i love this film so much i almost hate it

Moana vs. Frozen?

It seems every time a new Disney musical comes out these days it’s always compared to its predecessor. Frozen was compared to Tangled, and now Moana is compared to Frozen; the difference now is that people apparently hate Frozen so much that they ask if Moana is better so it will somehow get rid of Frozen.

I loved Frozen and I loved Moana. Both are great, and while both films are musicals they are actually quite different and almost incomparable.

Instead of pitting them against each other we should embrace the fact that Disney is still putting out quality content and musical films that truly resonate with people.

Are you able to like one more than the other? Of course, but that doesn’t mean we need to compare them in attempt to make one seem inferior. You’re more than welcome to prefer Frozen or Moana, but don’t belittle the other one by comparing two completely different films. The same can be said for the Zootopia and Moana comparisons. I liked Moana better but I still liked Zootopia and I won’t pit them against each other just to prove my point.

Something that bugs me about the ending of Civil War

I really hate to say this, because I love Steve and Bucky almost as much as Tony (screw this, I love Bucky as much as I love Tony), but it needs to be said.

Cap just leaves Tony in the middle of a Siberian shithole at the end of the film. For all he cared, he could have been leaving Tony to die. The suit was so broken that there was no way that he would be getting away, especially given the possibility of comms being broken. No one knew (at least on Tony’s ‘team’) where he was (well, T’Challa did, but where the hell was he?). It must have been freezeing, Tony could have died just from that. He could have died from internal bleeding. He could have died from a head injury. Zemo could have come back and finished him off. Crazy evil Russians could have perhaps come back and done something to Tony. 

I don’t think that Steve wanted any of that to happen to Tony, not really, but it astonished me that he just walked away. Especially as a soldier, who’s not meant to leave people behind. The point is, I think that much like Tony when he attacked Bucky, Steve just wasn’t thinking at that point, he was so blinded by what had happenned to Bucky.

Peope keep saying how bad it is that Tony freaked out after seeing the video, but I think that Steve reacted very similarly with what he did to Tony. Neither of them was right, but I think that both of them should be excused.