i love this band a whole lot

Let’s spill the tea, shall we?

When the news that Camila was leaving surfaced yesterday, I was devastated, because a band that I have grown to love since 2014 was starting to end. Now I’m not sad, I’m fucking RAGED – and I’m gonna explain why.

Yesterday Camila posted a letter, which I talked about on this post. It’s something that was clearly written by her, with a lot of feeling and truth (and tea too). Then we waited the whole day for the girls to say something, and when they do, they post a statement that can be resumed in a few words: it’s all Camila’s fault. I bet anyone that read those paragraphs would believe it, except that we, the fans, are practically CSI and we know our band too much to just buy that, so I’m just gonna point out some stuff I got from that letter:

  • First off, management wrote it. Simple as that;
  • Second, how could four girls that are in different states and time zones, spending time with their families and friends after not seeing them for weeks take time off to coordinately post something literally at the same minute?
  • Lastly, on the first statement they said they were just told by Camila’s “representatives” that she was leaving, next thing they say she let them know in November. Don’t you think that if they knew that was their last concert alongside Camila, it would’ve been way more emotional and meaningful?
  • They signed a contract that says that management have full access to all of their social network accounts (twitter, facebook, Instagram, tumblr, etc.) and are free to post (or delete) whatever they want there.
  • Update: Ally just unfollowed the 5H account on instagram?

Now let’s make a few judgement calls:

  • A few weeks ago, Dinah posted on her Instagram story videos of them (Camila included) goofing around the car singing and laughing like a group of good friends would. For those who have watched the videos, they didn’t seem like the same people that where “informed via her manager that Camila was leaving the group”, did they?
  • Just this week, Dinah posted a picture of her and Camila goofing around and wrote “Don’t matter what they say, don’t matter what you do . I am so proud of you . I mean it . I love uuuu’s”, which Camila answered with “LMAOOOO this picture is classic us. thank u so much girl. this means more than u know”. Also this week, she posted multiple snapchats of her watching Camila perform with MGK with a proud mom smile on her face, followed by a snap of them hugging and she telling Camila how proud she was. Now, does this seems like the same Dinah that would agree to throw Camila under the bus so easily like they did?
  • Just yesterday an audio of Lauren venting about their management to Ally was leaked, in which she said “They make decisions on regular basis, to fuck us over, to make us literal slaves, like, literally slaves, Ally. We’re doing labor every day and we see nothing” Does that sound like the girl who would agree to post that letter as well?

It’s unlikely to all of them to throw Camila under the bus like that. A band that’s been together for almost four years and a half to treat one of their friends like a stranger they can blame? This is not the Fifth Harmony we have grown to love. This is not their doing. They have no choice but to just sit back and do nothing because they can’t simply break a contract.

In conclusion, what hurts me is not the fact that Camila left the band – in fact I’m glad she left after all this mess, or that the girls posted those notes – I didn’t believe for one second that they wrote it. What hurts me is knowing they’re stuck in an environment they can’t leave because of a contract that allows Maverick, Epic and Syco to do whatever they want regarding their public image.

They want to throw Camila under the bus because they know that if she wanted she could just tell us everything. They want to turn the fans against her because maybe she was the one that got tired of all the bullshit and didn’t sign next year’s contract. Say what you want about their relationship, that they don’t get along behind cameras, that they hate each other (which they clearly don’t), but the one thing we know is that they would never write something that would compromise their bandmate’s career like that.

I feel and fear for our girls. They are five young girls trying to live their dream and this is what they get. They don’t deserve any of this.

Someone please save my children.

  • <p> <b>Friend:</b> Why don't you play some music? Y'know from your phone? It'd be nice to have some music while we do work.<p/><b>Me:</b> Uh. Um. Well. You see. *nervously sweats*<p/><b>Friend:</b> *grabs phone*<p/><b>Phone:</b> *whole bunch of anime OPs and EDs, Character songs, Kagepro music, Honeyworks, Utaites, Neruke, Rock bands from different countries, Kenshi Yonezu, Vocaloids, Undertale Music, Ace Attorney Music, some other trash*<p/><b>Friend:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> ....<p/><b>Friend:</b> Your playlist literally says "Weeabo Trash"<p/><b>Me:</b> It's fittingly titled what's your point?<p/><b>Friend:</b> I'll just... turn on the radio.<p/></p>

Interviewer: “Does that sum up Nirvana’s whole philosophy about the band - don’t think about it, just do it?”

