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Oh, HAY, it me, nearly 40 vs me at 14 or so. I’m Cuban-American and neuroatypical. Didn’t start transition til I was 33, and wow was being closeted rough.

So. It’s Transgender Day of Visibility and a lot of folks are going to be sharing their transition pics. Please, please, please resist the urge to tell them they were attractive before.

Speaking from experience: for transmasculine folks, “but you’re such a pretty girl” is constantly trotted out to discourage us from transitioning. As if our only value is in how attractive we look. (And as if there isn’t a shit-ton of misogyny behind valuing women and perceived women only for their looks and treating their appearance as an issue of public consumption rather than personal expression/fulfillment.)

I found only trauma in being told how pretty my girl costume was, because pretending to be cis only brought me pain. Every fight over clothes, makeup, hair, etc. was a night I cried myself to sleep. And I cried a LOT in those days, even if people didn’t see it.

We trans folk have an uncomfortable relationship with being told we’re attractive by cis people. Because “attractive” is almost always code for “cis-passing”. Because, for trans women, their attractiveness is overwhelmingly tied to being objectified as a sexual fetish. Because, for non-binary and non-transitioning people, they still aren’t being told they are valuable and loved.

Here’s the thing, cis friends: transition photos really aren’t for *you*. We share the documentation of our transition as a way to give ourselves and other trans people hope. “Passing” is overwhelmingly an issue of safety, and any joy at putting some of our dysphoric demons to rest is clouded by all these messages that we’re finally “acceptable” to a cis audience.

Transition photos are photos of SURVIVAL. Transition photos document RECOVERY FROM TRAUMA. Just… just think about that.

By all means, tell trans people they are attractive (we do need to hear it from time to time, same as everyone else), but go beyond the obsession with what we used to look like. If you want to know more about transition, Google it, the same way we all had to. Engage with trans folks on their other strengths and talents. That will go much further to signify your allyship.

Yuuri’s costumes from my Viktuuri time travel fic <3 

Trying to keep elements of the canon costumes while also changing things up is hard OTL, but this was generally what I had in mind :0

How to make custom lace appliques – the “Frankenlace” method

A lot of people asked for more info on how I made the appliques that decorate the bottom of Zelda’s gown. Here’s my tutorial for the whole process! This method can be used to make all kinds of applique shapes and designs if you get creative with it.

  1. These lace appliques are made out of other lace – hence the nickname. To get started, you’ll need to collect a few lace trims to use as raw material. Look for styles that are similar or complement each other, because you’ll be combining them. This is some, but not all, of the trims I used. I bought these in the LA fabric district, but most are available at trimexpoonline.com.
  2. Cut your lace down into smaller pieces that are more modular. Don’t cut up ALL your lace – this is just an experimentation stage, to practice rearranging the design.
  3. Using a template of your desired shape (I made mine digitally, but you can hand draw one too) practice arranging your pieces until you find a design that suits your needs. This is not my final design in the picture – I went through several versions before I was totally happy with how it looked. You might discover that you need more lace, which is why planning and experimentation are so important. When you’re satisfied with how it looks, it’s time to start putting it all together.
  4. You’ll need an embroidery hoop large enough to cover your whole template, plus some netting that is as close to transparent as you can find. Most generic tulle is NOT fine enough to do well with this technique – the holes are too large and the tulle stretches too much when handled. Look for netting that does not stretch or fray, if possible. Put some netting in your embroidery hoop, tightening the surface like a drum. I taped my template to a small sheet of masonite to give myself a portable work surface. I also ended up using clamps to hold the embroidery hoop to the masonite, but forgot to get a picture. This is optional, but really helps the design from shifting too much as you work.
  5. Tools for the next step: fabric glue (other brands work too), a small paintbrush, and a water cup. I watered my glue down a little to make it easier to spread with the paintbrush. Be careful not to add TOO much water, or your glue will be too thin, not grip well, and take a long time to dry.
  6. Working in small sections, begin gluing your lace pieces onto the netting. Start at the center and work outward, if possible. Continue until all your lace pieces are glued onto the netting.
  7. Here’s what mine looked like with all the lace attached! At this point, I flipped the embroidery hoop over and applied a second coat of glue over the entire back of the work. The netting is so thin that you can continue to apply more glue from the backside to get a more secure grip.
  8. Optional: add rhinestones to taste. I used E6000 for this step. Not every applique requires rhinestones, but in this case I wanted Zelda to sparkle as much as possible.
  9. Repeat to create as many appliques as you need! Zelda has 8 along the bottom of her dress. Here’s part of my assembly line.
  10. When you’re ready to attach the applique to your fashion fabric, trim away some of the netting along the outside, but leave any “interior” portions that help stabilize the design. I simply glued my appliques onto the silk, but I later went back and hand-stitched them down for a more secure hold. After they are properly attached to your fabric, you can VERY CAREFULLY trim away the “interior” pockets of plain netting using small scissors.
  11. The final look of my gown, after all the appliques and trim were attached.

