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I really don’t have much to say or add to anything I’m just here to say that I probably won’t be around all that much. For how long I can’t really say. Just need a breather.

I’m a person that prides myself on being able to find a silver lining and I can’t find any tight now so I’m not even going to try. There has been too much Bullshit lately and I’m not in the mood. Probably gonna concentrate on writing a bit of Fan Fiction, since I have a couple that need my attention haha.

Anyways my ask box and messenger will remain open and I will answer everything as you all know. I’ll accept more challenges for Caryl write ups or meta or anything cause I like doing that. And if anyone wants to rank I’m available..

Much love to all of ya ❤


Jungkook having a bit too much fun. Just look the expression of the ARMY in the background. Especially Jimin. He looked so worried and scared. Ran over to catch Jungkook. Staff and Jimin probably almost had a heart attack because of him. My goodness. And he was laughing afterwards as if nothing happened. This kid~

(Picture not mine. Credit to watermark)


Yuuri: As much as I love eating pork cutlet bowls…Nothing compares to being around Viktor. Even if he does weird things, I’d rather have him in my life than a fatty food.

[ OOC-Tan: I am so sorry for delays!! I’ve gotten so many asks! I’m answering them randomly, so I apologize if I take a bit to get to yours! Finals weeks is almost over, so I’m trying to do as many of these as I can! Also thank you all for the 800+ followers!! I’m stunned haha. ]

Flat Colored Commission of Saizo in modern clothing from Samurai Love Ballad Party and the cutie prince, Yoosung from Mystic Messenger for @suzunesays

Thank you so much for commissioning me! <3

For those interested in a commission, here’s a link to it here.

Parchment // Slytherin Yoongi x Ravenclaw Reader

he-men-ah asked:
Hi~ hi~ Even though it’s almost 1 am and I should be sleeping 😅 I was scrolling along and saw the post you reblogged with the members in their hogwarts house and I got an scenario idea~ Can you write scenario with Slytherin Yoongi and the reader in Ravenclaw pleeease~??? //Totally not asking specifically because I’m a Ravenclaw psshhhh no way~ 😂😅 Lmao~ Thanks ♡♡♡♡♡

I got sooooo carried away with this one because I freaking LOVED writing it. Honestly, this mash-up was so funnnn ♡ It ended up super long haha so sorry about that. I JUST GOT A TAD EXCITED. It also gets a teensy bit smutty at one point but dw it’s not much. But this was so fun!! I hope you like it!!

Also, I’m gonna dedicate this one to not only you, but also my girl Madelyn of @jinssmile​ because it was her birthday last week and she’s a Yoongi fan too so YO HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELYN. ENJOY.

Genre: Fluff, semi-smut, Harry Potter AU
Slytherin Yoongi x Ravenclaw Reader
Length: 8.1k

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Harry Potter. None of the settings are mine and all belong to JK Rowling. Gotta say it.

You smoothed down your robes, watching the countryside zip past the small windows of the Hogwarts Express. You were only 11 years old, excited and feeling prepared for your first year at the amazing “school of witchcraft and wizardry”. It had been a dream come true when your letter had arrived. Your parents were just regular people, or “muggles” as all the other witches and wizards called them, so they had thought that the letter was a prank or something when you’d first received it. But as you’d pulled out the piece of parchment and read what was written in the curly green inked handwriting, you knew that it was no joke. It felt too right and explained too much.

Being Muggleborn, you knew absolutely no one on this train. It was the one thing you were worried about at this school. You knew that you would be fine with keeping your grades up, and you weren’t even scared of getting lost, but you’d only found out you were a witch less than two months ago. How were you going to fit in here? The others would’ve surely been raised to expect a life at this school since they were tiny, so would they really accept someone as clueless as you? You’d read up on as much as you could about the school and about magic before you came here so you hoped that you knew enough to at least appear like you were well-versed in all things magical.

Despite all of this you were determined to approach this new experience with zero concerns. You were confident it would turn out okay, so you decided to focus on how amazing all this was. You couldn’t wait to get there, but there was still a long way to go before you reached Hogwarts – you’d really only just left the station. You were fairly sure that you were allowed to have stayed in your normal clothing for a while longer but you were too excited to put on your new robes to wait. You eyed the logo on the front of your robes happily, a small smile appearing on your lips. You were really going. It wasn’t all some crazy dream.

