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Hey babes! Sooo I reached 400 followers yesterday! Thank you so incredibly much! I don’t even understand how it happened so fast but I’m grateful for anyone who comes to my blog to cheer them up or make them smile. :) I care about you guys a whole lot, and even though I said I wasn’t going to do another ff, I caved and made another bc I’m too lazy to do blog rates xD 

Also, huge thanks to you babes for liking my fics, moodboard, and my music I post on here as well as sending in lovely asks <3 Literally your support and love keeps me going and makes my days brighter, and ilysm!! 💕💕

So, for this one (because the other one was a fail) I’m not going alphabetical, and I’m gonna make sure you’re all tagged this time! (big shout out to @placebophan for helping me with that! ;)) Just tagging my mutuals I see a lot as well as interact with! My besties are bolded, and my pals are italicized 🌸

edit: I’m gonna be replying to some reblogs, so blacklist ashleysfollowforever if you don’t want this on your dash! :) 

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NAT: I’m all for the classic canon pet names nat has for bucky – loverboy, schoolboy, zvezda moya, etc

STEVE: Prolly just calls him Buck and the way he says it is just dripping with affection

SAM: DEFINITELY calls him babe and Buck loves it. Also literally THIS MORNING on my way to work I got the idea stuck in my head that Sam calls him stuff like booboo and jimmothy lol

Stampede- Leon Draisaitl

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Ok I love Leon, but I had absolutely no ideas for this one so it’s only a 3 hour drive from Edmonton to Calgary. What does a country girl want to do? Go to the Calgary Stampede! Enjoy guys! Anon- let me know what you think!

Warning: None

Anon Request:  I realllllly love your blog, would you be able to write a leon draisaitl imagine? I’m not great at ideas and i saw you haven’t done one for him, fluff is great or whatever you think!! :D


              “Babe” you said, blinking up at Leon. “How much do you love me?”

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Damn why is my girlfriend just so damn gorgeous

And not even in a physical aesthetically pleasing sense, it’s deeper than that. It’s deep af actually.

Like big ups to my mans God for putting her in my life, because I don’t know where I would be today without her man.

Just having someone by your side that wholeheartedly believes in your dreams and in turn you 100% believe in theirs

Having someone that looks you in your eyes and you can just feel that love, that devotion, that passion

It’s ever present and it has been since the day I met her.

I’m just fortunate that I can spend the time I have with her, because she deserves it. And one day soon I’ll be able to wake up to that beautiful smile, those immaculate brown eyes.

I look forward to that so much, and it’s not that far off.

Soon babe.


First of all I’m sorry for the shitty pics but I was in a rush since my phone was dying.

So long story short:

Tonight I went to a family dinner, I was so tired that’s why I barely made my hair (and put no make up or something since I’m lazy), buuuuut I put my newest shoes that I’m loving so much, and I realized this…..

this is the same kind of Lance’s shoes. FREACKING LEGGY LANCE INFLUENCED MY STYLE CHOICES .WAT? I wanted so to share this thing with you guys ahahaha because it made me laugh so much and I was walking like yo babes I’m Lance *wink wink*

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OMG babe that Jongin on the swing repost!! It is literally life!! I am so emotional after reading it because I can relate to it as I have done that before with my bf. He's a military man so he goes to training fields often. That picture caught my attention too because it is SO adorable and I hope he was doing just that at that moment. I wonder how they answer the phone with one another! Ahhh! I love them so much!! I hope you're having a great day sweetie!! <3 #jagi

Oh yes ;_; I could just imagine Nini sitting like that and talking on the phone with Soo, asking the other what they had done that day, if they’re doing okay, if they’re tired, how much they miss each other, and make sure the other is eating well and encouraging one another to work hard! 

It must be difficult to be away from someone you love? I really hope you’ll be able to meet your loved one soon~ (I wish the same for kaisoo :’) I hope nini comes home soon too)

And thank you cutie! I hope you’re having a lovely day <3 Take care ^o^ 

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Hey babe*^* I just wanted to tell you that the drawing were invel says " get the fuck (out) of me " it's actually "get the fuck (away) from me" & you know that I mean well when I tell you the mistake I know English isn't your first language ^3^ btw I LOVE YOUR ART SO FREAKING MUCH you're amazing & have a great day >v<~❤️

Ahhhh thanks for the correction @w@

Hahhaha omg I’m kinda embarrased of my mistake *hides in a hole*, Thanks for telling me >///<


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favorite Scott moment? :)

ONLY ONE!!!! Okay okay.. but like scott is so precious and just anytime he talks about the pack or saving his friends or others I get this overwhelming love for his selflessness I can’t!!!