This method is very time consuming and requires a lot of patience and concentration – but I just love the results! I wanted to achieve the look of professionally-made applique, but without access to industrial equipment, this was the next best thing I could come up with. 

The white-on-white effect is subtle, but matches the look I was going for. Photo by Vontography.

I hope this is helpful to some of you in your own costume projects. Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck!

reasons to date each type


  • isn’t really that shitty
  • long car rides
  • might let you win at mario kart


  • cute couples grocery shopping
  • can bake
  • has great music taste


  • surprise hugs
  • will stay up late with you
  • just imagine movie nights
  • adorable oversharing of things they like


  • wants you to be your best
  • chivalry is not dead
  • they have good wifi


  • will share cool wikipedia articles with you
  • never run out of things to talk about
  • i mean they never leave the house so lots of time together i guess


  • will bring you flowers the saps they are
  • your parents love them
  • enjoys cliche romance more than they will admit


  • probably super hot tbh
  • never boring
  • really good at hugging


  • good hair
  • always ready to make out
  • aLWAYS


  • sometimes they’re funny
  • memes
  • might share their pizza with you if you ask nicely
  • well why not


  • couples halloween costumes probably
  • wants to buy you things
  • says i love you a lot


  • always texts back
  • will mother you
  • is friends with all your friends


  • will share a love for dogs
  • too large sweaters


  • just wants you to be happy
  • doesn’t judge
  • listening to music together


  • um
  • they own a cat
  • how about we forget this dating thing and just pet the cat


  • is adorable
  • makes playlists for you probably
  • good company


  • will fight people for you
  • is good at gifting
  • will never ignore you

David Tennant on the Tenth Doctor’s outfit

I feel like Sherlock would be the husband to use his influence to invite John’s favorite celebrities to the flat to surprise him and then act like he doesn’t know who they are.

“Hello again Sir Elton, remember when I stopped those costume thieves for you? Listen, it’s my husband John’s birthday and he loves you a lot, so if you could stop off for a bit and surprise him, that would be great.”

And of course Sir Elton John would drop everything and come for Sherlock-Fucking-Holmes and they would both be chilling in the flat until John comes home from work. Sherlock will be like, “Quick! Sit in the client’s chair!”

And then John would come home all tired and stressed and like, “Oh, we have a…Oh. My. God. Elton John’s in my flat.” And drop his suitcase

Sherlock’s like, “Who? This is a client.”

John’s face would be like: :O “Don’t tell me you don’t know Elton John.”

Elton be there stirring his tea like nothing and Sherlock will be fake irritated. “What are you on about?”

John will keep trying to tell Sherlock who he is and even sing a few of his songs and his husband will just sit there trying his hardest not to burst out laughing. Then Sherlock will turn to Elton and be like, “Now, why are you here?”

And Elton will smile and be like, “To wish John Watson a happy birthday.”

