i love this cover art


so, I was doing some google image searching and  happened to stumble upon those super cute phone covers by @saisai-chan, and imagined inko having them… only if I had an iphone….

(here’s also the original artwork!)

shjt u h how do you edit out edgy text you absolutely regret putting in your picture when its kind of embedded into a background that took you like half an hour to get exactly right and that you can probably never replicate?? asking for a friend


The Librarians: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

A Court of Mist and Fury alternative cover(Version 1). Art by @merwild . I love so, so much the expression on her face - you can see her determination, her fierceness, and the strength she finally realises she has. And what she could do with it. 


Take Cover // All Time Low


Climb, climb. Tower of beloved corpses.


happy birthday, tosh! @ekubou


I have NO idea what fashion is but I wanted to join the wave of ripped-jeans model @danisnotonfire and then got wild with k-pop styled silver-haired @amazingphil :D Their looks in 2k17 are somehow crazier than ever! And I let myself out with making up outfits! It was fun, thanks to the twitter squad xD

My tribute for @arcanebarrage. No words can explain the way I love this fic. Thank you so much for all those feelings.

Y’all click here and read it! You won’t regret!