i love this brush pen already


nobody realises anythings different but ritsu

shou might but nobody knows if thats the case either


8|10 i’m just getting around to setting up some sort of plan for tackling this term. first week of university has already had me feeling overwhelmed and anxious, i need to just breathe. side note: i’ve been loving @universi-tea back to school challenge & i’m planning on getting involved once i’m all set up, hope all is well w/you guys…..

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I feel like you get this question a lot but what are your brush settings?

actually its been 50.345 years since i last updated my brush settings L OL. the ones on my faq are a good 8 months old…..

sketch settings:

brush to lay down shadows

brush to blend

i use the default SAI pen settings for filling in colors


theres no such think as a ‘BLEND’ brush on sai LOL. the brushes that were provided for you are actually different settings of already provided tools (pen, brush, watercolor, eraser, airbrush, etc). the blend brush i created is basically the watercolor brush but with more blending properties. to create a new tool preset, just right click on a blank square


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Hi! I'm not sure if you have a faq, I couldn't find it if you do so i apologize if you've answered this already! I wanted to ask what markers/pens you use to draw your comics? I love your style and your art is amazing!


You have caught me in a transitional period and I would be more than happy to tell you everything!!  GEAR TALK TIME THE REMIX!!!!

At this moment, I’m in the middle of a personal mini comic that I’m trying to finish quickly.  As such, I’m using every pen in my arsenal to get it done quickly.  Here’s the rundown:

1.) Kuretake Disposable Brush Pen || Extra Fine - I hate this pen, but I use it to draw panel borders.
2.) Pilot Parellel Pens - Panel borders and some stone effect things.
3.) Pentel Brush Pens - LOTS of usage all over the place. Contour lines, effects, dry brushing, all kinds of stuff.
4.) Pentel Aquash Water Pens - I’ve filled these with radiograph ink.  use them ALL over the place…. spotting blacks and contour lines.
5.) Zebra Disposable Brush Pens - these things are rad.  Contour lines, hatching, man, I us them all over.
6.) Kuretake Fudegokochi Pens - I JUST got these and I love them, but they require a steadier hand than the zebras.
7.) Microns!
8.) Copic Multiliners - just like microns only more expensive!
9.) all my white paint pens.  There a couple molotows, a Uni Posca, I think there’s a Gelly Roll too.

So that’s what I’m doing NOW.  Normally I use the following:

1.) Kuretake Menso Cartoonist Brush
2.) Raphael 8404 #3 Brush
3.) Deleter Maru
4.) Hunt 102.

I think that’s all my stuff!  If you have any specific questions about them, I’ll be happy to answer.

Have a great day!!

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hey I dont know if u anwsered this already but what brushes do you use? btw ur art is amazing ahh ;o;

Here’s my list- the one’s under ‘Gail’s Brushes’ are the ones I use all da timeee:

I feel like ya might think I use Paint tool sai- which I dont sorry asdgfki 

I use Medibang Paint Pro bc i love it and it’s freeeeeee- Here da website check it out brrah: https://medibangpaint.com/en/

ANYWHO- here’s a little bout the brushes I use:

G pen- I use this one for literally everything- it’s my go-to brush. I will use it for sketching, line art, and coloring!

and since im v lazy sorry  The rest of the brushes I use are for coloring and textures! <3

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hi! i love your art so much, it inspires me! i don't know if people have already asked you this before but, what drawing program do you use and what brush settings do you use? thank you!!

Hello and thank you so much!!
I use Paint Tool SAI and pretty much just use 2 basic pen brushes to lineart and color- and a basic airbrush too

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Yo dood, what pen settings do you use for drawpile for your lines? I really like how yours come out. (i saw the one for yer coloring brush already, need those lines brooo)

I LOVE your art, dude- I can’t wait to see how you’ll blow mine outta the water with my own settings!!! X’D


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hey there! thanks a lot for your lovely art updates, they are always a pleasure to look at (i'm especially enjoying what you are doing with colors recently). if you have time/inclination, would you mind doing your art process gif/tutorial/just set of WIP images at different stages? thank you!:) (and have a good day \o/)

Well, I was already working on something so here :)

Not that good with words so be prepared for vaguely explained SAI terms

1. Lineart. I used the brush tool here (sometimes I use pen)

2. All of the layers of my base colors are placed under a folder.

3. I then make a layer outside the folder and clip it. I use the airbrush tool and start putting random colors here and there for some reason 

4. I then make another layer (and clip it) then set it to multiply. I usually use violet. When shading I use the marker tool, water tool, and eraser.

