i love this artist sooo much omg

For this week “Frans and nails”
(Its a thing that i do now let me have fun with it) a dark sexy purple fade out to light blue with a touch of sparkels nails
With a fan art for the wonderfull and sooo beautifull AU -Tribetale-
By the so talented @diesel-1997 who is my new idol on art as a whole i mean MY GOD i adore her
Anyway the color version will be later this month cause lord knows my life full of pffffttt a lot

Anyway i reallllyy hope you likes it 💙💜
Love, Villainy !

Lil Edit - OMG i got likes here from 3 artist that i admire and other great ppl and it really lift my spirit i had such hard times lately ;; thank you so much Diesel ;0;

alcemin  asked:

I just want to say that I love your drawing style. Your human Tamatao is so well designed ! I'd totally buy a shirt with him on it ** !

~ @alcemin HAAASHDLGfdgfml Hahaha sorry but I had to. HAHA ! Thanks sooo much for your sweet words, oh my, it means so much to me !! And I’m really glad you like my design for Human Tamatoa ;; w ;; ♥ Yes this is me answering for once

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Wtf is that anon on about? SOOO many artists get popular due to the fandoms they're part of, how is that a bad thing? I rarely find artists who are popular online solely for their original non fandom based content and that's completely fine. Any sorry I love your blog and you made me love junkrat so much

idk lmao prolly just some rascal lookin to stir the ant hill. and omg right? from what i’ve seen, fanart helps people find artists they never would have come across otherwise, if anything. And thank you so much ;-; <3333333

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Right now, I'm watching your "Meet the artist" speedpaint, and it's sooo beautiful. I love how you drew yourself with niqab, gives me confidence to draw myself in niqab as well. Thank you so much. May Allah bless you, protect you and watch over you and your family!


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Naruto Fan-artists on Tumblr!!

The issue of re-posting just keeps coming up. I can’t help but feel that it would be slightly less of a problem if more people were following the artists who are on Tumblr. For that reason I’ve put together a list of artists that I personally follow right now. There are soooo many others, and I hope people add to this list so that I can discover them too!! Let’s get to know these amazing, talented people, and give them all the love they deserve!! 

(I am 200% certain I’m forgetting obvious people and I’ve made mistakes with the below info; apologies in advance!!)

(p.s. MULTIPLE PAIRINGS. Let’s respect ALL parts of the Naruto fandom, even those pairings we don’t personally care for.)

NaruSasu / SasuNaru (separating these would be a nightmare omg @_@)

@aidaplusuchiha (cutie OC kid wahh! Accepts asks)

@snow124-art (beautiful. A MUST to check out!)

@kiraiki (the COLOURS, omg!! So funny and touching and beautiful. Accepts asks!)

@tomoe-au (Tomoe is hilarious and awesome. So much love! Accepts asks.)

@tomato-x-ramen (you gotta check this art out guys!!)

@vo-dcc (most amazzzzzzing watercolours, just stunning! RP and fics as well!)

@narutum (closed, but a GREAT archive!)

@kiwicakecris (*cries* I got a beautiful present one time of merninja Sasuke. Love love love!)

@kazhmiran & @cubur (real-life sisters, how awesome is that?? No words for how much I love this art. I would die for this art. I scream at every update. I’m not even kidding.)

@touxxx (amazing amazing amazing, such striking art wahh!)

@carrotcakebandit / @asksasunaru (if you’re an SNS fan and you haven’t stalked these archives repeatedly, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. SO SO SO SO GOOD.)

@usuratialmant & @solochely (both AMAZING, and do awesome collabs and comic strips. Gorgeous talented people. A must for Menma fans!)

@ragginess (so much love. Lovvvvve this art!! Genderfluid Naru is an inspiration. Another must for Menma fans. p.s. Raggi-sama once helped me out when I had a problem in Singapore. Love her for that <3. Accepts asks!)

