i love this film on several levels

George Baker on Twitter: Peter got inside a wardrobe  #dwsr

Such an adorable video. There were a lot of kids and families visiting the Doctor Who filming set on Friday (August 12, 2016). One family brought their TARDIS wardrobe and sat it down on the grass opposite the filming site, the Fields House, across the street. When it came time to meet and greet, Peter came over to say hello and eventually took part in posing with the TARDIS wardrobe. He literally stepped inside the miniaturized version of his real police box and took photos with the kids. :)

This is another reason why I love this man so much. He’s working several hours on the set in full costume, but he still has fun with the job and reaches the level of the fans waiting to see him. He also takes the time to play with the children and pose with them. That is a great guy right there! ♥