i love this couple i s2g

Anyway, I’m fucking done. We have like two animes with actual gay couples. I’m so fucking sick of this. Where is Clannad with two girls?? I want a Tamako Market Love Story with two boys? Where are my damn ghibli movies at? Why can’t a girl help a witch and fall in love? Why can’t a boy fall in love with a transgender robot fairy while also trying to stop dragons from killing off the human race? Where? When? No.6 (and Wandering Son, also) came out in 2011, Yuri On Ice came out in 2016? Why do we have to wait five years for some queer representation (that is not for straight people jesus). I’m so tired. Straight people get their generic straight anime romances all the time. I want my damn high school coming of age story. Why do I only get two! I want some damn shoujo cliches, that doesn’t involve rape and the words “but he’s a man!” Where are they? When will they appear? Why do I have to watch animes and hope, and pray, while straight people don’t even have to think about it. 

I am in no way belittling, Yuri On Ice, No.6, Douyuusei, Wandering Son, but damn if we don’t start getting more representation soon, I’ll do it my damn self. I have ideas. I’ll learn japanese. I’ll shit out fifteen of them every year I swear to god, and I will fight so hard. So unless you want some random american girl always trying to kick your ass ,anime producers, you better start getting your act together. 

Okay but consider this; Chris and Pichit as a couple.

So I’m in the camp of people who will go to their graves for the obviously one-sided crushes that Pichit has on Yuuri and that Chris has on Victor.

 Like I 100% believe that Pichit was super in love with Yuuri for a long time and has had to watch his best friend fall in love with the love of his life and try to just suffer in silence. And I also 100% believe that Chris grew up worshipping Victor and when he first came of age Victor gave him a “birthday present” that Chris has never forgotten and then they had on-again-off-again sex for like three years and every “on again” Chris thought this is it, this time, for sure–

So consider this. Consider Pichit and Chris as a couple.

What if Chris falls in love with Pichit because he’s thoughtful and considerate and all the things Victor wasn’t. He watches Pichit train and sweat and work on the ice. He watches Pichit care for oblivious, anxious Yuuri. He watches Pichit fool around with Leo and Guang-Hong, all childish exuberance and warm hugs and silly smiles. He watches and he thinks, maybe?

And what if Pichit, who loves mystery, who loves secrets, who loves Yuuri because Yuuri has a whole secret person inside of himself, falls in love with Chris for the same reason? Because Chris turns out to be more mysterious than he seems- all bravado on the outside, all charm and charisma, but on the inside he’s smarter, more jaded, more careful. Chris has a whole secret person inside of himself, too.

And they’re both used to coming in second to the people they love. On the ice, in the bedroom, in their love lives. Pichit and Chris are always silver. And now, for the first time, they’re both someone’s first choice. They’re golden. 

And what if, when he finds out about it, Victor gets a little petty and possessive of Chris. And it starts to hurt Yuuri’s feelings, because why does Victor suddenly care so much? But really it’s just that Victor’s never been “gotten over” before. He’s never watched someone move on from him.  And it feels a little….weird. A little bad. A little like coming in second. 

And things start to get messy. Victor’s suddenly around Chris all the time, who doesn’t get it, really, Pichit, I wish he would knock it off, it’s just making me nervous, and Yuuri is getting more and more upset which is making Pichit’s days difficult, and it feels a little like Pichit and Chris are drifting apart, which is wrong, and it’s all getting to be a little too much

So Pichit goes to Victor. He corners him, gets him away from Yuuri, gets him away from Chris, and suddenly its just the two of them- and Pichit is dwarfed by him but he sucks in a deep breath and all of a sudden they could be the same height, because Victor takes one look at Pichit’s face and is immediately cowed.

Pichit lets Victor know, in no uncertain terms, that while Yuuri has obviously made him a better person, the person he was when he was fooling around with Chris really wasn’t that great of a guy. That how Victor treated Chris was beneath you. And beneath him. He deserved better than that. He was so young, Victor. And Pichit lets Victor know, in equally uncertain terms, that he’s better for Chris than Victor was. That he loves Chris more than Victor did. That he loves Chris, period.

And Victor doesn’t say anything for a long time. And when he does speak its to say that  I didn’t….I didn’t mean to hurt him. I just. I couldn’t. I couldn’t be….that. Not for Chris, not for anybody. Nobody until Yuuri. And Pichit takes pity on him, then. Because it’s so obviously true. That for Victor there has only ever been Yuuri. Even now, even when he’s clinging to Chris’s ankles like a puppy because he’s scared– scared of how much he’s changed, scared of the ugliness in who he was, scared that Chris, the only person to love the version of himself that no one else could, is throwing all those flaws and failures into stark relief–even now, there is still only Yuuri.  

Pichit knows a little of what that’s like. 

