i love this ending so much screams


but i loved it so much??? like,,, it was exactly how i want horror anime to be. like, take another for an example. that scared the shit outta me?? and so did this episode. i think the most scary part of it all though was when mukuro was singing give me wings, which sounds like a happy, calm song, while the student council were murdering eachother. positive songs during negative scenes r my faves,,, also when the guy with the chainsaw and gun died from falling on the saw i was terrified!!! my mouth was open from shock until the end of the episode,,, sCREAMS thank u danganronpa makers i love u v v much for making the episodes predictable yet unpredictable at the same time

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Omg?? David is so precious??? He just wants hugs please protect him

David is my precious sunflower child, he deserves all the love, I`m screaming everytime I see him getting hurt…

At the end of Camp Camp I want the children to hug him at least ONE time, I don`t ask for much, but this is what I need, please give that to me okay? Just a bunch of children hanging on to his legs and arms and back, that`s all. Only that.


your name bleeds from my pen and these pages are screaming your name. i want to call out for you, but instead im stuck with this never ending pain. my ribs are cracking, while my hearts slowly shattering and these pages know all about you. how much i loved you and how hard it is to try and let go of something that once begged you to hold on, to keep fighting. you see, even my journal is consumed by you and i keep finding ways to try and rewrite you so i don’t have to let go.
—  this can’t be the ending.
Iz’s Fic Rec MasterPost: Overwatch

Hello everyone, my name is Iz and I read a lot of fanfic. A lot. A somewhat appalling amount to be honest. Today is Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day and just like last year, I’m determined to send some love to my fav fics and writers by compiling some massive rec lists for the various fandoms I read up on. Please note that these are only my personal favorites: there’s so much good work across fandoms and everyone should be acknowledged for the great work they do here. So that being said….


Gather the Ends: @smokehill


“Call me Pharah, but if you scream in terror a few times I’ll get the message. Now, hands in front, you’re going to fly with me.”

Symmetra bungles a midnight mission, makes a friend, and then finds destiny. Or something. (Complete, PG)

My rec: Look man, this fic sold me on this ship. It sold me. It came into my room, kicked down the door, said “Iz, you’re gonna embrace this ship and you’re gonna do it now” and I just was forced onto the ride. It was a good ride. Entirely worth the ride to be honest. Live the dream. Accept this fic as the ship fic we deserve. Live the dream. 


First off, I have a whole list of recs for this ship here and they remain as excellent as ever. If you haven’t read any of these pieces by talented authors, please give them a look: they’re worth your time. Since I posted that, there’s been more great work out of that side of the fandom, and here are some of those pieces that are worth a mention. 

A Lesson on Gravity: chopsticks

Summary: Five years after the Second Omnic Crisis, Commander Jesse McCree is the current face of Overwatch, much to his own chagrin. However, there is little time to complain when his days are filled with slews of meetings, a constant threat of monkeys falling from the moon, and memories of an ex-boyfriend that just won’t leave him be. (M, WIP)

My Rec: A yes, angst. Sweet, sweet, angst. This puppy just started up and while it’s a WIP, it’s a damn good one, which promises to break my heart and then leave me crying on the sidewalk. Hanzo had to get married to someone else for reasons yet revealed, McCree is still a wreck over it, and the sexual tension will likely kill us all. Also worth a look just for Jesse and Fareeha being the best friends we deserve. Wonderful characterization, wonderful writing, wonderful pain. 

Weeds or WildflowersIlyen

Summary: A mission where Hanzo has to draw out Yakuza agents by pretending he’s back to reclaim the Shimada empire. It goes as well as you’d expect. (M, WIP) 

My Rec: This puppy just came out and man is it a doozey. Terrible angst, just warning you, but angst worth checking out. The characterization here is just lovely, the relationship is well built, and the entire situation (avoiding spelling it out because spoilers) is terrible to watch unfold because you know what is bound to happen and you can’t stop it. Absolutely worth the heartbreak. I’ll be refreshing this until the cows come home until the next update. 

A Long Wayholdontoyourhulahoops

Summary: Hanzo and Genji have a long overdue conversation. (G, Complete)

My Rec:  While this is a McHanzo fic, it’s more of a brotherly bonding fic than anything and that makes it great. There’s so much good insight here into both Shimada brothers, into why Hanzo is so guarded and Genji’s protective nature. Honestly, I cannot give it enough praise. And the end scene is just quality. Shower it in love. 

