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Hey! So idk if you're taking requests but on the off chance that you are, do you have any more headcanons for the YouTube au? I enjoyed the first one sooo much and now I'm way too invested - like would Marinette ever make a channel? Alya? Nino? (P.s. Congrats on finishing tangled ribbons dude!!! It was unbelievably cute and well written and fun and ahhh I've got a lot of love for it!)


(i had a bunch of these written down a While Ago but i forgot about them rip im sorry) also??? i cant believe i finished tangled ribbons?? constantly in awe that thats done 

part one

  • adrien covering ed sheeran songs
    • this is super random but i think it’s important
    • (this was written before the new album but my point stands)
  • nino helps adrien set up a better mic system once he finds out about the youtube thing
    • it becomes a Thing™️️ where they get together and talk about tech and adrien will film a video or two and then they’ll sit on the couch and watch movies or binge anime and pig out on ice cream
    • they keep doing it once adrien is just as well versed in audio equipment as nino is
  • nino geeks out over adrien’s camera
  • adrien totally gets the camera that ninos been eying for ages when he needs to replace his, because nino helps him with recording so often. nino almost cries when he first holds it

(this got kinda long)

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cover letters are lame dude… like theyre sooo fake and the employers know it, they know i dont care about any of this and just want a reliable source of income for three months, but i gotta lie through my teeth about how much i LOVE this company. and the thing is i actually do love this company but for the wrong reasons. i just think their cakes are tasty. everything else is whatever

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Hanzo hears his usually quiet s/o sing? I got inspired by Beauty and the Beast, so perhaps that song? :'D

{A/N: Omg, I’ve been sooo excited to write this, I love this prompt so much. }

    The smell of dish soap overwhelmed your nose, you stood over the sink, washing dishes. Soap suds covered your hands and forearms, you were careful to not break any dishes while transferring them to the drying rack. You hummed and waved your hips back and forth as you did these dishes.

“Just a little change..small to say the least..” you softly let out.

    Hanzo stood in the doorway, he made sure to be silent so that you couldn’t hear him. He closed his eyes and smiled, this was the first time he had heard you sing, for you were normally shy and quiet.

“Both a little scared..neither one prepared..” you were setting the last fork into the drying rack. 

“Beauty and the beast..” you and Hanzo both sung at the same time. You spun around quickly, to see him standing in the doorway. Your face turned a burning red, and you flung your dish towel at him, “Were you there the whole time..?!”

    He slowly made his way  to you, once he did, he wrapped one arm around your waist, pulling you close to him, “Yes dear, I was..and your singing was beautiful..” You crossed your arms and puffed you cheeks out in frustration, “I don’t like people who spy..”

“You’re bitter sweet and strange..” he sung to you, running his fingers through your hair and eventually pulled you into a kiss. You backed away and leaned on the sink, “Learning you were wrong.” you sang abruptly. 

    He brushed his thumb against your cheek, “Beauty and..” you stroked his goatee like a child and sung, “the beast..”

Cough Syrup ~ Fred Weasley imagine

Hiiiii! I love your blog sooo much 😄 I never asked for an imagine before but would I be able to have a Fred Weasley super fluff? Lol I really just want an adorable one please. Oh! My name is Morgan if you needed that andddd just have fun with it ❤️☺️ Thank you so much love


“This is why you shouldn’t test your products on yourself, Freddie,” you giggled, looking down at your best friend as he laid in bed.

“Shut up,” Fred sniffled, pulling the covers over his shoulders.

Fred and George have been working on a line of new products that were intended to make the user sick enough to miss class.

Fred decided to try one, which resulted in him stuck in bed with a cold.

“Well, as your best friend, I, the gracious and generous (Y/N), shall take care of you,” you joked, taking a bow.

“You’re such a nerd,” Fred laughed, letting out a couple of coughs.

You grinned as you sat down next to him, placing the back of your hand on his forehead.

“Yikes, you’re really hot,” you said, furrowing your eyebrows.

“Gosh, (Y/N), stop flirting with me,” he winked.

You rolled your eyes as a smile formed on your face. “Still the same Fred, I see,” you said, reaching into your bag.

You pulled out a bottle of cough medicine your mom sent you a while ago in case you had gotten sick.

“Oh, hell,” Fred groaned.

