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hi there! im asking my fave batfam blogs for blog recs and why you like them? i want to find more batfam blogs to follow, if it's not too much to ask? if not it's totally okay!

Hey! Thanks for asking, and thanks for saying I’m a fav <3 I always love to talk up the blogs I enjoy seeing on my dash. They are for the most part 100% gen blogs and all great to follow:

@audreycritter- Audrey is the greatest. She’s an incredible writer and an all around great person. She’s great to talk to and so nice. Her blog is always uplifting and fun.

@whore4batfam Stell is amazing. She produces some of the best batfam content you can find, and is really funny. 

@oh-mother-of-darkness - I have been following her since before I started a batblog. She’s so sweet and writes some of the funniest/heart wrenching stories you’ll find about the batfam.

@ autumnhobbit - Produces some just really really great stories. Like make you cry then want to read them again stories. Also lots of other great batfam content. : )

@komadoriwonder- Super fun, super nice, and has shared some really really great stories. I always love seeing Koma on my dash.

@fuyunoakegata- When I need some quality batfam content or am missing some Dick Grayson on my blog I always find my way to her blog.  

@kaylabeemarie- Literally creates the greatest Batfam art on the planet. I stare at their work for HOURS after I find it.

@unpretty- She makes great Batfam content and is so funny. I love seeing her on my dash

Some other Blogs I love to see, but don’t know very well are:

Blogs who reblog/post great stuff include: @litnerdhood,@redhoodie, @bamboozledimagines, @batdad, @holyheadcanonsbatman, @arabian-batboy

Writers who I don’t know well yet but I love their stuff: @dove-among-bats, @lysical, @tantalum-cobalt

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Does Tattoo Roulette count? I’m counting it as an interview. He looked so good, he was such a good sport, and he was pretty cheeky throughout the whole thing. 

We can tell how good of a person Harry is based on his reaction to James getting “Safe” - at that point, he knew he was getting a tattoo whether or not his box said so. He wasn’t about to let Niall get a tattoo if he didn’t want to. That’s why he said “I mean…” and laughed before he opened the box. 

Don’t even get me started on how hot it was to see him slam down the lid, and then before they cut to commercial, the smirk on his face…man, I could’ve chosen any of the gifs from that day to justify my love for that interview, especially the smug-ass look on his face (because holy shit), but I love his voice and little laugh when he says, “I’m actually fine.”

Sigh. He just looked amazing that day and really was the best sport about it.

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Authors Note: Guys, let me know if you want a part two of this!!! I’m just dipping my toes in the writing pool so any feedback would be amazing. Again…Kinda long, SO SORRY. Thanks for reading beautiful followers!


You loved living in New York City. After all, it was the greatest city in the world. There was always something going on…Rock Center for ice skating in the winter, laying out in Central Park in the summer, you loved it all. The only down fall was one the celebrities and the tourists they brought. God bless ‘em, but they clogged the streets to the point where walking outside anywhere near 34th-42nd street was almost unbearable. But nonetheless it was still your favorite, crazy city.

Unfortunately today was one of those days where you needed to walk from 34th Street - Penn Station, to 34th Street - Herald Square. Uff. This walk was right thru Madison Square Garden, also just known as MSG, and it was without fail horrible every single time. Your friends and you called it the walk of death. A bit dramatic, but you would agree if you ever had to do it.

You walked out of the subway into the New York sunshine that peeped out from behind the sky scrapers, “You will not be jaded about this walk today, Y/N.” you said out loud to yourself keeping your head high as you headed towards MSG. The sun was shining in it’s New York way, and you were going to keep a smile on your face for this entire walk. After all you were headed to lunch with your best friends wearing the cutest outfit that consisted of frayed and torn high waisted Levi jean shorts, a white button up that was a little oversized and tucked into the right front of your jeans while the rest hung out the side and back, you left the front unbuttoned a few buttons so it showed the front of your white bralette, white heeled sandals that consisted of one strap around the ankle and one over your toes, and as always your oversized aviator brown Ray-Bans. As you continued on with a little pep in your step, you were suddenly stopped dead in your tracks.

“Ooooh, fuck. Commoooon.” You said as you approached MSG. There seemed to be a concert tonight and the entire block was flooded with teen girls. Taking a deep break you continued on snaking thru the crowd.

Finally you popped out on the other side of the crowd in one piece. Smiling you kept on triumphantly, taking that as a victory. As you continued walking, you turned your head around to look back at the crowd curious as to what or who everyone was all lined up for.

