i love this drama so much!


MARGINAL#4 STARLIGHT KISS 2 & ピタゴラス スペクタクルツアー PV


An idol, who gives love to people on top of the shining stage, and you. You two are in a secret relationship. One year has passed since you’ve started dating, and you’ll be celebrating your anniversary at home. His present to you is──

  • Vol.1 - Atom & Rui (Release date: October 25, 2017)
  • Vol.2 - Shy & Kira (Release date: November 22, 2017)
  • Vol.3 - Tsubasa, Alto & Teruma (Release date: December 27, 2017)
  • Vol.4 - Eru & Aru (Release date: January 24, 2018)


The nine from Pythagoras Production play unique characters from three tales (dramas). Split into three new units, they will deliver a drama & music (“Tour” & “Live”) CDs, both of which are released on the same day.

  • Vol.1 - 西遊記 (Saiyuki/Journey to the West)
    • Atom, Shy & Teruma
    • Release date: October 25
    • In ancient times, Sanzou Houshi travels to India for a sacred book. Beside it are three shadows. The party stays in a village along their way to the West. However, when morning came, Sanzou Houshi suddenly disappeared. Son Goku (Atom), who was now free, went to the village to seek some entertainment, but Sa Gojou (Shy) started to feel that something was not quite right there…?
  • Vol.2 - STARGAZER Z
    • Eru, Kira & Alto
    • Release date: November 22
    • “STARGAZER” is an organisation based in America, where evil is spreading. There, humans with all kinds of abilities gather and bloom their talents as heroes who protect humanity. The stage is New York, a city where all incidents occur. In one part of the city, Leon (Kira), who had too much time on his hands, discovered a meteorite falling from the sky one day. However, what was falling was not a meteorite but a human…?
  • Vol.3 - DOGGY BLACK
    • Aru, Rui & Tsubasa
    • Release date: December 27
    • An order arrives from BOSS one day for “DOGGY BLACK”, a spy team active behind the scenes in all four corners of the world. The order was to “grab hold of evidence of human trafficking.” The three secretly came up with a scheme and go undercover but… “──There is a traitor.”
      Who is the Dog hiding in the dark night? The only one they can trust is themselves.

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What happened to your Instagram and your Twitter? 😭 If this is a joke, please STAHB IT! It's not funny... If you're doing this because of the stupid haters... Fxxk them! I love you❤ Your channel is the only thing that makes me happy nowadays bc I live in Spain so y'all know what happened here... Please don't go!

Twitter is a big hell to the no for me, as in kpop stan twitter, no offense to the people that use it and are apart of stan twitter because I’ve met some sweethearts there but in general, to use twitter for my blog just isn’t for me, I lost interest and there’s too much drama and negativity not only on my side but disgusting things I saw from kpop stan twitter (bullying and attacking other fans and kpop idols and people going along with it). I just deleted my twitter, I just use my private twitter to stay up to date with news and things I love and of course kmusic but I steer clear from  any bullshit from stan twitter. Instagram same, but not as bad, I’m just not going to use it for now.

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Hey girl, love your blog so much <3. But you think all that happens is like a little twisted? I mean the spotify list of L and C. That C nomination, even without a music video, never see that before(without video), Is like mgmnt wanna drama or something, besides what about all the becoming franchise C, today I saw that she's going to be the new face of Dior, like rlly? So fkin many brand in a short time, is weird for me. I smell something is going to happen, so many publicity, what you think?

Hey, thanks so much anon, I really appreciate that! Yeah I agree, everything happens for a reason. We’ve had a little too much camren with all these indirects lately, so wait for management to turn up the ‘Tyren’ saga. As for the endorsements though, everyone wants a piece of her. She’s the new ‘it girl’ and I am living for it.


Long live @vortexofdeduction !!

Seriously bless, i love her so much, thanks to her you’ll all be glad to discover that my giant fanfic, Untangling the Frozen Knots, is NOW AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH !


i’m so freaking happy right now, really over the moon.

UTFK is a cross-over fanfiction between Tangled and Frozen, and is a novel-length (140k+ words), COMPLETE, Humor and Drama, fluffy Snow Sisters/Elsanna fanfiction.

Here’s the description :

1 month passed since Arendelle went back to normal and that Elsa’s reigning. As Anna and her start to share complicity again, they’re both invited to the Lanterns Festival of Corona. They accept, seeing here the occasion to spend some happy time together like before. But unplanned events will put them in danger…

I hope you’ll like it! :D Have a good read!

