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8|10 i’m just getting around to setting up some sort of plan for tackling this term. first week of university has already had me feeling overwhelmed and anxious, i need to just breathe. side note: i’ve been loving @universi-tea back to school challenge & i’m planning on getting involved once i’m all set up, hope all is well w/you guys…..

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hey there! thanks a lot for your lovely art updates, they are always a pleasure to look at (i'm especially enjoying what you are doing with colors recently). if you have time/inclination, would you mind doing your art process gif/tutorial/just set of WIP images at different stages? thank you!:) (and have a good day \o/)

Well, I was already working on something so here :)

Not that good with words so be prepared for vaguely explained SAI terms

1. Lineart. I used the brush tool here (sometimes I use pen)

2. All of the layers of my base colors are placed under a folder.

3. I then make a layer outside the folder and clip it. I use the airbrush tool and start putting random colors here and there for some reason 

4. I then make another layer (and clip it) then set it to multiply. I usually use violet. When shading I use the marker tool, water tool, and eraser.

5. Back to the lineart layer! I opacity lock it and set it to multiply then I start coloring some parts light brown. [I also added highlights here but that’s optional for me]

6. Added a bunch of other stuff and fooled around with the hue and saturation of the entire thing.

aaaand we’re done! 

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Hiya! I love your artwork it's amazing really! CX umm I wanted to know what your line art settings are on the computer because I can seem to get the right settings for my brushes to make perfect lines like yours ^^'

Thank you! I already have them in my FAQ which included my inking pen and pencil brush but anyway, I’m going to share all the settings that I switch around when it comes to lineart and a solid sample of how each would look like. (These samples are included in my lineart pack #1, which you can download here for free) 

1. Inking pen:

2. Inking brush (it’s my coloring brush but I turn off the dilution setting): For softer feel.

3. Pencil brush (my new favorite for making pencil-like linework):

Teach Me How To Love (part 3) Sex Therapist

Here’s the next chapter and the other parts are in the tag “Teach me how to love fanfic” Let me know what you think…and i am still taking chapter title suggestions. Today’s suggestion goes out to chubbygirlindreamland thanks girl


Sam sat in the quiet office scrolling on his tablet pretending not to notice Marley staring at him. He’d already given her the courtesy smile when he came in for his appointment and really didn’t need to look her way again. Even as she handed him a pen to sign in she brushed her hand lightly against his and flirtatiously.

“She’ll be with you momentarily, Mr. Evans.” She reassured him. He looked over at her nodding his head and bringing his gaze back to his tablet as he responded to an email Artie sent him. “She’s been really busy today.”

“It’s just fine, Marley!”

“Would you like some coffee, water, tea or club soda perhaps?” she asked coming from behind her desk and leaning on it. Sam looked up at her slowly, starting from her golden flats that she was wearing and inching up to her knees. He closed his eyes and flashed them up at her quickly to avoid the urge to undress her with his eyes and sighed.

“Sure…water will do just fine.” He replied smiling at her. She flashed him a cute smile before disappearing behind the doors. He stared at Mercedes office door and shook his head. He prayed again that she was capable of helping him. Just yesterday he ended up staying in at work late just to avoid seeing anyone in the office. There had to be a better life than this.

In her office, Mercedes sat unfocused as a couple argued in front of her. She should have stopped them but her mind was elsewhere. Usually she was able to leave her life at the door but knowing that Sam was sitting outside waiting to come in next, and he was the reason her love life was shit now. After leaving Finn at the restaurant, he called her non-stop till she turned off her phone. She went over to Unique’s  house and told her everything.

“Unique knew he wasn’t worth shit!” Unique said walking from the kitchen to the living room carrying two tubs of dulce de leche ice cream and spoons. “Did Unique not tell you that Finn Hudson wasn’t worth shit?” she asked. Mercedes rolled her eyes at her best friend but grabbed the spoon and ice cream and dug in.

“Why must you start talking in 3rd person again?”

“When Unique is mad…Unique speaks in 3rd person!” she replied slumping down next to her and digging in as well. “From the moment I met him I knew I wouldn’t like him.”

“Actually, you liked him! Everyone did! He’s a great guy and he’s sweet…” Mercedes felt herself remembering why she fell in love with him to begin with.

“Yeah yeah yeah…the punk was sweet…he was a great guy! Now, he’s a punk with a kid that he hasn’t been taking care of…wait…has he been taking care of the kid?”

“He denied it all!” Mercedes remembered replying.

“Punk ass!”

“Stop it!”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to give him another chance! Don’t be stupid!” Unique said looking over at her concerned. She knew Mercedes was known to take him back whenever he came waltzing in sporting that goofy grin of his. “At least pawn his engagement ring.”

“I gave it back to him.” Mercedes mumbled getting up and walking towards the kitchen. She could feel Unique walking up behind her.

“I know I didn’t just hear you say what I think you just said!”

“Look, I just wanted him to understand that it was over, for real this time! Last time I kept the ring and he came crawling back and I let him back in…” she replied placing her spoon in the sink and then leaning on it facing Unique. “This time, he knows I’m done with him and all of his lies.” Unique walked over to her and embraced her allowing her to sob on her shoulder.

“Doc? Did you hear what he said to me?” Mercedes blinked a couple times remembering the couple that sat before her. She hadn’t been paying attention but she already knew where their problems were.

“She wasn’t even listening!” the man stated. “I told you we should have went to Asian sex therapy!”

“Oh so that they can call me a scarlet for wanting intimacy from my husband? Mike, you know how tight knit the Asian community is and your father doesn’t even like me!”

