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carwood lipton
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Which of you is Holmes?” asked this apparition.
“My name, sir; but you have the advantage of me,” said my companion quietly.
“I am Dr. Grimesby Roylott, of Stoke Moran.”
“Indeed, Doctor,” said Holmes blandly. “Pray take a seat.”
“I will do nothing of the kind. My stepdaughter has been here. I have traced her. What has she been saying to you?”
“It is a little cold for the time of the year,” said Holmes.
“What has she been saying to you?” screamed the old man furiously.
“But I have heard that the crocuses promise well,” continued my companion imperturbably.
“Ha! You put me off, do you?” said our new visitor, taking a step forward and shaking his hunting-crop. “I know you, you scoundrel! I have heard of you before. You are Holmes, the meddler.”
My friend smiled.
“Holmes, the busybody!”
His smile broadened.
“Holmes, the Scotland Yard Jack-in-office!”
Holmes chuckled heartily. “Your conversation is most entertaining,” said he. “When you go out close the door, for there is a decided draught.”
“I will go when I have said my say. Don’t you dare to meddle with my affairs. I know that Miss Stoner has been here. I traced her! I am a dan- gerous man to fall foul of! See here.” He stepped swiftly forward, seized the poker, and bent it into a curve with his huge brown hands.
“See that you keep yourself out of my grip,” he snarled, and hurling the twisted poker into the fireplace he strode out of the room.
“He seems a very amiable person,” said Holmes, laughing. “I am not quite so bulky, but if he had remained I might have shown him that my grip was not much more feeble than his own.” As he spoke he picked up the steel poker and, with a sudden effort, straightened it out again.
“Fancy his having the insolence to confound me with the official detective force!

The Adventure of the Speckled Band

This is my favorite fucking exchange in the entire series. 

Can I just say I really love how Dan said they had at least 20 songs written for Wild World and we were blessed with 19 of them. And then they decide to release Final hour, The Descent, Comfort of Strangers and even at one point let us hear Grip and Hangin’ while they were touring before the album dropped. I’m just amazed with how much Bastille has given us with this Wild World era and I love this band so damn much.


Band of Robbers, 2016

The woman I live with keeps tellin’ me that I need to change. She says if I don’t change, I’m going to end up in a bad place. She’s trying to sell me on heaven, you know, she’s telling me all you do all day is you sit there play the harp and sing songs for all eternity. And I said to her, if that’s the case of rather sweat it out in hell with my best friend, Tom Sawyer, then play the harp and shoot the shit with Moses. I mean, I’m not friends with Moses. But I think she’s right, at least about the changing part.


Popestar, Animated Album Cover