The doors to your carriage opened suddenly and you jumped, looking up to see who it was. There was an Asian boy standing in the opening, a lazy smile on his face. From this distance both his hair and his eyes looked jet black, even darker than his robes. His skin looked white as sugar in stark contrast to the rest of these dark colours. He looked almost like some kind of demon, but you couldn’t recall ever reading about them in any of your textbooks. You made a mental note to look that up once you reached the school and had access to the library. You saw that under his robes his body was slim but at this young age there was still a little leftover baby fat in his cheeks, making him look far less intimidating than you’d originally thought. Those black eyes watched you from where he stood, one hand still resting on the door to the carriage.

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Blackpinkofficial: Hey everyone 🙈 merry christmas 🎄 I miss u all so much.. like no joke.. :( i really do.. although we can’t spend this christmas together.. I hope you all enjoy a memorable day with your friends and family~ stay safe and I hope to see u all very soon. Love you all to bits and pieces haha 😘 With love, Rosé. (p.s. this picture’s an old one Lisa took for me a while ago.. again, all credits to her crazy photography skillz..🙌 whoop whoop)


my bullet journal: 3/???

My March spread! Can you guys tell how much I love Do Bong Soon? Because I do! I actually did scripty writing for the first time, and I gotta say, it’s my favorite of 2017 so far. I slipped up a bit since I put it in pencil first and when I try to erase it, it smudges haha. I need to get out of that habit! Speaking of habits, I haven’t done more than one for the these first three months, so hopefully I branch out in April and do more! But still, I love this monthly one and I hope you do too.

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#MISSUALL #메리크리스마스 #보고파용 #loveubaes Hey everyone 🙈 merry christmas 🎄 I miss u all so much.. like no joke.. :( i really do.. although we can’t spend this christmas together.. I hope you all enjoy a memorable day with your friends and family~ stay safe and I hope to see u all very soon. Love you all to bits and pieces haha 😘 With love, Rosé. (p.s. this picture’s an old one Lisa took for me a while ago.. again, all credits to her crazy photography skillz..🙌 whoop whoop)


I have to make a post about this ♥

When 24K were on Sound K a few days ago my friend Maddie sent in a msg asking if Jeonguk could name my new kitten for me and when he read my name he started talking about how he knows who I am, he even remembered which country I’m from I was so surprised and I’m still so shocked about it
“Ah Jodie! I know Jodie”
He pronounces my name like Joodie haha I think it’s really cute though 

Anyway after a bit he chose the name Catuk lol he’s so precious he literally combined the word cat with his own name 

So I tweeted him to show him a pic of the kitten he named and he actually faved it ♥

Jeonguk is seriously my favourite person in the entire world, I love him soso much 

122416 Rosé instagram update

Hey everyone 🙈 merry christmas 🎄 I miss u all so much.. like no joke.. :( i really do.. although we can’t spend this christmas together.. I hope you all enjoy a memorable day with your friends and family~ stay safe and I hope to see u all very soon. Love you all to bits and pieces haha 😘 With love, Rosé. (p.s. this picture’s an old one Lisa took for me a while ago.. again, all credits to her crazy photography skillz..🙌 whoop whoop)

Merry Fuddging Christmas!!! And Happy Holidays!!!!

I’m a bit late at posting this, but I’ve been so busy with the holiday that I haven’t had time for anything! Oh well! haha! We here at TFI want to wish you all the happiest of holidays, and we wish you luck dealing with family that is less than enjoyable! We love all of you guys so very much and cannot express how much of a Thank You, each of you deserve. Have fun, stay weird and we hope that Santa brought you everything you wanted!

Happy Hunting,
~Chels and Allison

snakemetal submitted:

i felt like fiddling around a lil bit with spriting so i mashed up a link and a skitty and messed with the colors. now its You

Oh my God! This is amazing, haha!! Thank you so much for this, I love it so much and I’m gonna take so much care of it!

