i love this cap so much like look at that smile

Salty Quinn Appreciation Post

I took over 300 screen caps on Balmorra. (*shakes fist* FRAPS!!) And can we just take a moment to appreciate the snarky fucking fox that is Malavai Quinn?  

I mean, what is this face? It’s the face of a man who will snark at a wounded Jedi and is most definitely fantasizing about knowing you in the carnal sense.

And this? This is just rude levels of sass. Fuck, Bioware, why doesn’t he stand like this on my ship? Nothing would ever get done but who cares?

Swag (/swag/), noun: striding in like a fucking hero to tell your new, very deadly lady love you had her back the entire time.

I mean… ugh that smug little smile. Stop it.

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I love the way Jamie references Claire's hair throughout the books and mourns its loss when She is close to death and Mrs Bug cuts it all off. Roger tells her Jamie cried over it. He thought he was losing his wife and to bury her without her hair....

Jamie took my cap off and set it on the ledge. The air blew through my inch of hair, ruffling it like meadow grass, and he smiled as he looked at me.

“Ye look like a boy, Sassenach,” he said. “Though damned if I’ve ever seen a lad with an arse like yours.”

“Thanks so much,” I said, absurdly pleased. I had eaten like a horse in the last two months, slept well and deeply through the nights, and knew I was much improved in looks, hair notwithstanding. Never hurt to hear it, though.

“I want ye verra much, mo nighean donn,” he said softly, and curled his fingers round my wrist, letting the pads rest gently on my pulse.

-A Breath of Snow and Ashes


More Hunk icons! Because I love my Hunk ♥ His smile is pure sunshine okay? I recognize that the palette is exactly the same as the other icons, but these colors just look  so much brighter just by Hunk’s mere presence just saying. 

I used the screencaps from here to make them!

like or reblog if you’re using them. You don’t have to credit me otherwise but don’t claim them as your own work please!

“Bucky,” Sam whines. “Get off of me.”

It’s close to noon now, and as much as Sam loves sleeping in with Bucky, this is  getting ridiculous.

“No,” Bucky protests petulantly, tightening his hold on Sam, clinging to his boyfriend like a little koala.

“I have to pee,” Sam lies, wiggling his form. There’s not much he can do if Bucky’s got it in his mind to crush him.

“Liar.” Bucky reads him like an open book, kissing his temple. “Besides, this is payback.”

Sam combs his brain for one of their frequent silly arguments. “For?”

He laughs. “You didn’t move your seat!”

Sam snorts. “You mean…in the car? All those months ago?”

Bucky nods, a smile on his lips. “You didn’t move, so I won’t either.”

“You can’t seriously be mad about that,” Sam groans. “Not still.”

“I’m not.”

“Then why…?” Sam squeezes Bucky’s hips.

“Those were a bad few days,” Bucky begins. “But that moment. That was a great moment.”

“In the car?” Sam asks. Bucky nods. “Why?”

Bucky takes a moment to find an answer, and Sam finds he doesn’t mind Bucky’s warm weight much after all. 

“Because I’m not him. I’m not the Soldier. But I could kill you with my bare hands.” Bucky runs a hand across Sam’s collarbone and he shivers with want. 

“But to you, I wasn’t Him. I wasn’t the Soldier. I was just a dude. You said ‘no’ to me, and you made me feel normal.” Bucky buries his face in Sam’s shoulder, like he always does when he says something that he holds too close to his chest.

Sam smiles up at Bucky. “You aren’t just anything. Not to me.”

Bucky sighs with delight, his body relaxing even more with his newfound acceptance. “I love you,” he says needlessly.

“I know,” Sam replies, accepting a sweet kiss from Bucky.

They lie in bed, limbs tangled together, kissing like they have all the time in the world. In this moment, it’s like they do.

It is sometime before Sam speaks again.

“Are you going to move now?”

Bucky laughs quietly into his shoulder. “Nope.”


@aarontveitmybroadwayboyfriend here are my 5 fave pics of Aaron. This took way to long to narrow down the initial “favorites” (like 50) to just 5 but I am happy with the final ones. A little bit of everything. 😍🔥❤️💋😘

i don’t want to be that fan who points and screams at screenshots of characters just standing there, but /POINTS AND SCREAMS AT SCREENSHOT OF CHARACTERS JUST STANDING THERE

no really but i love this frame, it encapsulates so much of what i love about nicoeli. look at eli, with that lovely, mature, princely smile. look at nico, with the face of a tiny, angry hamster. this is them. they are beautiful