i love this duo

ourqueen-inexile  asked:

If you start running low on art inspiration, I'd like to put in a request a Sansa/Dany duo. I love them both, and I find their story parallels so intriguing! Thanks for putting all your lovely character art up! <3

Today is my only day off, so i could not do both. Here is a young Sansa, before the Kings visit.

I’ll get to Dany next week.


“If print Journalism is dead, why am I doing here?” The start of Betty & Jughead as the sleuthing reporters for the Blue and Gold ~ love how they compromise with each other on the creative freedom and Betty’s happy face is adorable!


“The Register could really use a Lois Lane type like you.” that moment when Betty realizes that she needs a Clark Kent to her Lois Lane…..coincidentally, Jughead is already wearing an S on his shirt. ;)  Her mom tried to recruit her to work for her, instead, she opened her own paper and tried to recruit her own lol…..


brotp: Jim Lake Jr. & Toby Domzalski

“Last week, we went for tacos. I paid, you said, ‘Next time on me’. You’re gonna get this letter back unopened after the fight. When you get back, we’ll get tacos.”

“Tacos sound good.”


agentsofshield: Thanksgiving experts@lil_henstridge and @iain_decaesteckerhave a message for you! #AgentsofSHIELD