i love this dynamic so much

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omg im on ep. 7 of sao and asuna and kirito's dynamic is amazing omg i understand why you love them so much


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Hi marvelous! I want to ask you something if you don't mind.. I'm going to read Ultimates and I would know if there are some Stony moments.. Thanks. :3 P.s. you're one of my favorite blogs tbh.<3

HELLO FRIEND. ;o; aww thank you so much (apologies for the late reply I’ve been sick for like… a week) - to answer your question, yes! Despite Steve being fierce[ly Republican] in Ults there are quite a few cute moments between them, there’s a lot more of the unrequited love sorta feel in my opinion. Their dynamic in Ultimates is great, actually. It’s constantly evolving as the series went on, and I found the development really interesting. I’m going to go ahead and list a few moments under the cut, they’re spoilers though - so be careful! (There are way more too throughout the course of Ults but I won’t ruin them for you! I’ll just list a few of my favourites) 

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name: annie

height: 5′6″

fav bands/artists: I am so bad at choosing favorites bc i love so many different artists/bands and my music taste has changed so much in the past year BUT: sufjan stevens, st. vincent, bon iver, beach house, and torres

meaning of url: it means equilibrium in french (with an extra e). I chose it because it represents a state of balance. Even though its parts may be dynamic, the sum of the parts are at rest– which was supposed to be some metaphor for how I want to live my life (at peace, but always changing) but I’m also just a huge chemistry nerd. 

last thing you googled: the dates for Oktoberfest lol

birthday: february 10

gender: female 

sexual orientation: queer (?? labels are hard)

one place that makes me happy: i’m happy whenever i’m in nature/mountains

what i’m wearing right now: baggy t-shirt and running shorts

last book i read: the bluest eye by toni morrison

last thing i said to a family member: umm probably goodnight

favorite beverage: iced coffee

favorite food: thai curry

last movie i watched: the to do list (I do not recommend)

dream vacation: honestly anywhere in the mountains or places where I can see awesome wildlife

dream wedding: a small ceremony in a clearing in a forest (emelie i just kept your answer bc SAME)

dream pets: all the dogs and also some cats

dream job: I really want to be a wildlife veterinarian and (if I ever had the money) I want to open up my own marine mammal preserve because I hate that non-releasable animals are sent to sea world and other zoos.  

Random fact: hmm i’ve attended three different universities in the past two years!

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“Uh, hey this is Amethyst. I don’t appreciate being called a clo-”


I love these two together so much. Dynamic duo will kick your butts. Also Amethyst really was amazing this episode. What am I kidding, her character was so wonderfully explored this Steven Bomb 3. I can’t wait for more Amethyst because, she really is becoming more comfortable with herself. She is also quicker on her feet, I mean, catching Steven was so wonderfully cool. Skillz.

It doesn’t seem like there is any imminent rescue. But I’m kind of waiting for the show to air its final episodes so that the audience can understand what a fourth season would be like and how this story between these two men would continue. None of the networks the studio has talked to about picking up a fourth season knew how this season was going to end; they were just going off the assumption that it was just going to be another season. And so much changes in the finale of the third season that pays off all of these dynamics between Will and Hannibal that we’re talking about - the regret and the betrayal and the wanting to move on and the fear that you might not be capable of moving on. All of those things play out through the Red Dragon arc. After the finale, I’d love to perhaps re-open the conversation with potential networks or streaming options once they clearly understand what the story is that we’ve told.
—  Bryan Fuller, answering the question of S4 options becoming fewer and how much hope there is left. (x)
Thoughts on Carmilla 2x15

In a weird way I’m glad Carmilla and Laura broke up. Carmilla said she loved Laura and Laura didn’t even hear it properly. They need to be separate and grow themselves.

Laura needs to embrace her own role as a hero in her own right and stop expecting Carmilla to want that role. She inadvertently called Carmilla a monster and that is NOT okay with me.

She said she didn’t love her and that makes me sad because Carmilla fell so hard and so fast.

They are back to their old dynamic and I am going to love this new development. Steph told us they would come full circle and they are doing.

Laura rubbing her face on Carmilla’s leather jacket made me laugh so much and it probably shouldn’t have but it just did.

The sad montage was the greatest thing this show has ever done.

Carmilla’s outfit at the end was…wow just wow and also it reminded me of Mattie’s style.

Carmilla called her creampuff again!