Every Other Freckle: barghest

Summary: Highschool junior Jesse McCree needs a prom date. New student Hanzo Shimada needs a friend. (T, Complete) 

My Rec: The high school Au we deserve! Let me sing my praises about this fic always and forever. Great character dynamics? You got it. Slow build? You got it. McCree being the best friend/soon to be boyfriend ever? Bam, done. A Halloween scene? God bless. Treat yourself. Read this fic. 

Back Home: ObsidianCoffe

Summary: McCree is back from a long mission and Hanzo is having so many feelings. (T, Complete)

My Rec: Look man, I’m a sap for relationships where the banter has no bite and everyone really cares about each other but is too emotionally repressed to say it out loud. Which is why this fic gets me, because it’s clear everyone is having so many feels but no one is willing to put them into text. Plus, it’s a clear one shot with striking prose that is absolutely worth your time. The situation shown here is heartfelt, devastating in a quiet way, and I hope to see it explored more in canon. Also, check out the linked art! It’s amazing!


Painless: @wantonlywindswept

Summary: Gabriel turns himself over to the new Overwatch to finally get his body fixed, and is greeted by a face he thought he’d never see again. (G, Complete) 

My Rec: I don’t read a lot of this ship: I’m picky and it will be my downfall. But this fic man. This fic. I love this fic. It’s just…so pure. A literal summary is “ex’s realize the other isn’t dead, feels” Just, it’s a feel good piece with so much quality emotion and incredible writing.  Worth your time. 

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Please seventeen reaction to when they know you really love books, harry potter and games ♥

”oh you like to read?” *takes you to the bookstore and buys all the books you want* “oh you like games?” *plays games with you and wont stop even past midnight because HE MUST WIN.”

Originally posted by rninghao

*buys harry potter style glasses to seduce you* “i’ll be your harry if you be my ginny”

Originally posted by marachankawaii

You guys will have movie marathons until past midnight where you watch the boxset of all harry potter movies which he bought for you for your bday.

Originally posted by sebongies101

At first he doesnt understand why you love books so much but as soon as you recommend on of your favourite books HE IS HOOKED, he ends up becoming a certified bookworm

Originally posted by wooziwithlove

*plays COD with you* *cries when one of his teammates die* *spends the rest of the night screaming into the headset* “DONT LEAVE ME JOHN*

Originally posted by joshuahonq

You two will always be reading whether its at the cafe, the park or at his/yours. You guys will be constantly talking about plots twists and endings to your books
“i can’t believe that actually happened!”
“ yeah i cant believe it either!

Originally posted by hoshinoyas

Plays video games with you and gets really competitive smashing buttons until he nearly breaks the controller.

Originally posted by seungcheofine

Constantly screaming during the tense moments of harry potter movies “NO HARRY DONT, NO DONT DO IT!!” *screams when fred dies* (a/n: i still cry at this tbh ;w; )

Buys you Harry Potter themed candy like every flavour beans and chocolate frogs, gets addicted to them and even tries to make butterbeer with you!

Originally posted by littlemingyu

really pays attention to your interests and goes through all your books and takes quotes from them and uses them in your 1 year anniversary present

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

*argues with you about a certain ending to a book*
*argues with you about snape*
“seungkwan you have to understand he did that out of love!”

Originally posted by cosmic-lala-latte

The one who will intrigue you with all his Harry Potter theories and conspiracies and you just cant get them out of your head

Originally posted by wenjunhui

*gets really addicted to one of your games*
*you end up going to sleep and when you wake up you find him in the living room drooling on the floor*

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REEEMAAAATCH! POCKY GAME ROUND 2, GO! (Also, love sans's special attack XD)

After this, they tried again and ended up kissing again. They screamed, and then retried, kissed again, screamed and tried again. They did this until there were no more pockies. when they realized they’ve been kissing this whole time, they screamed again, eventually fought and both ran away. They both secretly searched for pockies to make a revenche but they couldn’t find pocky boxes.

Eventually, all of this made me die.
This AU makes me cringe so much. Here I am posting this at 1AM instead of sleeping.

I don’t even ship canon sans and gaster.
How did I ended up here.

this troll AU is a mistake.