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moose tracks :D

moose tracks: favourites for manga?

Ooh yes I have so many I used to follow!!! I read mostly shoujo because I am romance-trash but they didn’t really have much of a good plot which is why the horror/psychological genre is so long LOL

Loosely classed into genre, absolute favourites bolded

Shoujo/romance mostly manhwas (starred*) tbh, the plot lines are really good because they’re more realistic and like the situations are much more what you’d enjoy in a drama. japanese shoujo manga is really like… school girl mortification at embarrassing herself in front of crush. 

  • *Cherry Boy, That Girl
  • *Horimiya - absolutely hilarious sense of humour!
  • *Girls of the Wild’s
  • *Orange Marmalade
  • *Cheese in the Trap
  • Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)
  • Love So Life - so cuteeeeee the twins omgsh they’re adorable!
  • Watashi ni xx Shinasai - i like how yukina always pretended to be cold but she was just super soft lol
  • 14 Sai no Koi - aww another cute one!
  • Hana to Akuma - awwwwww
  • Barajou no Kiss (Kiss of the Rose Princess) - amazing art, probably the best after Clamp series
  • Fruits Basket - honorary mention
  • Cardcaptor Sakura - another classic


  • *Lookism - freaking hilarious and I really like the light hearted commentary on people/society, I totally recommend
  • Fullmetal Alchemist - one of my favs again
  • Fairy Tail
  • Bakuman - one of my favs ever
  • Magi Labyrinth of Magic - ahhh so good! and funny too!
  • Bleach - gets boring after a while though because Ichigo and everyone just keeps getting too OP
  • Noragami - again one of my favs! Loved the premise of gods and goddesses and infighting and Yato!
  • Mahou Koukou no Rettousei - this one was really good! the story is a bit fragmented though because there are several series
  • Code Breaker


  • Death Note - like the first ever psychological/horror I read!
  • Liar Game - a play-to-your-death manga! totally based off game theory stuff but still fun, I like the characters :)
  • Psyren - this was so good, should’ve been longer!
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Ajin
  • Tenkuu Shinpan - same author as Ajin! Great story, still following it!
  • *DICE: The cube that changes everything - another play-to-your-death
  • Kuroshitsuji - my absolute favouritemanga ever! it’s not too horror, but Ciel is just so diabolical I love it
  • Darwin’s Game - another play-to-your-death
  • Deadman Wonderland - ooh this one really kept my on my toes
  • Green Worldz - lol the premise though
  • Gangsta - promise it was a lot better than the name hahaha
  • xxxHolic - I like the ties it had to tsubasa reservoir chronicle
  • Real Account - one of those play-to-your-death thrillers! I love these seriously
  • Ousama Game - again another play-to-your-death manga
  • Doubt - another one! I really like how the players judge each other in this one

…LOL I got a bit too into this list hahaha

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* Ice Cream Asks *:・゚✧*・゚✧


Great Vibes…

So I linked up with the lovely @itsyourgirlalorak for some well needed food. Needed to rest my nerves so I decided to cook. Cooking is relaxing… Think I out did myself this time…Good vibes are always needed.To much drama makes my skin crawl. I had to bring out Jezebel and dust her off. 

Alorak said I drive too fast, I dont know what she talking about. Its all Jezebel. 

On our way over to the Model Casting Call…Good Luck ladies! 😘

Anyways i love some of you kids so so fucking much so deal with me being soppy for a second. 

@lucasdigrassis saltmate idk what i’d do without you. you’re literally the perfect friend to me, i love you so so much and i can’t believe you’ve put up with me for so long tbh. here’s to more gaycations <3 

@estebaguette you’re a damn petty asshole but that’s okay because i am too. you’ve been a gem this week letting me scream about my trash team and the bullshit drama with phil so thank u 

@danyandcarlos my baby wife. you’re such a sweetheart and we have the best talks ever about anything and everything. you are a very special part of my life now and just thank you for existing tbh i love you 

@danyababy my fellow hoe bag. you’re always there for me for any type of advice i need and you don’t know how much i appreciate that. plus you support the same bullshit team i do so its win win. 

@human-ity-almost my lil bumblebee. anna you’re like a damn angel sent from the heavens tbh. we’ve both been stuck in the middle of transfer drama with our trash teams and i thank you for holding my hand through it all. 

