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What are your top 3 reasons to watch trollhunters?

1. The plot. Don’t let the first couple of episodes fool you; its complex and interesting in the same vein as Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, and the whole show is heavily driven by the plot, like a drawn out movie. I find it nicely paced as well. I was never bored and always wanted to keep watching to see what happens next. 

2. The relationships between the characters. They’re just so genuine and well-developed and great. I especially love Jim’s friendship with Toby as well as the complicated dynamic Jim, the hero, has with Strickler, a villain. Also the makeshift family that forms between Blinky, Arrrgh, Toby, Jim, Draal, and (later) Claire.

3. The villains are multi-dimensional and morality in the show itself is not black and white. You have villains being tempted to do good. Heroes being tempted to do bad. Villains who aren’t wicked by nature. Villains who join the heroes. A hero you discover initially began as a villain in the past. Heroes who have prejudiced and flawed ideals. It’s wonderful. Contrary to most family-friendly stories too, one of the rules of Trollhunting is finishing the fight as opposed to believing killing a villain makes you as bad as the villain, something I really appreciate.

Those are my top 3, but there’s so much more, my dude.

100 Reasons to Love Woozi

okay, so miss @cheollies pushed me to do it so i guess i’m doing it. normally, i don’t have the patience to put so much energy on an idol, but i have nothing to do, so why not.

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  • let’s start on his talent, since he is an idol.
  1. his soft toned voice. it kind of the sounds like clouds. or like when you pit your head down onto a puffy pillow~ in the bridge on habit, his voice sounded so pillowy and pretty. then he projected and it just has this lovely honey-like rasp to hit, but god it still runs smooth.i went all silent and i couldn’t bring myself to speak for another whole 20 seconds because i was just so mesmerised by his voice?
  2. his dancing and how smooth and agile his movements are? he’s really light on his feet it’s really nice to watch his dance style.
  3. ok it fascinates me how graceful and wow his hips move in a way that adds some femininity to his dancing, but like in a nice way.
  4. With Me.. just that whole performance was great. i’m getting flashbacks of the thing he did with his arm and my pure soul is being tainted
  6. he’s the cold artist. there ain’t no other one, he’s thE cOlD aRtIsT – it’s Iconic™
  7. his music producing and lyrics wow. he knows how to make a bop~

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  • of course, talent has less affect without showmanship
  1. following from his voice, the passion which he sings with in ballads
  2. the way he uses the mic stand/staff. he grips it in different ways and in different places to show portray the mood and his passion. it changes a lot in each song
  3. the way his face scronches (like one side of his face squishes with chARISMA),
  4. the way his jaw would clench,
  5. the way his hand would sway,
  6. the way his head would lower and
  7. the way he looks at the audience when he gets into a song or feels the beat of the music.
  8. his stage presence is subtle in a group, but PANG! he OWNS the stage when he’s up there on his own

