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Behind the Scenes of Utopia (Part Three)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s coverage of the filming for DWM issue #384 

“The whole season builds up to this,” says David Tennant, who plays the Doctor. “There are little clues and hints, and what I think is the masterstroke - excuse the pun - is introducing the idea, in Episodes 8 and 9, that a Time Lord can become human. You think that Episode 11 is about the flotsam and jetsam of the human race trying to make a future for itself, and maybe being chased around by some slightly bonkers, Mad Max cannibal types - but then, two-thirds of the way in, this rather avuncular, twinkly figure, Professor Yana, whips out his fob watch, and the whole thing goes in a completely different, unexpected direction. 

“David’s performance in Episode 11 is incredible,” says director, Graeme Harper. “It’s only the third time that I’ve seen the Doctor afraid: Peter Davison was running for his life in The Caves of Androzani [the Fifth Doctor’s swansong, which Graeme directed in 1984]; David was terrified of what was happening to him when he was possessed by the sun in 42; and here you see that he’s terrified of the Master, and what the Master can do. If possible, the Master’s ability to create evil, I think, is slightly greater than the Doctor’s ability to do good.  The Doctor has to use every ounce of his intelligence in order to outwit and overcome his nemesis.”

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