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romeo+juliet 1996 really is That Film it has so much to offer… fuckboy montagues, tybalt’s heels, unnecessary zooms, mercutio’s Entire self, claire danes at her cutest, people screaming JULIET at all times, the poste haste van, “timely” magazine… like yes it’s a terrible movie but it’s also the best movie ever made and if you don’t think so i don’t trust you

‘One Day At A Time’ Renewed For Season 2 By Netflix
One Day at a Time, Netflix’s reimagening of Norman Lear’s classic, has been renewed for a 13-episode second season. One Day at a Time, which premiered January 6, drew some of the best r…
By Nellie Andreeva

my son, harry james potter, willingly walked to his death. he didn’t stop to think of another way. he didn’t say goodbye to his best friends knowing he wouldn’t be able to walk away from them. he died protecting everyone. at age seventeen. he is the true hero. not because he defeated voldemort, but because a young boy who had already lost so much was willing  to, and did, sacrifice himself if it meant others would be safe.


We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our lives, done things that no apology can heal, but you just have to keep going, trying to find some new happiness — no matter how much you’ve lost. The strange thing is, losing those people is what brought us together. It’s how we found each other. It’s what made us family.
                The Vampire Diaries
S08E16 “I Was Feeling Epic