i love this film with a burning passion

scorbus headcannons (because i think about these two way too much) (seriously its getting a bit scary)

 - albus steals james’ invisibility cloak and sometimes when they just want to get away from everything, he and scorpius take a secret passage out to hogsmeade. they disguise themselves and buy butterbeer in the three broomsticks. they like to find the most calm and quiet spot in the village and just sit there together sipping their butterbeer. my boys are at peace.

- albus teases scorpius about his past crush on rose CONSTANTLY oh rose! i love you so much rose! rose you smell like fresh bread! mARRY me rose! scorpius is fuming (but in a cute way)

- al and scorp

- albus still hates quidditch with a burning passion but scorpius begins to love it so albus (begrudgingly) goes to every. single. game. (he starts to love it too)

- scorpius has a bunch of freckles especially on his back. albus cherishes them sm.

- neck! kisses!

- whenever scorpius gets off of a moving staircase he like hops off of it and albus thinks its the cutest thing in the whole world
. it is

- scorpius is the biggest film nerd! him and albus love to watch muggle films together late at night when the rest of their roommates are fast asleep

- scorpius and albus made a friend in the hogwarts lgbtq+ club (which fucking exists okay) named aly who is muggleborn and introduced both of them to muggle pop culture. lets just say scorpius has become hopelessly devoted to gaga and glee

- also albus 100% gave scorpius an i’m not gay but my boyfriend is shirt

- the whole potter weasley family loves scorpius so much especially mrs. weasley (she knits him a sweater every christmas)

- the whole (and by whole i mean WHOLE) potter- weasley fam had bets on when scorpius and albus were gonna finally get together. needless to say, when they did scorpius and albus stood in shock as the whole family burst out asking eachother for the money they now owed

i love these two wayyy too much ok 

feel free to add on!

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What's your favourite version of pride and prejudice?

((OOC: Oooooohhhhhhhhhhooooo boy. I hope you have a cup of tea.

So, I’m going to make this about the 1995 TV series and the 2005 film, because watching 5 minutes of the the 1980 TV version made me die inside, and I still haven’t watched the film from the 40′s. 


First off - the 1995 BBC mini-series. 

Because it’s a TV series it covers the development of the characters and the nuances of the plot much more comprehensively, because, well, you’ve got 5 hours and 27 minutes of period drama goodness. 

The Lake Scene. Need I say more?

Jennifer Ehle is Lizzie. She is perfect and I love her.
The same goes for Susannah Harker as Jane. Rosamund Pike is beautiful and it’s a close thing, but…

Actually I think I prefer most of the casting for the TV series to the film, because they just match the characters much better in my mind.
But I still really like the casting for the film.
The inner struggle is real here folks.

Okay, so you’ll notice that I haven’t specifically mentioned darling Colin yet.
Let me be clear. I love Colin Firth with a burning passion in all my soul. 
*whispers* I actually prefer Matthew Macfadyen as Darcy.

Now look, before you turn on me…

To me Macfadyen’s portrayal is much more natural and believable. We see him through the same blinkers as Lizzie after the initial terrible impression, which obviously get worse once she ‘learns’ about Wickham and Bingley.
But then once those blinkers come off you really see how mistaken she’s been. That revelation doesn’t have such impact with Firth’s Darcy.
I feel like the pride and the prejudice is more balanced in the film version. Firth’s Darcy is a bit of a haughty dick a lot of the way through, so Lizzie not liking him feels justified - rather than it being about the balance between her pride being hurt and influencing what she believes later and Darcy overcoming his prejudices.

I don’t know. It could just be the rain scene puppy-dog eyes that have turned me over to the dark side………….but I’m cool with it.

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*incomprehensible screaming*

So, the film.

It’s a gorgeous film. The colours, light, costuming, locations, frigging soundtrack guhhhhhhhhh. Do me a favour and please just go listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv-Z8YCo5W4 *weeps*

I get a really happy glow from the film, which I put largely down to the colours and music. 

