i love this coloring do you love it too

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i really hope Sunny goes for pastel pink someday. Her bubblegum pink hair suited her so much and i love soft colors too, they really fit our sunshine girl! what colors do you think would look nice on her too?

omg, she would look amazing with pastel pink hair. or even rose gold, that would be so cool. I loved her hair colors during igab (except maybe the green lol) but that particular haircut she had did her absolutely no favors, ugh. i think it’d be cool if she did a silver/grey color like taeyeon had for like a week, but i also really liked the blue/turquoise hair she had during this igab perf (dont remember the date at the moment.) i also wouldnt mind if she did the same shade of blonde she had for hoot again ;;;;;


one gifset per episode  
shigatsu wa kimi no uso 「 四月は君の嘘 」 ► departure  ( 04/22 )

Maybe there’s only a dark road up ahead, but you still have to believe and keep going. Believe that the stars will light your path, even a little bit. Come on, let’s go on a journey! ” ( spring will be here soon )

I LOVE HAIRY GIRLS!!!!!!!! i don’t mean blonde peach fuzz hairy (i do love you too but) I MEAN THICK COURSE BLACK HAIR ALL OVER YOUR BODY!!!! hair on your upper lip hair on your belly hair on your legs hair on your arms hair on your back i love it all!!!!!!! you aren’t gross or unsanitary you are beautiful and it’s okay to love your body hair!!!!!! this is for my trans girls my girls of color this is for all of my beautiful hair-tastic girls who’ve been shamed for it, i lvoe you



[ Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 ]

Vibri (Vib Ribbon) // Demoman (Team Fortress 2)

Hornet (Daytona USA) // Blue Falcon (F-Zero)

Parappa the Rapper // Xoda Rap (Noitu Love)

Gunstar Green and Seven Force (Gunstar Heroes)

Part 6! No Heavy for Team Fortress 2 because he gets plenty love already. I tried emulating the flatness and folding distortions that Parappa suffers in the game but that’s -very- hard to do being 2D and having these color limitations, you have to distort a -lot- to make that effect come across, and when you do, it looks too weird and not easily recognizable. Hopefully some of it still comes across to you?

  • Aries: Starboy // You talking bout me I don't see your shade, switch up my style I take any lane
  • Taurus: All I Know // You sleep one eye closed, to scared to get heartbroke
  • Gemini: False Alarm // She always leaves the man she loves, but the diamonds are forever
  • Cancer: Attention // Tell me how to love, it's been too long
  • Leo: Reminder // All I wanna do is make that money and make dope shit
  • Virgo: Secrets // It's a lie, a lie, I catch you every time
  • Libra: I Feel it Coming // You don't need a lonely night, so baby I can make it right
  • Scorpio: Six Feet Under // Real love's hard to find, so she don't waste her time
  • Sagittarius: Party Monster // I'm like, got up, thank the Lord for the day, woke up by a girl I don't even know her name
  • Capricorn: A Lonely Night // Better when we're both apart, we're no good for each other
  • Aquarius: Rockin' // I'm actin' reckless baby, I'm 'bout to lose it all
  • Pisces: True Colours // So if I love you, it'd be just for you

do you remember the one epic 10s moment when jin held yoongi’s hand smiling so brightly on MAMA? that affection gave me so much energy and i just have to draw something of it (I am in love with ink recently)

these arts are much inspired with @paulettejosatelier ‘s style. I always adore how neat she draws (also love the color blockings too!) You guys definitely have tho check her out! :D


Whatever happens, you will come back.

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oh my gosh i love your writing so much? i always look forward to seeing more of it on my dash ;u; !! would you maybe think about doing a neighbor kihyun if you have time please? i'd love to see you write it asfdpih (also i hope school isn't stressing you out too much and that you are getting enough rest and you time)

find neighbor!wonho (here) ~!

