i love this feather ok


A springer spaniel tail and feathers appreciation photo set

Feathers Fantasy XV

Today we have a peep Ardyn joining ze party. Yes, he’s an owl and he sure is amused by Noct and Promp angrily tweeting at him. Gladdy and Iggy not sure if they should interfered or not, lol.

(Peep Ardyn undercut)

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“Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak bloggers stronger!”
Ok maybe so but it looks cool doesn’t it?
“I know what you REALLY are!”
I know what we are too. A couple of NERDS!

Yeah so my pal @deviltufts and I were talking and the subject of fusion came up, so here’s artytufts! A fusion of our sonas >;3c
Prepare for cookies galore, we’re gonna take ur dash by storm and fight people with kitchen utensils XD

tbfhhhh u know how goldenflower nursed featherkit & stormkit???? like tbh i love thinking that they still, even as older warriors and even tho it was just temporarily, they still call her mama or mom, or something like that.

like mosspelt raised them so of course they always called her mom / mama and consider her 2 be like their mother (silverstreams their bio mom of course but mosspelt did a good job raising them and im sure silverstream is ok w/ that and is happy they had a mom) buuut they also remember goldenflower super fondly and think of her as like a third mom

and sometimes they call her mom like stormfur came back 2 thunderclan in sunset and he just saw her and went “awwww ma u look nice, i’m still glad to see you!!”

and goldenflower just cuddles bramble & storm like “my boys…..two of my babies…”

Now that the race is over, i have nothing to do. Johnny said opening a “blog” would be a good idea. 

I don’t know if it truly was or not.

(UHhhhh new diego blog who this? Anyways hi i made a poorlydrawn/ask/daily blog for the horrible dinosaur man himself! Im…. pretty new to this kind of stuff but hey! its all fun. If you could boost this that would be Gucci ;P) 

Undisclosed Desires (part 6)

Words: 1.2k

Summary: You say goodbye to your father and meet with Castiel.

A/N: Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, let me know. The Enochian phrase “ol aziazor elasa Goaal” translates to “I love you, Father (creator.)


“I take it you’re little meeting didn’t go as planned?” Lucifer asked after suddenly appearing behind you.

“Dammit!” you shouted in surprise. “The fuck is wrong with you?!”

He pursed his lips together to keep from smiling. “I’ll take that as a yes. I tried to tell you, Princess, they’re not ever going to understand. When they look at you, all they see is me; someone who’s ready to wreck the world. So why not give them what they expect?”

You squeezed your eyes shut and shook your head. “Do you know how to shut the fuck up? Just… stop talking.”

He cocked his head at you and smiled. “You know I’m right. It’s only a matter of time.”

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Undertale shipping pride month, day 19: muffeton!
Why did I not consider this ship before? It’s p cute yo
Also, consider the alternate ship name:
How can you NOT love this ship for the name alone???

Bonkalore did an amazing illustration of Saladin and I’m just in awe how it came out. Everything from the expression to the movement, the items in the room, all the nice details on the feathers, hookah, and pillows, and just the feel of the scene and how nice and intimate it is. Bless ya Bonka! 

“…I know it’s not much… but you can always call me, when you will need to talk.”

My suggestion for the way Pacifica might save the day in “Dipper and Mabel vs the Future”.


The Year of the Peacock begins NOW! Lord Shen is a show-off…and wickedly beautiful! But really, his design, his voice actor, his characterization, everything was gorgeous about him…man, I really missed him in KFP3. Character belongs to Dreamworks

loptri  asked:

♫ ;3c

❛     ACCEPTING. ╱ symbol meme  ✧

               Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, lavender’s green. 

His voice is lovely. His voice is love.

              When I am king, dilly dilly, you shall be queen.

She nestles herself into the crook of his arm, resting the crown of her head against the slope of his shoulder, her strong support. It’s comforting how perfectly the gentle curves of their bodies fit together. She snuggles up a little closer, burying herself under the warmth of the blazer he’d used to keep her warm.
                 Who told you so, dilly dilly, who told you so ??

Her chest rises and falls as she breathes in her favorite perfume: the masculinity of his scent. Goro smells of refined, roasted coffee. Goro smells of manly, musky gunpowder.

                  ‘Twas my own heart, dilly dilly, that told me so …

Slowly, she slips into the serenity of restful sleep. And yet, her rosy lips part once more to sweetly beckon, ❝ Stay over tonight … Goro-kun …

violethyena  asked:

Sabriel prompt - snuggles with archangel wings.

As Sam was sitting on the couch someone jumped over the back and landed next to him “Hey Gabe”

“Hi Sammy waddya watching?" 

"Family guy”

“Oh cool” Gabriel offered Sam a milky way which he turned down. but gave the archangel a kiss on the cheek “its gonna rot your teeth out" 


Sam looked at Gabriel and smiled. He couldn’t believe that this wonderful angel was his to love.
Smiling he ran his hand up Gabriel’s back and lightly rubbed where he knew the base of his wings were “Sam Don’t Do that!  you know what happens!” 
“And maybe i love seeing your feathers they are gorgeous”

Gabriel had his eyes closed ” ok then but if you get hit it isn’t my fault” 

Sam turned away from the television and used both hands to rub the spots on his back.
Gabe wiggled his shoulders and sighed as his huge wings unfurled nearly touching each wall. Sam was now slowly rubbing both of his wings enjoying the feel of such soft feathers Gabe was enjoying this immensely because he loved having his wings touched and he loved Sam. “Sam have i ever told you just how much i love you?”

“Only all the time”

“Its because its true he said as he leaned in to kiss Sam.
"Sam I’m hom- uhhhhh sorry to interrupt Dean said slowly backing up "i’m gonna go ill be back in about a hour BYE" 

Sam turned back to Gabriel “Well that was funny” 

"yea i thought he was gonna piss himself”

sam went back to stroking the Archangels wings “You need to let these out more often”

“And what? run into every wall?”

“no when we go on walks or something,isn’t it feel weird to have them bundled up where no one can see them?”

“Lets go outside now that way i don’t have to worry about you hurting your wings  on anything”

“ok” Gabriel said as he made his wings vanish so he could get through the door onve they were about ten feet he let them loose and flapped a few times nearly going airborn “Lets find a clearing and ill watch you  fly ok?”

“Your the best Sammy” Gabriel whispered as he took Sam’s hand

“ and i Love you”


So I converted the Morrigan armor to CNHF. Some stuff needs minor tweaks and dear lord, the weight of the skirt is just… Fucking retarded. Like on regular idle stance, the back side is just pfptpfdewofjsdkdf. I hope I can fix it, I hate weighting skirt in general, it’s nightmare work. Also did a fitting ‘headgear’ to it, aka feathers. I just love feathers ok.