“Sorry, but it does help,” you assured him, pouring the medicine into a spoon.

“I’m not taking that!” he protested, hiding under the covers.

“Don’t be a baby, Fred. It’s not gonna kill you.” You pulled the blankets away from his face. “Come on, sit up.”

He hesitated, but did as he was told.
“I’ll take it if you take it,” he said, crossing his arms.

“Oh, come on, I’m not sick-”

“I’ll take it if you take it!”

You sighed and looked up at him. He stared at you, giving you the biggest, sparkling puppy eyes he could.


You took the spoon and drank the medicine. You shuddered as it went down.

“Your turn,” you stated, pouring more syrup into the spoon.

Fred cringed as he drank it.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, right?” You smirked, closing the bottle and putting it back in your bag.

“You’re so evil,” Fred grumbled, laying back down.


“Why are you doing homework? It’s Saturday,” Fred asked, turning in bed to face you as you were sitting on the floor.

“Because, I’d rather not fail potions,”

“Pay attention to me,” Fred whined, taking away your quill.

“Hey! Give it back!” You squeaked, attempting to grab it.

“Come get it, babe,” he teased, standing up and holding it above his head. You instantly became flustered, but quickly tried to hide it.

You chased him around the dorm room, telling him multiple times that he needed to get back in bed or he won’t get better.

Eventually, you cornered him, standing on your tippy toes trying to reach the quill whilst you leaned against him.

You quickly realized how close you two were; your faces were merely centimeters apart. You also noticed that he was staring at you.

You had been best friends with Fred and George for as long as you can remember, and although you were close with George, there was something about Fred that made your heart flutter at the very sound of his name.

When you looked at him, he had a small smile on his face.

“What?” You squeaked, your cheeks beginning to become red again.

“You’re cute when your face is all red like that,” Fred smirked. “I mean, you’re cute all the time, but you know what I mean.”

A smile crept on your face as you looked away.

Fred lifted your chin so that you were facing him again.



You began to lean in, and he did as well, but just as your lips were about to touch, you grabbed your quill.

“Got it,” you giggled.

“You little sneak!” Fred gasped, wrapping his arm around your waist so that you couldn’t get away.

It began to get quiet. You watched as Fred’s eyes flickered to your lips and back to your eyes again.

“Go for it,” you simply said.

And with that, Fred gently pressed his lips against yours. He cupped your face in both his hands, deepening the kiss. His lips tasted like the cough syrup you gave him, but you didn’t care; you were snogging Fred Weasley.

Although the kiss was amazing and everything you dreamed it would be, the next day, you were stuck in bed with a cold…

With Fred to sit at your bedside…

~The End~
•Thank you for requesting!•

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Hello !! I hope you're fine :) Sooo can I request Otayuri's lazy day headcanons ??? Thank you so much for this blog, it's make me really happy to see all of your writing !! :D

Thank you so much <3 YES more of this ship !!!! I love these two together ;-; like so much. Thank you for the request! :3

