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Someone stops the Commander from challenging people at the tavern

…because Cassandra is gonna beat him.
She’d also tell everybody he let her win, though. You know, to save his honor :3

Okay but imagine what happens when they finally get Stiles back, after all the hugs and the tears and the proclamations of love and whatnot

Stiles goes to his Jeep, and notices something. Duct tape. Keeping Roscoe’s drivers side door shut. He turns to his friends, doing that little one-eye-twitchy thing where one eye gets super narrow in, in this case, disbelief.

“What happened to my Jeep?”

He peels the duct tape off, and the door comes swinging open, the handle broken. “I, uh–” Scott starts, and sort of smiles apologetically. “I might’ve had to break in, the first time you tried communicating with us? You know - through the Jeep’s radio. We didn’t have the keys yet.”

Stiles’ eyes narrow further. “You broke my Jeep, Scott? On purpose?”

Scott’s eyes widen and he lifts his hands in a gesture of harmlessness. “Lydia told me to.”

Stiles gestures grandly, his hands flailing with his words. “That does not mean you had to do it! You could’ve said no! You’re the alpha, aren’t you supposed to call the shots?”

“Yeah, okay - coming from the guy who hasn’t ever said no to Lydia Martin in his life.”

“Hey, she - she intimidated me, okay? You know this.”

“Which is why only now you worked up the actual courage to tell her you’ve been in love with her for like, ten years.”

Stiles looks at him for a second, before rolling his eyes. “Just get in the car, Scotty. We’ll talk about this later.”

“I’m totally gonna pay for that Lydia jab, aren’t I?”

Stiles sighs, clapping a hand on his best friend’s shoulder. “Yes, yes you are.”

Scott sighs, turning and crossing over towards the passenger side door. “Great.”

“Hey, you missed me and you know it.”

Scott freezes then, the door half open as Stiles slides into the driver’s seat. He looks at his best friend for a second longer before sliding in and closing his door.

“Yeah, I did.”

“I know.” He sticks the key in the ignition, but hesitates before turning it. “You know, I missed you guys too.”

Scott grins at him, so happy to have his best friend back, nodding as Stiles finally turns the key and the engine sputters painfully to life.

“Yeah, I know.”

Sometimes I just lay in bed staring at my ceiling…simply…thinkin’ bout the fact that…Hoseok loves Jungkook so much…and Jungkook loves Hoseok so much like…?????? And still their relationship and its dynamic is underappreciated???????? Jungkook is clingy af !!!!!  let’sfirstcancelthemyththatheisn’t BUT soooooooo much extra with Hoseok! And Hoseok plays along with Jungkook’s silly little games like no other!!! They have a very easy push-pull relationship and sometimes share mannerisms…and I cry because…

People really sleep on the fact that Hoseok was one of the first members (IF NOT THE FIRST) of BTS to really pull Jungkook of his shell. That boy used to follow Hoseok around at the hip! I wanna cry…I’m crying,…I gotta sleep.

The Misadventures of Prince Kim

The royalty AU I was drawing will now have a fic too! (It’s about Kim and how he’s not very good at being a prince…)

Chapter One


The Françoise Dupont Academy for Royalty and Nobility was a large boarding school for the upper classes of society, situated on the borders of the vast Bourgeois Empire. Each year it took in new pupils from various kingdoms all around the globe and trained them in the ways of governing an area of land in accordance with their title, shaping them into competent rulers within three short years. The emperor had invested a huge amount of money into the school recently, wanting it to be ready for the year his own daughter would join. Imperial Princess Chloé had now reached her 15th birthday, meaning that this September she was eligible to enrol, and by now the academy was considered so prestigious that she would be joined by royalty from some of the wealthiest and most developed countries in the world. In fact, this year there were enough royals joining that for the first time the royalty would be in a completely separate class from the nobility, able to learn about ruling over a country without having to take part in lessons meant for those of a lower status.

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“What about him?”