Krist Novoselic: “I’ve always really liked music, ever since I was a kid. I was really in love with certain bands and they were like my bands. It was probably an identity thing too for me, so I’m really glad that I’m doing something that I totally want to. It means a lot to me, it’s not just some kind of fashion thing.”

Kurt Cobain: “You better watch yourself Krist, you’re getting a bit too serious. You’re gonna get fired, man.”

I just finished my 107 shows in 10 months. 100% live every night. I bloody smashed it, even if I do say so myself. You lot have been incredible, every night you’ve been so beautiful, loving and engaged. My band and my crew you made the whole thing turn. And my beautiful family made it easy for me to do.
Big love x

one direction keep each other in their hearts everywhere they go. how much you wanna bet that when they hear their songs on the overhead speakers at the stores they get little flashes of memories of the boys and being together on tour. and maybe they’ll pull out their phone, send a quick message in the gc and it probably feels really good knowing they have each other’s backs. always. no matter what or where they are in the world. 

20 Times Gerard Way Looked Ridiculously Good

1. When he did the impossible and made chewing look sexy.

2. When he looked perfect just sort of hanging out, all casual-like.

3. When he made bright red hair work.

4. When he went platinum and it was a good decision for everyone.

5. That time he was confused and you were like “I will guide you, Gerard.”

6. When he sang this and you wanted to reply, “Because you love me MORE today, right?”

7. That time he wore this fuzzy hat.

8. When he said what no one was thinking.

9. When you weren’t sure whether this even counted as a shirt, but that was OK.

10. When you wanted to touch his hair. A whole lot.

11. When he led the saddest, hottest marching band in all the world.

12. When he was a happy skeleton.

13. When you wanted to be that microphone.

14. Also, that time you wanted to be a Jamba Juice straw.

15. When he even looked good layin’ out on the floor.

16. When this happened.

17. When he declared himself a zombie and you were still into it.

18. When he basically looked like Valentine’s Day come to life.

19. When OH MY GOD.

20. When he kissed you farewell.

Stay golden, Gerard.

Source: BuzzFeed 

Scorpio + Other Signs Songs (listen to the whole song)

If you want/need explanation send me an ask ;)

Scorpio + Aries: Summertime by My Chemical Romance. “Until we find our way in the dark and out of harm. You can run away with me.”

Scorpio + Taurus: Lucky by Jason Mraz. “They don’t know how long it takes, waiting for a love like this.”

Scorpio + Gemini: I know I’m a wolf by Young Heretics. “I can keep you warm as long as you try to be brave.”

Scorpio + Cancer: Happy by Never Shout Never. “You make me happy whether you know it or not.”

Scorpio + Leo: Kiss me by Ed Sheeran. “I was made to keep you warm but I’m as cold as the wind blows me so hold me in your arms.”

Scorpio + Virgo: Let Love Bleed Red by Sleeping with Sirens. “Outstretched to wonder why we don’t belong. You deserve much more, and I’ll give until I’m all gone.”

Scorpio + Libra: Coffee and Cigarettes by Never Shout Never. “So won’t you sing with me because it’s cold outside and I’m feeling kind of lonely.”

Scorpio + Scorpio: Fire Escape by Love Robot. “But you came, the first day. And I was starting to feel safe.”

Scorpio + Sagittarius: Tear in my Heart by Twenty One Pilots. “You fell asleep in my car. I drove the whole way. But that’s okay. I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine.”

Scorpio + Capricorn: Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon. “I felt it in my chest as she looked at me. We were bound to be together.”

Scorpio + Aquarius: Immortals by Fall Out Boy. “Cause we could be immortals, just not for long.”