  • With both of these boys being teenagers, there are going to be plenty of days where both of them are feeling to lazy to get up and accomplish anything major
  • They usually start the morning in bed, cuddling under the covers quietly, with Yuri pressing against Otabek like a kitten would a heater
  • and by morning i mean at like ten o’clock bc let’s be real it’s not a lazy day unless you sleep 9+ hours
  • Otabek usually keeps his fingers in Yuri’s hair for a majority of the time, just running his fingers through it and gently working out any knots that  might be there
  • In turn, Yuri likes to draw patterns on Oatbek’s chest or back, depending on where he feels like reaching
  • Sometimes he even reaches up and drags his fingernails through that undercut
  • and that could lead so some lazy making out but i won’t go there bc i want to avoid sin for this fluff lmao
  • After some time, though, just sitting in bed can be boring for them, or they just get too hungry to lay there any longer
  • They then usually move the cuddle party to the couch after grabbing some snacks and drinks
  • On occasion, they’ll cook brunch together in the kitchen; these boys are food fight prone, so messes are bound to happen
  • Netflix binges of shitty reality television are their fave
  • i.e Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Big Brother, Chopped, etc, basically anything with underlying drama that Yuri can shout at the TV about
  • Their positions on the couch change every so often, but there are a few that they prefer more than others
  • Yuri likes to lay with his head in Otabek’s lap while he plays with his hair
  • He also likes laying on top of Otabek, using his broad chest as a pillow
  • Otabek loves sitting with his back to the armrest of the couch with Yuri in his lap, the smaller boy’s back resting against his chest while he holds him
  • But something about spooning with Yuri while laying on the couch just makes Otabek feel very, very pleasant
  • tbh he just loves the way Yuri’s tiny frame can be completely enveloped into his strong body; like they become a hot pocket under the blankets lmao
  • After a few hours of snacking in the early afternoon, Otabek gets really sleepy and falls asleep while clinging to Yuri, snoring softly like a giant teddy bear
  • With Otabek’s rhythmic breathing and the warmth he emits while he sleeps being pressed against Yuri, he can’t help but feel a bit lethargic himself
  • Otabek is usually woken up by Yuri rolling over in his arms while he’s sleeping
  • omg and do NOT imagine Otabek just holding him and stroking his hair and watching him while he sleeps omFG
  • Yuri has a soft flush to his cheeks, and the tranquil expression on his face is something Otabek knows is sacred, and the beauty of it cannot be captured on camera
  • but that doesn’t stop him from taking a few pictures lmao but don’t tell Yuri shh
  • It’ll be later in the evening when Otabek decides that they need to eat a proper meal, so he wakes Yuri up by rubbing his back and blowing gently onto his face
  • They’ll be too lazy to make their own food, so a Mcdonald’s run is made or pizza is delivered, depending on what they’re in the mood for
  • After a movie and a good meal, the pair will bring their lazy asses back to the bedroom to cuddle under the covers once again
  • Being lazy is a lot of work, and the only way to properly recharge for the next day with a night of sleeping together

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Listen, I feel like I start all my asks to you with that lol, but listen, if Louis ever worked with Dave Grohl, I would be dead on the floor. That would be such a fantastic pairing. One of the things I absolutely adore about Louis' voice is that the uniqueness of it allows for him to seamlessly transition to any genre. I'm still praying for a Pharrell collab, but I'm adding Dave Grohl to my prayer list.

Dave Grohl is a powerhouse and sooo incredibly talented. He can do everything. And I love the way he navigates the industry and still keeps his sense of humor without taking any shit. He’s been through it all and is still so cool. No one is perfect, but I feel like he’d be a good, reliable role model and could teach someone so much. (Also imagine Louis covering Everlong and cry with me). I have big dreams.

Naughty Kookie

~For Anon, hope you like it~


It was a Sunday afternoon and you were baking cookies for your boyfriend Jungkook. All you wanted to do was spend time with him since it was his day off, but he wouldn’t stop going on about how much he loved your cookies, and how much he missed the smell of freshly baked cookies. Eventually, you gave into his hints (which were not subtle at all) and now here you were in the kitchen covered in flour.

“Jagi, they smell sooo good.” Jungkook said as he walked into the kitchen sniffing extra loud and adding a few ‘mmmm’s to make sure you knew he meant what he had said.

“You’re such a child Kookie.” You roll your eyes playfully at how ‘subtle’ he was being. “I hope you don’t mind but the boys are coming over because they haven’t seen me in months.”

“They saw you the other day!”

“I know but Tae insisted.” Jungkook walks over to you and you cup his cheeks in your hands. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok, I guess I’ll just have to have a cookie to make me feel better.” He starts reaching for the freshly baked cookies on the side but you smack his hand away. “Oww!”

“No you have to wait for the others.”

“I love it when your bossy.” Jungkook wraps his arms around your waist reaching your back and slowly moves his hands further down so they’re resting on your bum. How is he already horny?

“Jungkook they’ll be here any minute now!”

“Well, I guess we have to be quick then.” Before you could protest he had already crashed his lips on to yours which made you naturally wrap your arms around his neck pulling him closer. He hoisted you up so you were now sitting on the counter. You lift Jungkook’s shirt up and throw it on the floor whilst he slides your jeans and panties off in one swift motion. He rids himself of his own jeans so now that he is standing bare in front of you as he lines himself at your entrance. You close your eyes at the anticipation building up waiting for him to push into you which he does with a hard thrust that has you screaming his name in seconds. He continues his hard slow pace slowly building up the feeling in your stomach. You grab his shoulder tightly nails digging in with one hand to balance yourself. Jungkook slows his pace down even more making you beg for him to move his hips.