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  • miscellaneous cute shit
  2. his natural aegyo
  3. the way he denies his natural aegyo
  4. his cringeworthy, disgustingly endearing, saccharine aegyo. (cue: oppaya)
  6. how he deadass points at other members and laughs at their misery
  7. when karma hits him for laughing, his soul physically leaves his body and you can see that shit
  8. that thing he did when he buffed his chest out at the ISACs bc jungkook did it
  9. the thing he does where he slips his hands to the back of thighs when he bow
  10. how obnoxiously he laughs. this bitch HAS to hit something whether it’s the table, clapping or other members
  11. “i don’t like skinship”
  12. *flops onto jeonghan’s back and koalas him* bc he contradicts himself too often for me to let him get away with
  13. how he goes into Soft Mode™ whenever jeonghan’s involved. HE BOUGHT HIM CUTE SOCKS. that’s the only kind of pampering i need in my life
  14. his friendship dynamic w seungcheol.  he would get all pouty and does the whole innocent thing like when seungcheol was like “he never buys me lunch” and girl,, u can HEAR his innocent voice and i  D I E D
  15. the way he’s technically seungcheol’s fiance bc mister coups d'etat decided to announce that they’re gonna be married
  16. his handshakes.. the one w joshua is sO COMPLEX. is this what boys do? spend 15+ whole monutes coming up with complicated friendship handshakes??
  17. ok i just love his friendship dynamics,, gOd we gEt it mOVE ON @ ME
  18. his habit of playing w other members’ hair. jeonghan, joshua and hansol have been victims of this an it’s soft as heck
  19. he jumps when he’s excited
  20. DENIES HIS CUTE REACTIONS,, in one fine day Japan ((SPOILERS)) he got lost and found the group and he got so excited hE JUMPED W HIS LITTLE SWEATER PAWS FLAILING AND HIS STUPUD GRIN I- W O W
  22. his love for puppies (probably why he’s friends w seungcheol)
  23. WILL OTHER MEMBERS JUST LET HIM LIVE IN HIS PART OF HEALING? they always doing some shit at concerts
  25. not to be scatterbrained, but jihoon said he doesn’t need words to describe how close he and cheol are. i love friendship?????
  26. his dying red panda screech in the karaoke vlive when they sang flying duck (not to be off topic, but somehow, seungkwan still sounded perfect and i didn’t know that wonwoo’s voice . was capable of making those noISES)
  27. when he puts on a baby voice like he did in the weird boyfriend video call thing on channel+ singing lean on me
  28. how forced that boyfriend video call on channel+ was actually kinda cute
  29. the way he hecking swIMS IN HIS COATS, JACKETS AND SWEATERS
  30. especially that one black and orange coat he wore to airports a few times. you could deflATE HIM BY HOLDING HIM TIGHT IN YOUR ARMS AND THAT IS CUTE
  31. srsly imagine huggin him and hearing a *POOFfFf*
  33. how much he is into fashion these days AND the way his fashion choices have recently transcended fashionable into questionable
  34. softest eater. he crafted the art of monchingss~
  35. the way he physically loses control of his body sometimes when he laughs
  36. the fact that seungcheol has to kill mosquitoes for him. what a pampered bitch
  37. both his tiny, reserved bopping in that karaoke live just before his birthday AND the less tiny and reserved bopping at that korean restaurant in LA
  38. his lovely eye smiles
  39. the way he PPPFPFTFFFT then laughs sometimes
  40. he said he associates himself w a red panda in a japan magazine
  41. the weird “nnaaaghhh” sounds he makes or his creaking “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”
  42. his confused face is the cutest confused face to exist. like when the one he pulled in caratland whisper challenge
  43. ok the way looking like shiro from shin chan is his thing is the cutest thing.
  44. HIS LITTLE DRAWINGS. i’ve seen a smol rose drawing, a cat drawing, WHICH SOMEONE MADE INTO A REAL PLUSHIE and i, a lee bongbong stan, just love it.
  46. when he judges someone. his face of sheer disgust is amazing. priceless. 
  47. his friendship with ailee (i watch too many jihoon and ailee interaction compilations)
  48. him singing other members’ parts or random songs at the background of videos like Lay Me Down by Sam Smith in one of their mv making videos for their Seasons Greetings, i think it is (in his ultimate manspread, but we don’t talk about that here. this is reasons to LOVE him) and other stuffs like in the chirstmas super junior Show Me Your Love cover~~

