i love this brotp so much such a great friendship

Shadowhunters Season 3

This is just a short post to discuss what questions, hopes and speculations I have about Season 3. I am so excited for the next season and I just wanted to get out my thoughts about what it could hold.

Jace – 

The biggest question right now is what the effects and consequences of his resurrection will be. At the end of 2x20 we saw that he was in a great deal of pain but it is yet unclear what the source of that pain is. Is it related to the fact that his should left his body for a while? Is it an after effect of wherever his soul went in that time? Is it related to his angel blood? It is going to be very interesting to find out why he is in such pain.

Will his temporary death affect his Parabatai bond with Alec? We know that they have a very strong bond, but is that going to have changed now that that bond has effectively been broken and re-stitched? Will this temporary break cause the bond to be weaker than it was before? If so, how is that going to affect them both; to be less connected to each other?

Will there be any behavioural or emotional change in Jace too? We could tell that he seemed a little different and off during the last moment of the finale, is that going to be a permanent thing? Is he going to become more aggressive and angry? More apathetic, less emotional? It will be interesting to see if these effects go further than the physical, and how is that going to affect his possible relationship with Clary?

Clary – 

She is going to be facing the emotional ramifications of losing her last close blood relative, Valentine may have been a villain but he was still her father. The only blood relative that we know she has left is her distant cousin, Lydia; will they be interacting in season 3 in an attempt to connect with family? I would love to see her interact with Luke more, he has been the only father she has ever really known; she knows she can rely on him to love, protect and care for her and right now she needs that.

Are we going to see a slightly darker and more violent side to her now that she has shown she is capable of it? She shocked us and herself with her level of brutality in killing Valentine so she is going to have to come to terms with that part of herself; are we going to see her become more violent in the process?

She has feelings for Jace and they both want to explore that; Todd has told us that they will be going on a mundane date which I am very excited for, they can get to know each other better without the chaos that has surrounded them since they met. However, will what is happening with Jace affect the development of their relationship?

She is also having to keep how he was resurrected a secret but how long will that last if Jace does start to visible change as a result? She and Izzy have a very close bond and I think that Clary will want to tell her the truth; if Jace does start becoming distant with her, she is going to need the support that only someone in the know could provide. Plus, they are as close as sisters and I don’t think Clary is going to like keeping the truth from her for long.

Izzy – 

I love Izzy so much and I am excited to continue to watch her get stronger and more confident again, which we saw a lot of in 2B. I am curious to see if she and Raphael will attempt to date after their revelation in 2x19; they both feel connected to each other and want to see how that could develop.

I would like to see her interact more with Magnus, I think that they do have a great friendship and would love to see more of it. They are the two people who love Alec most in this world; Izzy was the one to give Magnus Alec’s number which was the beginning of their romantic interactions. Plus they are very fashionable, strong, skilled and scientists in their own right (Izzy is a pathologist and Magnus is an inventor, he helped create portals).  I just love both of these characters and would love to see them interact more.

Is she going to continue to train Max once he is all healed up from Jonathan’s attack? It is a reasonable assumption and I really liked to see those bonding moments between the two of them.

Alec – 

Is his bond with Jace compromised? As I said, there may be some sort of affect on their Parabatai bond; but is Alec going to be effected by Jace’s physical pain and possible behavioural changes? We know that their emotions effect the other, so is Alec going to feel the pain Jace is experiencing and is his behaviour going to change or be effected if Jace’s changes? I am very worried right now.

I am so excited to see Alec and Magnus’ relationship continue to grow and strengthen; they needed to deal with the conflict between their personal and professional lives, now that they have I think they will be better equipped in future and will learn how to balance their lives better. Todd said there is going to be a scene which included home-brewed sandalwood shampoo (which I think is a nod to the books) and I am squealing. I hope that we get a scene of them bathing together, or one in the bath and the other sitting behind the tub washing their hair; but we’ll see!

We are going to see Alec continue as the Head of the Institute (I presume) and deal with the aftermath of Malachi’s death. It is going to cause a big change for them, and Alec will be there trying to build a better future for the Shadow World. I think that he will use this opportunity to try to convince the Clave to build better relationships with Downworlders, become more inclusive and start initiatives like his Downworld Cabinet.

Magnus – 

If Alec is affected by Jace is that going to affect his relationship with Magnus? After everything they have been through I just hope that whatever is happening to Jace isn’t going to cause a rift or problems for Alec and Magnus’ relationship.