5. Back to the lineart layer! I opacity lock it and set it to multiply then I start coloring some parts light brown. [I also added highlights here but that’s optional for me]

6. Added a bunch of other stuff and fooled around with the hue and saturation of the entire thing.

aaaand we’re done! 

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Hi there! I love your art. <3 I was wondering if it would be possible for you to share what brush settings you use for line art? Sorry if you've already been asked this!

Hello and thank you! :>
Uhm it’s just a default setting of G-Pen, but hope this helps!


I get asks about what kind of pens I use for my bujo. So here is literally every pen/markers I use and own.

• Pilot V5 Precise Rolling Ball •
Great for everyday use. I use it during lectures as well for note-taking - although it does take a while to set and if you’re not exactly careful, you’ll get smudges. But still my fave.

• Faber-Castell PITT Calligraphy Pen •
Mainly for titles. Great for those who are just beginning to venture into calligraphy. I actually just talked my best friend into buying one because she wants to get into bullet journaling.

• Staedtler Permanent Lumocolor S •
I use this for writing on washi tape because everything else tends to rub off. It’s great for little details.

• Manuscript CalliCreative Italic in Silver •
Used for designs and accents. I also use this for dark washi tapes because I haven’t found a white pen that works over dark washi. Yet.

• Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen •
This is actually my first experience with brush pens and I. Love. It! I only have one color so far, Medium Skin 116, but I will be buying more!

• Ad Markers •
I have soooo much of these markers. (As you can see in the red box.) They’re amazing for drawing and coloring but the biggest set-back (for me) is that they bleed right through the page. No matter how high quality the paper is.

• Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.3mm •
I recently just got these and I’m already in love with them! They write so nicely and smoothly - it’s a complete dream. I was actually very reluctant to buy these but after seeing Bilan’s (@studyfulltime) bujo spreads, I was convinced.

So yeah… There you go guys. Let me know if you have any more questions. I’m friendly 😊.

Mounting Dwarvish Absurdities

In which Thorin convinces Bilbo to ride one of Erebor’s war rams. Written for @anunexpectedanniversary!! Also here on AO3.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

Bilbo placed his hands on his hips, settling the dwarf in front of him with an unimpressed glare. Thorin hardly blinked, unfazed by the hobbit’s indignation.

“I know not what you mean, ghivashel,” he replied stiffly.

“Did you actually think I would set even one foot near that - that beast?” Bilbo exclaimed.

Thorin’s eyes narrowed as the hobbit’s words hit their mark. “This is one of our finest battle rams,” he corrected icily, turning to give the monstrous creature an affectionate stroke along one of its dangerously long, curved horns. The creature snorted, wide nostrils flaring as it tilted its head into the King’s touch.

Bilbo most certainly did not yelp, nor did he jump away.

“It’s a glorified farm animal!” he yelled, hand over his furiously beating heart. “And I’m not getting on it!”

“You dare insult the ways of my people?” Thorin growled, though his words lacked any real heat.

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Bilbo grumbled as he turned to leave. “I’m not getting on and that’s final!”

“I see,” Thorin conceded with a sigh. “I did not think you would be so easily frightened.”

Bilbo rolled his eyes, hands throwing up in the air exasperatedly. “If you’re trying to goad me, may I remind you that I’m not some egotistical, clot-headed dwarf who will get himself killed just to prove a point?”

“Not at all,” Thorin said, trying for an air of resignation as he leaned against the fence enclosing the animals in. He failed miserably. “I am merely surprised the brave hobbit who fearlessly stood against a dragon cannot bring himself to ride a perfectly tame farm animal.” As he spoke, the King’s lips curved into a suspiciously triumphant smirk.

“Smaug was different,” Bilbo scoffed, unmoved by the taunt. “I had both feet securely planted on the ground at all times.” He gestured emphatically at the large appendages, currently nestled in some soft, sun-warmed grass.

“So it is a matter of keeping your unnaturally large, leather-soled, furry feet on the ground.”

“It is a matter of keeping my respectably-sized feet on the ground,” Bilbo corrected, wagging his finger as he added, “And don’t act as though you don’t love my feet hair!”

“That is not a matter to discuss at the present,” Thorin said through clenched teeth, the fierceness of his growled reply lost somewhat as he looked away, cheeks visibly heating. “But if you wish, I will make a deal with you.”

“A deal?” Bilbo repeated, snorting in disbelief. “And what could you possibly offer me?”

“I will stop teaching you how to swim,” the King revealed triumphantly.

