i love this character so hard

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*everyone freaks out with theories about the anti vs dark vid while I'm here laughing about anti and dark being all like "wat the heck everyone we're trying to fite" <3 love ya reverse

That was so funny! Especially Dark, who’s so used to getting what he wants and being in charge. I finally got to see the bloopers, and the staring contests between Mark and Sean while filming made me laugh so hard.

Poor Sean having to do all the goofy Anti glitches literally inches away from Mark! I would’ve died! And Mark trying not to break character had to be the hardest thing he’s ever done hahaha

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What's your fav johnlock video and fanfic?

OH GOSH Nonny!

I love how y’all always ask me what my one and only fave fic is, and I can honestly say it’s so hard to choose, and one of the asks I got ages ago has sparked me going through all 500+ of my Ao3 bookmarks and for me to categorize all of them, LOL. So yes, a list is coming soon of ALL my ALL TIME FAVE Johnlock fics.

But today, if you’re asking me RIGHT NOW which fic I want to re-read at this moment? Today it’s:

Triage by scullyseviltwin (E, 51,612 w. || Character Injury, Introspection) – Sherlock’s mind goes exceedingly, devastatingly quiet and gray-blank. When he speaks it’s through a thick haze, it’s through molasses, he’s so disconnected from the words that it may as well be the unconscious shooter speaking.


Our Enthusiasms Which Cannot Always Be Explained by withoutawish (M, 32,961 w. || Christmas, Fluff and Angst, H/C, Post-TRF, Case Fic, Mild Gore, Sherlock Whump) – The list that is tacked haphazardly on the refrigerator of 221B reads, ‘Kidney(s), and/or a full cadaver (preferably male, late 30s, under six feet tall), bag of fresh toes, sixteen cow’s eyes (corneas retained), dual exhaust hand –held flame thrower, an unopened first edition copy of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, and no less than ten abhorrently gruesome murders in the upcoming month.” The one neatly hanging next to it simply reads, “Sex.” One of these lists is not John Watson’s. If John Watson were to put what he really wanted in list form, to live in a land somewhere beyond ‘almosts’ now that Sherlock Holmes has indeed returned to him, he would never be able to look his flatmate in the eye ever again.

Probably because I just reread them and I love them both so much.

As for fanvids? I actually don’t watch a lot of them, but these ones have always hit me in the right places:

And those ones too, tumblr won’t let me embed them lol. 

Enjoy lovely!

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Hello! I love all your work! I was wondering what would it take for a situation involving MC and another guy (platonically, of course) to make Seven, Jumin, and Yoosung jealous? How would they react? I love how you portray the characters, and I'm really interested to hear what you think! You dont have to take this request if you like ^^

Thank you! 


- Believe it or not, if another guy can make you laugh, he gets jealous.

- Not just any kind of laugh- One of your hard, tearing up kinda laughs. He prides himself on getting you to laugh like that, especially if you don’t laugh that hard at other’s jokes. So when another guy does it? Jealousy.

- He’ll usually put his arm around your waist and try to make a joke that he knows will have you rolling, even if he has to make a funny face or quote an inside joke. Something that will have you laughing harder than the other guy managed to pull out of you.

- Once you’re done hanging out with your friend, he might try to slip in a few curious questions on how funny the guy is, or how often you laugh because of him… The jealousy might be easy to spot then, but he wouldn’t let it progress further than that.


- He wouldn’t get jealous often, considering he knows better than to worry over you liking someone else. He may be protective at times, like say if his father gave you a once-over, or if someone at a party didn’t realize who you were with and started flirting.

- I don’t think he would be jealous of you being around another man. He would be trusting of you, and there may be a moment or two he might worry, but he’s very practical and doesn’t bother himself with such emotions. He’d feel secure in your relationship.

- But….There may come a point in time where he gets jealous of you.

- Many, many, people have tried to get on Elizabeth 3rd’s good side. The only other person she was slightly friendly with was V or Jaehee, due to how often she might see either of them. But him coming home one day, and his precious Elizabeth 3rd is too busy laying in your lap to come and greet him? That would make him jealous.


- Listen, this boy is so insecure that so many things would make him jealous. He wouldn’t act out on most of them- Just quietly hold it in until he got over it. 

- But complimenting another guy about any manly qualities? And he’s moping around a bit. He tries not to let it show, because he knows you love him, he just needs to work on himself. Sometimes, he just needs a little confirmation.

- He wouldn’t mention anything until you both were away from your friend, and he definitely wouldn’t do anything like ask you to not visit him anymore, but he’ll ask just a few small questions that are very obvious.