They are going to repair the trust that we broken between them, they know that they both made mistakes and they will work to rebuild that trust again and become stronger than ever. I would also love to see Alec officially move in with Magnus; I want this so much but I am not getting my hopes up too high (yeah right *laughs, then cries*).

I hope that we get to learn more about Magnus’ role as High Warlock, and that he will become more involved with the Institute to build a better future for his people. I hope that he and Alec strive to make a better future between their two worlds and now is the opportunity to do that. I would also like to see more of Downworld Dad Magnus; him interacting with Simon and Raphael would be wonderful, we have been starved of this since 2A and I am craving! I hope that we see more of Magnus’ friendships, including Catarina, Jace and Luke. I also hope that we get to see Magnus interacting with Maryse; she has come so far in 2B and I really want to see her apologise to Magnus for her treatment towards him, both due to his relationship with Alec and during the Uprising (she fought against him while she was in the Circle right?).

I am so excited for new Magnus looks in season 3, so far we have has a peak of platinum highlights with blue eyeliner and the magnificent bane-hawk (screaming!).

Also, I would like to get some clarification that Magnus got back his spell book that Valentine had Iris stole in 2x08; I presume that it was given back to him after 2x10. We saw that Valentine carried it into the Institute so it is reasonable to assume that he left it in the Head’s office, so we presume they gave it back to Magnus; but it would be nice to get clarification, especially after Magnus made the point of how important it is and how imperative it was to get it back.

Luke – 

Our favourite werewolf is getting a new love interest! Maryse! I am very excited for this, I think it will be good for both of them and they both deserve love; Todd said they are going on a date and I am beyond excited.

He is also going to be dealing with Ollie, and Sam. I am very interested to see how he is going to deal with this, I don’t think he is going to have Raphael encanto her again because he will be smart enough to realise that she will have told Sam, plus he doesn’t know that she has video evidence. I will be interesting to see what and how much he tells her; and how she reacts to this. I quite like Ollie, you have to give her kudos for being able to investigate a cop werewolf without him noticing; woman got skills. His first priority is keeping his pack and the Shadow World safe, so I am anxious to see how is going to handle this.

I would like to see him interact with Clary more, they are the only family they have left and they love each other so much. I would also like to see more of one of my brotps Gorrobane! I love Magnus and Luke; I would love to see more of their friendship, I think that they would both be quite involved in helping the Institute too. Plus, I would love to see more interaction between Alec and Luke; we get these odd little moments between them and I think they would have a great friendship. They are bound to have more interaction now that Luke is going to be dating Maryse; and I’m excited.

Simon – 

OMG, Simon what the fuck did you do? I am very scared for him, it sounded like he may have made some sort of marriage pact with the Seelie Queen and I am not down for this. I need to know what he promised her, like now please!

How is this deal with the Seelie Queen going to affect his budding relationship with Maia? I really like them as a couple, they are cute and well suited; but I have a really bad feeling about his deal with the Queen and that it is going to majorly interfere with his relationship with Maia.

Also, is this deal going to affect his friendships with Clary, Luke, Magnus and Raphael? The Queen betrayed them all, and they know how cruel she is, they are not going to be happy that he made a deal with her; mainly because they will be worried for him. Plus, is she going to want him to use his status as a Daylighter for her own purposes?

Maia – 

Again, her relationship with Simon is going to change but how is that going to affect her? I think she will know that he did it to protect her but she is not going to like it; especially if he promised marriage.

Apparently Jordan (the ex who turned her) is going to be coming into the show and I am anxious for her. Not only is she going to have to deal with seeing him again but if Simon is trapped in the Seelie Realm she is going to have to face him alone (I know she has the pack, but you get what I mean).

I would love to see her bond with Clary and Izzy; I think these three ladies would really get along and it would be a strength for them to become friends. Plus, with Simon gone awol I think that Clary and Maia would bond over their mutual care for him; they both have respect for each other which could grow into friendship. Same with Izzy, they have been through a lot and both understand the dangers and fears of losing control. I just really want to see more female friendship and think these three would get along great, okay.

Jonathan – 

Is Jonathan really permanently dead? I don’t know. He is such a compelling character and interesting villain that it would be a shame that he is gone; plus Will is amazing. I would not be surprised if Lilith brought him back somehow.