  • is picky about everything, but in a good way. like he wants to keep everything pretty and organized
  • labels his containers
  • likes his pinks, yellows, and whites. that’s what his color scheme is from his white sheets to his pink toothbrush to his yellow curtains
  • “jooheon i know that this is a gift with the best intentions, but you know my thing is stripes. im not a polka dot person. im sorry, i just am not. but ill accept these slippers anyway because i love you”
  • likes to get sewing tips from the old lady down the hall
  • nags at kids who make too much noise in front of the building and he’s always going on about respect and being polite 
  • but once he saw a cockroach in his bathtub and yelled so loud he woke up the entire floor  
  • isn’t afraid to admit that he thinks stuffed animals are cute and therefore has a giant moomin on his bed. it’s cute and yes he hugs it at night 
  • takes care of his skin so well he gets compliments from everyone because he glows like the people down at the grocery are just like omg what products do you use and kihyun will gladly share his tips. he’s a sweetheart 
  • you know kihyun because like well who doesn’t????? the kids call him uncle kihyun because he’s always scolding them and the older people refer to him as the prince of your apartment complex because he’s always dressed so fancy and does his hair well
  • but on the off-chances that you’ve seen him you haven’t ever talked with him or caught his attention
  • mostly because you’re always in a rush to get to work/school. like you’re not a morning person, but kihyun seems just dandy in the morning and you’re like how
  • and it’s on one morning that you find yourself particularly messy because you stayed up all night to finish a long paper and you forgot that you had an interview later in the afternoon but you had no time to get ready
  • so you managed to put on a decent interview outfit, but your hair? your face? your overall moral? your outlook on life?
  • bad
  • and when you get into the elevator you’re thankful that it’s just you till someone comes running down the hall and slips in last second and it’s kihyun
  • looking absolutely perfect and energized and you’re still trying to brush your hair to where it looks acceptable and maybe get something on to cover your dark circles
  • and you don’t notice but kihyun is watching you a bit and he sees you stumbling, tiredly into the train station with your bag half open and when you get into the train
  • kihyun suddenly sits beside you and you’re like uh,,,,,because there’s a bunch of free seats the stop near your house is the first stop for that line
  • and kihyun is like “here let me help you.” and you’re like ?????/
  • and he takes your brush from your hands and moves your shoulders so you’re facing him and he puts his own bag on his lap and pulls out a bunch of stuff
  • and basically gives you a makeover right than and there. and im not talking like full on makeup, im talking just the basics to help you look like you know,,,,,,,,you’re not dYing
  • and he gets the knots out of your hair, the dark circles covered, some mist sprayed on. he fixes the collar of your shirt, and even hands you a granola bar because he’s like “i can tell you didn’t eat”
  • and when he’s done you don’t feel anywhere as bad as you did when you left your house and kihyun grins because he’s like “this is the first time ive seen you smile since we got into the elevator together”
  • and you tell him that you’re thankful, that you have an interview today too and he’s like “you’ll do amazing!!!” and you’re like,,,,thank you,,,,,,,for making me look presentable,,,,,rofl
  • and when it’s your stop kihyun gives you another thumbs up and you get off and can’t help but keep smiling because,,,,,,,wow he’s,,,,,,,,so sweet?????
  • and the day just feels so much easier because of your time in the morning with kihyun and your interview goes well
  • so well that when you’re heading home you get an sns that says you passed the interview and you’re so happy you do a little dance on the platform
  • and once when you finally get home you’re surprised to see kihyun on the bench outside your building and you go over and say hello and he grins and asks about the interview
  • and before you know it you’re telling him everything that happened and when you tell him you passed he pats the top of your head and you’re like ,,,,,,o,,,,oh
  • and he’s like “i knew you could do it, you’re so hardworking - ive noticed that about you” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,he????? noticed me??????
  • and kihyun is like “as a reward, let me go buy you some good snacks”
  • and you try to refuse, but kihyun is like no no you deserve it!! and as you shyly pick something out and head to the counter kihyun is taking out his money and the cashier is like “you two look cute together, has it already been past 100 days?”
  • and you’re speechless because omg what
  • and kihyun looks over at you with a smile and he’s like “nope! this is our first day, you could say.” and the cashier is like AW how cute
  • and you’re like alhdgjfsdds what,,,,,,,,,,,does he mean by that
  • and as you’re walking back home you want to ask but you just nibble on your snack until kihyun leans over to take a bite of your food and you’re like hEY 
  • and he’s like “so, what do you think about that?” and you’re like “what?” and he’s like “about this being our first day,,,,,,i think we can make it to 100 easily.”
  • and you’re like is he???? asking me out???? and kihyun before you guys get back inside is like “so? want to meet in the morning again and we’ll ride the train together?” and you hesitate but in a small voice you go “like,,,,,,a couple?”
  • and kihyun grins and gives you another thumbs up like “yes. like a couple.” 
  • and you’re red in the face as kihyun comes closer and you think he’s going to lean in and??????? kiss you 
  • but instead he goes “i like the messy you even more you know?” and you’re like wh,,what does that mean and he pets your head again messing it up just a bit and going over to open the door
  • and yes the next morning as you’re rushing again, you think yesterday must have been a dream
  • but when you open your door, kihyun is there by the elevator waiting for you

