i love this flower crown it's cute

the signs as wlw aesthetics
  • aries: spring wlw; racing each other through meadows, picnics by the riverside, small bracelets made of daisies, ice lollies, lying down and noticing shapes in the clouds
  • taurus: floral wlw; arranging bouquets, long walks through english gardens, flower crowns, tucking a flower behind their ear, floral summer dresses
  • gemini: library wlw; whispering between aisles of books (+ hiding from the librarian), reading bed time stories, sharing favourite books, staying up late discussing recently-finished novels, writing secret messages in between the lines
  • cancer: soft wlw; cuddling under the blankets, watching the rain, listening to music on the rooftop, long walks at the beach, sharing sweaters
  • leo: summer wlw; matching sun hats, sipping peach iced tea, being the best looking couple at the beach, lying side by side in a sunflower field, cycling on a tandem bike
  • virgo: forest wlw; picking berries, tree-climbing competitions, strolling through the lovely dark and deep woods, laurel wreaths, studying nature together
  • libra: princess wlw; gifting each other tiaras, sneaky glances, ballroom dancing in gossamer gowns, secret conversations in carriages, long handwritten letters
  • scorpio: moon wlw; silver eyeshadow, heated late night debates, evening walks, stargazing, secret conversations at 3AM
  • sagittarius: road trip wlw; making plans together, toasting marshmallows by the bonfire, sleeping in tents, swim-racing in the river, singing together in the car
  • capricorn: glow wlw; neon shoes, eating dinner in an empty diner at 11PM, 7/11 shopping dates, texting each other at 3:58AM, watching the sun rise
  • aquarius: space wlw; watching space movies, visits to the planetarium, 2AM debates on the existence of aliens, matching constellation tattoos, sun & moon chokers
  • pisces: mermaid wlw; lavender+aqua+silver hair, 2-people pool parties, swimming far out in the ocean, collecting seashells, doing each other's hair (fishtail braids lmao)

It’s 2 am and I watched the entirety of the bee movie when I did this sorry

Flower Crowns

Request: “Can I request the paladins with a flowerchild!S/O. Like they’re always making flower crowns and necklaces or making flower arrangements all the time.”

A/N: i love flowers so muchh


  • He thinks its so cute
  • He’ll wear anyflowers you give him
  • You like to weave flowers in the little white tuft of his hair
  • He likes to wear daisy chains around his neck
  • He’ll bring you flowers from different planets, which sometimes ends, interestingly


  • He’s not very big on flowers, but you can make him wear them, just give him a little pout and he’s putty in your hands
  • You like to put his hair in a ponytail and put a flower crown on him
  • He just looks so pretty
  • He tries to help you, but it doesn’t go very well, he doesn’t have gentle hands


  • Lance loves all the flowers
  • He’s so excited to wear them, and he likes to make flower crowns for you
  • He always insists that yours are better, but his are just so good
  • He tries to bring you flowers from everywhere, and he just loves flowers so much, and he loves you, so win-win


  • Hunk loves to wear flower crowns
  • And he loves the ones that you make, because you made them
  • He’s pretty good at making flower things too
  • He likes to put flowers in your hair
  • You two just have so much fun bonding over flowers


  • She’s not a huge fan of flowers
  • But if you ask her to, she’ll wear a little flower behind her ear
  • But only one
  • No more
  • She has ever tried to genetically engineer a flower that doesn’t wilt
  • It didn’t go very well

@thedoctorsnewlover2893 said: Hey! Love your work! Its all beautiful! Was hoping you could do a stevonnie one were they are are looking all cute and stuff, i guess, please and thank you!

You’re too kind! And here it is, I hope you like it :) 

anon said: Pastels & stevonnie would be rad

Here is a pastel Stevonnie! I have a few more on here already, but here is one more anyway (I really love Stevonnie XD)

Just some skelebros showing their Mom love by making her a flower crown and bracelet :3333


A lil’ thing based off of @zarla-s post-Handplates AU where Goat Mum adopts the skelebros. I made them smol for extra cuteness ‘w’

anonymous asked:

I'm a very femme top(and also really dominate in bed) and I feel like most bottom girls don't want that unless the girl is more butchy/chapstick? am i being over self conscious or should i trade in my flower crown for a snapback

Absolutely not. To me there is nothing hotter than a femme top (especially a dominant femme top 😏) taking control. But then again I’m also more butchy and a bottom/sub and I feel like a lot of femme girls want a top/dominant butch. Or at least that’s the stereotype/cliche people keep putting forward. 

That isn’t to say I don’t also love a femme with a tomboy or boyfriend/butch side on occasion as well. A femme in a suit taking control is…unff, I can’t even. So by all means wear the snapback on occasion if you want but you’re every bit as desirable in the flower crown (also that’s just a really cute look imo, though its not my style at all).

@sits-with-cats submitted: so idk what you were thinking about Nate in that cute hoco dress in ur lab au but its been stuck in my head forever and i had to draw it (and add a flower crown lmao) Also i haven’t drawn anything in like 30 years so sorry if it’s like scrappy and stuff


Kid Stucky things to consider
  • Steve and Bucky being those two kids that are always at each others’ sides, so it’s really unusual and unsettling to see one of them all by themselves
  • Building pillow forts together and playing inside of them all day long
  • Eventually they fall asleep in there and suddenly it’s a sleepover
  • Steve spending his entire recess picking dandelions and wildflowers and weaving flower crowns for Bucky
  • Bucky keeping said flower crowns, even after they’ve wilted
  • Steve and Bucky holding hands under the table
  • Steve and Bucky sharing their lunches
  • Bucky bailing Steve out of fights with the bigger kids that he couldn’t finish
  • Oh look, even as kids Bucky was doing that
  • Bucky patching Steve up after said fights with lots and lots of cute band-aids and helping to dry his tears
  • Steve and Bucky making cute bracelets for each other in arts and crafts!!
  • Bucky walking Steve home and staying with him after a really rough day with the bullies at school
  • Steve and Bucky getting the “One day you’ll find a girl and settle down” line from an adult, only to immediately look at each other and smile like the little dorks they are
  • Steve and Bucky having their first kisses with each other on the swingset at school
  • Bucky sleeping over at Steve’s house whenever he gets sick, not really caring if he catches whatever Steve’s got
  • Kid Stucky!!!

So I finally bought some flower crowns and I think they look good but yeah

I want to make one for prom because I’m super duper crafty

And I want to show @stiles-and-the-sourwolf my face and tell her that I smile even bigger when I look at her art and read her work because it’s just so amazing and she inspires me to get up and going and lord I love the girl and I haven’t even met her but that– is totally 100% okay. She deserves it :)