Hollstein are endgame and I truly believe that they will be okay. They just need time apart.

I am not team Laura or team Carmilla. I am team Hollstein.

*Also I think everyone knew that Danny would become the Student Rep.

It’s the absolute best how Summer knows how full of shit Rick is. When Rick said both kids were equal pains in his ass she barely reacted, unlike Morty, because she gets it. She knew what he really meant. That ending though, that was just perfect and a shining moment of this. The look on her face, the smug knowing of ‘i see what happened and oh yeah you do care’ was just epic.


I am nothing without love: It’s the moment they both find their equal- in battle, in irrational fury, in sheer tenacity- and it’s glorious

You have Regina who’s spent 28 years without challenge- with only a son she loves who is dynamic. She cast her curse and built herself a cage within it, a reign of wishy-washy subjects who don’t change and don’t fight back. And this is the moment she comes alive, because Emma is unexpected! Emma is someone she can’t predict and can’t stop and Emma is so, so much more than anyone else in the town. And you can see so much delight (and arousal lbr) in that sneer in the third gif as she embraces the fight.

And here we have Emma, Emma who runs and is terrified of love and rejection in equal measure. And if not for Regina, Emma would have gone. She would have left town and thought about Henry every day and she’d have never dared to return to Storybrooke and risk her heart. But Regina pushes her and Emma pushes back because that’s who she is. Emma refuses to be bullied and she’s drawn to this battle, too stubborn and too eager to stick it to Regina. 

Even at the start of it all, before understanding and love and even allies, there’s this similarity at their core- where they each recognize themselves in the other woman and can’t help but be drawn to each other, for better or for worse.

I tag doctormechanic, webgeekist, clarkebiprincess, @queenssaviour, and shinzyhpfan for the nothing without love project! Post a Swan Queen scene you love and talk about why, and @ five people + tag it with #nothingwithoutlove and the ship and character tags. :)

100 feat. 천재노창
  • 100 feat. 천재노창
  • 블랙넛 (Black Nut)

Black Nut
D.O, VJ, San E, Garion, Sean2slow, P-Type, Drunken Tiger, T, Leessang, Dynamic Duo, TBNY, Jay Park, Epik High, E-Sens, Jtong, Simon D, Gray, Crush, Loco, Elo, Zion.T, Beenzino, Dok2, and The Quiett, Mad C, Soul Dive, Outsider, Baechigi, ChweRap, MC Sniper, But i’ll exclude DOC since they can street fight , Paloalto, B-Free, Okasian, Hwaji, Geeks, Crucial Star, Takeone, Basick, Jay Moon, Innovator, Kid Ash, Reddy, Huckleberry P, JJK, Double K, Sool J, Jerry.K, Rhyme-A-, Minos, Fana Kim, Dead’P, Addsp2ch, Ignito, Gganmo, Hanhae, Andup, Uglyduck, Zico, Rimi, Kittib, Jolly V, Tymee, Kebee, GD, DG, YDG, Illinit, Bizzy, JC, Skull, Masta Wu, Jinddoggae, Qwala, Nuksal, New Champ, Young Jay, Deep, Odee, Wutan, Row Digga, Sleeq, Don Mills, Qim Isle, Olltii and Swings, Vasco, C Jamm, Nochang, Giriboy,
and all other rappers can fuck off
I win 

Dynamics (So this is how it goes)  Part 2

Here’s part 2. I really didn’t expect this kind of response to it and I love you guys so much. Even the relentless anons in my inbox. Part 3 will be posted…not tomorrow lol. Link for the first part is below

Dynamics Part 1

Summer goes like this:

Jude and Gabriel officially become a couple  and Connor all out stops hanging out with them , because has anyone ever heard of the term “The Third Wheel.” Because that was what you could basically call the biography of his life at the moment.

So he begins to frequent a lot of parties with his teammates because Gabriel’s always over at Jude’s dorm now and he can’t stand seeing Jude look at Gabriel like he freaking hung the moon and vice versa. All the parties he goes too pretty much suck when compared to hanging out with Jude, but there’s alcohol and he has nowhere else to be, so Connor stays, but he’s not quite sure when long hair and short skirts had lost their appeal, so he spends most of the parties skillfully avoiding  the advances made by the numerous girls who try to throw themselves at him looking for a good time. Kind of like how he now avoids all of Jude’s calls and texts.