“Jungkook please, stop teasing me.” It was only a few seconds ago when you told him that you can’t do this and now your begging him for it. Jungkook looks at your frustrated face and gives in. He rams into you as hard and as fast as he could. You were a complete moaning mess by now and the low vibrations coming from Jungkook’s chest was going straight to your core. You could feel your walls clench against Jungkook’s length and finally the build up in your stomach was released. After a few more pumps Jungkook twitched inside of you and filled you with his juices slowly coming to a stop. You placed your forehead against his sweaty one as you both tried to catch your breaths. This was perfect just the two of you, until the doorbell rang making you both freeze and give a panicked look to each other. You quickly jumped off the counter and shimmied into your jeans and Jungkook did the same. You walk to the front door to be greeted by the other members.

“Hi, come in I baked cookies for you guys.” Taehyung ran straight for the kitchen as soon as the word cookies left your mouth. You were talking to the other boys before you were interrupted by Tae who looked really upset.

“It’s not funny when you joke about food like that y/n!”

“What do you mean?”

“Where are the cookies?” You were confused until Jungkook walked in with his mouth full, licking his fingers and giving you a cheeky grin. You roll your eyes, he is such a child.


Ive been watching Tsuki Stage lately and im falling back into tsukiuta hell again aaahhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH I love the tsukista actors so much theyre so cute help me i fell into seiyuu hell a few years ago and now for the past half a year or so ive descended into the hell of stage actors help me- i should really watch tsukiani shouldn’t I….

I also finished Tousuke’s route in Meikoi a few days ago and OH CHEESE he is my new Meikoi bias scREAMSKJHASDF 

TFWXReader: With an extra helping of Crowley

Request: AHH ITS MONDAY! Would you mind doing a oneshot where you’re snowed in the bunker and Crowley comes to keep you conpany and y'all end up cuddling and ruffling each others hair and aghhh fluffies please. I love you btw ♡♡♡

Request: Yo, if you feel up to it, could you possibly do a crowley fic where the reader rarely talks, but isn’t shy. She’s really observant because of it, and notices things about people and stuff that others don’t. She notices something about crowley and confronts him about it and he spills the beans about whatever it is. Fluffy please!

Request: Yay! Monday! I love your writing sooo much! Could you do a TFW x reader oneshot where the reader plays the piano, take me to church by hozier and the boys secretly listen then they want to be taught and fluff! Thankies >.<

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Which series do you personally think is best the 1985 one the new? I personally haven't had the opportunity to watch the new series but I loved the old one so much.

Tbh I love all adaptations (even the web series) they all have different approaches to the book series. I do LOVE the 1985 series a lot like sooo much but as much as the 2017 current series has its problems I’m really liking it a little more over 1985′s. It’s mostly how the themes have been covered and how we’ve seen more of the story.

Andre Burakovsky #3

Requested by Anon:  can you do an imagine about andre burakovsky? one where he brings you to the rink and teaches you how to skate and it’s rly cute? thank you!! love your writing!! *thank you so sooo much! I hope you like this. :)*

Word count: 946

Originally posted by lattsandhags

You adjusted the blindfold that has been covering your eyes for the last hour or so. You heard a door opening and a sudden gush of cold air hit your face, “If we’re at where we think we are, I’m going to hate you forever, André.” You said in a warning tone.

He chortled, “You love me.” He slowly untied the blindfold, the light momentarily blinding you. Once your eyes adjusted, you noticed that you were in a small ice skating rink.

You stomped your foot, “no.”

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SO, the Nessian ending. Maybe she avoids him because that moment she covers his body the mating bond shows up for her? Maybe she gets it before him? And beautiful tidbit I picked up on, at the beginning Feyre questions the "sorrow and longing" cassian looks at nesta with. Then uses the same words to describe Luciens behavior towards Elain- the mate bond is sooo canon lmaooo. Love your blog!

Ahhh thank you so much, I’m blushing ☺️. Anyways, there is definitely a point where I think the bond is confirmed… sort of. Let me hope.
“There will come a day when Azriel has to decide if he is going to fight for her or let her go. And it won’t be because some other male insults her or beds her.”
“And what about Cassian? He’s entangled—and enabling this nonsense.”
A wry smile. “Cassian is going to have to decide some things, too. In the near future, I think.”
“Are he and Nesta …?”
“I don’t know. Until the bond snaps into place, it can be hard to detect.”