And John will be like ( ゚o゚) and then Sherlock will turn around with a big ass smile on his face and say softly, “Happy birthday, John.”“

And then maybe after Elton sings him a song or two and leaves, John kisses Sherlock a lot and says, "Thank you so so much love.”

And then the second part after the cake and the surprise is when they go to the bedroom ;)

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Dating Chris Evans might include

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  • having pizza friday’s where you would pick off some toppings and he would complain so you throw them at him and it ends in the world’s cutest food fight
  • being proudly shown off
  • a lot
  • because he is honestly, genuinely confused as to how he got a person like you to fall for him.
  • Him introducing you to Seb and Mackie
  • Seb and Mackie loving you
  • they think you are hilarious
  • you three become the holy trinity of picking on Chris
  • Constantly calling him a bearded dork
  • Seb and Mackie secretly jealous of how damn cute you two are
  • he isn’t a gentleman
  • but you aren’t a lady either
  • left boob
  • cheering for all of Boston’s teams’ together
  • constantly being in the gag reel
  • or being the cause of the bloopers
  • especially Mackie’s
  • he is the jealous type
  • you and Seb would pretend to flirt to peeve him
  • you finding this super cute
  • saying that Bucky is your favourite character
  • him pouting
  • him pouting a lot because he knows you really can’t stay mad at him
  • you cursing him for it
  • you cutting him off during interviews
  • “What can we expect from Avengers; Infinity War. Any new costume designs you are looking forward to?”
  • “Well, I–”
  • “He is seriously looking forward to the new design of striped red and white overalls.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “Yes. Just those. Nothing else in the costume.”
  • “(Y/n)..”
  • “I had help from Sebastian designing them.”
  • prank wars
  • he’s fucking good at them
  • he loves to intimidate cat callers on the streets
  • it’s his favourite hobby
  • Him even looking big in front of the cast sometimes with warning glances
  • you finding that hot
  • the cast not overstepping that line
  • except for Paul because he doesn’t give flying fucks and likes making him pissed
  • both you and Paul laughing in the background

“It was a little chilling, to be honest. I looked so different from myself. Obviously, I’m not going to play this Elvenking like me. No one wants to see that. But, yeah, it was very interesting. The way the character is designed — he’s beautiful, he’s exquisite. There’s something very ethereal about him. But also unforgiving and cold. We figured that out with the way he looks before I even shot a scene. We would do the costume fittings and I would be like, ‘Yeah, he takes up a lot of space this guy. He belongs on a throne.” - Lee Pace

Happy birthday, Lee Pace! | March 25, 1979

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Kind of a weirdly specific question to ask, but do you have any advice for drawing leather biker-style jackets? I notice you draw them in a lot of your stuff and they always turn out great. I have a male OC that wears one and I can always get the top part/collar right but something about the bottom and the way it's supposed to sort of interact with/hang off of the torso while unzipped is really weird to draw and I always end up making it like hug the skin in weird ways. Adore your art btw!!

Hi! Sorry late reply. I love costuming and I wanted to answer this properly.

I A D O R E leather jackets/biker jackets. And a lot of my understanding of jackets comes from knowing how real leather works vs fake leather/pleather/vinyl. Leather is generally very heavy. So its not going to fold or lay the same way a regular jacket or even vinyl will lay. 

So first stop REFERENCE! If you own a leather jacket or a biker jacket try that thing on and look at it in the mirror. Then look at what its doing to your clothes/undergarments. 

If you don’t own a leather jacket (like a lot of people lol. I own a fake one from forever 21) google or pinterest! Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. Its a curse for unsourcing artists BUT is a REALLY good way to put together visual research quickly. I just used google for this so here’s some pics I thought were useful 

So a thing to remember is typically people wear light clothes under leather jackets. Real leather like I said is very thick with an intent to protect as well as look just dang cool. Ewan is an avid bike rider so he’s usually wearing it for bike purposes. Wearing a big sweater or a flouncy shirt under a leather jacket is just going to be uncomfortable.

