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So, I wanted to wait until I got at least 404 followers because, well, web humor, but beyond that – there are four-hundred and five of you and that’s a lot of people to want to write with Claire and those that I admire from afar for being such excellent writers. You all have made my two months or so on here a wonderful time in your own way and I cannot thank you enough. You are lovely, incredible and I just can’t put it in to words how blessed I am to know that four-hundred and five people are following me. Thank you so much.

First, I want to begin this with some honorable mentions for people that have made me feel so welcomed here. 

calisvolCat!! You’re the first one here who made me feel so incredibly welcomed in the Hellsing RP community, and I’ve said it time and time again that without your help to flesh Claire out, I wouldn’t have the exposure I do now. I feel so blessed to be one of your RP partners and have the amazing famship that we do right now. Every reply you give me is phenomenal and you’ve influenced me time and time again to better my own writing, and for that reason alone, you’re so special to me. Thank you for challenging me to be a better writer and thank you for being my friend! 

whiteknightxmadhatterFaith! I just – guh, where do I even start? Your Xerxes is what made me get interested again in Pandora Hearts. I love how incredibly dedicated you are to what we have with Claire and Xerxes. When we had them first interact, I wouldn’t have ever thought that I ship the two of them as hard as I do and yet, here we are. Beyond that, though, you’re a very talented writer and whenever you tell me about your reasoning for Xerxes’ actions, I can tell that you definitely do your homework on them and that makes me really happy to see in the roleplay community. Thank you so much for being my friend! 

eidetic187: Veronica! Without you, my Criminal Minds verse wouldn’t be as incredible as it is right now. Your portrayal of Spencer is flawless and your writing hooked me back into the incredible TV show and for that, I’m deeply thankful to you. You’re such a sweetheart to talk to on Skype and goodness – your writing is just stellar. In addition, what really made me, for lack of a better word, sold on you as a person was the first or so post of yours that I saw on my dash just a couple of days after I followed you for your support regarding OCs. As someone who plays primarily OCs, that really made me smile. You’re a wonderful person and I hope for nothing but good things for you in your future! 

unversohnlich: Mary! I just, gosh – I could ramble on and on about how utterly in character your Satsuki is If it wasn’t without you, I wouldn’t have both of my amazing Kill la Kill verses going. Your Satsuki is what made me start to really get in to the series as a whole, and I’m really glad that I watched it from beginning to end. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – your portrayal of her is incredibly in character and I’m really blessed to have you as a friend. Thank you for writing with me and for talking with me on Skype. 

godrobe-freshblood: Olivia! Okay, so I just – gosh. You’re such a talented artist as well as a writer, and quite frankly, I envision a lot of what you write for Senketsu to be what he’s doing in the show. You make him out to be so much more than a sailor uniform – you make him out to be a human, and that is honestly such a good thing to see. I’m still smiling weeks later from the accolade you left for me on your, I think, 400 follow forever and I’m just so pleased to have you in my life. For the few times we’ve talked on Skype, you’ve been nothing but a supportive friend throughout and have made me feel included in the Kill la Kill community. So, thank you. Please keep being amazing and I hope that nothing but good things come your way! 

Without further ado, here’s who I always love seeing on my dash and interacting with! 

                                                     ᴛʜᴇ ᴇsᴛʀɪᴇ’s ᴄᴏᴜʀᴛ

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I tried my best to include everyone that I love seeing, so I’m very sorry if you were missed! Please do know that I extremely appreciate you being one of my followers and you are a beautiful person inside and out. Again, thank you everyone for your interest in Claire and I hope to have so many more incredible threads and experiences with you all!