There’s also the part where she screams his name and he comes to her… even though he’s in warrior mode.

The main reasons Maas has left so much out of this book is because she needs the basis for the spin off. But she went to far and didn’t conclude AnYtHiNg.

I don’t want to go on a rant about ACOWAR, but let’s just say my relationship with this book is like Nessian. Love-hate, very complicated and very unsatisfying “end”.

BUT NEVER FEAR. Maas is doing and interview in her newsletter apparently answering ACOWAR questions, you may see it floating around. I. Need. Answers.

Music meme!

Put your playlist on shuffle, any medium, post the first ten songs that play. No skips, tag as many people as you’d like.

I got tagged by @cristofalina. I almost didn’t do this one x)
I have WAY too much differents playlists, so I’m picking a random one.

1.  AURORA - Running With The Wolves @snackcakewithshades make me discover this singer, and GOSH ! Her voice is sooo beautiful :D And I love her aesthetic.

2. To All Of You by Syd Matters Because Life is Strange :D <3

3. Jeff The Killer Theme Song (Piano Version) Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Screams cause I love piano covers, and it’s calm and a little creepy, it’s perfect.

4. 「Parody」Mega Stronger Than You ( Undertale )【Jayn】It’s a cover of an Undertale parody of Undertale parody of a Steven univers song…..yea xD Go play that game kids !

5. Paramore: Still Into You I’m really into Paramore lately. For the happy and the sad songs :D

6. Imagine Dragons: Warriors | Worlds 2014 - League of Legends When I started university, we were all playing League of Legends together in the class…. Now it’s not the same anymore, and we all working :x The good old days….I feel old xD This music still give me goosebumps pp

7. Julie Zenatti - (Tango) Princesse Finally a french song o/ haha It’s a tango, and I really want a partner to dance with me T_T

8. Enya - Exile To be honest, I can’t pass a very good voice that crush into you, fill you and make you fly.

9. Coraline Soundtrack “End Credits” I’m really surprise that no more than one music of animation movie have been showing into my playlist. This one is from a SUPER company and you should totally check this one and the others movies they did !

10. Les Rita Mitsouko - Marcia Baila ATTENTION, it’s a french song from the 90′, so you’re warned, it’s pretty weird, but gosh I LOVE it. My parents used to listen to a lot of 90′ musics and I grow up with thoses kind of songs <3

Tagging @snackcakewithshades, @sanshodelaine, @buttones, @moulinvix and @norroendyrd. Shot me with your best musics :D <3

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am i the only one who found harry's performance of ultralight beam in london hot lol it was also a really good cover and i hope he releases a studio version of it

haha, I’m quite sure you aren’t the only one who thinks that! but I certainly thought it was over the top incredible, I loved it so much and you could tell he loved covering it too. it sounded sooo amazing, I could rave about it for days although I don’t think he would release a studio version of it sadly. if the time ever comes around for him to do a live lounge, then I’m crossing my fingers that he covers it again (and/or covers hallelujah aka everything I would ever want from him; a true gift, a blessing)

If you don’t like Polaris in the same amount I do, please unfollow me now. It’s just a warning… you will see a lot of her in the following days because this X-Men Blue cover inspired me a lot. A damn lot. It was just the fangirly drop I needed and now my crazy brain is quelling over with ideas for Lorna… like new fanart, some comics, some fanfictions (accompanied by some comics most likely) and some more things……

BUT if you enjoy seeing more weird Polaris stuff from my side then you are very welcome to stay and give your opinion on my crazy little projects. I won’t bite despite my Transylvanian heritage. *wink*

So… this is how it starts… with excitement, love and an unhealthy obsession.

Boomin (Part 2)

Hi Everybody!! After an incredible response to part 1 of this story, I have decided  to continue it. Thank you all so much for the kind words. Means a lot to me! ]

This story focuses around the time from the instagram post through the last day of the tour (which this year, happens to be Valentine’s Day, so you know where I’m leading with this.) It is long but I didn’t feel that there was a part I could cut out. I do have ideas running for Part 3, so if you enjoy this part and would like another please let me know either by commenting on this post, or messaging me! :)  I really do enjoy reading them! Like/Reblog! Enjoy! 

