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I Want You to be Safe

Hey there, you lovely people!  

Because General Hoff is my new favorite thing (and can there really be too much General Hoff? LOL I think not). Sooo I had to write a fic about it (and Hiccstrid), of course!

Shoutout to @dragonlovertr for this idea and also being the one I send all my rough drafts to LOL. What would I ever do without you, girl? <3 

Also, there is a scene in here that I based off of @tarched new and AMAZING General Hofferson fanart. Thanks for letting me use it, buddy! 

Originally posted by tarched

Hope you guys enjoy this! 

Astrid strode out of the Haddock house and wrapped her arms around herself. Winter was officially here and it was getting colder by the minute. 

She walked down the many steps that led into the village and began searching for the new chief. The girl strolled past buildings and houses that were finally rebuilt. There was still some ice here and there, but Berk was finally starting to look like it used to…before Drago Bludvist. 

As she made her way through the village, some of the fellow Vikings smiled at her and some gave her an annoyed look. Change was difficult for some. So, losing their chief and getting used to a new one was hard for many. She was getting the same looks now, with the announcement of her new role. It didn’t bother Astrid at all, not like it seemed to trouble Hiccup. She would tell him not to worry, that it will take time to earn their trust. He would agree but she could tell it still ate at him a little. 

The girl spotted Eret heading up to the Great Hall. 

“Eret!” Astrid called from the bottom of the steps.  

He turned around, “Astrid?” 

“Have you seen Hiccup?” 

Eret stood in thought for a moment, his hand on his chin, “I think the last time I saw him, he was flying down to the docks.” He pointed in the direction, like Astrid wouldn’t know where the docks were. 

“Thanks!” Astrid turned back around and headed that way. 

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Do As I Say

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1075

Summary: It’s your week to be in charge of what you and Bucky do. You love him sooo much, but sometimes it’s fun to have him as your personal slave.

As requested by anonymous: Ooooo all those prompts look amazing ummmm ok so a challenge for you use the prompt numbers 34, 39, 53, 55, 76 & 83 for Bucky Barnes. If you can’t do all of them that’s cool but there you go lots of prompts for one man who is all man mmmmmm

Warning: mention of naked Bucky and implied smut

#34: “You work for me. You are my slave.”

#39: “It’s your turn to make dinner.”

#53: “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?”

#76: “Please put your penis away”

#83: “Enough with the sass!”

You and Bucky…well…that was a power couple right there. Too powerful. There was this power struggle in the relationship. Both of you saw yourselves as the head of the couple. But that just wouldn’t do. There were often times where you got into arguments about who was in charge. You made a compromise. Each week would be a switch off on who decided to do what. Of course, you didn’t force each other to do anything. No, you weren’t heathens. You both came to an understanding of each other. Five days of the week you or Bucky were in charge. The weekend was your break. This week was your week of power and you were making it Bucky’s own personal Hell.


You evilly rubbed your hands together as you ran and cannonballed onto your shared bed with Bucky thus catapulting him into the air and onto the ground.

He groaned as he stood up, “You know, usually, women like to wake their boyfriends up with a kiss and breakfast in bed.”

“Well tough, ‘cause it’s my week. So that means you’re getting up early to make me breakfast and coffee.”

Bucky grumbled as he picked up his discarded shirt and slipped it on, “You’re lucky I love you so much.”

“Wait!” You called out before he left the room.

“Whaaaat?” Bucky whined.

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Revenge Is Not So Sweet

Request: ‘Hellooooooo ! Can you do one with Hotch with these sentences please : 85 “It hurts!” , 70 “I-I can’t trust you anymore.” , 16 “Am I supposed to be scared of you?” Thank you And 1) Sorry for my shitty English I’m french sooo 2) I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO SO MUCH LIKE OMG ❤️’


‘No, Y/N. No fucking way. I am not letting you do that.’ Hotch shouted, as he paced around the boardroom, his fists clenched.

An unsub was travelling from bar to bar in Washington DC, picking up young women and then murdering them in secluded areas of the city. Fitting the unsub’s type, your team had suggested that you go undercover to a bar and attempt to lure him to you, where he would then be pounced on and arrested by your fellow profilers. However, Hotchner, who you had been in a secret relationship with for 6 months, would not allow it.

‘Aaron.’ You began. ‘It is the only way that we can catch him. I am his type. I will be safe, I promise. You will be able to see me at all times.’

You walked towards him in an attempt to calm him down, but he pushed past you. He turned to look at you directly in the eyes.

‘I said no, Y/N. And that’s it. I am your boss.’ He said sternly.