Phil looked in the direction that Maria was pointing, but, considering that the bar was pretty crowded, he couldn’t tell who, exactly, he was supposed to be looking at. “Which one?”

“Brunet, sitting at the bar.” She rolled her eyes as if that had been obvious from the start, even though it really, really hadn’t.

He looked at the man for a few moments, considering, before finally replying with “No.”

“No? Why not? Are you just determined to reject every single guy I pick out for you?”

“He’s just…” Phil shrugged “Not my type.”

Maria turned to face him, glee in her eyes. “You have a type?”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

“You’re not everyone. You’re Phil Coulson. I’m pretty sure if you ask any junior agent about you they’ll insist that you’re a robot.” She paused, brain turning over this new information Phil had just given her. “But since you do have a type, surely he would be it, right? I mean, I haven’t even talked to him and I can already tell that he’s practically your soulmate!”

“And why would you get that impression?”

“Just look at him – he’s around your age, he’s attractive. He’s probably taller than you – which I know you like, don’t try and deny it – but not so much taller than you that he’d make you look short. He’s wearing a perfectly tailored Armani suit – “

Phil cut in quickly, muttering “—I’m more of a Dolce man, myself.”

The glare that came from Maria made him shut up pretty quickly, and she continued. “He’s sitting, in a bar, and yet he’s doing paperwork instead of interacting with other people. Tell me he’s not perfect for you, go on, I dare you.”

“He’s not perfect for me.”


“Gotta say, the Armani was a deal breaker.” he deadpanned, but when Maria scowled at him he just thought ‘to hell with it’ and gave her the actual reason “Plus, I’m kinda taken.”

In the minute or so that Maria sat staring at him in silence, gobsmacked, a million different expressions crossed her face, before she finally said “Barton.”

It hadn’t really been a question, but Phil still answered “Yes.”

“Phil Coulson, you motherfucker. How long have we known each other? We started training at SHIELD on the same day. I am your best friend in the entire world, and yet you didn’t think to even mention to me that you had a boyfriend?”

“Fiancé, actually…” Phil braced himself, preparing for Maria to explode in rage.

“You are damn lucky that we’re in a crowded bar, or I would probably kill you right now.”

“If it helps, I decided to tell you today because I want you to be my maid of honour.”

Maria’s expression softened, and it was obvious that she was holding back a grin as she mumbled “I’m still mad at you.”

|| Since a certain someone gave me feels, you know who you are, I’m going to say it again: wisely = mini tyki okay *.*

It’s not just that they are both hobos and all and will choose fishing over fancy parties any time. It’s also that every time I rp with a Tyki, Wisely ends up looking up to him and respecting him. He doesn’t always directly show it, I mean, he loves annoying his uncle to the max, but he does unintentionally/subconsciously think of him as a father figure (he isn’t the best example as a parent, but yk). Wisely hates disappointing him (which happened in an rp before) and secretly likes it when he frets over the boy or spends time with him, or ever just asks him if he is all right. 

Wisely once stole his cigarettes and tried to smoke like Tyki, same stance etc, but failed miserably and hates smoking now. 
Wisely also tries to copy the way Tyki stands/walks etc. He doesn’t notice this himself, but Wisely likes to for example put his hand on his hip, hold up one hand fancily or have that seductive smile. Tyki does all these things because he has that sexual appeal, which Wisely doesn’t, but he copies it anyway.
When Tyki wants to go out, Wisely is bound to follow him because that’s more exciting than staying in ‘that stuffy mansion’. 
When Tyki does something that annoys Sheryl, Wisely will want to do something similar, because if Tyki can do it, he can too, right? 
When Wisely needs someone to talk to about something and can’t go to Road for whatever reason there is, Tyki is the person he goes to, not sheryl, tricia or anyone else, just Tyki. He really does listen to Tyki and calms down around him. 

And I recently started to write adult wisely and I just can’t help but notice a lot more similarities between him and tyki. He grew up to be just like his uncle. ;; 

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