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re: lack of Fili - I loved the other dwarves and Kili too, but the way they handled the brotherly relationship (Kili shoving Fili away by Bofa) and they spent so much time on the love triangle that it made me start to resent Kili. By the end of Bofa I was not even upset about his death and his one manly tear. No one cared about Fili and it showed more than once. I hated it.

(Before I start, I need to say that I LOVE THE CHARACTERS AND ACTORS IN THE HOBBIT. I in NO WAY mean to be mean to any of the characters, I was just using them as examples to…I guess prove my point? I don’t know. Anyway. I just wanted to say that before I begin.)

Hi there nonny!

Thank you for your message! I love talking to you all and, as you probably have guessed, Fili and Kili are two of my favourite subjects! :D

 I’ve heard this from a few, how they started to resent Kili a little because of Fili’s treatment, and that honestly makes me sad that people would resent Kili, because I love him so much as a character, but at the same time, I can understand how one may feel that way. The way they handled Fili in the movies was…

I have so many words I want to say but none of them really seem right. The only one that comes close is…Odd. 

 I mean I could also say “TERRIBLE!” but I’m trying to be nice.

 To me, I always thought that out of all the dwarves, the ones that should have been the main focus were Thorin (obviously), Fili, Kili, Dwalin and Balin. This is just my opinion, and it’s not that I don’t love the others, because I love them all, but these dwarves I feel are the most important given thier position. 

 So, lets take a look. 

 Thorin - very important. A very important dwarf in the movies. Most majestic. Most important.

Fili - barely says anything, stands in the background, saves his brothers ass but the camera always seems to never focus on him, fights stuff (all in the background), does background stuff. Background dwarf. Is the heir but whatevs he’s just background stuff. He might as well be a tree.

Kili - many lines. Super hot dwarf. Lets make him sexier throughout the movies. Okay lets point the camera at Kili. Okay lets give Kili a love story. Lookit how hot. Precious and pure.

Dwalin - badass mofo. Does badass things. Is badass here, badass there, a little emotional in BOTFA everywhere. 

Balin - SANTA!  Always knows whats up. Too old for this shit. Pure. Honestly hasn’t done anything wrong ever. 

 So, basically, Thorin, Dwalin, Balin, and Kili are fairly memorable to casual viewers, and most people who are casual viewers probably know them by name (at least Dwalin and Thorin…) I still feel people mess up Kili and Fili (my bf does all the time) but whenever they mess up Kili and call him Fili they are still referring to Kili. 

 Kili should be important, IMO. BUT Fili…Wow. Like, I try and figure out exactly what happened and where they screwed this up, and I have even seen people who aren’t hardcore fans like myself even complain that Fili wasn’t given any lines, and how almost ridiculous it was. It almost feels like they didn’t know how to deal with him, or how to include him and make him important so they just didn’t. (Listen, I find Fili very hot to deal with too but..you just do. You just take a big long breath and deal.) It makes me wonder if lines were cut due to the casting situation, or because of lack of time, or if the studio wanted them to focus on Kili because “HOT DWARF!” (which, honestly, actually pisses me off because Aidan is MORE then just a pretty face and he DESERVES to be taken seriously, not just as some piece of ass for us to look at. This is a conversation for another day…) But when I think about it, I find the lines-were-cut thing hard to believe after a while because:

1. Why?

2. WHY???

3. ….No, really, why? 

 I find myself blaming the studio, and studio pressure often. (I’m quite annoyed at WB at the moment so this is probably why but anyway…)

 I mean, you would think, after they brought Dean on board, they could have just went on thier merry way, but instead it feels like Fili has less lines the further we get into the movies. Was it time - I mean surely it wasn’t…THAT much of a time constraint? I mean they did reshoots, could they not have just reshot some Fili scenes with Dean/Aidan and Dean? I realize I am not a movie making person and non in the business so maybe its more complicated but…If I remember, Dean entered the project about a month or so into filming? Again, I’m watching the BTS later, but I think it was a month. Maybe a little more. Surely it couldn’t have been that tough. 

 Look, I totally get that there was a HUGE cast and it was hard to juggle them around and give them all screen time. I understand that fully, as someone who has a lot her own characters I UNDERSTAND THAT, and it’s hard but…

 Fili *starts to slowly twitch now* ….I MEAN. HE’S….HE’S. THE HEIR. 