Leather and fake leather typically hang straight down unless they’ve got a belt at the bottom to cinch in.

So going off of your question about how it would hang it basically would hang straight down and a little away falling off of the chest muscles. Depending on whether the jacket is a very form fitting jacket or if its k inda loose to begin with will add to that as well.

So you’ve got your reference here’s a very minimal tutorial. There’s a lot about fabric and costume drawing theory I’m skipping over.

But typically for any sort of costume. Understanding the form underneath is important. You can fudge it later once you’ve got enough practice at it but its more believeable to just lay in a sketch or a light drawing of the figure on its own. You don’t have to go crazy into detail just remember where the bigger or muscles that are interacting are. 

And then on another layer or if you’re using the same sketch layer draw in that jacket.

Points to remember is where is the fabric being stressed/stretched. Where is interacting with the form. Remember that bottom hems typically move out and up if the arms are outstretched. Even if its zipped the rest of the jacket will still move even if its minimally.  An open jacket is fun to play with with action so don’t be afraid to fake it a little. Don’t go to town on the wrinkles because Leather is a heavy fabric and while it will remember wrinkles in elbows typically it just sorta hangs there. There’s always folds on the sleeves or where the body bends. Don’t forget the details so if it has a zipper remember that zippers have two parts. Buttons and seams are going to make it a more believable leather jacket. 

Example if you’re drawing jeans as opposed to suit pants jeans have reinforced seams because they’re originally intended for heavy duty work where as a suit is typically worn in an office so the seams are cleaner and often hidden. Leather jackets fit into the first group like jeans and since the fabric is so heavy seams are pretty obvious and prominent. Buttons are typically big because they have to penetrate through the heaviness of the jacket. Even fake leather jackets have big buttons/zippers/seams to replicate the look of an authentic leather jacket.

I think that’s the short and skinny of it without getting into a 14 week class on fabric lol. Hope that helps!!


Couples that fight together, stay together



Some first shots of my Taako cosplay! I had such a fun time making and wearing this costume, and everyone’s response to it was so wonderful!! I have a lot more props I’d love to add on, but I’m so happy with how everything turned out! Thank you @daylight-cosplay for taking these photos of me!

A New Sherlock Convention

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Hi all!

So, after seeing many of our beloved conventions begin to close their doors and/or go on indefinite hiatus, a few of us have been kicking around the idea of starting a new Sherlock Convention altogether! We’ve been so sad to see so many wonderful events end and don’t want to lose any more opportunities to gather together as a fandom and celebrate the things we love! While our ideas are still in the works, we want to make this a very inclusive event where you can come celebrate the shows, movies, comics, ships and fandoms you love. Writers, artists, cosplayers, fans and everything in between are welcome! We plan to have lots of panels, costume contests, drinking games, dance parties, artists alley, the works. While this is going to be Sherlock Holmes centered, we do plan to also include events for other beloved fandoms (i.e Yuri On Ice, Check Please, Eyewitness, Marvel Universe, etc). We’ll be asking for more advice on those once we get times/days/places nailed down.

We are fully aware of how much work and commitment this would take and while we are in the early stages of planning, we think we could really make it work with the right support! So we would LOVE to get started on asking for help from our fellow fandom members now! We are considering doing the actual convention in the north/northeastern states of the U.S (Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc.) where some of us are located and are currently scouting out areas to hold the convention at.

If you are in these areas and/or can travel easily to these areas for the actual event and would be interested in helping this new Sherlock Con come alive, we’d love to hear from you! Please send me a message if you have interest in becoming part of our staff and/or volunteering, and I will add you to our Tumblr group. If you are interested in attending this event and/or want to help get the word out, please like and/or reblog as well as signal boost for all our fellow Sherlockians!

*Anyone with convention planning experience as well would be a major help!*

Thank you all very much and we are so excited to make this happen!

