i love this caps really

also… thanks so much to everybody who says they like my liveblogs… i don’t always publicly acknowledge your replies/asks but they mean a lot to me!!

talking about fai makes me soooo happy and smooths out all my muddled thoughts… this is literally a form of self care lmao. he’s definitely a comfort character. i really love talking about him and saving caps of him and just… dissecting his character & arc!! it gives me a good perspective on my mental illness and also makes me feel better!!

i know it’s a bit niche and i want to say sorry to all of you that didn’t sign up for 10yo clamp manga? but also… he’s my icon and my url!! this isn’t a surprise!! i love him!!!!!! i love posting about him!!!!!!!!!! i beg of you deal with it because That’s Part Of Who I Am!!

all who unfollow during pub crawls are weak!!!!! (joke, but also: you should have expected this, and: my fai posts are great bc they are full of Genuine Love And Self Care)


folkin around // panic! at the disco

Sasuke's The Last + Adult designs | second cap credit: (x)

Alright, so let’s talk about Sam Wilson for a minute. Just about Sam. Not Sam in terms of his relationship with Bucky; not Sam in terms of his relationship with Steve. Let’s talk about how Sam was vocally arguing against the Accords before Steve even opened his mouth to weigh in. Let’s talk about how Sam made his own decision based on his own experiences and beliefs. Let’s talk about how Sam was consistently committed to doing the right thing regardless of the cost to himself personally. Let’s talk about how Sam was the one who suggested that Team Cap give themselves up to ensure that Steve could find and stop Zemo. Let’s talk about how Sam made as much of an effort to save Rhodey as Tony did. Let’s talk about how Sam was the only person in the Raft to not give Tony any shit but instead asked him how Rhodey was doing. Let’s talk about how Sam understood that Team Iron Man had convictions of equal strength to his own and that while he didn’t agree, he did empathize with them.

Let’s just talk about how fucking awesome Sam Wilson is.

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gio gio giovanna!!