Scorpio + Pisces: Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s. “I’ve got my head in the clouds, you beg me to come down says boy, quit fooling around.”

thoughts on today, the 1975 etc

it’s a really difficult day to be american (and for the whole world that is affected by the toxic, hateful rhetoric + global implications of this result) and to feel hopeful and i’m very sad and scared like a lot of people but i hope that you all have a safe place and people you can speak to and some semblance of sanctuary, wherever you find it. however you’re feeling is ok. it feels a bit frivolous to be loving and caring about a band when our country’s future and people’s lives are hanging in the balance- but in that same breath, i think it’s very important in times like this to have something you take comfort in and that provides a temporary reprieve from the seriousness of our world at the moment, that acts as an antidote to the polarizing, dangerous rhetoric, and that spreads the message of inclusiveness, compassion, community, humanity and love. so thank you to the 1975 for providing that for me. x

anonymous asked:

hey! i'm looking for a fic in which phil's friend wins a bus or something like that and the two + many others go on a camp and dan is a really badass guy and he falls in love with phil? also i believe phil's favourite band was "brand new" lol sorry this is vague and badly worded

is it this one?

Two Roads Meet TW- Phil Lester, a shy, poetic hipster, is talented at a lot of things; social interaction not being one of them. But when his best friend Tom, a popular socialite, wins a competition for a Road Trip, Phil suddenly finds himself meeting a whole new group of friends, including the total stud Dan Howell; a flirt-machine in a leather jacket. But will Phil’s awkwardly interesting personality intrigue Dan, or completely freak him out?

- Eliza

Why, hello spooky ghost tattoo friend! 💕
So, Ghost town means a lot to me, as some of you know, they’re my absolute favorite band. To have a piece of their art, Alister’s Art, on my body in tattoo form means so much to me. Heck, one day, I’m hoping for it to be a whole sleeve! One step at a time though, haha. To Ghost Town and all the fellow ghosts who party around in the graveyard, I love you all, keep being you and keep being rad. Stay spooky, cuties. 💕

The Signs Texting Their Crush

Aries: “we’re going out tonight & you’re paying. you already have plans? no you dont. you will love me. ok? ok.”

Taurus: “hehe…” “aw, I could give you a hug!” “don’t worry, you’re awesome.” “aah, the weather is nice today. I wish I had someone to take a walk with.” -is internally freaking out-

Gemini: -makes ridiculous jokes (that are hilarious, actually), talks about themselves a lot, and is kinda indifferent about the situation, but is freaking out deep, deep down- “LMAO!!! Did you know that I once flung a rubber-band at a fly and shot it down on the first try?” -sends memes & screenshots whole convo and sends it to 25 people- they can also get v deep.

Cancer: laughs at like EVERYTHING their crush says, forgets english and makes hilarious jokes that may or may not make the situation awkward (they struggle with conversation starters), AND THEY OVER-THINK LITERALLY EVERYTHING BEFORE SENDING IT. they’re internally screaming- “Hahaha x’D you’re funny” -sends memes because they don’t know what else to say; they’re too busy getting caught up in the situation & thinking they’re gonna get married-

Leo: talks about themselves & awkwardly laughs at things their crush says, then screenshots the whole convo and sends it to their friends “LOL wow, that’s cool. But did you know that I….” “Do I look cute today?” -sends 10 different selfies of them on DIFFERENT days-

Virgo: -tries to sound mature and smart, but also forgets english and ends up getting super embarrassed bc they sound like an idiot & occasionally tries to correct their crush, but their crush is actually right, so they make excuses. also starts intelligent conversations & would rather hear their crush’s voice. “Hi! Have you done the math homework, yet? I don’t get why people don’t understand that 9+10 is NOT 21.”

Libra: -is a cool lil bean and acts cute, but kinda sarcastic, also normal, & they keep their cool. they’ll go on with some funny story- “HAhaHahAaa…so this one time, this lame-o was like: 9+10 is not actually 21. I was like: no shart, sherlock. hehe.”

Scorpio:  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)… sarcastic af & tries to put too much sexual humor into the convo. NOT ALL SCORPS DO THAT, THOUGH. Some get all nervous and cute. “hahaha….i can be your 68 and you can be my + 1 lol”

Sagittarius: -is incredibly awkward and doesn’t realize it at all.- they try too hard, sometimes. they WILL exaggerate on things. “Yesterday, my friend was telling me how I’m SOOO pretty and should go out with more people…hahah isnt that dumb?”

Capricorn: omg they have so much skill and they don’t even realize it. They can just talk to the person they like and be casual about it. some caps are incredibly awkward, tho. they do NOT know when it’s ok to laugh. other times, they’ll freak out to themselves, but they’re actually doing great just by being who they are. “Haha. I really love doing _________. it would be awesome if i had a pal to do it with me! hey, we’re friends, so why don’t we hang??”

