i love this cosplay i love the character

My Morrigan cosplay as seen at Fan Expo in Dallas this spring.  Captured by Firebird Images on Facebook!  As always, everything made and modeled by me. <3  Check out my other cosplay and Let’s Plays: facebook.com/emalynde 

Aaaand happy birthday to Ink created by the lovely @myebi / @comyet ~~!

Kinda messy again because booy I gotta learn, haha :”D

Next two weeks will muuuch exam happiness for me, I can’t waaait for that!

But anyway, I shouldn’t be rambling on the birthday picture of that lovely boy! I should be more thanking Comyet for creating that awesome squid!! He’s a cool character to work with and boy, I had so much fun with drawing and cosplaying him!

Thank you so much for making him! He really changed my life (in a very very good way >u< @unu-nunu-art knows it~ )!

I really hope the next woman of colour in Star Wars is a character like Padmé. Soft, fashionable, classically pretty. Feminine, a woman who knows how to hit with her words, one who is dearly loved, to the point of worship, by her love interest. A woman of colour whose fashion y’all salivate over, who is regarded as the epitome of beauty, and has a defence squad. A woman of colour everyone just has to cosplay, because she’s that iconic.


Today is a very special day to me! It happens to be my birthday! I love you guys all so much and appreciate all the love and support that is always thrown my way! Without you guys I would be nothing.

Today I would also like to celebrate #28DaysOfBlackCosplay‬ with me. As a black cosplayer in the community I face the troubles others face as well. Not feeling good enough, not feeling talented enough, not able to express myself or my love for certain characters as much as I’d like all due to the hindrance of my skin, but with recent years I feel like I’ve come to love and appreciate my roots! With each new cosplay I can see a clear improvement.I am able to look beyond my skin and fight off all the negativity and shade. I’ve made so many lasting bonds and friendships through the cosplay community as a whole and I simply cannot thank you guys enough! If you have a passion I say always strive for it! Work hard and try your best and success will always be around the corner! Dont let skin color, gender, race, or anything hinder you from cosplay who you want to when you want to! Lets keep creating beautiful art together!

Please post some other cool cosplayer that you know and love! I would love to see their cosplay pages!


I’m always amazed by how creative fans are, by the fanart, cosplay and enthusiasm. I love seeing different interpretations of characters. One thing that’s surprised and delighted me is the way that in art and fan castings there’s a sort of Universal Laurent who rarely varies other than in hair length, but that there are lots of different, highly diverse Damens. I love the idea that each reader is experiencing the book with an individual and distinct Damen. I’m always fascinated by the way that the book is first written by the writer, and then in a sense written again when it is read by a reader, who brings their imagination and ideas to the story.
—  C.S. Pacat

Wig Hack Wednesday #5 !
Have you ever wanted to use the same wig for that one character who can’t decide if she wants to wear her hair in twin tails or let her hair down? (Aka Nozomi from Love Live) Or, have you found a perfect wig color for your character but the wig just doesn’t come with a back-parting? Well, here is one way you can fufill your cosplay goals on a budget! Also good for when you want to re-purpose a wig for different characters.
For this demo, I’m using a Venus in grass green from Arda Wigs. I love this color and the length is perfect for Mallow from Pokemon Sun and Moon. My goal is to add a back-parting to the Venus base wig but make it detachable in case I wanna use the wig for other cosplay.
- Part the wig down the middle in the back, and clip the hair away on each side. Cut the hair from the inside layers of the wig to use as wefts for this project. By leaving the outer layers uncut, when you tie the wig into twin tails or let the hair down completely, it will hide the trimmed part
- Use Tacky glue (or other glue that dries clear but flexible) on the tip of a small piece of hair. Use your fingers to squeeze the hair flat to make sure the glue covers all of the hair on the tip of that piece. Wait until it almost dries
- Put more glue in the back side of the piece of hair by the tip. Press the hair piece down onto a strip of soft felt sheet. I happened to find a nude colored one that matched me, but you can use acrylic paints to get the level of color you want (paint the felt strip prior to the start of the project) Also, I find that holding up the felt strip and pressing the glued hair down allow more control and help create more “curve” shape from the center part
- Once you finish gluing hair down on the whole felt strip, turn it over, and hand-sew some wig clips on the back side. 1 inch spacing between each wig clip worked well for me. You’ll need about 4-5 wig clips for the whole felt strip
- Now you can clip the felt strip onto the main wig in the back. Make sure you leave two small pieces of hair from the main wig at the top where your felt strip would go
- Clip the felt strip in place. Make sure it doesn’t come off when you tuck on it. Take the little piece of hair from the main wig that you left out earlier, and section it in half on each side
- Criss-cross the hair pieces to hide the “seam” of the top of the felt strip
- Comb and blend the hair from the main wig with the hair from the felt strip, and tie your twin tails
- You can unclip the felt strip later and comb down the hair to use the same wig as a normal long wig!
Another good thing about this method is that you can use your felt strip for other projects if you buy other wigs from the same company later and in the same color. Or, you can turn an ombre wig into twin tail style for J-fashion shoot and wear the wig as a long wig the next time. This is not the “best” way to do back-parting, but I wanted to focus on being cost-effective and easy enough for beginners to attempt. Have fun wiggin’!



Seeing as he’s anime nerd himself he’d be totally be fine with it. you two would probably have long discussions about the plot and what you think is most likely to happen. Dates would most likely include binge watching anime series and LOtS OF FOoOoD!(and puns)

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suga wouldn’t really care whether you liked anime or not but I feel he a lowkey fan so he definitely wouldn’t be like ‘ oH nO plES geT mE ouT oF hERe’. He totally wouldn’t pass up the chance to use your pAsSiOn for aNimE as excuse for a cosy date.

