?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at the excited boy.

“Well, I remembered seeing some pretty flowers down the path so I wanted to check them out.” John explained, setting the things in his arms gently on the blanket. “Where’d everybody go?”

“They all went to go look for you.” You said, causing John to flush red a little bit.

“I didn’t mean to make you four worry…I just had an idea about the flowers and I didn’t really think to tell any of you that I was leaving.” John said, his head dipped down in embarrassment.

“It’s okay, love. I’ll just text the boys that you are back.” You reassured John, pulling him into a tight hug before pulling your phone out. “Shit!”

“What?” John asked, pulling you down to sit with him on the blanket.

“I have no service.” You sighed, putting your arm around John’s shoulders and pulling him to your side.

“I’m sure they will be back soon! In the meantime, I want to present to you the reason I left.” John grinned, reaching to the pile of flowers and tree leaves.

“What did you do?” You asked, laughing as he struggled to pull a couple of flowers away from each other.

“I made us all flower crowns!” John proudly presented the neatly braided crown of flowers and leaves.

“John, those are so pretty!” You exclaimed, looking at the now separated flower crowns that were laid gently on the blanket.

“Thank you! I worked very hard. Now, this one is for you.” John smiled picking up a flower crown made of your favorite flowers and placing it gently on your head.

“I love it! And I’m sure the others will too!” You pressed a kiss to his temple as he reached for another flower crown to place on his own head.

“You know what flower crowns make me want to do?” John asked, pulling out his phone and pressing a few buttons quickly.

“What?” You tilted your head in confusion as his lips turned up into a small smirk.

“Dance!” John yelled, The Beatles beginning to blast out of his phone as he pulled you up to dance with him.


Alex, Lafayette and Hercules trekked back to where you should be waiting. They were exhausted and beyond worried from not finding their boyfriend John after hours of searching. As they approached the top of the hill, they were shocked to see you and John having a dance party to The Beatles with flower crowns on your heads.

“Are you shitting me?” Alex screamed, pulling yours and John’s attention to the three men that were now approaching you. “When’d you get here? Why didn’t you let us know?”

“We had no service, so we decided to wait for you three here.” You smiled, as John bent besides you picking up the remaining flower crowns.

“Where’d you go?” Herc asked John, the worry still present in his eyes.

“Just a little bit up the trail.” John shrugged, acting as if it was no big deal.

“Don’t ever scare us like that again.” Laf said, pulling John tightly against his chest.

“If it makes up for it, while I was gone I made flower crowns!” John grinned, once again showing off the flower crowns he had made.

After placing a flower crown on each of their heads, John began to dance to the music again. He grabbed Alex’s hand to get him to join in, while you grabbed Herc’s and Laf’s. Soon enough you were all spinning each other and jumping to whatever song would blast from John’s phone. By the time the sun set, you were all exhausted and shocked by how fast the day had gone by.

“Today was perfect.” Laf sighed, leading the five of you down the path that leads to the parking lot.

“I swear, every moment we have together is perfect.” Hercules laughed, holding both yours and Alex’s hand in his.

“Let’s have a picnic next week.” Alex suggested, everyone quickly agreeing to his idea.

For the next several weeks of spring that soon turned into summer, the five of you would find a new place to have a picnic. These always insisted of flower crowns made by John and adventures that you could have never imagined. You just had to remember with these boys anything was possible. Especially when you wore John’s flower crowns.


It’s 2 am and I watched the entirety of the bee movie when I did this sorry


I know it’s not Munday but just in case you were wondering I am in fact a smol forest spirit who has poor impulse control when it comes to buying new houseplants. Also enormous flower crowns.

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could you do nurseychow in flower crowns? 💖

can I EVER! Here’s a li’l somethin’ somethin’ from my sketchbook

My notes on the meanings of the flowers used are below the cut!

(Every time I get a prompt, an angel gets its wings)

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hey eruto, hi minty, hello ellipsis! I just wanted to update you on the cosplay... I found a yellow flower crown and I'm gonna use that for the cosplay~ I hope you won't mind to find a Chara with/without a paper mache knife in their hands.... seriously... I'm still figuring out how to make the handle ._. it's freaking hard trying to make it q_q

SWEET! I am so excited to see it! The yellow flower crown should be cute, though I hope it’s made from buttercups and not golden flowers! (Since there are no golden flowers in this AU, haha~)

Here’s a bit of advice: make the handle of the knife out of air-dry paper clay (any brand will do!). It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any baking, and since it’s made of paper it will play knife nice with the paper-mache blade.

Good luck!