To get that P&P fix it’s ideal because, while the TV series is 5 hours and 27 minutes long, it’s also 5 hours and 27 minutes long. 

So….the answer is…both? For different reasons?

What it comes down to is that they both cover the four absolutely vital points:

Mr Collins Being Ridiculous™
The Sass™
The Poet Shirt™
Wet Darcy™

I think I’m done. For now.))

Pirates of the Caribbean 5

I just got back from seeing Dead Men Tell No Tales.  I have thoughts.  Quite a few of them, actually.

I should preface this review by giving a bit of background on my involvement with this franchise.  I saw the first PotC movie in the theater seven times.  I saw Dead Man’s Chest three or four times and loved it.  I saw At World’s End exactly once, hated it with the passion of a thousand burning suns, and never saw it again.

I was–and am–a hardcore Sparrabeth shipper.  The canon status of Willabeth only explains part of my disillusionment with the franchise, however.  My biggest problem was how Elizabeth had an amazing character arc over three films, going from a prim-and-proper governor’s daughter to the ass-kicking Pirate King, pursuing her dreams in defiance of society’s expectations, outwitting both the EITC and legendary pirates, leading an armada in battle…and then had it all stripped away at the end of the third movie, where she is left literally barefoot and pregnant to wait for her man to come back.  I was–and am–livid.  I felt betrayed, both as a fan and a feminist, to see one of my favorite characters do a 180 like that.

So I have very strong feelings about these movies.  I’ve tried to get over it in the years since AWE, with limited success.  Against my better judgment I did see On Stranger Tides in the theater, and thought it was mediocre.  Since Elizabeth wasn’t involved I could just ignore its existence, for the most part.

Then the fifth movie was announced, and Will was going to be in it.  I had hoped that maybe, just maybe they could try to rectify some of the mistakes (read: character assassination) of the past.

They didn’t.  But they still came up with a pretty good movie.  Honestly, I’d even give Dead Men Tell No Tales four stars out of five.  I was riveted to the screen for most of it, and it was thrilling to hear the theme music and see the familiar faces.  It was exciting and entertaining, the special effects were impressive, and there were some good laughs.  Plus, zombie sharks!

Do I have issues with parts of it?  Yeah.  And I’m going to ramble at length.


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Once upon a time, there was a princess. She had just lost her prince to evil spells, and soon would be moving to another kingdom far away. But one day, she met a prince. He had lived in the kingdom just as long as she had, yet they had never met. Her heart was cautious, the remnants of it hidden away carefully, lest the princess give it to the wrong man once more. Instead, the two became best friends. He made her laugh, and they grew closer each day. In a way, it felt as if they had always been destined to meet. Days were spent watching films and exploring their new kingdom, and evenings were spent curled up, warm in each other’s embrace. The princess had been so deeply wounded by her princes behavior that she didn’t dare entertain the idea of finding a new prince to reign with her by her side, until h i m. Slowly but surely, they fell in love, as a prince and princess so often do, and despite trials and tribulations, they always came back to each other for that is what true love is. It cannot simply rely on passion, for that would burn out far too quickly. It cannot depend on comfort, because risks demand to be taken. It is a  combination of the two, a dance as old as time, in perfect step. And when you find the perfect dancing partner, you must dance. And dance they did.

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MichaelxReader reader getting jealous because Michael has to kiss Allie DeBerry on set for Lazer Team. Can it be kinda long?

((I’ve got a hankering for some Lazer Team and I have a deep love of Michael and angst in general so here we go *cracks knuckles*))

You hated this part.

From the moment you got the script to the moment Michael and Allie met each other to this moment now you’ve hated this part of Lazer Team with a burning passion. Don’t take this the wrong way, you love Lazer Team and being a part of it. Being Matt’s assistant director gives you the perks of being on set every filming day and hanging out with a lot of the people you love, and it puts yourself and Michael on the same schedule. You’re also really great friends with all of the cast but that can’t deter you from the fact that you absolutely, one hundred percent, positively can not stand this part of the movie.