So @nekophy visited my stream today and let me draw this for them :’D I hope you like how it turned out! Goth and Palette were so much fun to draw! You’re a sweetheart and so are they and I hope you know just how much sunshine you bring to people with your art and your blog :) So thank you! :D <3

(ps sorry I posted this as a text post and not picture post the first time! I’m a dumb haha)

Goth belongs to Nekophy!

Palette belongs to @angexci!


I tried to experiment a little bit of Arakawa’s style with my own. Though I think Roy doesn’t really resemble himself in my style XD Some people have reached out to me to talk about Brotherhood…thank you so much!! It’s been so long since a series moved me so much. I would love to draw more FMAB, we will see haha…

Please do not repost without my permission!


Lin Manuel x Reader
Words: 1079
Request: Heyo! Could you maybe do a Lin x Reader or Anthony x Reader (Whoever you want!) where the reader is an alto and gets insecure about her lower voice when she’s doing the show and like her voice cracks on stage and she’s kinda choked up about it? Just like fluffy stuff haha. LOVE YOU SO MUCH BYYYEE xx 

lmao i probably screwed this up like i screw everything up. ha.
i dont have any cute rants or anything. nothing exciting has happened this week. everything has fallen to shit. anyway, requests are open. thankyou for being supportive of me even though i cant post anything bc i’m too freaking sad.


Originally posted by hamiltonmemes


You bit your lip as you entered the stage, the familiar cello intro playing in the background.

“There’s nothing like summer in the city…”

Jasmine had woken up with no voice this morning. As a swing, you knew it was your duty to cover her part, but you had freaked when Lin called you.

Say No To This was one of your favourite songs in the musical. You listened to it everywhere you went, but as an alto you were unable to hit most of the notes. God, you tried. You had worked on the song for months now.

As time went on, your range slowly increased, but the final stay in the song always ruined your performance. You couldn’t get up that high.

You turned from Lin after the first chorus, turning your vision to the back of the stage. You knew it was coming, but you couldn’t hide. You weren’t (Y/N) anymore, you were Maria. Maria wouldn’t be panicking about singing a song.

You ran back to Lin when your cue came, dropping to your knees and grabbing onto his hands. You tried to ignore the butterflies that were filling your stomach as the note came closer and closer. It was like the night, slowly chasing away the daylight. You had little time left.

“Just give him what he wants and you can have me!” You sang, standing from your kneeling position.

“I don’t want you, I don’t want you!” Lin responded, turning away from you.

“Whatever he wants, if you pay you can sta-“ Your eyes widened as your voice cracked, cutting off the note early. You kept your brave face on, continuing the song. You were sure the performance was ruined, and it was all your fault.

After the show, you sat in your dressing room with Pippa, your head staying planted in your hands.

“I have failed the cast,” You groaned quietly, looking up at your friend. Pippa shook her head.

“You didn’t fail anyone. You were caught off guard, it’s okay. You’ll hit it one day,” She stated, smiling encouragingly at you.

“But I needed to hit it today. One day isn’t today,” You whispered, shaking your head sadly. You grabbed a makeup wipe, turning to face the mirror. “I hope Jasmine is never sick again.”

“She’s recovering well, don’t worry!” Anthony stated, popping his head into the dressing room. Pippa slapped him gently, shutting the door.

“Don’t listen to him. Next time you understudy the part, you’ll be incredible. You’re so close, you just need a little bit more-“

“Time. I know. It’s in the show,” You cut her off, letting out a loud sigh. “You should head home. I’m going to stay here for a little while.”

“Are you sure? I was hoping we could subway home together. I figured that it would be nice bonding time,” Pippa asked, frowning slightly. You shook your head.

“It’s okay. I’d prefer to walk home alone tonight anyway,” You whispered, standing and hugging her quickly. “I’ll see you soon.”

Pippa sighed, hugging you back and leaving the dressing room. A few moments later, Lin knocked gently on the door. “Are you decent?” He asked.


Lin waited a few seconds before entering. He came in, sitting on the stool next to yours. “So, tonight’s show…” He started.

“It was a failure. I failed. I completely understand if you want me out,” You said, starting to scrub at the bright red colour that was staining your lips.