At the beginning of July he’d be heading off to a four week baseball camp and one of his closest friends on the team had invited him to spend a few weeks at his parent’s lake house before they headed to the camp. Connor declined, because all he really wanted to do, was drown in his self pity, and it was unfair, he thought, to inflict it on others.

After hours of trying to persuade him, Ryan exasperatedly gives up on trying to get Connor to come to the lake house. He looks at Connor’s pathetic figure, sprawled on his bed, and sighs loudly,

“Why don’t you just tell him you like him?” he asks Connor pointedly.

Connor, whose eyes are closed, precariously opens one eye, taking in the sight of Ryan towering over him, “What the hell are you talking about.”

Ryan ignores the staged ignorance, “For all you know he might like you back .”

Connor throws an arm over his face, “ I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ryan pressed on, “What is it? Are you afraid to admit you’re gay or something? Because if that’s it, then let me just let you know that nobody, especially the team, gives a shit about your sexuality.”

Connor groans, “Oh my God. We are not having this conversation.”

Ryan rolls his eyes, picking up his jacket, “Fine, suit yourself. I’m just letting you know that you’re the cause of your own unhappiness.”

The door closed. Connor didn’t need Ryan to tell him things he already knew.

A failed confrontation:

He’s lying in his bed after an especially grueling night of partying and it’s sometime in the morning (he’d like to believe) and he’s hung-over. There’s someone ferociously banging at the door and Connor pulls his pillow over his face, hoping the person just goes away, but the knocking gets louder and he knows who’s behind the door.

He opens the door, not even bothering to acknowledge Jude in the doorway and he collapses on the couch, regarding Jude from his new vantage point. Jude looks annoyed and kind of angry but Connor’s head hurts too much to evaluate the situation, and  it doesn’t help that Jude slammed the door behind him when he came in.

“So you don’t answer any of my calls or texts anymore?”

It takes awhile for him to register that Jude is actually talking to him .

“Did you need something?” He asks tonelessly, because his head hurts and he really does not need this right now.

Jude’s a bit taken back by Connor’s cold response and he narrows his eyes.

“What is going on with you?”


“Nothing?” Jude says incredulously, “You’ve been acting like such a……. ”  and he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, willing himself to remain calm and he rephrases, “You’ve been acting so weird for the past couple of weeks.”

“I’m fine.”

Jude’s patience is wearing thin and though Connor isn’t saying much, he’s becoming exhausted from this conversation.

“So that’s it?” Jude asks, “That’s all you’ve got?”

And Connor shrugs, because what is he supposed to say? Because he can’t say what he’s feeling because their (inward cringe) just friends and Jude is in a (sickeningly) happy relationship and he just wants to be left alone. 
But because he’s an immature ass, he asks, a little too snidely and a little too bitterly,
“How’s Gabriel?”
“What  is that’s supposed to even fucking mean!!” Jude exclaims, just barely hearing the contempt in Connor’s voice.
And Connor knows that he’s being unfair and childish, but he’s too stubborn and hung over right now to be rational so he just mumbles, “Nothing.”

Jude’s finished with this pointless conversation. “You know what? FINE. Whatever.” And he turns his back on Connor.

“Have fun on your camp,” Jude says before angrily slamming the door.

Connor sighs, rubbing his temples, and he kind of wants to cry, but he falls asleep instead.

Jude wants to pretend for just a little longer that he doesn’t know why Connor is throwing a silent tantrum, because he’s not ready to face that as yet. And though he’s shying away from the elephant that they both know is in the room , he’s still angry at Connor. He’s angry at him for not saying anything, and for just shutting him out. He knows it’s not a coincidence that Connor turns cold as soon as Gabriel comes into the picture but he’s still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that Connor may actually be acting like this because…….

And he really didn’t want to think about it now because for the first time Jude is in an actual relationship with someone who likes him just as much as he likes them. Connor didn’t get to do this to him now, because Gabriel was amazing, and sweet, and nice and……safe.

Connor leaves for his baseball camp in another state and Jude doesn’t give him the satisfaction of a goodbye. He wasn’t expecting one anyways. He’s not allowed to have his phone in the camp, so he wouldn’t know if Jude tries to text or call him (he doesn’t, but Connor still hopes he does even if he can’t see it.) At about the second week of  camp is when Connor really starts to feel sorry for himself and he misses Jude (God he misses him) and he really hates himself for being mad at something that he’s just making worse. It begins to affect his batting and the background music of his life is now the coach screaming at him to stop hitting like a fucking girl.