Sharna woke up about an hour later coddled in the same position she had fell asleep in. She looked to the left and saw him fast asleep, with his face to the ceiling. She smiled and pulled out her phone trying not to disturb him. She opened instagram and saw his most recent post. She smiled as she clicked “like” and then began to comment. “It sure is. @iamvalc” she added the kissing face emoji, 2 heart emojis, and two of the smiley faces with heart eyes.

“You guys are way too cute. I can’t take it.” Lindsay shook her head in an amused fashion.

Sharna smiled and rested her head back into Val’s shoulder.

About 40 minutes later, the driver had announced that they arrived at their hotel in Arizona. The dancers woke up gradually one by one and headed into the hotel. Sharna kissed Val’s cheek to wake him up. “Babe, we’re here.”

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“We always share blankets on the couch, I’m sure sharing the bed for the night is fine too.” with Luke please!! ps: I love your blog sooo much

Luke’s hand grazed softly across your back, tugging you towards him with a yawn.  You stirred from drifting to a slumber against the plush couch mumbling something about the time.  Not quite catching what you said, and not quite caring either Luke just hugged your body, lying onto the couch and shifting his legs to be covered more by the soft blue blanket you’d thankfully brought over for the movie night. 

Ashton was curled into the armchair, completely asleep with the remote still resting onto his lap since he’d taken control so Michael would stop pausing and Calum couldn’t accidentally restart the movie for the third time.  Your eyes scanned across the living room, squinting from the light of the title page of the action flick you never managed to see the end to.  

“Two fifty in the morning.” You muttered, turning your neck to rest your cheek against Luke’s calm heartbeat.  He made an unintelligent noise, eyes closed and a few shivers noticeable.  In an attempt to cover his bare arm with the blanket, you felt little bumps all over the plains of his skin.  It was almost impossible to find a throw blanket that would cover him properly.  “Lu, go to your bed before you start doing that teeth chattering thing.”

“But I’m already asleep.” He replied into the silence created from his mind trying to comprehend your words in his tired state.  You giggled against his chest, unconsciously evoking a reaction out of him that consisted of a lazy smile and brushing his fingers through your hair.  “Okay, let’s go.”

“I don’t want to take up space in your bed,” You countered, creating lines on his forearm as you rubbed to soothe the goosebumps.  “I’ll sleep here.”

“If you don’t move, I won’t move.” Your position on top of him made it really hard to move in the first place.  But the idea of your body, perfectly molded onto his own parting and him being forced to cuddle a pillow for the remainder of the night was the main thing he had no interest in pursuing.  The couch was snug, and would leave him with little cricks in his back.  Even so, leaving you to a slumber alone wasn’t a likable option.


“Hey, we share blankets on the couch,” He smoothened the locks that had ruffled from his fingers, “I’m sure sharing the bed for the night is fine too.”  You looped your arms around his waist, humming for a moment and then letting a little “whatever” come from your mouth.  Resisting the urge to chuckle at how you seemed to want him to carry you, Luke only pushed himself back up, keeping a hold on you that imperceptibly shifted to holding you horizontally in his arms.  Moving slowly half because he was tired and half to avoid stepping over Michael who’d somehow ended up sprawled across the floor, Luke trudged up to his room, flicking his socks of before setting you into his bed.

He rubbed his jaw, watching with lazy eyes as you made yourself comfortable beneath his duvet and settled your head into his preferred pillow.  Not bothering to hold back the chuckle this time around, he scooted into the bed beside you, going ahead and pulling you back against his chest so his chin could rest on top of your hair.  

“Goodnight.” He said softly, nibbling for a second on his lip when you linked your legs with his.

“Sweet dreams, Lu.” 

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Hey there! <3 I love your animations sooo much its so beautiful ;o; On one of your animations, there was a piano cover of Battle Against a True Hero and I was wondering where that was from because its so beautiful. Thank you for reading!

Ahhhh I’m so glad you liked it!!! (T////ω////T) I recorded my piano playing, it was played by ear. Oh I never expected so many people would like it so much… I feel more happy than ashamed now, haha! I only played the refrain because it catches a sad but hopeful emotional feeling… but it will be a little bit longer than in the animation…

I will post it to YouTube and Soundcloud later if you like to download it!! (*^p^*) *draws fanart for that*