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No but I really do love Solas though.

I know I reblog a lot of stuff making fun of Solas, but it comes from a place of love, I promise. 

I think Solas is an amazing character. I cannot get over how multifaceted he is. The depths, the intricacies. The oh shit moments, the nerdy-nerdliness (for real I have such a burning passion for smart people), the “machinations”. The passion, the drama. Even the heartbreak. I am eating it all up with the biggest spoon I can find. 

I love it when entertainment (video games, tv, film) give us characters who are good and bad, but are also neither good nor bad. If that makes sense. Because it feels more real to me. I love it when a character does a Bad Thing, but the writers let us see why they did the Bad Thing and it turns out to be for a Good Reason. But it’s still also a Bad Thing at the same time. I love that push and pull. 

Outlander Review, Episode 1x11, The Devil’s Mark

I’m going to warn you now, this review is hella long, so I suggest only read it when you have some good time to spare. Oh by the way, I’m a spoilery reviewer, so you have been warned.

Jesus I loved this freaking episode. Toni Graphia, let me just stand up and give you a standing ovation because you did the damned thing.

As a book reader, I couldn’t be happier about what these writers did with this episode. Even the deviations from the book were executed brilliantly. Ugh. I loved it all.

Anyway, this will be my first Outlander review, which is slightly remiss of me, but I just didn’t think I had it in me to do more than one review of a TV show per week. I still don’t which means that next week’s efforts might go to reviewing Lallybroch, instead of whatever shitfest Scandal comes up with. (Yeah, I’m bitter, and what?)

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

What I Hated


Moving on….


1.  The theme song.

The Skye Boat song is everything and I always get a tingle whenever Raya Yarbrough’s vocals kick in.

BTW, Does anybody else love the part in the opening when Claire is running through the woods? For whatever reason, I get extra chills watching that part of the opening credits.

2.  The starlings synchronized flying in the title credits.

How was amazing was that? And apparently, there was no movie magic involved, it was real? I need to know how they got the opportunity to film the birds doing that. What great luck.

3.  All the scenes between Claire and Geillis

These two actresses were just fantastic. The nuanced way that they both handled their scenes was impeccable. Lotte Verbeek really came into her own as Geillis Duncan tonight. There was nothing I didn’t love about the performances that she gave. Caitriona Balfe is always amazing of course, and we totally take her talent for granted because we’re so used to her being able to take us to those emotional places, but man, even she was a revelation in this episode.

4.  Claire and Geillis being literally thrown into the Thieve’s Hole.

That was harsh man, and how Geillis didn’t have a miscarriage there and then, I don’t know.

5.  Geillis:  "You only have yourself to blame for this

To be fair, she’s not even wrong. I know that this wasn’t what she meant, but let’s face it, had Claire stayed put at Castle Leoch and continued to play ‘Let’s-slap-the-bitch-who-wants-to-take-my-man,  she’d have been just fine.

6.  Claire:  ”Jeanie told me where to find you in the woods. If you didn’t want to add file to the rumors, then you shouldn’t have made it common knowledge that you were under the full moon dancing naked and burning effigies.“

Claire makes a good point to be honest.

7.  Geillis: "I started with white arsenic a few months ago. I thought it would kill Arthur off before the child began to show.

Jesus, Geillis ain’t loyal to her husband that’s for sure. But I think we already knew that. 

8.  Geillis:  "We won’t be here long. Dougal will come for us.

Erm….about that….

9.  Claire:Jamie said that Dougal told Colum all about your affair and your baby. Colum banished him. Sent him to his wife’s funeral and commanded that he stay away. And sent Jamie with him. No one is coming Geillis.

I know who Geillis is and what she becomes, but in that moment, I couldn’t help but feel for her because she suddenly realized that Dougal had chosen to obey his brother rather than stay and fight to be with her. Men are the freaking worst.  

10.  Crowd: “We’re going to burn the witches, we’re going to burn the witches.

Ugh. Basic provincial people from 1743 are basic.