@gerrardisgod jas wow what do i say tbh. you love liverpool and sidemen and we hate the same things? soulmates much??? you’re like so unbelievably amazing and smart and i look up to you so so much 

@dr3ambl0g even though you support my enemy team i love you so much. we’re hoes for the same boys and the amount of dirt we have on each other is unreal but bless you for not exposing me (yet)

@olliewatkins girl where do i start tbh. we’ve not even been friends that long but i love the hell out of you. plus red team solidarity am i right?? you’re the ebony dark’ness dementia raven way to my vampire potter. (also daddy craig)

@rararaenbow sasageyo sasAGEYO!!! anyways yes rae you’re my fellow anime nut and we love mostly the same ones which is perfect because then we can die over them together. 

i love you all so so much <3

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Honestly if I ever did a royalty au it would be………………………………….so much fun

because fuck, Victor and Yuuri are both crown princes of neighboring possibly warring kingdoms? Them meeting in secret because “Oh no, our fathers hate each other” and exchanging romantic letters but at events are known for a BITTER rivalry 

Victor dramatically cutting his hair off with a dagger by Yuuri’s hand because fucking drama. 


Hello! I’m Riley. Recently I’ve been inspired by many studyblrs and with my classes getting more challenging I’ve decided to make one of my own! 

Important: This is a side blog, so I will follow and like posts from @rominanty

Here’s some info about me: 

  • I’m a high school sophomore 
  • This year I’m taking AP World, Honors English 2, Honors Biology, Geometry, Drama 2, Spanish 2, and Computer Science
  • I’m interested in technology, social studies, religion and culture, foreign language, literature, and psychology 
  • I speak English (obviously) and I’m studying Spanish, Korean, and Japanese
  • I am pretty much always listening to music and I love almost all types
  • When I’m not studying, I’m either working on theater productions or I’m at dance
  • I love kpop, so expect some discussion about that! My favorite groups are BTS (Tae bias), Seventeen (Hoshi bias), EXO, and many more!

Some studyblrs that inspire me: @chrissiestudies @studyign @eggostudies @studyhards @studyplants @studypool @hobifulstudies @sootudying @s-tudyism

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I love your creation and can't wait till book 1 is fully out. How will each member of bravo act if the MC was in a near death situation and will they react during the MC's time of recovery? I don't know if this feeling is right but 'M' seems he wouldn't let anyone near the MC or let the MC out of there line of sight

This is… kind of spoilerific :D

With it being partly action and very melodrama drama-based, these type of situations might crop up during the series, so I don’t want to answer here and then possibly spoil people’s enjoyment of it later if it comes up in the book.

For M, though, it depends on the time in the relationship. Early on, M probably wouldn’t stick around. Their skills aren’t in healing, and they know that, better to leave the MC to people who know what they’re doing.

Deep in the relationship, that would probably change…

Thank you so much for the lovely message, and the ask :) (Sorry for the non-answer to avoid spoilers!)


isak: *gets pissy*
even: *has never been more delighted in his life*


04.10.17 // hello!1!! first day back from spring break and it’s been pretty gud tbh. these are some pictures of a mind map i did for history and to help prep for a test :))


Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

My experience with the signs in my life
  • Aries female: so stubborn is incredible. A hot head. She knows what she wants and she'll get it. Yells a lot. Cares a lot about her family. Very concerned about her diet. She looks like a cinnamon roll but is a beast inside.
  • Aries male : very intelligent, probably the most intelligent. Can either have a very scientific mind or a very literary mind. Loves to read. LOVES to make puns. Horrible ones. Has the biggest laugh.
  • Taurus female: MY BIGGEST LOVE. Literally the cutest thing. She is so smart and caring and it's true: she loves to eat. Cares so much about everyone, not only her close friends. She almost never get angry but when she does. Ouch.
  • Taurus male: a cutie. Always ready to cheer you up. DOES NOT. BELIEVE. IN. ASTROLOGY. Likes scientific shit. Loves old movies. Always laughs at your jokes. The best friend you can find. Loves Shrek.
  • Gemini female: so strong and independent. Her hair is always on point, so is her outfit. Either very tall or very short. They talk a lot and they love listening to you. Geminis are actually very lovable people. Best companion for a boring class or for lunch break.
  • Gemini male: very bold and confident about himself. Does his own thing. It's not that he is a dick, it's just that he has his own problems to take care of. Except Trump, Trumps is really a dick. Im sorry Geminis that he is in your sign. The cool guy of the class who has a different girl every week. A lil fuckboy but fun to have a chat with. Loves videogames and perfect pal to get drunk with.
  • Cancer female: not a crybaby. Actually HATES to cry in public. More often than you think, very extroverted. Very passionate about what she loves. High ambitions, starts many things and then get bored. So many puns oh god.
  • Cancer male: oh boy. "Nightmare dressed as a daydream". Makes you feel so special. Boyfriend material. Usually dark hair and dark eyes. Not very tall. Adorable. Special laugh. Will do great things in life. Very creative but kinda introvert(?) WILL RATHER DIE THAN CRY IN PUBLIC.
  • Leo female: very close about her private things but she will open up if you demonstrate her she can trust you. Loves everyone. Not that confident about herself. Very confident about the world, tho. Wants to move someplace else and experience. People respect her.
  • Leo male: Stonehead™. Literally smokes all the time to forget about the pain he feels. Hides emotions and then explodes, usually with rage. Either very close to you that he calls you every day, or he'll completely ignore you. Smart even tho it doesn't look like. The lonely wolf.
  • Virgo female: so stubborn and independent. She knows what she wants and she'll get it. Can get very clingy to the people she loves but sometimes neglect other people she loves even tho she doesn't notice. Get mad easily for the little things. The queen. Just listen to her, she knows the shit.
  • Virgo male: cute but doesn't have his own personality. Sometimes gets involved in ugly companies and does things he doesn't want to. Very sensitive but tries to hide it. Actually cares about you even tho he wants to appear a tough boy. Pretends he doesn't care about school, ends up with all A. Probably very good at soccer.
  • Libra female: becomes part of your family if she isn't already. Amazing lipsticks. Always has great stories to tell. Lives in the clouds. Forgets about things easily but won't forget the important things. Has so many passions but get easily distracted when she is studying for an exam. Perfect person to binge watch Sherlock with.
  • Libra male: my everything. Pretends he's a gryffindor but deep down is a slytherin. Stunning. Gets high grade without doing shit. The teacher favorite. The one you can do stupid shit with. Will do anything for you. Listens to you 24/7. Loves tv shows. Very smart. Will probably end up doing something very important. Perfect dad.
  • Scorpio female: actually very sweet and caring, as much as cancer. Never shows off her emotions but you'll know when she cares about you. She's like a mama bear. She'll call you if she feels you are not happy. She'll call you constantly. Extroverted and kind. Best presents ever. Looks naive but very cautious.
  • Scorpio male: ok so my ex fwb was a scorpio and i gotta say they get emotionally attached. Pretend they don't care AT ALL and then calls u at 2 in the morning telling u they love you. Just be careful cause they don't know what they want. Obsessed with electronic things and sex.
  • Sagittarius female: literally on fire. SHE. TALKS. SO. MUCH. I have so many different feelings about her. Either i love completely or I can't stand her. She pretends she knows everything. She's so slow at doing everything, except talking. Laughs a lot. Very sensitive deep down. So loud.
  • Sagittarius male: Pretty introverted. The fire is hidden. He's a freaking badass. If he cares about you, he will show you. Most likely to call you at midnight for your birthday. Very sweet. Goes big or goes home, especially in love. Both a cinnamon and a sinnamon roll. Like if he ain't in the same political party as you, just don't mention politics. That's when the fire shows.
  • Capricorn female: so. she actually cares about you. but she has so much shit going on so she might forget to come at a place you invited her, she won't even apologize but when something happens to you, be sure she'll call. She's absolutely cute and she has been hurt so many times so it's hard for her to trust people completely.
  • Capricorn male: THE FUCKING FANBOY. He loves to travel and to try new things. He is so shy but with his friends he's crazy. Laughs at his own jokes. Extremely sensitive and when he loves, he loves hard. So intelligent and interesting. Absolutely adorable.
  • Aquarius female: the sweetest. she gets clingy to everyone but because she wants to have friends and do things and has a lot of problems but holds everything in and puts her friends first and she's hurt. The most precious human. She needs, she deserves to be loved the most. Learns very quickly and she's very honest.
  • Aquarius male: the devil™. Actually he is funny, like so many jokes, but sometimes it's just too much. He hates when people offend him. Gets on the defensive. Kinda selfish and cares a lot about like 3 people (?). Like he will kill for them. So much drama, boy. Probably failed history and algebra 2 twice.
  • Pisces female: such a badass and a cutiepie at the same time i don't even know how this is possible. she has such a strong personality and loves her friends. Determined and will fight with her teeth for what she loves. You need to have a pisces in your life. She always says she will kill a person but then she just like run away.
  • Pisces male: like just like the pisces female. Cares so much about his family and shows his emotions easily, whether is anger or sadness or happiness. Determined but also insecure about himself, but will do great things.