Speaking of Lilith, she is going to be the big bad for season 3; I think that she is either going to be out for revenge for Jonathan’s death or she is going to bring him back and they’ll team up. Either way it is going to be interesting and a nice change of pace to have a female villain.

The Clave – 

There are going to be consequences of Malachi’s involvement with Valentine and his death. He was the head of the Clave, so new management is inevitable; plus with the Circle being so deep seated in the Clave there will have to be some sort of investigation to weed out any that may be left, and to see how far his betray went; what did he do in the name of Valentine.

Will Imogen become the new head of the Clave? I have no idea how their promotion works, but she seems to be quite high up so it’s not an unreasonable assumption. As long as they are better than Malachi and hopefully they will chose someone who will be open to change regarding relations with Downworlders.

As I said, this is the perfect opportunity for them to change their behaviour and attitude towards Downworlders for the better; they have proof that their current ways aren’t working (NY Downworlders banding behind the Seelie Queen because of their lack of trust in the Clave). Hopefully they will use this to create better relationships with Downworlders for strive for a better, more inclusive future for all of them; to cultivate trust between the two worlds.

I’m so excited for Season Three and the knowledge that we have to waiting until January is killing me! I encourage discussion about anything I have said in this post and any questions, hopes or speculations you may have. Here’s to a hopefully not too painful hiatus!

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What is the brotp that makes you the softest when you watch them interact? For me it's v/min, I love their friendship so much & that song with monie that was about jm + that letter that V wrote recently just ended me lol

for me it’s v/min as well. they’re irl platonic souldmates and i love them together so much. best friendship to ever exist. confirmed. (honestly, they just have such a great realtioship and they seem so freaking close and i just love them together a ton)

I don’t really care anymore about Ann being Lovers, to be honest.

Because (as much as I like them) her personality doesn’t seem to be as flirty or childish - in my opinion - as Rise and Lisa’s used to be. 

In fact, she reminds me more of her other Lovers-senpai, Yukari Takeba and Yuka Ayase. Which means that I will like her because I love female characters with some personality and spunk to them without being too flirty or too childish/obssessive (sorry Lisa, I still like you! Just… drop your obssession with Tatsuya, please, and start treating him like a normal human being) and I believe that Ann is like that, if what we are shown so far about her is anything to go by.

This girl - much like Yukari and Yuka - doesn’t take anything from anyone. Not even her friends. Because this girl, despite being friends with protag and Ryuji, kicked their behinds for looking at her. 

It’s not as much as ‘tsundere’ as much as not liking to be peaked at like that after her past… experiences… with that subject that’s likely still sensitive.

I love Ann for her personality and in-battle manners (such as behaving like a panther rather then trying to be ‘hot’ or anything like that) but also for the friendship she, Ryuji and protag seem to share.

I already have way too many ships with her (I’m bad, I know) but I brotp RyuAnn. Ryuji and Ann seem like great friends to me, their dynamic is pretty nice too - from what we’ve seen so far - and I like how she has no problems with teaching him (and protag) a lesson or two. I like girls in games who have their own opinions and thoughts rather then just following and siding with the guys (If that makes any sense)

In conclusion, I can’t wait to see more about Ann and Persona 5 in general.

I absolutely love the Otabek x Yuri fan base, this is probably the sweetest shipping I’ve seen in a while.

because we have pretty much all decided that they are a brOTP and an OTP at the same time. Like most of us love their friendship and if their friendship turns romantic then that’s great and we’re happy for them but if they don’t turn romantic then that’s ok too we are happy with their friendship too. Like, this type of shipping is so beautiful and pure can we have more shipping like this? (I don’t want to talk about the whole age gap thing we are done with that he is two years older than him. That’s it we’re done)

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put a character in my ask box and I’ll tell you …

My otp: mm i like claudine x belle…claudine & nineheart is interesting too just because i want to see them work past their differences…
My most hated pairing: i don’t think there is one
My unusual otp: none
My crossover otp: none
My brotp/friendship otp: claudine & xenon, claudine with any of the resistance members…
Character headcanon: claudine & xenon share whip techniques…she probably taught him some cool tricks
how I feel about the character: again..i love masks so she’s good..i also really love her doctor version???? she’s a great character though i love how much she cares & how emotional she is