- It’s sort of cute, but it’s easy to cure his jealousy by peppering his face in kisses with a reassurance or two about how he’s the only one for you.

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One of my favorite things about RC is how distinct his expressions are in the present. Even the smug grins look different from one another! I feel like each expression has its own story to tell, providing a glimpse into his mysterious character.

Right!! I am having so much fun just staring at his face. I really love how he’ll look smug one moment but then emotionless the next, he’s definitely a hard cookie like his brother. I think my favorite expression of RC’s (so far) would have to be this one, he looks so condescending!

Though it’s hard to make an unbiased judgement about how different RC is to his twin, considering that we know OC very well but don’t know his brother at all. I for one am kinda inclined to take the things he does on a purely surface-level, which makes it difficult to see things impartially.

EG: when we see OC interacting with people he’s usually pretty cold and emotionless, especially when he has the power in a conversation much as RC does right now. However with OC it’s easy to look past this since we’re not really seeing him from an outside perspective, we know he’s not as cold as he first appears! But if this was all we saw of him he’d seem as bad as RC does.

So I’ll believe RC is the same as his brother until proven otherwise, I hope we find out! I want to see him crack a bit.

Me: Man, I don’t really know who my favorite Camp Camp character is??? It’s one of those rare shows that has so many good characters that it’s hard to choose from. I just love them all.

Max: *has a teddy bear named Mr. Honeynuts*


Ego Videos?

Mark promised there would be more ego videos, even one for each persona yet he kinda haven’t got that.
We got one for google and maybe if you count the Dark vs Anti that’s 2.
But I don’t think Dark one counts.
I know he’s been busy and all but it just makes me think of what he’s working on and what other great stuff like Dark vs Anti we could have get.
I would love to see more stuff like Google gets an Upgrade and I know other people in the community would too. And I know that people would wait for Mark to make these even if it effected the schedule a bit because we love this world building and these characters so much.
I want to know more about them and I don’t know. Maybe i’m being selfish.
I know Mark works hard and so does the rest of the team I just thought we’d have more ego videos by now.

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moonflower (just if you are doing this if not its okay)

Yes. I’m still doing them.

Who inspires you???

There are a lot of people inspiring me.

@angexci @nekophy @blogthegreatrouge @spiritsonic @i-r-gigi

There are also some I want to explain how they inspired me

@myst-shine your support and your awesome art is always inspiring me
@ask-bendyboo your character inspired me to create a new character. Also your awesome and amazing art is inspiring me. And a bit of your personality
@ask-sensitive-bendy you inspired me in a lot of ways. First your art. It’s really refreshing me and gives me the hope not to give up. Also your beautiful ideas for Shy and Bo and I love the stories you write. Another important fact is that you give me with the love and kindness, you are spreading to others, energy. So stay this awesome and friendly. I know it’s hard because life is unfair, but I believe in you. I know you can get through it and show everyone that you are so much stronger than you think you are.
@art1sty615 my first follower ever. That’s why you are inspiring me.

@icypoof @bendysstudio @ask-oldfashioned-bendy @ask-fucking-bendy @ask-felix-the-cat @starlumen @finfileors @jokublog @roch6103 @oswald-the-forgotten @starryryu @shinymew503 @delicatewizardstranger @nateeev @ask-triple-threat @askarealscourge @idolnya @ask-bendy-the-heartbreaker @ask-mischievousbendy ^^

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Ngl, Loke's arc was one of the most emotional arcs in fairy tail for me. It showed that Lucy grew from the one being given a home to the one giving homes to others and Loke's history was overall really sad. I think he had to be halved from the series because his story was too heavy? He can't be a love interest for anyone (because everyone can only have one!!!!!) so he became a gag character?

The Loke arc is to this day one of my favourite arcs, and my absolute favourite mini-arc. Loke got done so dirty by the narrative…

Even if he hadn’t been a love interest for Lucy, a platonic relationship between them could’ve been extremely deep and touching. Makes you wonder if he got shafted so hard because of NaLu… (if true, I will kill Mashima with These Two Hands)


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Am i the only one who still ship supercorp?

Oh no nonnie, I still ship them so hard In part to just piss off the cast some more But also because I’m not gonna let some mockery make me loose something I love Kara and Lena are in love, and endgame I don’t care what the writers and actors have to say, I’m not gonna let them tarnish this beautiful love story for me. I ship them so much, I think we all just needed a break. Separate actors from characters and realize that altho we might be angry/bitter at the actors, we still love the characters so much. I needed a little bit of time But now everything is back on track LONG LIVE SUPERCORP

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So with Tales of the Rays, new characters are recruited with the start of every chapter (or at least, that’s how it goes for now).  When you clear the chapter, they give you a Mirrage Arte for the character (basically a mystic arte in all but name - they even share the same abbreviation!).  The characters themselves are supposed to be like mirages/mirror copies of the original characters - basically, the way I see it, it’s a way for them to say “yes, these are the same characters you know and love, but they’ll have slightly different experiences so they might also be a little different at the same time”.