“Tina, that is only because you don’t have any Asian pride! You parade around with brown and blonde hair and blue contacts and refuse to do anything that involves Asian culture! Like going to Asian therapy!”

“Say Asian therapy one more time, Mike, I swear!” Mercedes watched the two of them argue again before calmly clearing her throat.

“Mr. and Mrs. Chang, if I may interject,” she paused waiting on them to look her way. When she got their attention she got up and took a book from her shelf and came back handing the book to the woman. “It seems like you both don’t really listen to each other. Mike, you want Tina to show some Asian pride and follow tradition, right?” she asked as Tina held the book staring at the cover.

“She seems to find something wrong with everything that has to do with Asian tradition.”

“No I don’t! I just want to include other cultures and be able to have sex with my husband without it feeling like a chore.” Tina retorted. Mike seemed to have softened and turned his gaze towards Mercedes.

“Our session is over for today but I think we have made some progress. Take that book home, take some time off and explore the different things within it that might help you both.” She smiled as they both flipped through the pages of the book.

“Wait…you would let me do that to you?” Mike asked pointing towards a position. Tina blushed; standing up and taking his hand.

“Let’s go home and find out!” she smiled when he flashed an excited smile. “Thanks Mercedes!”

“No problem, I will see you both next week and we’ll see if there are any changes, okay?” she asked opening the door for them and looking over at Marley as she stood in front of Sam smiling. “Marley, I need you to remain at your desk, please!” Mercedes could tell that Sam was feeling uncomfortable as he shifted in his seat and watched Marley walk back to her desk. Mercedes made a mental note to talk to Marley about flirting with her patients later that day before she caused trouble that she wasn’t ready for.

“I’m sorry, Mercedes! I’ll take care of the Changs!” she smiled as she pointed to her desk for the Changs to meet her there.

“Sam?” she called out breaking his gaze that was trained on Tina’s romp. “Are you ready for today?” she asked smiling at him as he tried to cover what he was just doing.

“Yes, thank you!” he replied grabbing his bottled water and following her into her office. Mercedes closed the door and smiled watching him sit. He looked casual today wearing a Polo shirt and jeans as opposed to the suit that he was wearing the last time they met.

“So…Mr. Evans, how are you today?” she asked walking over to her desk and leaning on it. She grabbed her pen and notepad and smiled at him.

“I could be better!” he replied looking down at her feet. She made sure to cover her skin, knowing he was coming in. She wanted to make sure that nothing she wore would entice him to fantasize about her. Choosing to wear a blue pant suit and pumps to match, kept her look basic all the way up to her hair, which, was neatly placed in a tight bun. “I’ve decided to go cold turkey!” he stated after a brief silence. Mercedes eyebrows arched up in surprise.

“What made you decide to do that?” she asked placing the pen in her mouth and pulling the top off. It was something simple but it sent Sam’s mind spinning. Yeah, he was happy she was dressed in what he will forever call a boring suit but it didn’t stop his thoughts on her face. Seeing her place the pen in her mouth and pop the top off made him only image her giving a deep throating blow job. He grabbed his bottle of water and chugged it down before looking back at her. “Are you okay?”

“Like I told you before, I can’t stop thinking about sex! And it might cost me my company. I really need your help with this.” He responded.

“Since you left here, have you had those urges?”

“Yes!” he replied looking down at his hands in shame. He only had the urges when he saw the woman but for some reason he had the urges when he went home. He found himself fiddling with her business card when the image of her in his bed appeared in his mind and wouldn’t leave. No matter what he did he couldn’t stop them. He debated calling her since her cellphone was included but decided against it. What was he going to tell her?  “Hey I know you’re my therapist and all but…I want to fuck your brains out?”

“Why didn’t you call me?” she asked putting her pen and notebook down and approaching him. He stiffened causing her to stop. “I included my cellphone so that you can call me whenever you feel these urges so that I can help you.”

“I know…I just…I knew I was coming to see you today so I figured I’d wait.” He admitted. She walked over and sat in the chair to the left of him and crossed her legs again. Sam sighed, shaking his head and looking towards the door.

“Let’s talk about your relationships with women, okay? You only feel these urges with women?”

“Yes. I’m not gay!”

“I understand Mr. Evans, I just want to make sure.” She replied smiling at him. He couldn’t help but smile back at her.

“Call me, Sam, please!

“Fine…Sam…now…how are you in your relationships that involve women?”

“I don’t have any long standing relationships…I simply fuck them and leave.” He looked her way to see if she would judge him but saw no reaction on her face. “I don’t want to live that way forever. I want a wife, children…a dog named Fido maybe…” he looked over at her and smiled before looking off as if his life was playing on a big screen. “If I have a daughter, I want her to look at me and say that’s the kind of husband I want.” Mercedes smiled as she listened to him. “The way I’m living my life right now…I don’t see that happening.” He looked down at his hands and then back over at her. “What woman would ever trust herself to be with me when I can’t even control my urges around other women?”

“I can help you, Sam! And you control your urges daily. You did it out there with Marley…” she stated reaching for his hand. He looked at her and smiled blushing. “And you’re doing it right now with me, right?” she asked causing his smile to fade. Although he did have mild urges with Marley, they were nowhere as intense as the urges he had with Mercedes. Just her placing her hand on his the way she was now was making his pants tighten. He moved his hand from hers and stood walking over to the window and started counting to ten for no reason at all. “Look Sam, it’s a process! I promise you someday you’re going to have everything that you want…and that includes a dog!” she stated causing him to turn to her and smile. “Baby steps…are still steps towards progress.”


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