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  • miscellaneous attractive shit
  1. that look ^
  2. his ping pong skills and the amount of pride he has of it?
  3. he’s got good shoulders. like really good, broad shoulders
  4. he’s also got very defined features, even if it’s often not captured on camera and gOd the nooks and dips of his structure is Good Shit
  5. his good hands. his pretty pretty piano hands.. ; 3; his fingers are so nicely structured and boney but in a pleasant way
  6. his skin is so perfect. i swear, throughout his entire career as an idol, he has had one breakout and that was just a single pimple. LEAK YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE, LEE JIHOON.
  7. that picture where it looked like he only shaved his thighs,,
  8. ok but the way he holds himself up is like,, very masculine. how do i even describe it? like, aura. composure? idk but it’s cool and i like it
  9. HE’S SO SMOOTH WITH CARATS LIKE “we shall meet tonight in your dreams”
  10. NOT TO MENTION  WHEN HE GAVE A CARAT HIS HOME ADDRESS AND HE WAS LIKE “why does it matter?” *insert fire emojis*
  11. the time he went off on a rude fan. he was explaining something to her and she had the audacity to slap him away and i was like b i t c h  e x c u s e  m e :)
  13. 78. his general hand skills? have you see the way he spins his mic and pens? that’s secksi
  15. his adlibs;
  16. his super high harmonies (like the one in Because of You where he did that subtle super high harmonies on top of seokmin’s strong one);
  17. the way he squeezes his eyes shut;
  18. his dimpols;
  19. the way he jerks his body
  20. and the way he bends down w his body turned one side when he belts.
  21. again,, the way he handles his mic staff. as lovely and passionate it is, it is also v secksi
  22. his fuCKING LEGS are superior to the ones of a model
  23. remember his tank top in crazy in love dance practise? me too.
  24. he look great w smokey eye make up
  25. ok when he got the whisper challenge right in caratland a few times after hearing seokmin’s wrong message was pretty hot
  26. his voice sounded really nice yelling
  27. the way he shaded a fansite after she was exposed for being mean to other fans
  28. he’s really smart and witty and observant and that’s hot
  29. ok he did this dance in one of the shining diamond concerts in australia where he danced to careless whisper and i was ready for the ground underneath me to just crack and quake open to welcome me to hell that was a good video eyes emoji eyes emoji -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xTD9Dkzsn8 (you’re welcome)

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  • the couple in front of me just spilled their bottle of water and i’m trying so hard not to laugh why am i like this send help i need to get all sad and serious right nOW so let’s move on to deep shit
  1. his diligence and how he persevered through debut until now with the burden of writing seventeen’s songs. he cried on camera back then and to this day, it still breaks my heart and fills it with admiration until this day. plus, he’s often seen at the back of seventeen videos practising when they’re in their practise rooms. e.g. boom boom (santa ver.)
  2. the way he talks with his hands and stutters a lot really shows how carefully he chooses his words to articulate exactly what he means and wants to express
  3. how much he values honesty in his lyrics and the way he expresses his honesty through creative personas in songs. i heard that downpour (소나기) is an abbreviation for “memories” and don’t listen in secret ?? wow. smile flower? WOW
  4. how comfortable he is with the members warms my heart. he’s so awkward on external variety shows with a host he’s not too familiar with, but when he’s with the other members with the camera, he’s so much more playful and seemingly in his comfort zone and it just warms me how much he loves and cares for them. i mean, he recently started to open up more in variety shows and seeing him growing more comfortable in that aspect of his job also fills me with joy. what he creates in his job makes me so happy, so seeing him grow into his job is just nice to see, y’know? if you watch videos from star show 360 vs yang and nam show, you’ll feel happy for him too and that’s a good reason to love him, i feel.
  5. when he cried in caratland when they were all singing smile flower. idk it was just beautiful. the way he started crying in the second chorus then he sang his own line before the talking part and the he really really cried. it just got me thinking how much they must have been through especially through the treatment of them from the pledis staff. they weren’t very nice
  6. simple could go with lyrics, but i want to talk about it separately.
  7. the song was built around my “in this world, i’m not even worth dust” which he talked about in Orgel Live
    i was crying watching that
    i love the lyrics,,  he felt small looking at stars.  we’re all insignificant and nothing is real in a literal sense, but not depressing a depressing way.
    so trying to see things in a more simple light and holding ones and things close as priorities and that being the source of happiness unlike the whole meritocratic preached by adults and everyone around us. fortune and success is often based on luck. but our values aren’t , so the idea of focusing on those while having enough to stay alive is just so nice and that’s just one song.
    i don’t think i should talk about anymore lyrics apart from this one, or this list will never end
  8. the way he said that carats are his confidence instead of some fanservicey kinda thing in the Diamond VCR. it’s nice bc honestly, we, as fans, can’t solve their problems. well, maybe financial problems, but we can’t make stress go away, so i just kind of appreciated the honest answer and the idea of acting as this source of positivity about himself. yes, lee jihoon, you’re a great, talented dude who we all appreciate and i’m glad he feels appreciated and acknowledges and appreciates our appreciation and it’s just nice to have this realistic side of things.