“Shaw-” You began to read on the billboard before you felt a body crash into yours immediately followed by a hot liquid spilling down the entire front of your shirt. Your heel caught the edge of the curb causing you to jilt forward making your Ray-Bans fall off you face and crash onto the pavement. Looking up you saw a tall guy standing in front of you who had practically caught you with his free arm, and a *newly* half full coffee cup in the other hand.

“OH, wow. I am so so sorry…” He said standing you up and handing you a napkin. He looked down at your shirt with a ‘oh fuck’ face, and just that look made you not even want to look down at your newly stained shirt.

“It’s fi-” You began to say before You reluctantly looked down at your shirt “Ohhhh, shit. Great. That’s just…….great.” You said brushing the brown coffee stain with your hand, which you knew would do nothing but you couldn’t help the reflex. “Jeez common, I know you’re probably not FROM here but spacial awareness is a THING you know.” You said to him irritated.

“Well, you were the one walking looking backwards.” He said back to me with half a laugh. You didn’t find this amusing at all, you sighed before seeing your sunglasses on the pavement, “OH NO. PLEASE NO.” You said bending down to pick them up. Of course the right lens was shattered, and the frame bent. You let out the biggest sigh ever known to man, and just stood there defeated. Figuring out what to do next.

“Here, take these.” The guy said taking off his original wayfarer Ray-Ban glasses handing them to me. You reached out and snatched them from him reluctantly putting them on. Normally you wouldn’t just take $150 sunglasses from a stranger but you were really feeling some type of way in your stained white shirt and broken glasses.

“Oh also,” He said reaching into his pockets. This interaction was already far too long for your liking so you crossed your arms and began obnoxiously tapping your foot. You’re not normally this bratty but like you said, today had you feeling some type of way since your happy-go-lucky mood got totally ruined. You watched as his friends behind him sipped their coffee in silence not getting involved. God, they had to think you were such a bitch.

“Take these.” He said handing me two pieces of paper that looked like tickets, and then handing you two lanyards with badges attached to them. “It’s for tonight’s show, at MSG. Random I know, but I do feel bad for messing with your day.”

“Thanks.” You said shoving them into your purse. “A-and I’m really keeping the glasses.” You said matter of fact-ly.

“Okay…And hey, they don’t look too bad on you.” He half smiled. Wow he was actually really cute and I knew he was trying to make me feel better. “Hopefully I didn’t ruin your day….Or your shirt.” He said looking down at the brown stain.

“Well, I am on the way to lunch to meet friends so…” You said shrugging, “I guess this is going to have to work.” Looking back down at your shirt. “Anyways….Enjoy your coffee. Or, whats left of it I guess.” You ran a hand thru your hair and continued walking.

After lunch, which was actually fun despite your wardrobe malfunction, you went home and immediately threw your hair up plopping down on the couch. Turning on the TV you looked to your right where your purse was. You saw the tickets peeking out of your bag. You bit your lip staring at them, was it something you wanted to go tonight? I mean it was a Friday, and concerts, regardless of who, were always fun. You stretched your body reaching over snatching one out of your purse.

“Shawn Mendes.” You said to yourself tilting your head. The name sounded familiar. Grabbing the computer you googled. You listened to 'Stitches’, 'Mercy’, and 'Treat You Better’. “Ahhhhh.” You said to yourself nodding. You’ve heard these on the radio constantly, his songs were so fun to sing along to. Grabbing the phone you called your friend Stella, who agreed to come to the show with you. Maybe your day was really looking up after all.

After deciding on an outfit, which was a black off the shoulder tight body suit paired with the same ripped and frayed Levi *unstained* shorts you were wearing earlier, and black high top converse. Your hair was loosely curled and you had a very light, sheer redish-pink gloss over your lips.

After meeting Stella at the subway you guys rode down to MSG together. You guys had a few beers before and you were definitely feeling it, this night was a success already! You guys strolled up to the venue pulling the tickets out of your bag you handed Stella her tickets and lanyard that you both put around your necks.

“Oooooh la la, I think it’s some kind of VIP?” You said shimmying, making the badge around your neck bounce around on your chest. After you got in the venue you were escorted to your seats.

“Whoa.” You said as you and Stella stood front row. “This is, wild. Front row?” You looked the stage up and down, it was giant. I mean, MSG itself was giant. Why on earth would this kid give away front row seats?!!!

