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Dislocations Gone Right [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry this took an extra day to get up. I’m up to my eyeballs in homework and responsibilities. But here is the figure skater fic FINALL! I really hope you all love it! It’s a longer one so fair warning lol. I tried my hardest to use correct terminology and did quite a bit of research for it. I really hope you guys enjoy this! (I appreciate any feedback <33) Love you guys!

[Fd/n] - Friend Name


If there was one thing you love, it’s figure skating. It’s been something you’ve done since you were a child. Always striding to get to that next step, complete that next turn, land that next jump. In the winter you could be found at a frozen pond behind your home, in the summer it was at the ice rink. Your parents watched you grow as their child and an athlete. Everyone in your family found your skating captivating whenever they got the chance to watch you. Family friends would often end up finding you on the pond and end up watching you as well.

You are born for this. It’s what you were put on this earth to do, and nothing was going to stop you. And nothing did. Continuing to grow in your skating, winning contest after contest. First place ribbons were your wallpaper. Winning at nearly every level. Though you had one step to overcome, and that’s to get into the Olympics. One day you’d represent everyone in your country on the ice. You know that day will come, it has too. It just has too.

So despite multiple concerns expressed by your coach and family you train day after day. Constantly being told not to strain yourself. How were you supposed to slow down when you’re this close?!

It wasn’t until a childhood friend asked if you would stop by to see her at one of the ice skating classes she would teach. Saying how the minute she expressed the both of you are friends her students begged for you to come and visit them. You had training to do, but how could you turn this down? You’d always wanted to help someone learn. Guest teaching a whole class would be an honor. So, you accepted the offer.

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Fancams will always show the speed and coverage of skaters better than professional ones… look how quickly they cross the ice in their midline step sequence… look how quickly they make their three turns at the beginning of their waltz…  and yet they are so clean.


MY SOUL TO TAKE Chapter Update

Chapter 1: INSANITY

“It might surprise you to hear me say that guilt is a good thing.” Ms. Morrell smiled warmly at everyone in the circle. Most of the patients who were present were stable enough to concentrate on the topics that were put up for discussion. Adeline was trying to focus on the words that tumbled from the counselor’s mouth, but the Voices were constantly vying for her attention. She bit into her lip when the screaming in her head died down suddenly and two distinct whispers filled the void.

“Guilt is nothing more than a figment of your imagination…”

“We carry all of your guilt…”

“Not all of it,” Adeline muttered a little louder than she meant to.

“What was that, Adeline?” Ms. Morrell tuned to Adeline, curiosity crossing over her soft facial features. Several other pairs of eyes landed on the teenager, but she ignored the unwelcomed attention and cleared her throat.

“I said that not all guilt is good,” she answered, twisting the meaning of her statement to make it relevant to their discussion.