i love this boy :(

If I ever questioned why Keith is my comfort character, this leaves no doubt in my mind.

Keith being so open and vunerable and self reflecting in a booth where he can share his emotions without having to tell anyone directly.

Keith needing to stop and physically remove himself from the situation in order to let out his emotions even though he didn’t have a direct audience in the room with him. He’s trying but he is so afraid.

Keith exploring his deep rooted hurt and fear of rejection.

Keith saying the reason he had such a hard time connecting with others may have been because he is half galra but the emotion he displays is so purely human.

Keith freaking out about the “I say vol- you say tron!” chant.

Keith’s tick of rubbing his thumb against his forefinger in an attempt to calm himself down.

Keith worrying that he is too angry, too brash, too emotional and not really knowing why.

Keith finally getting a moment to release all of that pent up frustration and fear and worry.

Keith not realizing how much he has grown and how much he will continue to grow as a person.


Just. Keith.

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I'm back! Can you do a new part of the series you were doing, the morning after including this quote below by Evan? (I'm feeling so so fluffy rn) “I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater.” - ☀️


part one, part two, part three, part four


     “These are amazing, Evan,” you tell the boy sitting across from you, happily reaching for another blueberry pancake. “Is it a family recipe?”

     He blushes, shrugging. “My mom used to make them sometimes. You like them?” 

     “I love them.” You smile at him, feeling your heart swell as he smiles back. You two eat in silence for a while longer, giving each other little glances from time to time. “Thank you for making these, Evan,” you murmur. “And for being with me these past few months. I really, really like being around you.”

     He just hums happily, smiling at you. “You wanna know something?”

     “Sure,” you respond, tilting your head to the side. “What is it?”

     His blush returns. “It’s just… I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to just learn your name, and now…”

     He looks at you for a moment, the side of his mouth quirking up in a soft smile. “Now you’re having breakfast with me. In my sweater.”

     You laugh. “What are you saying? I should steal more of your clothing?”

     He grins. “I mean, that’s up to you.” You laugh again, reaching across the table to him. He places his hand over yours. His eyes are full of happiness, and awe, and…


     “I love you, Evan,” you whisper to him, ignoring the butterflies you feel when he raises his eyebrows. You’ve said it to him only once before, last night. He said it back, but what if his feelings have changed?

     “I love you, too.” He squeezes your hand, continuing. “Always.”

     As he starts humming quietly again, that slow song you danced to, you start to truly believe it.


Theo Raeken is one of the best characters on Teen Wolf.

Cody puts so much effort into playing him and he tried so many times to explain Theo, but people are like “he killed Scott” “he destroyed sciles” “he hit Lydia” and I want to say that just because you dislike the character’s personality, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad one.

Cody Christian did a great job representing Theo and he received hate, because some people don’t get the difference between the character and the actor himself.

Look, I get why some people hate him, and I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m not saying what he has done was good, because it wasn’t. But you should understand that Theo as a character is so well thought, has an awesome storyline and the actor played the role in a stunning way and it felt realistic. He brought the character to life and we can see his development, I think it’s one of the best developments ever.

So, please, instead of spread hate and talk shit about the character, try to think about it. Cody expressed in an incredible way what Theo felt. His lust for power, his hate, his desire for revenge. And finally his fear, his regret, his loneliness. How much he changed and how much he wants to help the pack, how much he wants redemption.

I feel like Theo Raeken is the best character on the show. But, you know, that’s just my opinion.