The ones you pull out from the gacha have new art and are generally stronger than the ones you get as the story reward, and the one I pulled is Sorey’s.  It’s not so much a dual mystic as much as it’s more like a fire/earth element arte.  I can’t even call it an elemental variant of Sorey’s Bolt Tempest or Divine Wrath either, it’s like a super Lion’s Howl/Beast if I had to describe it.  Maybe it’s just easier if I shared what the arte looks like instead:

Personally, I’m just hoping they’ll give us the Mikleo and Edna event soon so mirror-Sorey won’t be lonely and he’ll get his mirror-Mikleo to keep him company.

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I love protecting my healers but like Anas r especially always in my radar. I fought a fuckin Zarya and Reinhardt just to protect an Ana main. Ana is one of my fave characters tbh it hurts to kill an enemy Ana. But yeah Ana mains especially get my protection. Im always viciously protecting my other healers too tho! I'm just more vicious when someone attacks our Ana. Ana mains I got your back !

That’s so cute. Thanks! I feel that, though, because I feel like I never see Ana mains. They try really hard too, you just gotta protect them. I root for them all the time.

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hiiiI! i just wanted to tell you you're pretty much my favorite person in this fandom and i live for hearing your thoughts on what's going on with characters and plotlines and such; you always have such valuable insight that i really love. anyway, lots and lots and lots of love to you, and all my thanks for your general awesomeness! x

ashjahsjhahjs OMG, pumpkin, what are you doing to me? I am blushing so hard and I don’t know what to say because it wouldn’t come even close to your words. Wow, honestly, thank you so so much. This is so sweet and nice of you!! <3333


When I first started this blog back in April, I never expected it would receive 100, yet alone 800 followers. I know it seems like a small number, but I am extremely grateful to have even have followers after being away from the fandom scene for about 2 years. 

Naruto has always been a constant in my life. Awhile ago, I had a multifandom blog that did very well, but I had to delete it due to horrible stuff that was happening. Through NH’s canonization, The Last, Boruto movie, etc–I cheered it all on silently and going to both of the movies irl. I am so happy to be at a place now where I can show my love for these two and the other wonderful characters in this series that I can’t let go, no matter how hard I try haha. 

I hope to have this blog for a very long time (especially since Naruto seems to never end)! 

Thank you once again!!

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For the character ask meme: j o s e p h :)))))))

1: sexuality headcanon: uhhhh bi 
2: otp: fuck uhhhh honestly? craig/joseph
3: brotp: mat/joseph
4: notp: uhh i guess mary/joseph
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: …..he plays tennis
6: favorite line from this character: we all know what it is,,, the good lord does love a song that slaps
7: one way in which I relate to this character: im blonde also
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: uhhh the fact that he wears a sweater around is shoulders
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: honestly this is a hard one bc i dont completely think hes a monster but i dont think hes perfect… so maybe in between….. a problematic cinnamon roll

okay so I was browsing a store online with a bunch of overwatch merch and they had this collection of wallets with characters and their quotes and

‘oeath walhs among you’
I almost didn’t notice 
but strap yourselves in ‘cause it gets better
(also I’ll add a caption under all of them in case they’re too hard to read)

‘lets otopthe aeat’
you heard him, everyone

‘one shor
one hill’

‘a inrooe perror arco’

‘love love’???? idk I can’t read that shit

‘trueself is wnhout form’
apparently words too

‘bettle continues’

‘gravmy hills’
I don’t even know Zarya’s voice lines well enough to know what this is supposed to be but I’m pretty sure it’s wrong

‘rrs high noon’
rrs high noon somewhere in the world


‘marhe avyhe oragon’
almost got the dragon right, come on you can do it

‘justicerain ffomaaove’
looks like someone sleep-drunk

‘ican do tms yitn all my eyes closed’
yea you heard it right ALL my eyes closed

‘rhllo rcriverco’
what even

‘heros never one’

‘from oroer oring hermony
from light inro buings’
oh my god

‘I ma one-man’
you sure are

‘preoue oont rrove’

‘cheer love
the cavalry’s here’

and now a bonus:

plot twist
Reaper’s actually Tracer