Bilbo blinked in surprise. It was a tempting offer - Thorin was a horrible teacher, not to mention Bilbo was a completely unwilling pupil. His swimming lessons involved Thorin ambushing Bilbo in the underground pool they used for bathing, and trying to drag him, kicking and screaming, to the deep middle. Bilbo had taken to bathing only when Thorin was stuck in a meeting, and even then he did so as quickly as possible, looking around nervously for any attacking dwarf Kings.

Thorin’s smirk widened smugly as Bilbo pondered the deal. If there was one thing Bilbo hated more than the King’s defeated pout, it was his self-satisfied gloat.

“Fine,” Bilbo grumbled finally, ignoring the way his ridiculous betrothed preened obnoxiously.

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shinda22  asked:

Hiya! I love your artwork it's amazing really! CX umm I wanted to know what your line art settings are on the computer because I can seem to get the right settings for my brushes to make perfect lines like yours ^^'

Thank you! I already have them in my FAQ which included my inking pen and pencil brush but anyway, I’m going to share all the settings that I switch around when it comes to lineart and a solid sample of how each would look like. (These samples are included in my lineart pack #1, which you can download here for free) 

1. Inking pen:

2. Inking brush (it’s my coloring brush but I turn off the dilution setting): For softer feel.

3. Pencil brush (my new favorite for making pencil-like linework):

stole my heart

i love these two + the soc crew. [ao3 link]

There is a new crescent moon shaped scar next to Jesper’s lip.

“What’s this?” Wylan asks, and for once in his life, Jesper jerks away from Wylan’s feather light hands. Wylan sighs.

“I thought you said you weren’t going out with Kaz this weekend,” Wylan says, and disappointment shrouds his features.

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Relatable shit all artists say

How the fuck do I draw shoes?

How do I draw hands?

There is no other eye you fucker.

It’s not anime.

No. I won’t draw you. Or your boyfriend.

Oh yea, I already spent all my money on fucking pens and brushes and sketchbooks

I hate this

I love this.

Um sweety does it look like I have a social life?

I’m personally attacked at all times.

Can someone buy my shit.

Where is that one pencil/pen/eraser/brush I just had?


They’re obviously not 14 in this. I don’t really know how old I should make them so I’ll just leave that up to you. <3


Pairing: Riarkle
Words: 429

He holds the crumpled paper in his hands, black ink is scribbled all over it in her handwriting.

I want to wake up every morning to the golden rays of the sun and see his beautiful face; I want to see his body rising and falling slowly, his breathing even; I want to see his eyes peacefully fluttered shut; I want to see his dark eyelashes lightly resting on his cheeks; I want to be able to admire him while he’s in a better world where everything goes his way.

I want to be the one to kiss his burning tears of pain away; I want to be the one who he chooses to go to during his worst times; I want to be the one to hold him close; I want to be the one telling him in hushed whispers, that he’s perfect, that there’s nothing wrong with him, that it’s not his fault; I want to be the reason why he feels he can smile again; I want to be the one who makes him smile again; I want to be the one who makes him feel that all the downsides in life are nothing, that we’re everything, that nothing will be strong enough to pull either one of us down.

I want to hear his beautiful laugh exploding out of him; I want to see the happiness vibrate through him; I want to be blessed with his radiance; I want to see the flash of white teeth that his beautiful lips frame; I want to see his eyes squeezed shut from happiness, the little crinkles marking the skin next to them; I want to be there, to know that he’s happy.

I want to make him all his favorite dishes, hold him in my arms, sing him sweet lullabies, massage his aching muscles, welcome him home every day.

I want to be the one he loves. I want to be his favorite thing. I want so much. I crave it. I need it. I will never have it. 

I shall forever wait.

His eyes rake over the page, reading every word, every syllable. His heart beats ever so fast; his breath, caught in his lungs; his sight, blurred by tears. He takes the ink pen in his hand, the cold metal brushing against his fingers, and writes.

He curves the end, making his statement final.

The paper is left on her desk, with his familiar handwriting in fresh black ink, scrawled at the bottom:

Why want what you already have? Why wait for what’s already yours?

Darling, did you know
I dream about life together
Knowing it will be forever
I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine

-Rebecca St. James

morbidlizard  asked:

Hey I was wondering, people probably already asked you but what kind of brushes (or settings) do you use to sketch? Do you use sai or photoshop??? I just LOVE the quality of your lines ahhhhh D8< !!!

I use Photoshop for all my digital work! Here’s my go-to brushes for linework~ Kyle’s brushes are a blessing if you do a lot of digital stuff, I recommend them to everybody at this point. :D I also have the tablet pen pressure set to max because having to press less is easier on my wrists.Thank you for the compliments!!

Edit: I just now noticed you asked about my sketching technique and not linework LMao… well, the same pretty much applies 8)