Because they were one of my favourite things about Young Justice…let’s talk about the Nguyen-Crock family in Earth-37. Yes, these guys.

In this case, I’m relying pretty heavily on Young Justice as my source, partly because their Cheshire interests me more than her comics counterpart, partly because I love complicated family dynamics, and partly because…well, this was my first exposure to at least three of these characters. Also I don’t want to inflict a nuclear genocide on Qurac because a) it seems rather pointless, b) it completely changed the trajectory of Jade’s character and c) I really, really don’t want to use the ‘throwaway Middle Eastern country’ trope. So Qurac is going to be just fine and Jade is getting her Young Justice characterisation.

Jade and Artemis Crock were the two daughters of Lawrence ‘Crusher’ Crock, alias Sportsmaster, and Paula Nguyen, the Huntress, a pair of minor-league supervillains who caused chaos all down the Eastern Seaboard. When Jade was twelve and Artemis was eight, Paula broke her back escaping from the scene of one of her and Sportsmaster’s crimes, took the fall both literally and figuratively for her husband’s crimes, and was sentenced to six years in prison. Jade, unable to cope with the thought of living with Sportmaster’s verbal, emotional and now graduating to physical abuse without her mother there to soften the blow, shed their father’s name and ran away less than a year later. She offered to let Artemis come with her, but Artemis, only eight and still hopeful that the family could be together and stable again one day, refused. Jade already knew where she was going - Crusher Crock had done occasional freelance work for the League of Shadows, although only in cases where the League did not want to risk one of their own operatives, and she knew already that if she were to join the League, there would be nothing Sportsmaster could do to drag her back even if he wanted to. She found Talia Al Ghul in Gotham, and petitioned her to allow Jade to join. Talia, amused and impressed by Jade’s impudence in making such demands, accepted Jade as her own protégée, and brought her into the League. Artemis, meanwhile, was being raised alone by Sportsmaster in the Gotham Narrows, although Sportsmaster was careful never to take jobs in Gotham itself for fear of drawing the Bat’s attention to his last bolthole. The less said about this part of her life, the better, really.

When Artemis was fourteen, her mother Paula was released from prison, divorced Sportsmaster and removed Artemis from her father’s care and Gotham as a whole, moving them all the way across the country to Star City and resolving to go straight this time for good. Jade was now eighteen, going almost exclusively by the alias ‘Cheshire’, and had two years earlier begun being sent out on missions alone by the League of Shadows. It was during this period that Jade first came to the attention of the Titans, whom she would come into conflict with several times throughout her career, and most notably when she first met Roy Harper, the father of Jade’s daughter Lian. It was a year after their mother’s release from prison that Artemis took to the streets as Tigress. I’m borrowing a bit from comics canon here, in that Artemis does have a minor meta ability in the form of an enhanced sense of smell to aid in tracking, and also that she is not primarily an archer, but a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter who occasionally also uses crossbows.

also I don’t know what’s more painful, the fact that carlos has to deal with cruella calling her furs/cars her “baby”/“her true love” in his presence or the fact that he hates admitting the truth that his mom barely shows the same amount of attention to inanimate objects than her own flesh and blood, despite being controlling and possessive over him

not a trick question, the answer is ALL

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Why do you ship Darklina?