‘Hotch, I will go to Strauss, and she will give me permission. Don’t stand in my way.’ You argued. Hotch slammed his hand on the table. ‘NO Y/N. Stop fucking arguing with me. No means no.’

You leant back against the wall, defeated. ‘Am I supposed to be scared of you?’ You asked.

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S-sorry,” Red muttered.

S’okay,” Papyrus said.


Heh…s’okay, Red.

Now heeere is the angst!
A scene from @gumweedsins‘ HoneyMustard Collection.
I love that fic sooo much, it gave me the feels…like…a ton of feels. qvq

I hope you like it dear, you deserve for writing that pile of awesomeness. :3 <3

Lovers’ Weekend Fic Rec

Because the last fic rec I posted went so well, I decided to take another shot at it. This one is going to be much shorter, though. So, this is going to be purely smutty and fluffy things. (Think of the smut as a warm up for what’s coming Tuesday with the @olicityvalentinesdaysmut-a-thon)

read. enjoy. leave comments. send messages. it’s much appreciated ♥


  • Nerf War // @spaztronautwriter - Oliver has to leave on Mayoral business which means Felicity is left alone with William for the first time ever || Sooo cute and wonderful! I love love love dad!oliver and felicity being a good (future) step mom to William.
  • Mr. Brightside // @deadlybingo - Felicity is forced to join a program that trades a year of teaching in a needy area for her tuition. || I only need a few words for this: The olicity teachers au we all need in our lives. Fan-fucking-tasting.
  • Baby Fever // @deadlybingo - Diggle has baby fever and it’s driving Oliver and Felicity nuts. || Silliness, puppies, and babies oh my! I love this story so much! The ending made me scream. No lie.
  • Physical Therapy // @adiwriting - Oliver needs a little help and Felicity is having too much fun teasing him about it || sooo cute and funny omg i could have read way more of Felicity harassing Oliver lmao

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Fanfiction Recommendations!

Hey guys~ 

Since we’ve been receiving so much love from all of you, we decided to give back to our favorite authors to let them know how much we love their work and to share with you some of our favorite pieces of writings. 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Sangria’s Recommendations: 

1. Scent, sweat and heat by @itsyvvngis

2. Only Mine & Mr. Min by @ellieljade [Or literally anything else on her masterlist because holy shit her writing is sooo good!!!

3. Literally everything written by @war-of-hormoan@btssmutgalore@jeonjagiya [Love all of you and your works so so much! Hope I can write like you guys one day :)]

Midnight’s Recommendations:

1. prince!Hakyeon by @vixx17andbtsimagines [I know it’s not technically a fic, but still, ART. And, actually, everything on this blog if bloody brilliant, I’m not kidding]

2. ghost by @stormae  [Bodyguard!Taeyong yeas]

3. He’s Evil by @sangsanghaebwa [*cough*]

We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did!

anonymous asked:

holy shit I love all your hc's alot? (If you want to) Im kinda curious and wanna know more about Japanese Roy and Iranian Elrics??? (I'm glad someone else noticed how Xerxes is lines up so well with it, bless) ahh ty in advance!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I’m trying to post them more bc they make me happy and this fandom needs all the love and content it can get. ;)  Sooo… TONIGHT’S HC IS ABOUT ROY AND ED AND THEIR HERITAGES!

My headcanons differ, actually, between modern AUs and Amestris for Roy.  Since we don’t get a mention of any Japanese equivalent (minus, I think, one line where Breda mentions the origins of Shogi) but we do have Xing, I actually headcanon him as half-Xingese because he’s drawn, IMO, similarly to the Xingese characters (and also, canon needs less white dudes) on his mom’s side.  She was one of Chris’s girls, and Chris’s brother went and knocked her up, so Chris agreed to raise him because she got attached ok.

However, in modern AUs, I actually go with Chris and her brother as being part Japanese as an homage to the origins of the manga. ;)  For Roy (as opposed to the Elrics) I don’t see him as being super, super into his heritage; I imagine he probably picked up the language because he wanted to and learned some about it but he’s cool where he is.

….I do have some AUs where he lives in Japan and has dual citizenship and is a model, tho, so ymmv.

AS FOR THE ELRICS.  Pls consider Iranian Hohenheim and Jewish Trisha!!!  Ed isn’t really into any of the religion at…. all, though the Elric household was definitely not one that contained pork.  Hohenheim isn’t really practicing either, but Trisha raised them with religion and even though Ed didn’t take to it, Al definitely did and actually pulls from both sides of his family.  (Also!!!  Ed and Al having bar mitzvahs???  please????)

Hohenheim actually immigrated from Iran and I looove Trisha being a UN ambassador, so she’s a polyglot, and Ed and Al definitely know at LEAST Farsi and possibly a couple other languages.