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I love this photo so much because
a) Look at that smiley Stefán. It looks like he just had a cute lil giggle about something. He is a such a pretty, handsome boy and I love him
B) Half into Robbie! You can see where Stefán ends and Robbie begins (bc I for one have a hard time seeing the man while he’s in character–such good acting and makeup/costume work)
3. Black V-neck, ahh so hot
IV. Look at all of those pink wigs! Holy shit that’s a lot of pink wigs!
Fimm) There are not one, but TWO professional looking photos of Shirtless Magnús in the God damn dressing room there, like ok Maggi can you chill

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what sooooong. I love lots of her song! but this is so Lance so here you go!! ME TOO!

and this one… I like this mv so much!! and Slumber Party - Britney!!!!!!! love the costume!

Y/////Y hehehe

Hi everyone. It’s good to be back. Today I want to discuss something very interesting and important about a character I love, Lorna Dane. The discussion will focus on Lorna Dane from Deadpool and The Mercs for Money (I only picked this book up for Polaris) therefore, I’m only going to include panels about her. First I want to thank Bunn and Coello who did an excellent job in executing Lorna’s characterization and her beauty. Polaris was really well done both in terms of writing and pencils. I did enjoy it very much :)

Wow. Lorna left many of us speechless because something surprising and crazy happened. Here Marvel once again, made Lorna a badass, menacing and intelligent leader. I like how Lorna and Domino interacted. The debate between them was so perfect that even Lorna uses words precisely like her father. Polaris has vowed to carry on her late father Magneto’s work. Also, I am very pleased with Polaris’ new costume and this is her what……50’s costume? Can’t keep track that’s how many costumes she has. Marvel not only gave her so many costumes, but made her a fierce leader a number of times.

Artwork of the beautiful, strong, confident, badass, and brave Polaris. The depiction tells it all. I really LOVE the Magneto inspiration the artist utilized to create it, from the helmet/tiara, to the overall composition of it, really LOVE IT a lot. @whatadouche-bag  was right about her tiara. It does have a vibe of a warrior helm. Now, let’s take a look on few other panels.

And when the Inhumans showed up, Polaris was the first in battle. She took the first stand on everything just like a true leader. What a ferocious warrior type, I LOVE IT. Those deep shadows on her face remind me so much of her father and no one in this world can deny who is the Queen of Mutants :)

One thing I would like to clarify about this panel here is that the girl with the green Mohawk is not Storm. There were people confusing her with Storm because of her Mohawk, eyes and attitude. Even though I wouldn’t blame them because ironically, in the cover of this issue, it showed her with white hair and not green. I assume this was why they were thinking it was Storm. But what a surprised seeing a green Mohawk when we were expecting to be like the cover depicted. I wonder if Marvel did this on purpose lol. I wonder what Marvel is trying to say about a new girl named Sheath (who might show up sometime soon in the future) with green Mohawk. My only thought would be Marvel’s mocking Storm. “A girl with Storm hair’s style and Polaris’s hair color” Can this be an indication to show how Polaris might look like with a green Mohawk? A Sheath is cover for the blade of a knife or sword (pretty much that’s what she was wearing). She doesn’t show any abilities and/or never shows in description what her ability is. Only that she’s more of a combat/agility who fights with knives and nothing more.

Anyway, the next panel is even more amazing.

Every single one of them were matching their perfect combat. Polaris went to the powerhouse guy called, Lash. I guess she knew he was the hard one but Look at Lorna with her magnificent beauty and very Magneta. Reasons to believe Lash is the strongest (aside from karnak) was because of this

There was nothing negative that I can point out. Of course, some might find something trivial as usual but here you can’t deny the awesomeness of Lorna Dane. Nothing minor in either both issues #7 and #8 of Deadpool. The story is pretty solid, which is what I’ve come to expect from Cullen Bunn on anything he writes. I like the fact that Marvel’s Splash Page is proudly introducing the powered Lorna Dane in both issues :) Marvel left Bunn to depict Lorna as her father’s image to let everyone knows that whether we like it or not, she’s Magneto’s daughter. Also so new readers get to know the Powerful mutants that’s about to become something much bigger in the future. It’s one of the reason why Lorna was dragged in to one of the most popular comics. Marvel is giving us a hint of what a future Polaris might look like. Who took the opportunity to stand up for mutant rights.