Aquarius: omg, they’re lil goofballs and will get you into deep convos, but can manage to keep you entertained the entire time. they want to know about you, so they’ll ask questions. “LOL, WOW. but, hey…I wonder if we’re all really awake right now, you know? what if this is all a dream? if I woke up right now, would I still be white, or am I actually asian? I could be an ALIEN. What do you think? xD”

Pisces: adorable, but trying too hard. they can get kinda obnoxious, but it’s still cute. They’ll want to know about you, but they’ll try to tell you stories with their friends. usually, they’ll talk to you through their friends. they will get their information about you through their friends. they’ll try to be funny. “LOLOLOL That’s hilarious >w<” “Have you ever dreamed of _____”

“We get attention for our relationship, but if we didn’t have bands, no one would care. I mean, the reason we’re doing this interview is girls have been trained to look up to rock star boys as these… objects. They grow up their whole lives with horses or rock stars on their walls. For me, I didn’t want to marry a rock star, I wanted to be one. I had a feminist hippie mom, and she told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. But a lot of girls think that to go out with somebody who’s cool or successful, they have to be pretty and submissive and quiet. They can’t be loud and obnoxious like me, and they can’t have their own thing.” - Courtney Love

Hi! My name is Aurora and I’m from Milan, Italy. I’m 16 and I can speak spanish and a little of german.

Random stuff about me:

  • I spend the most of my free time watching tv series, my fav are teen wolf, the 100, skam, shameless, riverdale and eye candy, but I watch a lot more.
  • I love both reading and writing, my favourite books are all the bright places and the whole shadowhunters saga.
  • I love listening to music and I literally do it all the time. I don’t stick to genres, I listen to rappers as I listen to pop or indie music. My favourite singers/bands are the 1975, Lukas Graham, Geazy,  Witt Lowry, NF, Halsey, Twenty One Pilots, Jacob Whitesides, Shawn Mendes, Blackbear, EDEN, gnash, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Oh Wonder, The Lumineers and many more.
  • I like sports but I don’t practice any because I’m a lazy person.
  • I love concerts.
  • I like cooking.
  • I’m not actually a very interesting person, I’m just a nerd who likes random and stupid stuff.

Feel free to contact me if you share some of my (stupid) interests, or even if you don’t.

Twitter: @fuckinash


Exactly one year ago today I saw ATL live. Seeing them again in a week. I’m happy.


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Mmkaaay, here I go!

1. Bleach - Never Meant to Belong (piano&violin). Gosh. I love this song so much. I relate to it on a spiritual level. It’s kinda sad tho, which I guess makes sense cause like 80% of my life is pure, unadulterated sadness, so yeah, whatevs.


3. Versailles - God Palace - Method of Inheritance. Dis one’s by a JRock band (Versailles). They supa good. Or were. Before the hiatus (grumble). Everyone in the band is a friggin boss at what they do and if yer into visual kei, their costumes are boss too.

4. TSFH (Two Steps From Hell) - Titan Dream. Ahhhhh. Yussss. I love TSFH with mah soul. If you haven’t listened to them. FRIGGIN GO. WHAT YA WAITING FO???

5. Shakira - Loca. Cause I am loca. I’m loca and I love it. yolo#swag.

6. Naruto Shippuden - Yume o Daite. Now we gettin into the quality content LOL Pretty sure I existed in the Narutoverse for all my past incarnations till now. This shiz ain’t what I signed up fo. I wanna speak to a manager, yo.

7. Secret Garden - Saranghae. Oh lord. If you’re into KDramas. And haven’t seen Secret Garden. PLZ. Do yourself a favor and watch it. But be warned: it is SAD. But OH SO GOOD. 100/10 would recommend. 

8. Naruto Shippuden - Loneliness. Wellp. Probably one of the saddest songs ever. But. Yeah. Supa good. Like all other Naruto songs. Yeah. Un.

9. Eminem - Mockingbird. Eminem is bae lol

10. Howl’s Moving Castle - Main Theme (guitar by Sungha Jung). Hayao Miyazaki is my real grandpa, idc what my mom says. She wrong. 