Not Japanese.  Roy alternately insults and flirts with Ed in Japanese and it drives Ed up the wall and Roy loves it.  Not that Ed doesn’t do the exact same thing.

(Unfortunately, Al DOES understand what Ed is saying in Farsi so his shriek of horror is enough for Roy to figure out how inappropriate that last comment just was)

anonymous asked:

Helllooo beautiful ppl. I need some help finding a fic about dan worrying he's being homophobic to Phil bc he can't stand being around Phil and his boyfriend but he's in love with him. It's that prompt that went around with the news article headline being straight guy worries he's being homophobic to gay roommate, realizes he's in love with him. Idk but I saw it on soles dash that I didn't follow and lost it. Ily guys sooo much ;)

Choking On Your AlibiWhen Dan had first responded to a stranger’s roommate ad, he figured they’d be like acquaintances living together; simply exchanging pleasantries now and then. However as it happens they had quickly become good friends. But what will happen when Dan walks in on Phil hooking up with another guy?

- Thea

lovedrarrypizzasleep  asked:

Hey ... sooo, I love ur blog and I think I its awesome. Ur so cool and I love how much care you put into your blog and your so cool James. And I was hoping if u'd help me? I love Drarry so much, cos it makes me all tingly on the inside with how much they love each other, and I've never been in a relationship so I kinda live vicariously through Drarry fanfics, -and I was hoping you'd help me find some tingly induction drarry fanfics, cos I kinda live for them. part 1.

and I was hoping pretty pretty please with cherries on top if u knew of any Drarry fanfics with the Weasleys, or featured at the Burrow, or in 8th year, or at Grimauld place, or at Hogwarts with them both as professors, or raising Teddy or any established Drarry. I love it when they have to fight some or protect each other from the world around them cos some people don’t agree with their relationship, and I’d do absolutely anything if you could help me, please??? Part 2

I will always always always recommend all of sarasgirl’s fics because all those things you are asking for are pretty much her strength! Specifically “all life is yours to miss” (both professors),  “it takes a village” (eight year), “salt on the western wind” (this is just a really nice and healing one). 

I also like “Running on Air” by eleventy7…

And did you check my drarry and fic rec tags?

Hope you find something to your liking :) Thank you for your sweet words xx

anonymous asked:

I just finished writing all your fics and I'm amazed! You're so good!!!! I love the way you write so much!! Do you have any idea when the Vigilante AU will first be posted? I'm sooo hyped about it :))) ily

ALL OF THEM?? Thank you so much!! ^.^ I’m so glad you like my writing!

The Vigilante AU might be a little while, I’m afraid – I’ve got a super busy weekend ahead of me and I need to rewrite most of the first chap D: D: Possibly Tuesday?? Sorry for the delay and I hope you like it!! <3 <3

alexanderhamllton  asked:

top 3 fluff, angst and smut fics! (three for each, haha)

(hey ren!)

hmm… for smut i have to say You Might Get An Ovation by @diggs4life because she’s too good at smut. also i just saw that the sequel is up and i am DYING to read it. also Bliss by @loveydoveylaurens​ was really well written and wow. i loved that a lot. lastly Cinder Block by @sparkintoflame​ because not only was it the first hamilton smut i ever read, it was the first hamilton fic i ever read. it was sooo good, and i actually re-read it a bunch of times, which i never do.

for angst… Colors by @literallylin because wow. self-explanatory. also Had to Give You Away: Part 2A by @secretschuylersister because this made me cry, and i pretty much never cry over fics. i mean, this was really good. lastly 36 by @womenarethesequel was the first angst i ever read, i think. it’s too good, and it’s soooo well-written.

for fluff, definitely Velvet Box by @alexanderhamllton​ (aka you <3) because engagements are my aesthetic and, ahsdbnks. that literally made me squeal. Home by @hamiltryingmybest​ (i guess that counts as fluff??) because it is so important. i absolutely love to see inclusion and my HEART. it’s very, very good. and lastly Snapshots by @manuelmiranduh​. it’s so well-written and amazing, and i absolutely loved it. 

sleepover saturday!

Imagine Playing Truth Or Dare With Dean - Part One

Request: Can you please write a fic where the reader and TFW are playing truth or dare? I just tend to really love those! Thank you so much! - you-have-just-been-winchestered

Author’s Note: This is a really great request; I absolutely loved writing it! I plan on breaking this into more than one part, because I have sooo many good ideas. I hope everyone enjoys ^_^ Also, be sure to send in requests if you have any; we love getting them. - Nat xo

Click here to read Part 2!

Click Here to read Part 3!

It had started out simply enough.