11.  Claire: “Is that what I think it is?

Geillis got jokes for days. Even as they walk past the townsfolk building a bonfire for their burning ceremony. I’m pretty sure it occurs to them both that these people are erecting the stakes to burn them on, even though the trial hasn’t even begun yet. These people want to smell burning flesh real bad. 

The Trial

12.  Ned Gowan:  ”Make way, make way please. I demand to be let into the proceedings.

Yay! Ned came! I remember at this point in the book thinking that it would be Ned who saved Claire and Geillis, but then I became afraid for Claire when it became evident that he wasn’t going to be able to stop the crowd from getting their pound of flesh.

13.  Ned: ”Your honors as we’re all aware, the Witchcraft Act of 1563 was repealed by the House of Lords in 1735, I therefore submit that this entire trial is illegal.“

Yay’ Go Ned! I really loved how he played to the Scottish inclination to hate all things English by suggesting that they seemed to be conducting the trial the English way. He totally manipulated the judges presiding over the trial, and you could see that they were a tad uncomfortable at the notion that they might be abiding by laws set by the English. Lol.

14.  Jeanie testifying against Geillis.

Seriously, that bitch wasn’t loyal.  I hope Geillis makes her pay one day. Painfully. 

15.  Jeanie: ”On many occasion I have heard Mrs Duncan singing in the hall outside where Mr Duncan was sleeping. Ominous incantations to be sure, would send the kitlings running from the house. Animals have a nose for these things ya ken? They sense evil.
*The crowd murmurs*
Ned: ”Now we are to take the testimony of a cat?

Gotta love the shade from Ned there. I love how he went on to expose Jeanie for the lying, vengeful wench she was. Go and catch your eyelid on a nail Bitch.


16.  Changeling Baby’s mother:  ”She took the child in her vile embrace and spoke strange spells over it. When the sun rose, my good man and I went to see. There we found the changeling child, dead, in the hill. And no sign of our own wee bairn. It was her who’d done the wicked deed Sir, I know it in my bones.“

I know I should have felt sympathy because her baby died, but…she was the one who left her freaking baby in a tree overnight. Education is fundamental people. By the looks of her though, she was the one who passed on the disease to her little bairn. She was scratching like she had a bad case of syphilis. Just saying.

Once again though, Ned manages to cast doubt over her testimony, and he did so with so much compassion. I love that guy.

17.  Alistair Duffy: ”With my own eyes, I saw her standing in the battlements during a great storm. I saw her call down the lightning with a flick of her hand. Thunder roared as she laughed her eyes red as flames, with a look in them that would steal the soul from a man. Then the winds rose up and her cloak flapped opened around her. And she leapt into the sky and flew light a great winged bird.”

The man just plain lied. And the backwards villagers who just wanted to witness a burning swallowed his lies hook, line and sinker.

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On Love & Madness

I found out today about a student in my intermediate Arabic class who’s missed close to a month’s worth of classes, sort of scattered throughout the latter part of the semester. When he was in class, he was often disheveled, looked distraught. Always nice enough, always interested. But also very behind. Not a stellar student, even if he was a nice enough guy. I’m conflicted because I think I have to fail him.

I found out today from someone who knows him well that he’s apparently just been madly, overwhelmingly in love with someone. The kind of love that is a deep, burning madness. He can’t think. He can’t work. She consumes his thoughts, his energies. He’s apparently considering dropping out of university because, at a certain point, just fuck it, right?

For most of my adult life, I would’ve scoffed at this and told him to get a fucking grip. There’s a scene in The English Patient (the book and the film) where Almásy, who is entirely consumed by his passion for his lover, Katherine Clifton, asks his friend Madox to identify the name of a part of her body that, in his maddening love, becomes the fetishized totem for his obsessive connection to her.

Almásy: This… this, the hollow at the base of a woman’s throat, does it have an official name?
Madox: Good God, man, pull yourself together.