One of the guys in the camp manages to sneak his laptop in and he also taps  into the camp’s WiFi. So he charges ten bucks per half hour to anyone who wants to use it. Connor pays twenty for an hour and spends 50 minutes of it staring at a chat box, trying to figure out what to say to his best friend. 

He finally decides on a very elaborate I’m sorry, and hits send, praying that Jude isn’t online, but he almost immediately receives a response

You’re an ass.

And he smiles at that,

I know, he replies.

Before anything else can be said, his time on the celestial laptop is up but even as its being yanked away from him he’s smiling because he knows that for now, things between him and Jude are okay and even though he can still feel his stifled emotions on the walls of his chest, and he still pretty much dislikes Gabriel for basically existing, his batting the next day improves almost miraculously and the coach only curses him out once. You could almost say things are looking up.

. …………..

 Jude’s the one to pick up Connor at the airport and he tries not to laugh at the sign Jude is holding up to indicate  to Connor that he’s his ride.

The ass, it reads.

“Hey,” Connor says grinning.

“You would not believe how many men  came up to me as I held the sign, asking if I’m the transport their wife sent.”

Jude helps him with his bags and they head to the parking lot, and before Connor can ask whose car Jude borrowed, he sees Gabriel parked at the entrance of the airport. Jude’s wringing his hands nervously, and he shouldn’t have to apologize for not telling Connor that his boyfriend would be tagging along but he feels like he should. Gabriel smiles at Connor.

“Hey,” he says cheerily and Connor tries his best to return the smile. He silently throws his bags in the backseat and settles in next to them, feeling Jude’s eyes’ on him from the rearview mirror, but he just looks out the window and politely answers Gabriel’s questions about camp as they drive back to campus. Jude suggests enthusiastically that they should all go for lunch, and Connor wants to say that he’s tired and just wants to get to his room but he can see that Jude’s trying, so he decides not to be the bad guy today and they go for burgers.

They’re eating, and Jude’s telling some ridiculous story about his family’s last thanksgiving, and Connor’s heard it already but he still finds himself a little mesmerized by the way Jude tells the story with his hands and they way his lips move to form the words.

Gabriel tries really hard not to notice the way Connor is looking at his boyfriend.


“He likes you.”

Jude,  making popcorn, looks at Gabriel who’s looking for a movie to watch on the tv. He’s aimlessly running through the limited channels, looking for something  decent to watch and Jude’s a little confused.

“What? Who are you talking about?”

Gabriel’s given up now (college cable sucked), and he tosses the remote beside him, sighing loudly.

“Connor. He likes you.”

Jude brings the popcorn and sits on the couch trying to process what Gabriel is saying to him, not because he doesn’t know himself, but because he was hoping that he had a little more time before Gabriel caught on.

But he plays stupid anyways, “Of course he likes me, he’s my friend.”

Gabriel gives him a, “Don’’t play stupid with me” look.

“No friend looks at their other friend like that and wants to be just friends.”

“Connor’s straight,” Jude tries to justify.

“When was the last time he had a girlfriend?”

And Jude can’t really answer that question, because he can’t really remember when Connor last had a girlfriend, well after Daria. In high school, he mostly remembers it just being the two of them.

Gabriel nods his head as he takes Jude’s silence as confirmation. 

Jude’s getting uncomfortable and he doesn’t like where he thinks this conversation is going, so he picks up the remote as a distraction.

“Did you find anything to watch?” But Gabriel’s not done, and  his head is back, and he’s staring at the ceiling,

“No, I mean, he really likes you Jude.” Jude can feel his face turning red, and the tips of his fingers are white as he holds the remote a little too tight. He does not want to look over at Gabriel who is finally laying out everything on the table for both of them to see. Jude knew his boyfriend wasn’t stupid, and he knew this conversation was a long time coming but damn it, he thought he had had a little more time.

Gabriel finally turns his head to Jude, his eyes patient (they always were), it was something Jude loved about him, but at that moment hated.

“He likes you, and that’s okay, I mean, what’s not to like about you? You’re amazing,” Gabriel begins, “But I guess what I want to know is that, do you like him back?”