Ahaha no just kidding. That’s a terrible thing to say with these two.

Cut for R&R spoilers, probable profanity, and me talking way too long about fictional characters in a not very serious way:

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halt and catch fire - the halfway point of season 2

so i watched 2x05 this morning and i have a lot of feelings regarding this second season so i thought i’d share my general thoughts

first off i cannot emphasize how much the shift in focus from cardiff and joe/gordon to mutiny and cam/donna helped improve this show

mutiny and all it’s employees bring such an energy and raw excitement to this series that was missing in the first season when the focus was on the corporate world of cardiff and ibm

and off course the cam/donna relationship that is at the center of the plot this season is my favorite dynamic of the show, i love their complicated working relationship and their shared drive to make mutiny a success

their arguments are just so entertaining to watch and you can really understand where both of them are coming from, still, i feel like cameron does not appreciate the sacrifices donna makes for their company

i think one thing that is lacking in their relationship at the moment is its emotional core, their connection has been mostly professional at this point but through their heated confrontations, they’ve slowly but surely been edging towards a deeper and more personal bond which i cannot wait to see fully explored

this season cameron has shared most of her intimate moments and personal development with tom, who looks like a serial killer btw

i don’t mind their relationship, but i don’t like it either, it’s just boring to me

as for the episodes, my favorites have been eps 3 and 4, i think they reached a series high with those two installments, and it isn’t a coincidence that these were the episodes most rooted in the mutiny plot and cameron and donna’s work dynamic

my favorite scene of arguably the entire series is the one in episode 3, when donna and gordon are greeted by a furious cameron at the mutiny house after they lost all their data

from a pure plot perspective, the reveal that this was all gordon’s fault was handled really well, early on in the episode gordon sends sonaris to mutiny and i personally did not think much of it, i just thought that moment was added to the episode as an expression of gordon’s newly inflated ego, but for that to come back and bite him and everyone else in the ass was shocking and extremely thrilling to watch

that said, i think what this scene really excels in are the character beats, it is completely understandable that cameron would still be pissed at gordon for removing her os from the giant and for all of that pent up rage and resentment directed at gordon to explode to the surface felt completely earned

what helps this scene be as powerful as it is, is the writing, in many cases the characters of hacf tend to talk in obvious metaphors and anecdotes, but this scene didn’t feel like one long extended metaphor, it felt real

the implications of the accusations and insults cameron was throwing at gordon were powerful to say the least, especially when she said “your wife is doing things that you couldn’t even imagine”

i can break down and dissect that one line for hours but i’ll spare you

what i want to quickly touch on before i end this recap is that although the show really excels when the focus is on the women and mutiny, joe is still a weak point that threatens to pull hacf down, which is evident in ep 5 where there was more focus on him and thus a lesser episode as a result

his storyline is not that interesting but i think the real problem is rooted in his characterization, the writers just do not know what they want him to be

when they figure him out, this show really will become quality tv in every aspect

Whovian Feminism Reviews “The Husbands of River Song”

I have fallen madly in and out of love with River Song’s character multiple times over the course of her story. I was swept off my feet by “Silence in the Library,” cringed throughout most of “The Wedding of River Song” and “The Angels Take Manhattan,” and found that River could somehow still tug at my heart in “The Name of the Doctor.” Brilliantly and implausibly, “The Husbands of River Song” had me falling madly in love with River again. It was fun, full of wit, and managed to strike the perfect balance between Christmas cheer and melancholy. While it was a beautiful send-off for River Song, it also crystalized all of my complicated feelings about the Doctor and River’s relationship.

The Doctor has now had to say good-bye to two of his dearest friends in two consecutive episodes, the poor guy. Even the TARDIS is feeling bad for him and attempting to cheer him up with hologramatic Christmas antlers. But as he embarks on his last journey with River, I wonder how much he’s truly changed following Clara’s departure. While he eventually understood and accepted that his time with Clara had ended and that he had to let her face the Raven, he’s reluctant to let River do the same. 