 One of the issues (among many.) I have is that we do NOT get any sort of indication of what he’s going through verbally, in fact the only thing is that we just..SEE him and what he’s going through but even that we barely see him. Through expressions, through visual cues, but like, why the hell wouldn’t he have important conversations with Dwalin? Balin? THORIN?????????? KILI???? Bilbo even? I mean the poor baby, all the things he OBVIOUSLY would go through emotionally in this story. He sees his uncle go through dragon sickness, he pretty much watches his brother almost die, he has the threat of his uncle dying right before his eyes, and him being crowned king after all this potentially (which, I mean, would he even be ready for? I mean he is still very young, 82 according to lotr.wikia.com - I’ve seen some sources say that’s around 30, but others saying that around early 20′s, and then I believe Fili was technically the younger one in the book, but I’ve seen this being switched around. So anyway. (I’m still fairly new to Tolkien’s world, so correct me if I’m wrong!) Either way, the movies, at least, made me assume they (Fili and Kili) were both very young. Fili being more experienced I think and imagine than Kili, but still unexperienced with some things. 

 I’m trying not to diss my other babies while responding tho this. So please, everyone, please don’t think I am trying to diss the other characters because I love them all, I’m merely trying to make a point. But… I mean, Bofur, for example. Lets look at Bofur. He gets more lines then Fili. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I mean, LISTEN. I LOVE BOFUR. Jimmy Nesbitt is amazing, I love him, everyone should watch the stuff he’s in, and his Bofur is heartwarming and amazing so please, do not take this the wrong way, but just as an example, I just don’t understand this, because Fili is…well he’s canonically, I would think, more important.

 There is SO MUCH they could have done with Fili. If they had to make the movies 20 hours longer because they had to include more Fili because IT WAS IMPORTANT, I would have been DOWN with that so hard. (Honestly I could watch The Hobbit forever, but anyway.) I go over countless of things they could have done with Fili in my head often…

 I -and I know that everyone is different - personally believe that Fili should have been ONE OF THE MOST important characters in BOTFA. I mean, wow. I’m just going through my head right now some of the things that could have been going on instead of, say…. Alfrid pissing everyone off. A conflict between Thorin and Fili would have been something they could of touched on - I mean, wouldn’t it have been reasonable to assume that Thorin in his dragonsickness may have accused Fili of overthrowing him, maybe taking the Arkenstone so he could be king? Am I wrong to assume that’s a possibility that they could have touched on? Fili feeling as tho he needs to lead the dwarves of Erebor into battle because his uncle is all cooped up in a mountain with gold? Fili being indecisive and not knowing what he should do because his heart says one thing but his honour says something else?

 What about Fili maybe worrying about getting dragonsickness, or something, after seeing his uncle….? 

 Now of course, in my opinion, we see hints of this (thank you Dean!), but we don’t…really get any Thorin and Fili interactions AT ALL in the movies. And this bothers me immensely. The interactions we see are basically Thorin being errr…kinda an asshole to Fili (I mean this with all the love in the world for Thorin, but he’s rather..errr…yeahhhhhhhhhh………)  Like, what the hell went on before the journey? Fuck, Thorin, did Fili steal your hairbrush or something? (He never forgave…AND HE NEVER FORGOT…..) I get that Thorin is tough on Fili because he needs to harden him but to me it always felt like Thorin thought Fili was trash or something but Kili could do no wrong.

 I’m going to break here and say that in NO WAY do I blame Richard and Aidan for this, they could only do what they were given. Richard was playing the character that was written for him, same with Aidan. So basically, it’s safe to say that it’s bad writing. AND I SAY THIS WITH ABSOLUTE LOVE FOR THE MOVIES. Honestly, I love these movies so much, but my god. 

This was quite a fuck up on thier part.

 I sorta want to blame the whole love story thing as well - I mean LISTEN. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. I love Kili and Tauriel and Kiliel is adorable to me. I don’t care that it was in the movies, but my issue with it was that they made Kili’s death scene about…Well, basically about Tauriel, in a way ( Or maybe all the way. ) and that there was a focus on it more than there was a focus on Kili and Fili’s relationship, which, in my opinion, was more important to the story. Again, I am not dissing Tauriel, I love her and I’m happy she was added and I believe she was a great addition.