Even though Negasonic went back and made sure the fight in the sewers, which would prove lethal to Deadpool (is that even possible), never happened, this issue still gives us a glimpse into a possible future for Lorna. Strong, confident, taking up her father’s mantle. She will pick up where her father left off, continue his wishes, and more than likely come into her own as a leader. Even though she has already led on several occasions.

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On Cinderella versus Beauty and the Beast

When I first saw Cinderella 2015 in theaters and fell in love with it, I was disrespected by a lot of people for doing so, because I was “supporting a movie with sexist ideas that told little girls they had to look a certain way and let people abuse them”. People still argue with me about the whole waist thing, and it’s been 2 years. When I watched Cinderella, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful it was–and I’m not just talking about the costumes. 

With Beauty and the Beast coming out, I see a lot of people talking about how they’ll love it BECAUSE “Belle is better than Cinderella and because it won’t be sexist and has a better message for girls.”

Ella grows up with a very happy childhood, and even when all of this is literally taken away from her, she stays extremely strong and is kind to those who are not kind to her. Despite everything, she sees the goodness in everyone. She doesn’t “need a man to save her” (and if she wanted a prince, what’s wrong with that?). When she goes to the forest, she’s taking a break from her problems, not getting on her horse in the hopes of running into a man. And she literally gives up everything to save the prince and the kingdom. Even at the end, when Lady Tremaine has already done everything possible to try to break her down, Ella forgives her. This is strength, literally the point of the story. “Have courage and be kind.”

As for the corset thing, isn’t one of the main points of feminism to say that women can be whatever they want? That is her real, naturally thin waist, with a corset. Please stop using the corset thing and comparing it to Beauty and the Beast as a reason for Belle being “better.” Ask any person who knows the history behind the fashion–it’s an illusion, and holds the weight of what is a very large dress.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the movie, or these movies aren’t your thing, there’s nothing wrong with that. But just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to dig just to find something to say so that everyone else will be angry about it, too.

Obviously, we’re all going to have a favorite, but can’t we just enjoy both of them without roasting the other? They are both beautiful in their own ways.

I’m sorry this post got long, and I’m not trying to offend anyone, I just want to stand up for Cinderella, and for people to be able to enjoy both of them without comparing them to each other :) If anyone has anything to add, feel free!

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Hi ! Your blog is so amazing and funny .. Can you write about how will shinee act on their wedding day ! Thanks

hi honey! thanks for the love ~ ㅎㅅㅎ 


  • on the morning of, he’s fidgety and can’t bring himself to eat breakfast 
  • when he says his vows his voice is completely steady and he’s holding SO’s hands in his and looking at them like they’re the only person in the entire world
  • after they’re OFFICIALLY married and go to walk down the aisle together *whispers to SO* “hold onto me okay? bc i’m not sure i can walk steadily” 
  • dude he is so glad they got the chocolate fountain he wants to bathe in it but SO said no 


  • just woke up and has cried two times already 
  • wearing a cummerbund and wingtips 
  • blissful af 
  • “this is the reality i wanted” 
  • someone said SO’s name while he was getting ready and he started fanning his face and omg jong you cannot be crying again 
  • “I’M NOT CRYING BC I’M SAD I’M CRYING BC I’M JUST SO HAPPY” @ SO while clutching their face 
  • roo is their flower girl 
  • asks all their loved ones to sing for their first dance 


  • stressed to the point that he’s deadly calm
  • should he have picked a different bowtie??? a tie instead?? 
  • he just wants everything to go well, he’s been looking forward to today for a LONG time 
  • actually calms down once his groom crew was like “you should see SO” and when he saw them for a first look he finally believed that things will be fINE 
  • throughout the entire wedding he keeps sneaking glances at them and smiling SO hard
  • he took classes for waltzing and they move effortlessly across the dance floor 