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jhope would probably imitate anime characters on daily basis for you. i totally see him wanting to playing anime charades with you. watching anime with jhope would always be lively even if the anime you were watching was dull. Jhope is the type to scream and not be able to sit still when an episode gets intense but hey at least you have someone who’ll cry w/ you when it hits you in the feels. He’d probably be good predicting what happens, to the point where you get slightly frustrated.

“ Stop sPoiLiNG it fOR mE”         

“it’s not SpOiLinG if i haven’t WatChEd it”

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Namjoon, like the others wouldn’t mind. He would totally watch anime with you. Namjoon would probably gravitate towards more supernatural/thriller animes. Puzzling storylines and complicated characters would be right up his street!

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Like all the members. HE. WOULDN’T.MIND. He would just simply enjoy watching you watch anime

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ANIME NERD ALERT¡  He would totally love the fact that both of you share the same passion for anime. Seeing as he has said he likes to end his day with an episode or two, therefore this bunny would be v happy (probs. would be more episodes but their schedule is so tightT.T).

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Anime marathons E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y and not to mention a whole load of character impersonations (Probs. has sailor moon cosplay outfits overfilling his closet)… This kiddo loves anime and would be over the moon to know you do too. 

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Admin noodlecat

Here it is! My “Ahsoka Untold” costume that I’ve wanted since they revealed her cancelled Season 6/7 design at The Clone Wars Untold panel at Celebration Anaheim (the look they repurposed for the novel cover). I love obscure or alternative costumes of well-known characters. I’m so proud of how this labor of love turned out; I made absolutely everything from scratch EXCEPT for the saber hilts, which are from Solo’s Hold. More photos soon! I will be wearing this costume to Celebration Orlando in a week and a half! Photo by @thereallucasmccoy


haiba alisa is a beautiful lesbian and i hope she actually has heterochromia in the anime

i’m actually really proud of sarah from the amazing world of gumball because even though she’s annoying loOK WHAT HAPPENED TO HER ART



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why do you even mind if ppl reblog ur art for their identity lol i also sincerely hope u know theres a big difference btwn kin and fictive. youre coming off as rly rude tbh

Many artists mind when their art is used in ways that makes them uncomfortable.

And you know who’s rude in 99% of cases? Guess who.

So far I’ve had
1) my art used without consent by kin/fictive blogs
2) my own characters used for kin/fictive blogs
3) people tagging my selfies in cosplay as #me #id
4) people using my own character as a “coping mechanism” which means excusing their irresponsible drinking/smoking behavior with “I am the character!! I can’t change that” in crytype. basically blaming me for their addiction
5) people tagging my works as if it was made for them, ripping it off all context and meaning and artistic purpose

And that makes artists very very uncomfortable. This hurts an artist’s feelings, okay? This is literally stealing identities. I’ve put so much effort and feelings into my stories. My OCs are shaped by relationships and friendships and traveling. My stories are shaped by my experiences and love and bad thoughts and how I cope with them. My cosplays have been weeks of work and they contain memories and love and dedication. And I don’t think I have to explain why some Italy-kin/fictive tagging a picture of me and my closest friend in cosplay as #me makes me uncomfortable, do I?

My characters are mine and my art is mine and my fucking face is mine, too. Those things are on the internet for people to enjoy because I, the content creator, want to share that stuff. But my art aint some damn “common good” that you can just claim and use however you like.

Also both fictives and kin blogs pull this shit. So …. what’s your point? I know there’s a difference but there certainly isn’t a difference in shitty behavior from what I’ve seen so far. 


Guys I love sparkles. Throw back to some photos from 2015! Oh my god we’re already in 2017 arent we? Aaaaah.
@royallily’s amazing Bloom cosplay that I was just absolutely in love with. Yeah okay, I’ve never seen the show but you can tell just at a glance that this woman absolutely nailed this character. And those wings right? I know she paid a ton for them, I cant remember where she got them from but they were just so pretty and had such a nice natural reflective glow to them and matched the costume so perfectly.
Nailed it babe. <3
Also it’s come to my attention that the colors are distorted on the mobile app. Try checking it out on desktop.


Imagine being told that the universe is full of light.
Once you open your eyes, the light will guide you and comfort you in your darkest moments.
Now, imagine realizing that the light exists, but that you’re blind, you’ve always been blind, and you’re never going to see anything.

» Theron Shan, The Lost Suns

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I need some advice. My gf desperately wants me to cosplay lance with her, (klance it up man) BUT I'm as white as paper. I've tried to argue with her about it but she insists its fine. I mean I can get tan but not tan enough, yknow? I just don't want to upset someone with my pasty ass cosplaying our bootiful brown boy. Do you have any tips on how to go about cosplaying him, or to be able to get up the courage to not disappoint the fandom? Thank you and ily aaahh qvq

I’m pale as hell and I cosplay him!      I just say go for it!  don’t alter your skin for cosplay though.  If you happen to get tan (because hey man its basically summer now and you can’t help it if you go outside on a sunny day) then that’s fine, but I wouldn’t do its specifically for cosplay. and absolutely do not use makeup to make your skin darker! that ain’t cool. 

honestly, don’t pay attention to the fandom.  do this for yourself. This fandom is really toxic and you shouldn’t look for its approval.   If you love lance then go ahead and cosplay him, show your love for him! because he’s a great character and cosplay is literally for being able to have fun and dress up like your favorite characters, it shouldn’t matter what other people think.