It had been eating at Gabriel ever since the day he and Jude had returned from their first date to see Connor sleeping outside Jude’s dorm. And he noticed little things too, like how Jude’s face would light up a little too much when he talked about Connor (which was a lot) or how Connor’s gaze would linger a little too long on Jude.

The question lingers in the air between them for a minute, and Jude wants to say what he knows what Gabriel wants to hear and Gabriel wants Jude to say no but the silence is the loudest confirmation of all and Gabriel nods his head and gets up from the couch.

“Okay,” he says more to himself, “Okay,” he repeats.

Jude hates himself, “Gabriel, I…”

Gabriel is walking to the door and he shakes his head, black curls bouncing sadly, “No, it’s okay. I get it.”

Jude knows he should get up off the couch and go after Gabriel, but he doesn’t.

Gabriel turns to him before he closes the door, the hurt evident in every contour of his face, and did Jude mention he absolutely hates himself?

“I just wish you hadn’t let me figure it out on my own. That you let our relationship play out even though you knew you liked him back.” 

Jude can’t deny any of it, as much as he’d like too and he hates that of all people he does this too, it’s Gabriel. Gabriel who doesn’t slam the door  in anger , but silently pulls it close, and all Jude can do is whisper, “I’m sorry,” to a bowl of popcorn.

He doesn’t realize he’s crying until he licks his lips and tastes the saltiness of his tears, along with the flavor of Gabriel’s lip balm.

literally every other character in the paper towns movie was miles more interesting than margo

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"I wonder where I'd go if you just forgot. Think it'd be easier on ya. Anything'd be better than another visit downstairs."

  I’m not forgetting you. 
       Nor am I allowing you to go
          to Hell, Dean. Put it out of your

[Perhaps he is a little too
harsh in his tone, too 
forceful in his words - it
betrays him just as surely
as his expression does.] 

A series of turnwood headcanons
  • Ryan and Meg growing up neighbours. It begins with play dates when they’re little. They spend years insisting that they love each other like brother and sister. That is until Meg starts dating and Ryan realises ‘Oh fuck. Nope. I am in love with her. FUCK.’ And spends weeks in agony trying to figure out how to tell her until Meg’s mom (who has shipped them all along) finally has enough and “accidentally” locks them in a room together.
  • Ryan and Meg going to school together and having the dynamic of Mori and Honey from Ouran High School Host Club. No one really knows if they’re dating or not but it doesn’t really matter. It’s obvious how much they mean to each other.
  • The two of them getting tired of everyone teasing them for their chemistry so they decide to shut everyone up by pretending to date. The initial plan is to eventually break up. The plan goes to shit when two years later Ryan proposes.
  • Meg and Ryan cosplaying as The Mad King and Queen. It’s even hotter than people expected – especially Ryan who finds himself falling into character very quickly, something Meg definitely enjoys in their bedroom that night.
  • Ryan loses a bet and has to allow Meg to give him a makeover. Two months later and he’s mastered putting on mascara every morning.
  • Meg finding out that yes, Ryan does look good in heels.
  • Meg having a crush on the senior who’s infamous for finding ingenious ways to prank his friends.. One day Ryan overhears people making fun of her for it because she “doesn’t have a chance”. So he calmly walks over and asks her when he should pick her up for their date that night. He then realises he might have made a mistake when his heart misses a beat when her face lights up.p.
  • They both find themselves in a shitty take-away at one in the morning after a crap night out. Ryan suggests, slightly nervously, that they should try and redeem it by having some fun together. By the morning they’re curled up on Meg’s sofa watching a movie and Ryan’s belief in fate is restored.
  • They both turn up to a ballroom dance class and find they’re the only ones who turned up without partners. So obviously they pair up with one another. The height difference makes it a little awkward but they make it work.
  • Platonic besties Meg and Ryan go backpacking together. They fight, they laugh, they have a lot of fun (and Ryan has to get rid of a lot of bugs for her). By the time they’ve come back they’re even closer than before and it’s soon revealed that Meg managed to convince Ryan to get a matching tattoo with her.

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Your artwork is phenomenal. Especially your drawings of Kuvira and Suyin -- whether the relationship is romantic or familial (my shipper heart adores it all) -- I love them so much. Your work is so dynamic -- the characters' expressions and postures tell such stories.

Thank you. I am fascinated by these two. We’re given such little info about their relationship; I just have to assume it’s an epic legend of heartbreak, obsession, betrayal and intrigue.