: I don’t want to keep watching people die.
Argent: I’m not sure you have much choice about that.
Scott: Maybe I do.
Dr. Deaton: That’s a lot of burden to carry, Scott.
Scott: I don’t care. No one else dies. Everyone on that list, everyone on that deadpool… It doesn’t matter if they’re wendigos, or werewolves, or whatever. I’m gonna save everyone.

Also him generally just becoming a True Alpha because baby really turned into an alpha because of the merit of his own character and just!!! If that doesn’t tell you something about him then I don’t know what will!!! I LOVE HIM BYEEEE

ask me my favourite anything!

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Ah, gosh, I hope I'm not at the bottom of the list. 😅 Hi, cutie~ May you bless me with one of your lovely matchups, please? ☺️ I'm 5'2", 120 lbs, blonde, grey-blue eyes, Leo, INFP, Queen of Pentacles, Hufflepuff, super feminine, I like makeup, dresses, jewelry, sweets; I'm reserved, independent, and soft spoken, but I like people who can easily hold a conversation with me despite my introverted demeanor. 😂 Thank you so much, babe~

I match you with…

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  • Semi is naturally more drawn towards feminine people, liking the idea of the contrast between himself and his partner (masculine & feminine). He likes being able to feel like a man next to them.
  • Thus, Semi would be extremely drawn to you thanks to your feminine nature: Your love of makeup, dresses, and jewelry; You would be completely gorgeous in his eyes, and he would acknowledge how your strengths compare to his and be amazed by how different yet compatible  the two of you were.
  • Your soft spoken nature would sit well with Semi, as a loud partner would eventually get annoying to him. He likes being able to hold a conversation with his partner, but doesn’t particularly want to feel like he needs to talk all the time.
  • Your reserved nature would also speak to Semi’s interest; He likes the idea of intrigue, of wanting to find out more about his partner through his own means, not having their every trait exposed to him immediately. He would even occasionally get competitive about it, seeing it as a competition of sorts, if that makes sense.
  • Independence in his s/o is also a must, as he would dislike an s/o that was completely dependent on him. However, he thoroughly enjoys and desires his s/o being somewhat dependent on him and coming to him when they need help with something, but there has to be independence in there as well. They can’t be running up to him for everything. Plus, he strongly admires independence in women.
  • Holding a conversation with Semi would be easy, smooth. He wouldn’t talk about useless things, but would comment on things he noticed throughout the day, especially if he thought they would be to your interest. He wouldn’t mind if you didn’t want to talk to him, but he would initially be a but hurt by it. After a while, though, Semi would realize it was nothing personal and it wouldn’t bother him.
  • Dates with Semi would be easy, nice, relaxing, and fun. A good escape from every day life, and being with him and his relaxing, cool nature would seem to make whatever stresses you got during the day melt away.
  • Even though it would make him blush every time, he never fails to compliment you every single day. Either by text or face to face, Semi would tell you you looked beautiful, or you were glowing, or something along those lines. He gets very sincere when he’s with you, a step away from his usual stoic expression.

Hope this all makes sense! I got a bit rambly, but I found that I really enjoy writing for Semi and just kept getting ideas >,< Hope you like!

harry potter was such a pure child like he went to a ghosts death day party, he talked to myrtle bc she was lonely, he set a snake free bc it was unhappy, he genuinely was friends with luna even thought people thought she was weird, he attended aragog’s funeral, he met some lanky kid on the train and his immediate reaction was to buy the whole fucking trolly to share with him, and then when they got to hogwarts and malfoy was talkin shit about this kid he met a few hours ago he just went oh no u didnt ima protect this one

hes just so pure feel free to add to this


Happy Birthday, Viktor Nikiforov! and Merry Christmas

“I don’t feel like kissing it unless it’s gold.”