The Doctor’s attitude towards endings — and River’s enabling of that attitude — has always been one of my major concerns about their relationship. I could accept the Doctor being petulant and childish about having to say good-bye to his friends if it was treated as such, but instead River tacitly condones and feeds into that attitude, especially in “The Angels Take Manhattan.” The Eleventh Doctor was practically throwing a tantrum over the possibility that Amy would leave him, and River responded by breaking her own wrist to try to give him hope that time could be re-written. She then told Amy: “Never let [the Doctor] see the damage. And never, ever let him see you age. He doesn’t like endings.” Instead of challenging the Doctor’s behavior and telling him to grow the fuck up, River accepted putting herself through physical and emotional pain to try to protect the Doctor from painful truths. It’s an incredibly harmful and self-destructive attitude.

But now River is up against a post-Series 9 Twelfth Doctor. Clara has forced him to accept that he can’t keep avoiding endings for his own selfish reasons, and this time around he’s the one telling River that “not everything can be avoided.” But although he has finally stopped postponing their last night together at the Singing Towers of Darillium, he’s still looking for loopholes to prevent River’s life from ending. There is the loophole that River knows about (their last night on Darillium will last 24 years) and the one she doesn’t know about (her new sonic screwdriver will allow the Tenth Doctor to upload her consciousness to the Library after her death). 

I thought seeing the Doctor present River with her own sonic screwdriver and preemptively ‘saving’ her from her fate in the Library would make me happy, but instead, it’s left me feeling incredibly conflicted. In spite of the Doctor’s protests to River that times have to end, he’s still postponing her death for his own selfish reasons. We know now that River’s life in the Library’s computer isn’t entirely a happy one, and that the Doctor never visits her again after uploading her. So although the Doctor has managed to find one last loophole to make him feel better about her sacrifice in the Library, he saves her without thinking about whether or not living the remainder of her life in a computer database is what she would want.

Of course, there are legitimate reasons that the Doctor “has” to give River this sonic screwdriver. In part, he’s trapped by his own past. He remembers that his older self planted the sonic screwdriver on River so that his younger self could upload her consciousness, so he has to do the same thing to avoid a paradox. But there is a certain tragedy to the fact that right when the Doctor finally accepts that everything ends and everybody dies, he has to trap River in a bootstrap paradox to appease a younger version of himself who hasn’t learned to accept that yet. 

But although the Twelfth Doctor has finally learned to accept that everything ends, he can’t stop himself from being bitter about it. In a pique of cynicism, he tells River that there’s no such thing as “Happily ever after,” to which River responds: “Happy ever after doesn’t mean forever. It just means time. A little time.” 

It’s the same lesson that River, Donna, and Clara have been trying to teach him since “Forest of the Dead.” They may not live forever, but they lived happily in the time they had. River may hope for one final loophole to extend her time with the Doctor, but she doesn’t resent endings like he does. Like Clara, she’s not afraid to Face the Raven when her time comes. And there’s a lovely visual parallel in the Doctor and River’s final moments together on the balcony. As the Doctor prepares to say good-bye one last time to River, knowing she is about to go to her death in the Library, she is cloaked in a mantle of black, Raven-like feathers.

Although “The Husbands of River Song” left me feeling conflicted about River’s death, I was ultimately very happy with where it left River and the Doctor’s relationship. The Doctor was finally confronted with his worst behaviors in their complicated marriage. And I just love Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston’s dynamic together.

This is entirely my personal feeling on the matter, but I never really bought into a romance between River and the Eleventh Doctor. For some reason the chemistry between Kingston and Matt Smith never felt right to me, and their grand romantic moments (e.g. their confrontation in “The Wedding of River Song”) usually left me feeling uncomfortable. But the Twelfth Doctor and River Song just clicked for me. There was something about the way Capaldi played that scene with Kingston when River finally realizes “the Surgeon” is actually her Doctor; the adoring tenderness in his eyes, the quiet way he says “Hello, Sweetie.” I was 100% sold in that moment.