Menma & RTN-Hinata :3

I prefer Menma’s black hair tho <3
I think Menma’s personalities like Sasuke+Garaa..
He just too shy to say “i love you” to RTN-Hinata, but he finds her cute when she annoyed or sulking (you can say Menma is sadistic type)..

And for RTN-Hinata, i love to draw her with lipstick! XD
When she married with Menma, she dressed carefully and not-so-openly (i mean, she not showing her skin quite often)..
Still temperamental and always seducing Menma.. 
But she also always nagging when Menma didn’t do what she says :B


The entire Fa (Hua) family from “Mulan” in 1/6 scale (11″) doll form! We recently made these on commission and I absolutely LOVE how Granny came out especially!!!! She’s my favorite!!! I also love Matchmaker Mulan—her ‘white’ makeup and uncertain face was really fun to do and I loved making her gown more accurate style and colors. Fa Zhou (Dad) and Fa Li (Mom) were also incredible to make! I was so pleased and honored to have the opportunity to bring these wonderful characters to doll form! We also made all Mulan’s outfits from the film, too. :) Hope you like them!!! (What do you all think of Granny?! Isn’t she soooo cute!!!?!?!?

@love-disney-dolls @disneylimitededitiondolls @arianbutlerart @disneydollscollectiblesandmore @disneyledolls

It’s the fusion mermaid brigade!!
based on @asheface ‘s mermaid design!

I love their colors so much! Ashley’s original version is here! and it is 👌🏻👌🏻👌 hahahahah their pearl string is to die for, so damn cute!

Now there are only two left and you know very well who those two are so I’m saving them for tomorrow with the poster with all of them together! I am so damn happy with everyone’s response that I feel I could explode! the point was to make you happy and share this with everyone to show that we do have amazing people in this fandom too! we should celebrate that too! this show is about love!

When you look into my chocolate colored eyes, can you not tell?
When i laugh a bit too hard and a bit too long at your jokes, isn’t it obvious?
The fluctuation in the tone of my voice when I speak to you doesn’t give it away?
Can you not see how in love I am with you?
Do you not realize that i’d give up everything to just hold your hand ?
My love for you feels like a stab to the chest, but why don’t you feel it too ?
—  isn’t it obvious ?

“You the god-mother are you sure?
“Yes, do you disapprove?
“No. Quite the opposite, it makes me happier than any man, any king has a right to be..”

Please, please, don’t any of you leave this world if Trump wins. Just because he won doesn’t mean you won’t have people to love you for who you are no matter what skin color, race, gender, or for being LGBT. Please don’t go, i love you and so many other people do too. If you need anything at all send asks or dm, i am always available. Stay alive for me and your friends and family ❤️

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do you have a favourite hair colour on all of them?

*do you really want to hurt me plays in the background* how dare you do this to me

  • taehyung:

is this his natural hair color? because i love it the most, he looks great with it, it’s my favorite by far

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this is my second favorite because it fit his skin tone so well and he was feeling himself when he was a redhead and i’m down for that

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  • jimin

black all the way!! he looks too good with black hair

Originally posted by bubbleflexe

but i loved this color too it was so cute

Originally posted by vminv

also the blonde and the silver… he can pull anything off, even the pink :(

  • jungkook

all time fave !! also all time fave outfit this was just his era i need to see this look again on him now that he’s buff af

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  • namjoon

this look was everything i love it so much it just fit him so well, the hair and the hairstyle and everything 10/10 would thirst over the reason why i got into kpop and bts

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  • jin

i like his natural hair color a lot more than the blonde look, i’m glad he’s done with that, imo he looks much better natural i mean

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  • hoseok

i mean without a doubt it just suited him so well and screw him for this gif honestly

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also he can pull anything off i didn’t like the new color and then i saw him in that robe rapping and i changed my mind

  • yoongi

i saved him for last because ???? when has a hair color looked bad on him ??? never. but my all time faves are black with that undercut, you know the one !! 

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and blonde!!

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