“I’m gonna get us another drink!” Stella said grabbing her purse and disappearing into the crowd. You felt a little guilty. You were a total bitch earlier, and this kid not only gave you his sunglasses but front row and VIP passes? He was way nicer than he needed to be,, and New Yorker got the best of you. You signed, oh well, the interaction was over and you would probably never see him again so it wasn’t something you could worry about now.

Stella returned with the drinks as the opening act was playing, she brought you two Coronas each. Your favorite.

“Cheers!” You said clinking your bottle with hers as the lights went low. Every girl started screaming which made you and Stella laugh, you LOVED concerts. Everything about them. You got hype and started screaming as well, taking a swig of your beer.

“Hello everybody!” A voice said making you look up to the stage. Your entire body froze. Grabbing Stella’s arm you just stood staring at the guy on stage. “Oh my god” you mouthed.

“What, WHAT!?” She said looking over at you. Your heart was beating 600 miles per hour.

“That’s. Him.” You said not taking your eyes off of him as he began to sing. Stella began to laugh.

“THAT’S karma, Y/N.” She began bopping to the music. You shook your head with a laugh. What a little bastard, giving me tickets to his own show. Well played.

You stood drinking your beer as the first song ended he looked down right at you throwing you a wink. You shook your head laughing waiving around your VIP badge which made him laugh. This guy was somethin’ else.

After the show was over Stella had to leave, she had the biggest interview tomorrow and she needed sleep. She gave her VIP badge to a girl sitting behind us who thanked her until she was blue in the face.

“You coming, Y/N?” Stella asked.

“Nah. This kid has some explaining to do.” You said laughing waiving her off.

You were guided backstage to stand in a line with a bunch of other girls. You laughed as you were last in line. When it was your turn to get to the front you just stood wit your arms crossed.

“So…..” You said walking over to him with a grin on your face, “I think you owe me an explanation.”

“Oh no no no. I think you owe me an apology! You looked like you were having fun out there.” He said mocking me crossing his arms back.

“Okay okay…It was a lot of fun…” You said throwing your arms up in a surrender pose, “And yeah, I was being a pretty huge bitch and I WAS walking with my head turned around but HEY, you were the one walking with hot coffee not looking. I think you’re the one at fault here.” You said with a laugh.

“Alright, we will call it a tie.” He said sticking his hand out to me, “Shawn….”

You looked down at his hand narrowing your eyes, “Y/N” You said taking his hand and shaking it. He towered over you by at least a foot and a half, maybe two feet. He had wavy brown hair, and deep brown eyes. He was definitely handsome, and you didn’t think that was just the alcohol talking.

“Okay so how about a deal. I ruined your shirt so I take you to coffee?” He asked shoving his hands in his front pockets.

“You think MORE coffee is going to fix this???” You teased.

“Okay okay, bad idea.” He let out a laugh, “Well, how about dinner then?” His eyes quickly scanning you up and down.

“Hmmm….” You pretended to think about it long and hard tapping your index finger on your cheek. “Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Plus I don’t trust your judgement of good coffee int his city. You were coming out of a Starbucks, I mean common Mendes….” You teased giving him a little nudge.

“Okay okay, that’s fair….” He said before someone began calling his name to come backstage. “Well, I’m only in town for another day so…Tomorrow night?” He pulled out his phone handing it to me.

“I suppose that could work.” You said taking his phone putting in your name and number. “There ya go.” You handed his phone back to him letting his hand brush yours, making your heart thump out of your chest.

“I gotta go but I’ll text you the details tonight.” He said waiving off the guy who was calling for him. “Alright, see ya Y/N.” He said backing up keeping eye contact.

“See ya, Shawn.” You said with a wink before he turned around. Wow, that was awful confident of you Y/N, you thought to yourself. Gotta be that liquid courage.

When you got home you threw yourself onto your bed looking up at the ceiling. 'Wow.’ You thought to yourself, 'You have a date with Shawn Mendes.’

[Saito Souma blog 032317] An important announcement.

Everyone, good day, I’m Saito Souma.
This time, I’d been given the honor of spreading the news myself!

Just as announced everywhere else, I, Saito Souma, shall be making my solo artist debut under SACRA MUSIC!

The first single is to be released on June 7, 2017, Wednesday!
It’s called “Fiche Story”!
Amazingly, THE Oishi Masayoshi-san had been put in charge of the lyrics, arrangement, and composition!
While there’s a lot I can’t say yet, it’s a quirky pop song, and definitely became something embodying the things I like.
I really want everyone to hear this tune I love very soon!
If you’ll grab hold of a copy, I’d be pleased!
I’ll be in your care!