So he tells Victor to go home. He tells him to treat Yuuri better, for all their sakes. And Victor doesn’t need telling twice. He has a lot of apologies to make, and he goes right away, and when Pichit finds his way home there’s Chris sitting in the hall outside his apartment door with a huge bouquet of flowers and a promise that I really don’t know what Victor’s problem is but I swear I don’t want anything to do with it, I’m so happy with you, Pichit, this is it for me-

And Pichit just laughs and kisses him and pushes him inside, because honestly, it’s just unreal that Chris “I might come on the ice” Giacometti is sitting on his ass in Pichit’s apartment hallway just because there’s an off chance that Pichit *might* be upset, and Pichit thinks spending the rest of his life learning new secrets about Chris might be the best thing he can think of.

And Leo and Guang-Hong in the background are like “listen Pichit none of this would have happened if you and Yuuri had just stayed in our foursome like we said. And everyone is like um FOURsome????? Cause obviously Yuuri’s a ho and didn’t wanna tell anyone but our homebody’s no slouch am i right

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Okay but guys neither of them had ever done couple skating before. Can’t you just imagine them getting FURIOUS with each other as they were learning.

Take your time

I s2g if you make me fall again
You’ll what?

But you’re so lanky
I thought you loved me

Now we just-


Come closer
Stay close to me

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Teen Wolf season 5

Does anyone following me watch it? I want someone I can chat with about the show, especially now that I ship Lydia with someone.

I have literally never shipped Lydia with anyone. No one seemed quite “right” for her. No one seemed to align properly with the best and worst parts of her. Until! Jordan Parrish. Damn fine, great guy, super nice and protective. He taught her how to defend herself and has never looked down on her in anyway, and even when he didn’t know about/fully believe in the supernatural he believed in her, he trusted her, and he never dismissed what she’s had to say.

Lydia being a Banshee is difficult for anyone to handle, even most other supernatural creatures. However, Parrish being what Parrish is, he can somewhat relate to her. He can empathize, not just sympathize. He has experience in fields she doesn’t. He’s not a genius, but obviously likes to learn (as he has a wide range of talents that he’s obviously taken time to learn, and dedication to continue practicing). He’s patient and caring and would do anything for Lydia. He sees Lydia as his equal, and he loves her.

No one else has supported Lydia in growing! Everyone’s only wanted to protect her. But not Parrish. Parrish can tell that Lydia is a very capable young woman. When she asked him to teach her jujitsu, he immediately obliged. He didn’t go easy on her. The only time he told her she might want to take it easy, was when he worried she might pop her stitches. Not because he was afraid she couldn’t handle it, but because he was afraid her stitches would tear, which would slow the healing process, and could possible make things worse. Now, that doesn’t mean he won’t try to keep her safe, he just supports her when she can’t do it by herself. That’s what you do for the people you love. You support them.

tl;dr - I love Lydia Martin and Jordan Parrish together.

Reasons “funny” jokes about hating your spouse need to die:

  • They’re not funny, they’re just sad.
  • They stopped being funny years ago.
  • It makes people seriously wonder why you haven’t filed for divorce.
  • If I hear one more “Ugh, this is what The Straights are like. No wonder they suck” comment from another Tumblr goblin I s2g…
  • There are more ways to add humor to a couple than having them fight, bicker, and hate each other 24/7. Honestly a loving, supportive couple that loves one another so much it starts pissing off their Single Friend would be funnier.

no offense, but you can’t just have lucas friar cup maya hart’s face, look at her with so much love, and nearly kiss her just to use it as a plot device for r*cas. like, y’all better continue with the lucaya development because if this shit gets swept under the rug i s2g i’ll riot

The stages of falling in love with Adrien
  • First time watching ML: Eh? Marinette's crush? Okay I s2g i thought he was a girl!
  • A couple eps into the show: Fine he's nice but I don't see much of his character, he's just... There being perfect all the time... Nothing like Chat noir. I can't see them being the same person
  • Sees "Le bubbler": Oh my gOD! What an awful father he's got! I feel so sorry for him
  • Joins tumblr fandom: *reads every single headcanon and theory of his father pushing him to be perfect all the time* PROTECT THIS CHILD ISNT HE LIKE 13?!? THIS IS TO UCH FOR A CHILD!
  • Sees "Kung food": ADRIENETTE!!! ADRIENETTE!! Aw his Chat noir is showing! Me likey
  • After seeing all the eps where Chat's willing to take a shot for Ladybug: OH MY GOD LADYBUG NOTICE HIM!
  • After reading fanfics about Marientte liking him because of all he's been trough and how strong he is and how his looks are just a bonus, and seeing it fitting perfectly into the show: WELL NO WONDER MARINETTE LOVES THIS STRONG CINNAMON BUN
  • after reading marichat sin: oh my. Oh my. Oh my.
  • Finding the Photoshoot pics of Adrien: hOLY MOLY
  • me: *thinks of Adrien in the middle of my class*
  • Me: *internally squeals*
  • heart: *dOES THE THING*
  • Me: damn Adrien is my crush too