 I talked to my bf about this, because he’s not emotionally invested in The Hobbit so he could give me an outsiders point of view, and he said that the mass majority of people could relate to a love story, and that the studios, basically, shove it in your face because they figure this is what will make people cry. Or something along those lines. He explained it better than I.

  I then responded back with something along the lines of “Well what about Aragorn and Boromir? That scene was very emotional!” 

  I often try and think as to why this whole situation boils my blood so much. I recall the Hobbit BTS (which I’m going to watch later), and how they stated it was important that Fili and Kili’s actors got along well, and I sometimes ask myself, “Given how Fili was barely there, what the hell is the point? They just do a few scenes together, Aidan goes home, Rob (who was originally casted as Fili *holds her tongue…holds her tongue….*) goes home..”  I mean who cares, right?  I mean obviously they wanted all the actors to get along, but we’ve seen cases where casts hated each other but it didn’t change casting choices. But it really mattered (at least that’s what I got out of it all) that these two characters in particular got on WELL. Which often makes me wonder why this was so damned important, aside from the fact that all of thier scenes were together, and it just makes things easier - a good reason in my opinion. But surely, as actors, they can just…fake it. (That’s kinda in the job description? LMAO.) I remember Dean making the comment in the BTS about how he didn’t have to “fake it” with Aidan. I mean of course I could be delusional, and maybe it was just because they wanted everyone to get along, I just feel like they seemed to stress the relationship between Fili and Kili’s actors be important. I just have always found that interesting. Because if you are barely going to show Fili, who cares, right? 

 …….*starts twitching*

…And..and then there’s Dean’s Fili’s audition. That audition. I’m trying to find a gif of the audition in Tumblrs gif search, but… DO WE EVEN NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT? DON’T PRETEND YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. > HERE


 The whole time I watch the movies, I just scream. What a fuckin’ waste of talent. Seriously. 

 I think it REALLY started to bother me after I finally was able to watch The Almighty Johnsons. 

 Now, you all have to remember my first official experience with Dean was him as Fili. Cinnamon roll supreme. Adorable buttercup. Superfresh Superpresh. Basically doesn’t do anything wrong ever. 

 I must break here and say that I saw Young Hercules as a kid, which I only watched a little bit of when it was on as a youngin because it came on sometimes - AND YES IF YOU ARE ASKING I SPECIFICALLY WATCHED IT BECAUSE LITTLE JESS THOUGH IOLAUS WAS HOT- and i didn’t even know that was Dean until I joined the fandom and learned he was in the show and it was basically like: “HOLY SHIT HE WAS!!” I’m was very young when I first saw that show, and I’m pretty old as balls so. I was just too young to remember, honestly.

  And then I was introduced to Anders Johnson. You might hate him. You might love him. 

 Here’s a taste of him: BOOP! (Beware: Accent porn abound!)

 I’m not even joking when I tell you my jaw dropped. Because my first experience with Dean was him playing such a noble character like Fili. But here, we have this…crude adorable little shit of a character and YET I always felt there was more to him then he let on, because Dean played this character so FUCKING WELL. 

 So basically, here we have and actor who is INCREDIBLY talented, and LETS FACE IT ALSO EASY ON THE EYES LIKE AIDAN AND RICHARD, getting casted to play Fili in The Hobbit, WHO SHOULD BE A VERY IMPORTANT CHARACTER, and….

He gets less lines then fucking Alfrid. 

Are…are you kidding me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???

Originally posted by vhs-ninja

I always say that had Fili not been played by Dean, I honestly don’t think I would like him as much, that if he were still Rob I seriously wouldn’t care that much. But instead, we get an actor who I feel knew what his character was about, who I believe was willing to put the work into it (I’m not saying Rob wasn’t,but this isn’t about Rob. This is about Dean.), and I feel like you can see this just by watching Fili in the background…and and and…GIVE ME A PILLOW I NEED TO SCREAM INTO IT. 

Originally posted by wifflegif

 Like, do I need to mention that audition again? 


Eh hem. I’m sorry. I did not mean to go this far. Y’all still with me? I’ve been been at this for longer then I meant to.

Bascially, TLDR; Dean is very talented, they had a brilliant actor right in front of them and they didn’t think of using him. Fili is an important character, even tho he wasn’t fleshed out all that much in the books, still had so much potential.