“Wait, what? No! Of course not! I thought you might be beating yourself up over it, so I wanted to let you know that it was perfect!” Lin stated, smiling. You sighed, shaking your head.

“Please, we both know that was the most embarrassing thing that’s ever come out of my mouth. Don’t you have to get home to Sebastian?” You asked, sighing in relief when the Maria makeup was finally removed from your face.

“Well, yes. There’s that. But I don’t want to leave until I know you’re okay,” He stated, crossing his arms and resting them against the makeup bench.

“Well, I’m fine. Just peachy,” You mumbled, standing and turning your back to the mirror. You looked over your shoulder, reaching for the zip. “You should head home honestly.”

“I want my cast to be happy. Please (Y/N), let’s just talk.”

“Fine. I sounded like a thirteen year old boy and I ruined your masterpiece.”

“My masterpiece?” Lin raised his eyebrow, standing and unzipping your dress. You smiled weakly at him, grabbing your normal clothes and heading into the bathrooms.

“Yeah. Your masterpiece,’ You replied, changing quickly and going back to Lin.

“You know, one of the original lines in this so called “masterpiece” was shooty shooty shooty shoot shot. Did you know that one night I sang “Maurens, Lulligan?” Did you know that I broke character because Groffsauce tickled my nipple?” Lin asked.

“No… I didn’t know that. Why is this important?” You asked, crossing your arms and leaning against the wall.

“Well, it’s important because not everything’s a masterpiece the first time around. Or anytime, honestly. It’s live theatre. Anything and everything can and will go wrong. But do you want me to tell you a secret? That’s what makes it so special. When I wrote this show, I didn’t expect it to become what it is. I just saw it as something small. It wasn’t even going to be a show at all. God, if you heard those original demos, you would be shocked. The amount of times my voice cracked… moving on. Tonight wasn’t a failure for you. I know how hard you’ve been working this year and I wanted to show the world how incredible you are,” Lin stated, pulling you into a hug.

Your eyes widened. “I… I don’t know what to say. Thankyou. You made me feel a lot better, honestly,” You said quietly.

“Well, thank you for listening to my Old Man Miranda rant. I’ll see you tomorrow, ready for round two?” Lin asked. Your eyes widened.

“But Ant said Jas was recovering…” You mumbled, raising your eyebrow.

“Well, I want to let her have another day of recovery. Make sure you’re here early, it’s a two show day,” Lin stated, patting you on the head and leaving the dressing room.

You shrugged, grabbing your bag and leaving the theater. If your boss was willing to give you a second chance, you knew you had done something right.


Request: “hey could you do a kylo fic were you’re basically his slave and you pretty much worship him and most of the time he’s sweet (enough) and dismissive but he can get forceful during sex if you don’t obey his orders. But you act happy about it and you always reassure him when he’s insecure and you’re always flirty and you hardly leave his room and you have to just like wear lingerie like 24/7 (sorry if this is too crazy but i love your writing so much!!! thanks boo xxxxx)”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2891

Warnings: Smut

A/n: took the slave part of this request a bit too literally haha but I hope you guys like it!!

It was no easy task, being Kylo Ren’s lover. You had not chosen to be, but somehow, it was as if some higher being had always planned for you two to be together. Bound by fate. The fate of the invasion of your home planet, the fate of the First Order Stormtroopers taking you captive after you hadn’t found an adequate hiding place, and fate that Kylo Ren took a very deep liking to you.

You were the first and last slave he chose to do his bidding, for his commands only deemed it necessary to keep one. He could’ve had others if he had liked, but he hated the idea of it all. They expected him to be a merciless leader, to show authority and lead by example, and yet Snoke had willed him to choose a personal slave so to encourage the other men. Encourage them of what? Kylo thought. That I’m no better than a lusting pig?  

The answer had already shown itself in his mind. It was all for his image. If the soldiers saw that he could take whatever he wanted for his own, to charge someone to his side against their will and subdue them to obey him, then they would automatically subconsciously want to do the same. To lead by example, so that they might become the example itself. It wasn’t that his inferiors didn’t already fear him, it was just that after the sequences on Starkiller base, after their defeat, most had lost some respect for him. His battle wounds humanised him, very detrimentally, in the eyes of all those who served the First Order.