11. (cause I couldn’t help it. It’s one of my faves) Chopin - Nocturne in C minor (Posthumous). Chopin was. Like. A friggin angel, idc what ppl say. He was a friggin angel lost from heaven who graced this stupid planet with his angel genius. I love him. 

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Their Country Song

(I don’t even know why but I suddenly had the urge to listen to country music and I’m having a marathon right now. I know most people don’t like country music but I do because I grew up listening to country music with my mom and rock n roll/alternative music with my dad lol)

Johnny: If I Die Young - The Band Perry

“The sharp knife of a short life. Well, I’ve had just enough time. If I die young, bury me in satin. Lay me down on a bed of roses. Sink me in the river at dawn. Send me away with the words of a love song.”

Two-Bit: Little Bit Of Everything - Keith Urban

“I don’t need too much of nothing. I just wanna sing a little chill song, get my groove on. Pour something strong down in my drink. Oh, I know that I don’t need a whole lot of anything. I just want a little bit of everything.”

(I honestly couldn’t think of anything for Two but I thought that Keith Urban and Two-Bit (Keith) have the same name so I put of of his songs for him lol)

Darry: A Little Bit Stronger - Sara Evans

“Woke up late today and I still feel the sting of the pain but I brushed my teeth anyway. I got dressed through the mess and put a smile on my face. I got a little bit stronger. Riding in a car to work and I’m trying to ignore the hurt.“ (he dedicated this song to his parents after they died)

Ponyboy: Breathe - Taylor Swift

“Music starts playing like the end of a sad movie. It’s the kind of ending you don’t really wanna see ‘cause it’s tragedy and it’ll only bring you down. Now I don’t know what to be without you around. I can’t breathe without you, but I have to breathe without you…” (he dedicated this song to his parents)

Sodapop: Highway Don’t Care - Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift

“The highway won’t hold you tonight. The highway don’t know you’re alive. The highway don’t care if you’re all alone…but I do! The highway won’t dry your tears. The highway don’t need you here. The highway don’t care if you’re coming home…but I do”. (he dedicated this song to Pony after he ran away)

Steve: Blown Away - Carrie Underwood

“There’s not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash the sins out of that house. There’s not a enough wind in Oklahoma to rip the nails out of the past. Shatter every window til it’s all blown away. Every tear soaked, whiskey memory blown away…”

Dallas: Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood

“He’s a good time cowboy casanova leaning up against the record machine. He looks like a cool drink of water but he’s candy coated misery. He’s the devil in disguise, a snake with blue eyes and he only comes out at night. Gives you feelings that you don’t wanna fight, you better run for your life!“

|-/ B L U R R Y F A C E |-/

okay so I have listened to ‘stressed out’ so many times now like it has been on repeat for about the whole day and iv been going over the whole concept of 'blurryface’ and I think I’m finally starting to understand what it means.

So, I think throughout Tyler and Josh’s life they have went through a lot and this album is explaining all the things they have had to overcome and about defeating their own blurryface.

Things like the hanging microphone symbolises the “noose” that was referenced a lot in Vessel as “music” being the thing that has saved Tyler’s life.

Also about the black paint covering his hands and neck might symbolise the parts that his demons have effected. So his vocal chords and and his fingers that he uses to write music.

Overall, I don’t think blurryface is a monster. I don’t even think that he’s a real life creature. I think that we all have our own different type of blurryface created in our heads.



earlier today, the world (or at least the internet) has finally heard from @paradisefears​ again and my heart is glad. Glad is actually an understatement because I just totally lost it after reading this:

“this thing that we built— you & us together— is far too beautiful & rare to ever stop. we couldn’t stop being a part of it if we tried. we care too much about these songs, & the people they introduced us to; as long as the six of us exist, there will always be a paradise fears.”

aljflaskdfjajfcrijfsjvscperjfscoeirjseorivsdlv. Okay I’m calm.

I couldn’t stress my love for this band and their music enough. Their lyrics will always be my go-to in joy and sadness and if I ever feel the need to doodle stuff on my notes. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed this whole typography/calligraphy business because I had too much quotable lyrics from these guys. So….. posting this compilation of all the PF-related works I’m proud of (there’s a whole lot more than this, believe me) to celebrate this glorious day. I love you PF, can’t wait to hear more from you. Go fill up those shelves ♡🐢