Pull yourself together. That’s what I want to tell my student. But in my survey of the Arabic and Hebrew literature of al-Andalus for the paper I’m writing on nostalgia, what strikes me in addition to nostalgia as a poetic convention is the maddening, burning love described by its poets and scholars, both men and women. As if the only kind of love to be experienced was that which burned, made hollow, consumed, destroyed. That could only be satiated by a deeper, more intense love.

July 25, 1839. Thoreau scribbled in his journal, there is no remedy to love but to love more.

In the literature from the 11th-13th centuries in al-Andalus, love is a sickness, and the ministrations of the lover as a cure, or a healing, are common in these poems. The Jewish poet, Yosef al-Katib, writes in a triple register of Hebrew, Arabic, and Romance:

I love you so much, so much,
so much, my love,
that my eyes are red with weeping
and forever burn.

An Arab poet at the same time, Abu Isa ibn Labbun, accepts the suffering that love brings; he asks for nothing but a kiss to save him:

Tell me,
when will you give me, o love–
O God! when will my love give me–
the only medicine that can cure me?
A kiss from my lover’s lips.

Plato once remarked that “love is a serious mental disease,” and Socrates added that “love is a madness.” Love as illness has been written about seriously in medical literature for centuries.

It seems to me that the madness of love takes two primary forms: elation and excitement when lovers are together, when love is shared and reciprocal; or depression and distress when lovers are apart, or when love is unrequited.

There’s a line from Rumi that appears in the Coleman Barks interpretation (Coleman Barks doesn’t actually read Persian):

Gamble everything for love, if you’re a true human being.
If not, leave this gathering.
Half-heartedness doesn’t reach into majesty.

In everything I’ve read, everything I’ve ever felt or experienced, there seems to be only one resolution to the burning pain of loving someone: don’t.

If you do, then accept the risk, and understand that the only way through the suffering is to love more.

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I HATE the re/ylo ship with a burning passion, but I LOVE Rey and Kylo's yin/yang dynamic. I can't wait to see what kind of rivalry these two develop in the coming films, especially if they find out they're cousins.

Well, personally I don’t hate Rey/lo, but I don’t like it either. It just fail to appeals to me as a romantic couple,mostly for the torture scene and also because I haven’t found something for them to connect with, and without that, sorry, no shipping. That being said, I’m ok with people shipping them as long they don’t try to erase or romanticize the problematics aspects of the ship.

I find a ying/yang dynamic between them (much like Luke and Vader’s) much more interesting. They totally have the potential of being the two sides of the same coin. Rey, while a kind hearted girl, also has glimpses of anger and agressivity as shown in her battle with an injured Kylo, while Kylo also must had been a sweet kid before his turn, he clearly looks confused. It would be awesome is Rey has a scene similar to Luke’s “cave scene” during ESB, which wouldn’t just make her Kylo’s counterpart but also would parallel Luke’s and Anakin’s own struggle with the Dark Side, which would meant that she also has “too much of her father in her”. The reveal that they may be cousins (and offspring of twins, no less) also would warn Rey about her own potential of darkness, after all, if they are family, that means the same blood flood in their veins and that both have a bit of their grandfather isn’t it? On the other hand, Kylo perfectly could see in Rey the kid he was before turning, which gives me hope that perhaps we could discover more of his backstory in next episodes.

In a way, I find Rey and Kylo’s dynamics fascinating in the sense they’re both carrying the legacies of their grandfather. Kylo is carrying Darth Vader’s, and Rey will carry Anakin’s. The two faces of the Chosen One, reflected in the struggle of his two grandchildren. That’s why I think, and I would like to see Ghost!Anakin in Episode VIII. It would be awesome if he appears to Rey and Luke as Anakin Skywalker: same youthful appearance, fierce and a bit of a dork, but also wiser, but to Kylo, he appears as Darth Vader, serious, frightening and menacing, with his helmet dissolving to reveal his scarred face. In a way, Rey and Kylo’s struggle and eventual reconciliation (since I think Kylo is most likely to be redeemed at the end)  would be a symbolism of Luke’s lesson in ROTJ: the acceptation of both light and darkness as a whole and no two separate entities. It would be the metaphorical reconciliation of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader as one person and no two different personalities (which was also the whole point of ROTJ, hence why is important to repeat that Luke was right).