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hi! I'm new to the B.A.P fandom and I'm still choosing a bias. I'm leaning towards Youngjae...but I was wondering if you could give me some reasons to choose him? Thank you <3

Hiiii~ First of all, welcome to the fandom. Second of all, I’m surprised yet happy that you gave me this question. Thank you ^_^. Anyway, here are just a few reasons to stan the glorious Yoo Youngjae

-his visuals are A+
-and his vocals are amazing
-he doesn’t usually sing in his natural voice in B.A.P songs, so when you hear it, it’s like the gates to heaven have been opened
-he is the cutest fluff in existence
-he was cute from the day he war born. seriously, go look at pictures of him as a kid because he’s adorable
-pre-debut youngjae is everything
-seriously, watch this video. natural voice + cute pre-debut youngjae.
-he’s cute but can also be sexy af
-this bad girl, good girl performance had me shook
-he’s the ‘brains’ of B.A.P 
-he talks his way out of doing things which his hilarious
-have i mentioned SASS
-he is so sassy, i love it
-his aegyo is to die for
-but even when he isn’t doing aegyo he’s just adorable
-sometimes he looks like he’s high when he freestyle dances did someone say dance master youngjae
-he may come off as cold sometimes, but he’s actually so sweet
-he really loves and cares for the fans
-and loves his members a lot too
-he can pull of any hairstyle; he looks great 24/7
-speaking of which, when you can see his forehead its amazing and those moments need to be cherished 
-he has so much energy
-more energy than the members that are younger than him, i swear
-he gets excited easily and its so cute because he smiles really bright and jumps around
-he reminds me of the energizer bunny tbh 
-also, whenever he’s happy its contagious
-he has this habbit of hitting people’s shoulders when he’s really happy or when he’s laughing its usually jongup poor kid
-like really good; they need to put glasses on him more often
-his laugh is so cute
-just listening to him talk is really nice because his voice is beautiful
-he could be talking about anything and I wouldn’t mind because listening to him talk makes me feel happy
-he puts his best effort into every B.A.P performance
-he always tries his best
-his apple cheeks are so cute
-he’s just pretty in general
-he has such a fun personality
-he’s really good at learning words or phrases in other languages. especially in japanese
-also, he also sounds really good in japanese, just sayin
-no, but really. he speaks japanese so well that sometimes he tries to speak japanese for hour long interviews
-and he does all this for the fans because he loves BABYz so much
-his ‘blank’ face is also insanely cute
-also those eye smoulders he gives during performances are the best
-his imitations are hilarious
-and his acting skills are really good ts when is his acting debut?
-don’t ever look at photos of him wearing flower crowns because you will feel personally attacked
-he looks so precious in flower crowns; i love the fans that give him flower crowns at fansigns
-he takes care of both his dongsaengs and hyungs because he is sweeter than honey 
-he’s an angel; just call him jaeonsa
-his motto is “Starting is half the battle”
-he is meticulous about everything
-although, sometimes he’s clusmy but its so cute when he is
-he speaks really well too
-he likes taking photos and he takes really nice photos
-really though, he’s such a precious floof

You should totally stan Yoo Youngjae. He doesn’t have enough stans. 

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Oh my goodness, I am floored and in love with your cute BTS flower crown drawings! If you wouldn't mind, could you do more? Any member(s) would be perfect, it's your choice :) And thank you x100 if you do! ^3^ your art is so calming and beautiful <3

A lot changed since the flower crown thing but here’s 95z

also I think I found the old brush setting but I’m not sure

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I see you're taking request for dragon slayers, and I'd love to see you draw Sting! Stingue if you have time but just Sting would be rad. I can't express enough how much I love your art. It's gorgeous!!!

I hope this is alright! Have some cute Sting dropping a flower crown on his bf

I need admitted plant alien Lizzie headcanons

She takes sun-facing window seats whenever she’s out in public

Butterflies tend to flock to her which is lovely and people think that’s adorable but she also attracts bees which is horrifying

She always smells nice and floral which Nigel always thought was perfume nope it’s natural (also she smells FANTASTIC after it rains)

Even after its out in the open that she’s not human she keeps the human disguise because she thinks it’s adorable like oh my god most humans have cute little tendrils that they can style and modify to fit their aesthetic how CUTE (she wears flower crowns a lot which ain’t helping the whole “BEES?” thing but hey love the bees save the bees)


@thedoctorsnewlover2893 said: Hey! Love your work! Its all beautiful! Was hoping you could do a stevonnie one were they are are looking all cute and stuff, i guess, please and thank you!

You’re too kind! And here it is, I hope you like it :) 

anon said: Pastels & stevonnie would be rad

Here is a pastel Stevonnie! I have a few more on here already, but here is one more anyway (I really love Stevonnie XD)


Second edition of free drawings of your guardian with the character you want! This time as a theme you had the choice between romance or friendship! Lot of people asked for friendship (only two romance; see Valkyon) which surprised me! It was nice!

I’m way too tired to put the name of all participants and give them a little comment as I did last time (<- click). Also I’m sick, beautiful combo. My eyes hurt…

Anyway, can you believe that Valkyon is so popular? In two rounds, 12 drawings, he was asked 4 times! What is your secret, dude, seriously? (if you’re curious, the second most popular is Nevra, with two drawings)

You can read so randomness if you click on the pictures. HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE. Don’t be sick because it suck. I’m gonna sue germs.

Just some skelebros showing their Mom love by making her a flower crown and bracelet :3333


A lil’ thing based off of @zarla-s post-Handplates AU where Goat Mum adopts the skelebros. I made them smol for extra cuteness ‘w’