 I’d love to have a chat with Dean one day about Fili (if I could of course survive such an experience without spontaneously combusting.). I dunno, I know it would probably just be me babbling for an hour about how amazing Fili is and how salty I am but anyway ….There’s just this part of me that wants him to know how much we love him and his Fili. 

Wow. I apologize anon. I kinda went on a little bit here.I probably just rambled on about shit I always ramble on about but  I’M JUST SO PASSIONATE ABOUT MY GOLDEN HAIRED WONDER DWARF! Thanks so much for your message, I love getting them! 

i remembered pride (2014) existed and went and watched the ending song and started cryin. also:

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123hero3217 months ago

As a Welsh miner, still working, my eyes are full of tears and my heart full of pride watching this. What all of us have in our hearts is so much stronger than the hatred of the ruling few. The fact that this happened is proof that love can and will win

Old Skool Wax4 months ago (edited)

I’m a ridiculously typical bloke. I scream at football, I’d die of thirst in a world without Guinness, my brain constantly fights with my eyes in summer when women start showing what winter hides, but this film got me. I’m a left wing, Irish Nationalist. I spent all my youth fighting the British and Unionist oppression of Irish Catholics in the north (not with guns, I was SDLP), while completely ignoring other non-related injustices in the world. Why? They didn’t directly affect me. I’ve never had a problem with homosexuality, I just never helped fight the oppression gay people faced. I never had a problem with Feminism, I just never gave my time to it’s cause. I did fully support Anti-Racism and the Palestinian causes but only because there’s always been a strong link to those within Irish Nationalism here. That’s not enough. Mark seen that in his 20s, his fucking 20s. A kid. We all become so wrapped up in our own fights we don’t see potential brothers and sisters in other similarly affected groups. If we don’t just ignore them we sometimes try and compete in pathetic ‘we have it worse than them’ games. We should all be standing together to fight the fucking machine, because if we ever do. If we’re ever able to put of differences aside and embrace our struggles the machine doesn’t fucking stand a chance.

mark boden9 months ago

im straight, however let all those who may be gay and all those who are lesbian live their lives with peace and happiness with whoever they chose to love. i happen to be a trade worker and i would not be here in this job were it not for this movement, you’ve helped more people than you think, so thank you from myself and the family i’ve been able to raise thanks to the mineworkers union and LGSM. .. solidarity forever !!!

I'm goona be honest with you and I don't care.

I want to cry so bad. I'v been years waiting to the last chapter to see toshiro and momo together. I’m so sad and I even didn’t read the last chapter. And whre is the other charcter’s god damnit!?.Ohh I love hitsuhina so much. And I’m sad that bleach ending. What I suposte to do with my life!?. I mean I have so many manga’s that I love but bleach is my life. I want to cry,I want to scream and I’m so sad.

I'm screaming!!!

Seeing all the spoilers for the last chapter of bleach has made my day. All my ships are canon and they have children!!!!! Ichihime and Renruki are my OTPs of this fandom and it makes me so ecstatic that Kubo did not end it like Naruto. Orihime got a family, the guy she loved and grew for. Rukia became captain, Renji got the girl finally and they have a child. So much that I was hoping for came true! I am happy to have followed this manga for 5 years and seeing the characters get the happy ending they deserve.

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ask-roatan  asked:

(Au: Alfred is a super star singer and Arthur isn't a huge fan of him like Alfred thinks everyone is When they run into each other and Arthur goes "I have no idea who your are go away" Alfred swears to make Arthur like him but ends liking Arthur)

*screams* YES!!!!!!!!! I love this so much omg your aus are always so good

kinda hoping for a third season of scream because I REALLY enjoyed the season finale (in a way but in other ways I’m disappointed and hurt and confused!?!? especially about Eli?!?! but the storyline was very good even tho I loved Kieran and hoped and pray it wasn’t him by sigh) I just see so much potential and all the actors have gotten SO much better and I really want to see more and I don’t want it to end here and I DONT WANT TO NEVER FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS AND IF THEIR ALL HAPPY:(

I was tagged by the lovely @ohyeaitsarockbrigade to list my top 5 favorite movies! Thanks so much I love doing these things :D lol

1. Velvet Goldmine

(1998 - D. Todd Haynes)

This movie literally changed my life forever. It was my first introduction into the wonderful & magical world of 70s glam rock london scene. Into Bowie, glitter, glam rock, T.Rex, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and everything amazing. It was love at first watch. Everything you could want in a movie, great bands, beautiful boys (also great lgbtqa+ characters & storylines!) Now I am permantely covered in glitter, wearing platform boots and painting lightning bolts on my face crying over Bowie & T.rex. Thanks Velvet Goldmine FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME. GO WATCH IT NOW

Originally posted by latexeyelid

2. Almost Famous

( 2000 - D. Cameron Crowe.  