While you all lounged around the kitchen table after a particularly delicious dinner of Dean’s famous cheeseburgers and onion rings, you had mentioned that you hadn’t had a good game of truth or dare in ages. You hadn’t thought anything of it; it was just something you said. But lights suddenly glinted in the boy’s eyes, and you knew that you were about to have some fun.

“Okay, so since Y/N mentioned it, I think she should be able to choose first,” Sam said, trying to set up some boundaries in the beginning. Dean wasn’t having any of that.

“Uh uh. We aren’t worrying about that crap. This game will just be called “Dare”, so you bunch of pansies can’t back out of all the fun stuff,” he shot you a wink before continuing. “And I think she shouldn’t have to GO first - I think she should choose who goes first, and gives him a dare to start things off.”

He sat back in his chair, looking quite pleased with himself. You had to admit, playing his way was going to be a blast.

“Okay then,” you said, glancing at Sam and then Dean with a grin on your face. “Dean. I dare you to see how many mashmallows you can fit into your mouth at one time.”

“What?” He exclaimed, looking a little upset. “Those things are so old! I could die!”

“You won’t die, Dean. Calm down,” you replied as you got up to grab the bag. They were a little stale, but he’d be okay. “You aren’t going to eat them. You’re just going to see how many you can fit into your mouth at once. And you can’t chew them or swallow any to make more room. We’ll be watching.”

You cocked an eyebrow at him and he narrowed his eyes, a look of determination settling on his face. He picked up the first marshmallow and tucked it into his cheek before holding up his first finger. You counted aloud, and the game began.

He was on eight marshmallows before you knew it, and he shot you look of victory while he positioned them in his mouth so that he could fit at least four more.

You were gonna have to think of a better dare next time.

Air Conditioning and Pajamas

Author’s Note: I want to wish a HUGE happy birthday to tai-chi-leigh! Casey, I love you sooo much, and thank you for getting me addicted to The 100 and always being there for me. I know that I can count on you 100% of the time. I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful day!! (I hope you like this fic too bc it’s just for you!)

Summary: Percy just really wanted to know who his letters belonged to. He was tired of not having a face to put with his AC. Or, the one where everyone has their soul-mate's initials on their wrist, and Percy is just too impatient for this whole thing.  


His mom always told him that he would eventually find them. She always said to never go looking for them because the second that he was least expecting it was when it would happen.

He tried to not expect it a lot.

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Long Nights

Summary: You and Taehyung had a fight ending with him leaving and you to fall asleep alone, feeling guilty about it all. 

Genre: fluffyness (kinda smut, buut not really)

Taehyung x reader

Word Count: 1,300

A/N: Mmkay, this is my first Taehyung fic. I love cute, lovey, sexy Tae sooo that’s what I wrote. Feedback is much appreciated! I’d love to write more fics, they’re fun to do c:

It had taken you forever to fall asleep the night before. One, it was way too hot in your small apartment, and two, you and your boyfriend Tae had had a stupid fight ending with you yelling at him to leave, so he did just that.

While trying to fall asleep, you couldn’t help but feel guilty. It was you who had overreacted over the smallest of things and now you were paying for it by sleeping alone in the bed you usually shared with Taehyung. You wondered where he had gone and where he was sleeping tonight. It all made you sick to your stomach.

At around four in the morning you felt a warm embrace wrap around your stomach. It all felt too familiar. You were probably imagining things. Half asleep, you thought nothing of it and quickly fell back into a deep slumber.

Your dreams consisted of you and Taehyung arguing and him leaving out the front door. Every. Single. Time. Once a dream would end, a new one would start again. It was a never ending circle of seeing that hurt look on Taehyung’s face, it hurt so much to see over and over again.

The sun shining through the blinds woke you. You groggily blinked your eyes, adjusting them to the bright light. It didn’t take you long to realize there were a pair of arms wrapped around you. You quickly turned your head to see a sleeping Tae, his cheek resting on your back.

“Taehyung?” You questioned aloud.

You watched as his eyes opened in shock.

“Y/N?” Taehyung said in a raspy voice, “Whats wrong?”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do something where the boys get all ready and prepare for 4/20 but the day before they back out and rethink it all and figure out they still fucking hate everyone but they love the other one so much they can't go without each other so they live for each other. It's cheesy but overall I've never seen anyone write it.

ok so i didn’t mean to write a whole thing about this prompt but i was on a roll sooo i hope this is somewhat what u were thinking !!!

my eyes are shining bright

pairing: eric/dylan

word count: 3,123

warnings: none

summary: he doesn’t mean to say it, but it slips out anyway. “so this is really happening, then, huh?” 

or, the better version of 4/20 for anonymous :-)

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