*leaves this here and runs away*

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Are you straight? Your husband is trans, but you met him when he was still a she, right? So you're bi?

Why so many labels? Seriously my love for person doesn’t change depending on their gender. I just love that dork. And my husband is not trans. He is a he. Trans is not a gender it’s a condition that should not define a person.

Ronan Lynch Evolution
  • The Raven Boys:Danger and cruel smirks, will kill you if you breathe wrong around Richard Campbell Gansey III, The Snake.
  • Dream Thieves:Even more danger, guardian of secrets, imposible dreamer, Gangsey's guard dog, will fuck you up if you mess with his people. The greywaren.
  • Blue Lily, Lily Blue:Sarcastic big brother, will call you names the way you call your siblings names, will dress properly and be there for you when you need him the most.
  • The Raven King:Get's a boyfriend. Not nearly as tough as he want's you to believe he is. Gay farmer, dad of a dream child and a raven.