This movie was definitely tied with Velvet Goldmine in my favorite movie of all time. Again 70s rock scene, but in the US. It explores the wonderful magical world of live concerts, touring, music, and bands through the same innocent joyful excited eyes of a 15 year old boy who gets to tour the world with his favorite band to see the other side. It has everything I love in a great movie. Great music, great drama, good feelings and wonder and words will never do this movei justice. It is a CLASSIC.  I have literallytried to model my entire life off of this movie and become Penny Lane herself lol as you can tell from all my music & concert stories.

PS I know Penny Lane is a “manic pixie dream girl” but I still aspire to be her lol

Originally posted by livinglovingmel

3. Pretty in Pink

(1986 - D. John Hughes)

This movie is an 80s classic. It is what made me fall in love with this decade to the point where I am now lol. Everything about this movie. I just relate so much, I adore Andie’s fashion & style sense which I try to emmulate with my own clothes. The amazing 80s soundtrack with all my favorite bands. the Nostalgia and great comedy & general funtimes. I know it may seem like a silly teen filk but it is so much more than that. Everytime I watch it it makes me so sad I wasn’t alive to experience the 80s or be a teen then. I want to be this movie.Not to get personal but it also hits extremly close to home in the great relationship with Andie her dad and the complete absence of her abusive mother & the realities of that and that is something that is so rarely seen in the media in general (the great father-daughter relationship & abusive mother - it is usually the opposite) I have never seen before or since but it is my reality so I finally felt like I could see my own situation and relate- which is another reason why emotionally I connected so deeply much to this movie. I literally see myself in Andie. It is everything: fun, drama, music, art, and 80s. I LOVE IT SO MUCH OKAY


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4. Purple Rain

(1984 - D. Albert Magnoli)

Idk if this counts. I guess it isn’t a typical “movie” or even one of the sterotypical “greatest” but I just fell in love with everything about it and most importantly of all became an instant Prince fan after and I haven’t been the same since lol. As you can see there is a pattern of my love of classic rock movies that tie in with my love of music but what I love most is the is partially autobiograhical and mixes actual live performances of the Purple one himself. Maybe I’m just nostalgic and cheezy but I want nothing more than to be Apollonia, (actually get to experience the 1980s, be swept off my feet by an amazingly charming rockstar who can rock heels better than me while playing guitar like a genius, and take a long ride on his bike if you know what I mean ;). I dare you to watch this and not become an instant Prince fan after. I love how it also ties his Purple Rain Record with the movie. You can listen and watch or do either. Perfect. I can’t tell if I love the movie more than the Vinyl or vice versa. Audio & Visual. I am spinning this as I type this and I also got myself a purple velvet jacket to match :D

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5. The Doors 

(1991 - D. Oliver Stone )

This movie had a similar effect on me as Purple Rain but it is filmed beauitfully as Almost Famous. I instantly became a Doors fan. whether everything in this movie is completely true or not I believe it captured the closest feeling of the era, music & icon that I will ever get to experience. I love the sexy and fasinating life of Jim Morrison & the 60s: It is a wild ride and one I still am on. It changed my perspective & made me a lifelong fan of both this movie & Jim Morrison & The Doors.

So as you can see there is a pattern lmao I am aboslutely ridiculous. Music has not only taken over my audio life but my visual movie life too. It is everything to me. 

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TFLN with Niall. He just dropped you off after your first date at a football game then a drink at a pub. He texts to let you know he's home safe and you end up texting for a while flirting and getting to know each other.

This is so cute. 

Since Niall and the missus met at a pub, by coincidence, and became best friends before dating, I think that this would be so cute for one of their first dates as a “couple”. Niall would be jittery and nervous, biting his nails during the game, a smirk playing on his lips when the missus jumps up from her seat, screaming at footballers and poor plays. Niall would know that she was the ‘one’.