And that kind of struggle and eventual redemption, the one of “I see the worst of me in you, so I also can see my light in you” (thanks for that Elizabeth <3) sounds more interesting to me than just simply “saving you with the power of love”. One of the reasons of why I love Anakin and Luke’s struggle and their bond is because there was a mutual understanding between them - Luke could understand Anakin by seeing his darkness in his own, while Anakin also came to understand Luke by seeing his good side in his son’s and how he teached him to find the balance between light and darkness - that grew into unconditional love. Of course, Rey and Kylo’s doesn’t need to be exactly like that, but the potential of them struggling against each other and eventually seeing a half of themselves in each other and reconciling by coming to terms with both sides of themselves, is what appeals for me the most about them.

Dear mother of Yggdrasil, every single interview and small comment published to all these magazines, Animedia, Otomedia, official website, makes me so overwhelmingly excited about Digimon Adventure Tri, I swear, lame posts like this will never really feel enough to convey the huge mess of feels I’m going through!

Every single time they leak another portion of information, I get this massive feeling this staff knows exactly what they are doing in regards to Taichi and Yamato’s relationship. 

This relationship, as well as Sora’s role in between, are heading towards the kind of treatment I’ve always imagined and wanted with a burning passion to exist in a third series of Digimon Adventure…

After thousands of fanfics and online discussions, for something like this so finally be published to pages of official magazines… just… it really feels out of this world. 

For real though, it’s freaking me out a little. Even though Adventure is my favourite universe, before Toei announced this sequel, I didn’t even know I needed it so bad.

I’m aware it’s too soon, but let’s be honest here, I know I will love every second of this film to death (and this is nothing but the first out of six films, jfc). It’s such a shameless piece of fanservice, but you know what, I don’t give a fuck anymore. Now it exists, I’m going to enjoy the ride as much as possible. This is the kind of shameless fanservice I don’t mind to support.

Of course I’m buying the DVDs and investing as much as I can to support this series, there’s no way in hell Adventure fans should miss this chance!

After Tamers, Frontier, Savers and Xros Wars, one series after another, after growing up with the series, helping with manga translations, participating in forums, opening digimon fan-contests, over-analysing the series, coming up with theories, laughing with other fans, drawing fanarts, writing fanfiction, - at the same time never really letting go of Adventure because, hell, Taichi and Yamato, the eight children are what started it all…………….. 

It feels like all these years are finally paying off.

I know, I know. Is it really okay to feel this way? I don’t mean to dismiss all other digimon series, I’m very fond of those memories (Savers and Xros Wars turned out so good), but… Adventure is getting another chance, and… Taichi. Fucking Taichi.

Why, yes, I’m a functional grown ass 27-year-old woman with responsibilities, and yet I was never really able to let go of this character. Sue me!

I’m allowed to have this kind of emotional response now he’s back.

Digimon in general has always been about passing the baton to the next generation, by coming up with new, fresh adventures and new characters. I’ve been more than okay with this, you know, because that’s how life is and that’s how it should be. There’s many fans like me who actually kept supporting the new series.

But it’s great to get such a huge nod from the franchise you love for a change. The “We acknowledge you fans have grown up and kept supporting us, let’s give you a reward” kind of nod.

I keep stumbling upon theories on what this means for the future of the franchise.

Maybe they have a point, maybe these six films are the beginning of a new “era” of sorts, but it’s way too soon to jump into conclusions. Way too soon!

Personally, this feels more like a once-in-a-lifetime chance we all should seize and enjoy the best we can.

All this online bickering feels so pointless to me; I’m done with all those theories and talks about ships; for once, all I need to do is to relax and enjoy the ride with a huge grin on my face as I wait for the films to come out!