Beyond the inexplicable fluctuations in a fangirl’s shipping preferences, there were other tangible reasons I finally appreciated the Doctor and River’s relationship. In a series of quiet moments, the Doctor is forced to question his role in River’s life. When River says that men automatically believe any story they’re the hero of, you can see the Doctor quietly questioning whether or not he has overestimated his importance in her life by casting himself as the hero of her story. When River confesses her fear that she is going to die soon because her diary is nearly full, he realizes that his actions have inadvertently had an awful impact on her. And when she tells King Hydroflax that the Doctor never loved her, and the robot confirms that she truly believes it, you can see the Doctor’s quiet devastation that he has left her with this impression. And it all happens without River romanticizing his behaviors or tacitly condoning them. This time River doesn’t say “Never let him see the damage.” This time the Doctor is forced to confront all the damage he has caused.

In their final confrontations, I can see glimpses of the romance I wish we could’ve had earlier. The Doctor and River have always been at odds with each other, moving backwards through each other’s timelines, and have tended to view the other as a legendary, almost monolithic figure. To River, the Doctor has been a figure which has alternately controlled and guided nearly her entire life from birth. To the Doctor, River is alternately a mystery and a tragedy waiting to happen. 

This episode occurs at a rare moment where they are on nearly equal footing, but they still can’t quite see through the legends they’ve built up around the other person. We have River’s impassioned speech about how the Doctor is as distant as the stars and impassive as a sunset, and her quiet observation that you can’t expect a monolith to love you back. And then we have the Doctor quietly confessing in the last scene on the balcony that he views her as a monolithic, larger than life figure too. He hints that, to him, she has been as distant and incomprehensible as the Singing Towers. This, more than anything else that has occurred between them, is the true tragedy of the Doctor and River’s marriage.

But I think what I loved most about “The Husbands of River Song” is that this was truly River Song’s story. We finally got to see what River is like on her own: an adventurer, an archaeologist with a sonic trowel, a bit of a rogue and a thief, and a more destructive brand of time traveller. She isn’t afraid to take the knowledge she has about the past, present, and future and use it to her own benefit. 

And we finally got on-screen confirmation of River Song’s bisexuality, including on-screen flirtation with another woman and canonical confirmation that River has been married to at least two women. The next step, of course, would be to have a relationship portrayed on-screen, and to show on-screen displays of affection and romance between women that go beyond a silly “we kissed to share oxygen” moment. But I’m pleased with what we got in this episode. I also love that fandom has headcannoned River’s second wife as Clara. All I’m saying is that Big Finish or the new spin-off “Class” should definitely use this idea in the future.

Most of all, I loved how this episode gave us a glimpse into the legend of River Song. We were frequently given hints of River’s exploits outside of her adventures with the Doctor and often told that she was almost as legendary as the Doctor himself, but we never really got to see that play out on-screen. But this time around, the Doctor is the side-kick in River Song’s story. She completely owns the stage and it is her actions that drive the plot. Most of the time, it’s the Doctor who is standing around looking impressed while River is doing something extremely clever. It’s a nice way of re-centering the story around River and her actions after so much of her narrative in Doctor Who has revolved around the Doctor. I just wish we had more time to see this side of River Song before she left us for good. 

SHIPPING INFO // answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. don’t reblog.

Kit/Ella of course, though I’ve got a few crackotps like Adam from BATB & Ella. But they’re just in my mind.

Pretty much anything, the ups and downs of relationships are fascinating to me, so just… anything really. Nothing abusive though, I will not go there.

Well its verse dependent, but for Ella’s main verse I’d say anything over 15 years is awkward unless it’s a verse where immortality is present. If the character is old enough to be Ella’s dad there’s gonna be a problem.

