i love this artist's twilight work so much

I was going to draw Sun Dog today, but then I got called out on it being the month of junicorns!! So I thought maybe I had better design a unicorn instead of draw a pegasus.

As much as I love rarity and twilight, I also thought I’d rather draw a unicorn who is a little other than the FIM default standard for unicorns. So this is Dusty Hooves -  she’s a little bit adorably heavy, and she works out in the dirt, cheerfully gardening her days away.

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oooh nice! the TP manga is so great! I also really recommend the Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask mangas, they’re really good

I have read both of them online! And I have read Oracle of Seasons and part of Oracle of Ages. I plan to get those at a later date. I didn’t know that they even HAD a TP manga until I stumbled across it on Amazon and was like !!!!! I NEED and thus now I own them and soon they shall be mine~

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I mean it is a VERY pretty book

TWILIGHT PRINCESS IS THE PRETTIEST and Akira Himekawa is an AMAZING duo of artists. I love their work so much. ;3;

The art of hugging
sincere & solid
fun & lovely
warm & soft
true & dashing

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Hey Guys, no xmas-y picture for you, but full of love  I wish you all wonderful holidays and a good new year! Enjoy your time with family, friends, pets or favorite snuggleblanket 

Thank you so much for your support <3 <3 

BIG hugs to ya’ll!