And so, when Hux had lined up twenty-three native women of the planet they had just inhabited, Kylo was quick to choose the one who stuck out like a sore thumb. You. The reason he was drawn to you, apart from the fact that he was almost immediately attracted to your striking appearance, is that you were the only woman not crying. If he were to pull around a human-sized burden, he would prefer it to be one he didn’t have to carry kicking and screaming.

“You.” He pointed to your tired face, his voice crackling in his vocoder. “I’ll have her sent to my quarters.”

You grimaced, already knowing what to expect. You were all women in this room, it was so plain to see what type of slavery you’d be in for.

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|^| Original |^|

|^| My edit |^|

New artwork for my fic! The original is up top. It’s, of course, a depiction of Belle and (Adam?) or just Beast really lol, at the end of the movie. This image has been going around and it’s not hard to see why. It’s breathtaking and shows Belle in her famous golden ballgown and Beast (I’m just gonna call him Dan Stevens in this whatev) as well in his blue suit with gold trimmings, but human. I love this depiction a lot, especially with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens faces and roles so exquisitely portrayed. 

The first thing I noticed about the art was the proportion of the two main characters. It’s definitely out of proportion, with Belle being much too large around the waist, shoulders, and bust. Dan is a bit out of proportion too, but I think it suits him better. He was a beast, after all, haha. But I’m using these proportions to my advantage and putting this as the new cover image for my own fic: I Have Done It All for You.

Scarlett’s waist in my fic is around 23-27 inches so she would’ve looked something like this. Also, Raphael is a bit brawnier. I changed the color of her dress. I added a bit of rose-gold in there. Tbh, I’ve always hated Belle’s dress. I can’t stand the color yellow, so I added my own touches for Scarlett. I also gave Scarlett her signature brunette hair and blue-green eyes. 

I’m so glad the lovely person who created this piece of artwork realized that Dan Stevens in his natural look is so much hotter and sexier than with that God-awful wig! He looks like Ashley Wilkes! Gross! I always hated (Adam?) in the original movie when he transformed. The red hair didn’t suit him at all. I thought they would let Dan be himself, but apparently not. This artwork is great because it fixes that and lets Dan go natural. This is great because Raphael has dark hair, and Dan Stevens’ original look is what Raphael looks like really. I didn’t even have to do anything to Raphael except make his eyes a bit bluer. “Like sapphires,” as described in my fic.

Overall, I’m proud of how my edit turned out and I enjoyed the new movie thoroughly. So many new followers on the BATB section of Fanfiction.net! My story’s getting much more popular!

Thanks so much to the original artist of this: godrickdraws.tumblr.com!

For Love & Money Pt.1


Words: 4361

Genre: Fluff, Slice of life, Casual writing, (maybe eventual smut), Arranged/Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger. 

Notes: I got tired of writing so much angst haha. So this is completely the opposite lol From one extreme to the next, I swear. Oh yeah, I’m trying different styles of writing and different OC types…so the story’s a bit saucier. But yes..there is minimal pain in this story…enjoy~ 

Originally posted by bwibelle

Ringg Rinnggg.

“Honey is that you?” It’s your mother’s chirpy voice on the other line - you furrow your brows.

“Is everything okay? Your voice message said it was an emergency.” Suddenly your back is pushed against the wall.

“Yes…yes. Everything’s fine. Your father and I are fine.” Your mother hesitates. “It’s just that I was wondering if you would like to go on a dat-”

“A date?” The stranger presses their body against yours as their lips meet your neck, trailing kisses up and down. “No thanks mom.”

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Blogmas 9; Birthday Boy.

Your baby’s first Christmas with Louis

I’ve tweaked the request a small bit but it’s still following the gist of your baby’s first Christmas. It’s just tweaked to make it a bit celebratory towards Louis’ birthday and whatnot. 

It’s a short little something for Blogmas and it’s also in honour of Louis’ birthday; a little late, I know, haha. 

Dear Anon, thank you for sending this request in, my lovely. I had so much fun with this one, getting some sweet sibling time in with his sisters and Ernie and eating cake with everyone. 

Enjoy. xx

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