It’s been a long time preparing for this, so I think I’m really happy to be finally able to convey this to you all!
To be honest, when I first started going on the path of a seiyuu, whenever there’d be talk about me going on stage, I never could imagine how the me singing songs would look like.
I’m a seiyuu until the very end, so I thought I wanted to be someone who just supports the productions I’m in.

However, as I’d challenged various things in my role as seiyuu, I’d gradually begun to think stuff like “I wanna do things like this more,” “What else should I do for the sake of broadening my range?”
If the me from that time would feel something along the lines of “becoming part of [the music industry] is a delusion!” at today’s news, now I’m boldly taking a step forward.

While it’ll take a bit longer before we can say anything more concrete, I have a lot of feelings about promoting things about me singing songs, about performing in front of everyone!
To everyone who’d been supporting me, if this new “Saito Souma” I’m conveying to you pleases you, I think I shall devote myself so that you may want to call on me!
From now on as well, the seiyuu Saito Souma will also be in your care!

Also, accompanying this turn of events, an official webpage and Twitter account had been established!
Either one is managed and updated by the staff team, and aside from this blog, they will convey various news!
Please look upon both of these kindly!

Official webpage

Twitter account

That being said, that’s the news about my debut single’s release!
Please look upon me kindly, and cheer on me continuously!
Well then, until next time!

Saito Souma

souma blog tag | my translation index | please do not reproduce this translation anywhere without credit and permission. | the original title was フィッシュストリ. i chose to take it as “fiche”, short for microfiche, where stuff was printed on really tiny-like for easy storage, cuz it fit with the “story” half and sounded like a word Souma would use? …he also could’ve meant “fish”, though. fish story. souma, why | translated 参りたい as “you may want to call on me”, but it could also mean “you would like to fall madly in love with me”…Souma pls stop reading my mind | thanks for reading!

1 YEAR: the longest I’ve EVER managed to maintain a single blog on Tumblr. For 365 days total have I marred this website with this blog’s presence. Along the way, I managed to come across a good few people who actually decided to tolerate said presence.

All jokes aside, I’m terribly grateful for you folks who have stuck around for however long you’ve known me and kept in contact with me. I love writing with every one of you. You’re all seriously the highlight of my average day, and I probably wouldn’t be where I am today without your encouragement and support. It’s been an amazing ride thus far, and I hope it only becomes even more amazing from here on out.

May the Light be with you always, my dearest friends. ❤  ❤  ❤

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ absolute nerds down here ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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The Personal Baker 🍰👩🏾‍🍳💓 & The Personal Cook 🥘👩🏼‍🍳🖤

Happy that I finally got to spend time with @desiijackson. I’m so glad that you flew over to NY not only for your publisist but to hang out.☺️ Even thought you weren’t able to make it to my birthday party last week, is okay! cause things happen. We went shopping 🙊 Only places I’ve been too this week has been school (cause of finals week) and my house 🙄😒. I bought some new clothes for spring and for the summer 👗👙👒☀️ and Desi went crazy over at Tiffany & Co. 💎 It was a candy store for her hah her face was priceless😆 Thought I’d showed you guys what we were up too yesterday. How’s everyone so far?🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m so ready for the weekend😩 

hey! so i know most artists have an inspiration blog of some sort but often times don’t link it or forget to. I would love to follow more of those so if you have one reblog and add a link! 

you can find mine HERE! Just a collection of art, photos, and a bunch of other stuff that inspires me and fuels my creativity!


So as promised I’ve made a new simblr. The only reason I’ve done this is because this blog is a sideblog and I wanted a blog that was just for sims only. I don’t really use my main tumblr anymore.

I’d really like it if you all followed me there, I’ll be posting some TS4 stuff. My new URL is @resurrectonomitron.

I’ve also moved my BACC to a sideblog and I’d love if you followed that too. The URL is @crystalpeaks.

This blog is NOT closing just yet, I’m going to complete my LEPacy. I’ve just needed to take a little break as I had to wipe my laptop again.

@nicholaplaysthesims is now @resurrectonomitron

Impossible Harry Tag

This has been exhausting… I have no strength left. Here’s the Harry tag.

This has got to be the hardest thing I’ve done and me and my babble-y self probably made it even longer than needed. So if you want to know, or if you’re harry styles (cause I wrote something for you at the end), go ahead and click keep reading

I was tagged by : @cuddlemusclestyles@muggleharry@hestylesno@wdmsusie@revolutionaryharry@cheshirepuddin@legend-waitforit-harry​ thank you for putting me through the hardest test ever.

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