Definitiely. I’ve had bad ships in the past, though whatever just happens I let happen. Ella is someone who would probably fall in love quite easily so I gotta look out for my girl.

Anything that would be inappropriate for someone else to read to their family members is NSFW. That’s probably an odd way to think of it but still.

@thefallcn and I have had some discussions…

Yes just because I think if a ship is started we should know each other well enough. I’m both spastic and slightly insane in a sense of spamming about my ships occasionally, and I wanna make sure that’s okay. Additionally I ship a lot of things, and don’t necessarily believe the other person will ship it too, so I will literally sit here for a long time in the dark about whether or not you ship it too. I’m that dense.

Whenever it happens it happens. I’m not here for shipping.

Hell to the no times infinity. I’m here just for regular interaction, and if ships happen ships happen, I’m not focused on it.


This fandom I don’t really have one.

Get to know me and Ella firstly, there had to be communication between me and my characters and the other person and theirs. Interest is key on both sides. Tell me if you ship it though, like I said I’m dense as all get out, and I’ll stay silent so as not to make things awkward for a hundred years if I must…which is certainly problematic if the characters like each other. And just a few things already stated. Also, no forcing. I will not ship with forcing at all…it only makes for drama.

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Hiddlesworth fic recs

Thorki is certainly my #1, but occasionally, I find myself in the mood for a little blond-on-blond action. I started reading Hiddlesworth because a few of the Thorki authors I love write it, and I’ve never looked back! Here are a few Hiddlesworth fics worth checking out if you haven’t read them.

“And My Hands are Tempted Once Again” by @curds-writes is so damn hot that it’s a fic I’ve gone back to several times when I’m in the mood for porny Hiddlesworth goodness. Chris is a porn star who breaks in newbie Tom for his first shoot, only to find that the chemistry is amazing but there are complications getting in the way. I love the power dynamic between the two and the sex is super-steamy.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3458084/chapters/7587875

“She Works Hard for Her Money” by @dangereuse has manipulative Chris getting Tom to dress up in lingerie for him in order to pay off a debt, and then forcing Tom into all kinds of compromising situations. The setup really does it for me and the dynamic is red-hot; if you’re ok with dub/non-con, you’ll find that this fic is deviously good because it’s wrong in the best way possible.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4572696

“I Forget the Difference Between Seduction and Arson” by townpariah is amazingly dark, lush, and atmospheric - honestly, I wish this was expanded into an entire series. Inspired by “John Wick,” Chris is a former hitman who is approached by his old boss’ son, Tom, who will do absolutely anything (read: ANYTHING) to get Chris to work for him again. This is a home-run on all possible levels.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3372728

“Between Us Now, Two Thrown Together” by @fickleobsessions is a very satisfying one-shot homage to E.M. Forster’s “Maurice,” with Tom as the upper-class gentleman who is drawn to lower-class Chris. The sexual tension between them is especially delicious since they have to hide it in public.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/460897

okay here’s the thing. everyone should be watching Empire. like i don’t want to tell you what to do or anything but please watch Empire??

like it has

  • canonically queer main characters
  • strong female characters who aren’t all strong in the same way and aren’t just this cookie cutter archetype of what a badass woman should be (also a bunch of really diverse body types)
  • a canonically bipolar main character
  • brother dynamics?? i know how tumblr loves complicated relationships between brothers 
  • a lot of hot people. like. so many hot people.
  • a kick ass soundtrack. like i don’t even really like hip hop or r&b but i really love the soundtrack a lot??
  • stylish as fuck characters like everyone knows how to dress themselves this is a blessing
  • as much of a social justice agenda as they can fit into the first season of tv show without it getting pulled. they talk about police brutality and racism and classism and the system of racially-motivated inequality in the US (!!!)
  • diversity!! the show has at least two white main characters and a ton of white side characters it’s very inclusive (also two different bi-racial queer couples and a bunch of bi-racial relationships you’re welcome)
  • basically just watch this show okay