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what type of relationship do cobra and lucy have? i know they're friends but i'm so obsessed with that brotp and i'd love to know more about cobra's thoughts on it ; - ;

i’m actually really weak for this brotp. i love the idea of them being friends so much! i’m going to assume this is probably for erik’s friendship with lucy ( @angeliiias? 8)

well he needs to learn more about her, to be honest. but when he does eventually, he’ll find that they have a lot in common. especially for her lucy, they’ve both experienced great loss and their own traumas. both also grew up living lives that didn’t feel like their own. they were both unhappy, and desired freedom. despite how different they seem, they’re both invested having their own voice and living beyond the boundaries they were given as children. 

as for currently, erik sometimes finds her mind very .. overwhelming ? he’s not used to being around thoughts like hers. she’s a heavy thinker. her thoughts are full of hope, full of love, and very deep. he rarely hears her mind go quiet. she’s one of the few people of fairy tail that doesn’t get under his skin. she encourages him to be a better version of himself, despite what others may say or think of him. 

regarding their friendship, erik honestly doesn’t think he deserves it given the past conflicts between their guild. he also just genuinely believes that she shouldn’t trust him, even though he’d never do anything to hurt her. regardless, erik’s very fond of their friendship. she’s very open with him, and welcoming when it comes to listening. he actually tends to trust her more than most people when it comes to talking and expressing how he feels ( which is a big deal because he is not one to talk about his emotions ). he’s usually his softest when he’s around her, and he’s rarely his typical rude self ( although some slip-ups may occur ). i think he looks at her as someone he doesn’t want to let down. she’s someone who sees the best in him, and he doesn’t want to do anything to ruin that image she’s built of him. 

all and all~ erik values the friendship he gained with lucy. she’s one of the first friends he made outside of his guild. they can have a pleasantly “human” relationship. basically what i mean by that is it’s very casual where they talk about normal things like their day or the people in it their lives. she’s kind of anchors him to the ground whenever he finds himself wanting to float away to dark places. she’s a reminder. it’s safe to say that he doesn’t have the best influences around him normally. but she gives him a sense of what a happy life could be if he let himself have it. just as she did, he can get past his previous heartache, and find love and peacefully live too. he can become bigger than his mistakes and free himself from all the bad feelings he holds for himself. that’s what she tries to remind him anyway. 

i honestly believe lucy makes erik want to atone more than jellal ever did.


        this may / may not be a BIASED LIST !!  however , just  … thank  you  to  the  friends  i’ve  made  within  the  few  weeks  i’ve  been here.  this  fandom  is  most  likely  HANDS DOWN  the  most  chill  and  welcoming  fandom ,  so  thank you  again  to  everyone  who’s  been  with  me  for  the  time  being; 

                  you  guys really  are …  the best

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Endless amount of ships (real life or characters)

10. John Krasinski & Jenna Fischer; When they called me and said I got the role, I said, ‘Who’s Jim – did you cast John Krasinski?’ They said, 'Yes’ and I started crying because I knew it would be good. And I mean this honestly – I can’t do Pam without him. In the way you need the right partner to have a great marriage, I needed the right costar to have this relationship.

honestly i would be thoroughly disappointed with the writers of twd if carnid happened.

the characters of twd have generally had deep & meaningful relationships/ character development. i find carnid to be a cliche that is wayyyy out of line with the usual stuff amc does & both carl and enid deserve better than that. they’re both individually great characters with so much potential.

also i love their little friendship & currently it’s kinda showing how a boy and a girl can be just friends and nothing more. brotp. not otp.

stefan & caroline
  • Steroline: *comforts each other through tough emotional times*
  • People: stefan salvatore and caroline forbes, best friends!
  • Steroline: *dance together repeatedly, stefan throws her over his shoulder*
  • People: look at stefan with his bff caroline ♥
  • Steroline: *talk about love and moving on to someone new*
  • People: omg! steroline brotp!
  • Steroline: *hit on each other at backwoods keg parties*
  • People: haha but seriously, they have no romantic chemistry
  • Steroline: *hold hands in trying times*
  • People: they are SO great, I'd hate to ruin them with romance
  • Steroline: *stick up on behalf of each other to their respective exes*
  • People: nice to see a boy and girl just being friends lol!
  • Steroline: *kiss passionately, then head to the bedroom*
  • People: haha besties, love these two! BEST FRIENDS 5EVER!!
  • Steroline: *have a June wedding, then live happily ever after*
  • People: i love their friendship so much! but friendship ONLY haha
  • Me: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ STOP CLUTTERING UP THE TAG *continues hiding ppl*