I love this idea so much. I may have to use it in an imagine later on.

Continue sending your ideas and thoughts, here, my loves.

Niall. Missus.

I’m home. Safe and sound.

That makes me happy to hear.

You may live five minutes away, but I still worry about you driving home late.

You’re cute.

Oh, hush.

I’m serious. You’re very cute.

I hope you enjoyed our date, tonight. I really did. x

I enjoyed it, too, Niall. x

I’m really happy we decided to try ‘us’ out.

I am, too.

I’m really happy.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I’m really happy, too.



Is Rose with you? Or is she with Louis?

I think she’s at Louis’. She left a few days ago, and hasn’t come home since, haha.

She and Tommo are going to get married.

I’m telling you, now.

I believe you.

We better be the maid of honour and best man, otherwise we won’t be each other’s dates for the reception.

We’re dates now, huh? ;)

Maybe ;)

I could only assume.

Very nice assumption.

I was thinking the same.


What a relief.

Did I worry you a bit there, baby?



If that’s alright?

If you don’t like it, I completely understand.

I made this awkward, didn’t I?

God, I’m an idiot.


Hey, you’re fine.

I love it.

I love when you call me ‘baby’.

You are not an idiot.

It isn’t awkward.

You’re making yourself stressed.

I don’t want to screw this up.

You’re not going to screw it up.

We’re in this together.

We’re a couple.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Everything is not ALL up to you.

We work together.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend?

I like the sound of that.

I was hoping you would.

I really do. Trust me.


Okay. I have a proposition.

I’m listening.

How would you like to come over and watch a film with me?

Whichever one you’d like.

You could stay over if you wanted, too.

You WANT me to come over, don’t you?

I mean, was it that obvious?

Maybe a little bit ;)

I’m going to pack a little bag for the night, then I’ll be over.

I’m not sure what comedy we haven’t seen, but if you find one, you should play it.

Your wish is my command.

You’re so cute.

Oh my gosh.

Will you stop that? ;)

You’re beautiful.

Now, stop texting me and get yourself over here.

I want to cuddle.

Alright, alright.

I’ll see you soon, Ni. ;)

See you soon, baby. ;)

        i’m going to be sappy af again but, i just have to say on how over the moon and madly in love i am with my amazing, talented, ever so uplifting scream squad. to all of these incredible girls who lift up my mood and make this community lit, i can’t even help but to begin on how blessed i am to even know them or even be apart of this talented group who i will call my best friends on this website and to the outside world. they somehow deal with me on a daily basis which makes me notice on how much they are winners in the end. not to make anyone jealous, but i’m fucking blessed for these girls and everyone should admire them all for being incredibly talented, sweetest and funniest person in the entire world. they are my ride or dies. thank you to my scream squad… i love you all so much and support you through everything. 

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NAME: c.
GENDER: cis male.

EYE COLOR: brown.
HAIR COLOR: dark brown.
ZODIAC: cancer.

FAVORITE PLACE: the beach.
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: don’t have one ?
LAST SHOW/MOVIE YOU WATCHED: scream / sausage party.


I don’t wanna get too into it but brooke maddox has evolved into such a good person, from nina patterson’s vapid follower in the pilot, to a more genuine, strong, independent survivor at the end of season 2 & becoming such a complex character. she’s been through so much with losing friends, her first love, and her father all to brutal murders, & it’s not like her mother is in her life either. she deserves all the happiness in the world and i’ll forever defend her. 


hell yeah, we all know i’d treat brooke maddox right


angst is my most favorite, but i’m usually down for whatever comes me and a writing partner’s way!




this is tough because it’s changed through the years. as of right now, i’d say brooke. w/ madison montgomery & laurie strode being past favorites. i love all my muses.


back in the day when I came across @psvchoticbitch & @morgustic ‘s scream 4 blogs & it seemed fun af.


I’ve been here for about 3 years so yes.

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EASILY my favorite.  I scream, I cry, I die.  The original music video is great, the music is great, the imagery.   It only makes it better that when my roommate first heard it: “Are they saying ‘Listen to the stadium”.    Cracks me up still when I think of it. 

“August 21st - Day 7 || Storm: “I won’t forgive whoever did this!”

  • Option A: Favourite opening/ending (exclusive to anime only)”