  • at the alter he’s absolutely beaming and kinda bouncing on his feet bc he’s so excited to see SO come down the aisle 
  • when he sees them can’t help that his mouth sort of drops, he doesn’t even realize it until one of his party nudges him 
  • but there’s pictures of him just looking so shocked and in awe  
  • spins SO and dips them for a kiss 


  • very traditional, no first look until SO comes down the aisle and the priest hears him take a sharp intake and stop breathing 
  • priest: “francesco breathe” / taemin: *noisy exhale* 
  • at the reception choreographed a surprise dance!!!! 
  • it has a costume change and everything 
  • rips off his suit 
  • whips out Danger 

@ natjmd hi love! it’s not best man/ man of honor but wedding!shinee for you in the meantime until i get to your request! 

hamilton + high school clubs headcanons


  • alexander is on the debate team (obviously)
  • hes also in the french club with lafayette
  • the chess team because he wants to kick burr’s ass
  • he is an understudy for all the lead roles in the school’s musical
  • and if they dont need him, he helps with props backstage


  • john doesnt really like sports
  • and the only one he’ll ever play is baseball
  • so his main focus is dance
  • (he loves dance more than almost anything in life)
  • but he also helps alex with props
  • and helps anyone who needs it with choreography!!!
  • and sometimes he joins the choir when they need extra voices for competitions!!! he can learn songs really easily


  • hes in the sewing club at school
  • he also plays basketball but,,, isnt very good at it
  • and gets too angry about it
  • 100% in charge of costumes for the musical every year
  • he makes almost all of them himself and spends hours upon hours sewing them


  • french club (hes that one kid who corrects the teacher)
  • plays the flute in the school concert band
  • joins the dancing team with john
  • also in the choir and gets… a lot of solos
  • laf is always the lead in the school musical, or one of the main characters
  • loves to sing the songs…. e v e r y m i n u t e o f e v e r y  d ay


  • angelica loves volleyball with all of her heart
  • and has been on the varsity team since ninth grade
  • she also plays tuba in the school concert band
  • and sings all of the female solos in the school choir
  • (her and laf have had to do a lot of duets)
  • and gets really big female characters in the school musical


  • also in the choir and leads the harmony for her section
  • plays flute with laf in the school concert band
  • but plays the soprano saxophone in the jazz band
  • auditions for the musical; gets a small part
  • but she doesnt mind as long as shes with her sister!!!
  • also on the gardening club
  • and has been on the track team since ninth grade


  • peggy is the girl who plays almost every sport
  • but her specialty? basketball
  • can shoot more 3s than youve ever seen a girl in high school shoot
  • and will definitely play basketball after high school
  • does hair and makeup for the musical, because not everyone knows how to deal with angelicas hair…


  • on the swim team
  • the type of person who can step out of the pool at 5 am and look absolutely flawless
  • tried volleyball in grade nine; didn’t like it
  • joined the debate team for a while because she wanted to be with alexander but then got scared of jefferson because hes… an asshole
  • also plays trumpet in the school concert & jazz bands


  • lead tenor in both of the bands at school
  • co-head of the debate team with alexander
  • also plays basketball, volleyball, and soccer
  • but his specialty is ultimate frisbee
  • thinks the musical is dumb but still auditions every year and gets mad when laf gets the part he wanted
  • probably switches to lights after that


  • james doesnt do a lot at school
  • but he plays the triangle in the school concert band
  • is in charge of sound for the school musical
  • doesnt do any sports himself except for the school golf team
  • but he does go to all games to support thomas!!!


  • aaron is the second clarinet in concert band
  • and plays jazz keyboard as well for the jazz band
  • HEAD of the chess team 
  • tries to audition for the musical, and no matter how good his audition is, he doesnt get the part
  • but hes at least… assistant stage manager???