@llkocoumll (INCREDIBLE art wahhh!!! I could write fics based on ALL of these gorgeous pics!! Totally amazing artist who I adore~~)

@asksnfamily (colourful, bright, happy, and then BAM right in the feels!! Sooo talented. Accepts asks.)

@harububa (*fans face* hot hot hot hot and soooooo gorgeous omg)

@nerdyredglasses (sooooo good!! Incredible art and mini-comics wahh! Accepts asks!)

@letsusura (not updating, but amazing archive and v. good collection of rebloged art also!!)

@h-ikari​ (just stunning, so beautiful, so talented!!)

@j-a-s-u (no more updates but def. check out her archive!)

@maneki-n-e-k-o (such a darling, and soooo talented omg!! Love her~~)

@noranb (the COLOURS and super-sweet style makes me so happy!! Other pairings also; lots of Haikuu! as well!)


@kotoamatsukamishisui (Shishi-centric, amazing RP as well omg!!)

@surfacage (a MUST for Uchiha fans wahhh, espesially Itachi. Angst and fluff and everything wow!! Accepts asks!)

@kazea-free (gorgeous!!! SNS also!)

@uchihaforsmut (oh my goddd so good and hot!)

@petcow (SasuSaku also) (Sasuke-centric. Cutest cutie in the world and such a darling, definitely send them some asks!!)

@malignedaffairs (Shiita, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, perfection, a precious gift)

@uchihasavior (Itachi-centric; awesome RPer as well, and very friendly even when getting asks from v. annoying people [i.e. ME])


@rebelliondou (a master of OC kids!! Shina, Rika, and Hayato are amazing <3. Accepts asks!)

@askshinachiku (ohhh such beautiful, beautiful art and the loveliest nicest blog. Accepts asks!)


@leelooface​  (amazing, so cute and sexy and perfect wahh!!)

@climbyii​ (HIGHLY recommended, the pics of Sakura are just stunning!)


@gaanaruhunger (it’s incredible artists like this that keep me stuck on GaaNaru wahh!)

@prinzik (the adventures of lil Naru and Iruka are soooo sweet I could cry. I LOVVVVVVE this blog to death!!! Cute KakaIru as well, *winks*)

@eyum-ss (multi-shipping but mostly NaruSaku & SNS; adorable Naruko as well ahhh!!)

@jam-art / @jam-nudes (lots of characters and such amazing, unique designs!)

(You can also check out my pixiv account to see my bookmarks and favorite artists. Warning: these are NOT organised in any way!!)

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aye once upon a time i searched for Kaito derivatives on pixiv and your pictures popped up and i be like HOLY GOD I LOVE THIS AMAZING ARTIST but I didn't know that it was you. But then it turned out that it was you all along ya wonderful person. Please keep up the awesome works~ your masterpiece are like my daily dose of happiness holy water ~ Sorry for bothering you ~

OMG m////m) Thank U sooo much!! 

KAITO is like the home of the heart………ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Ok so like,I literally just read your comic and went through this askblog yesterday and honestly I am in love with these children,like omg They are soo awesome! Like their characterizations are so amazing to me,like my gosh you are amazing, Ok,just ok,I just need to rant,ok?

First of all again,I LOVE this comic sooo much and You are just flipping amazing,ok? Ok,second, I just love all these children,like geno is so sweet and loves his brothers so. much. and he is so adorable,and why does he have to be so sick,you evil,wonderful comic artist you,

Then there’s error he’s such a grumpy cutie,and I JUST WANT HIM AND FRESH TO GET ALONG BECAUSE AHHH,and I love that he’s still doesn’t like the timelines and stuff and destroys stuff and how he flipping idolizes geno,omg.

Then ink’s there being so supportive and being a little sunshine and omg,he’s totally part of this family,they may not be related but mygosh he is totally part of this family.and i just love how dorky he is with geno recently,omg scarf buddies? that is sooo adorable.

Then finally  there’s fresh, OMG just holyheck I love this little unfeeling ball of apathy,He’s honestly my favorite child,My gosh,I know he can’t feel stuff,but my gosh this sweetiepie is TRYING OK, And he does want to understand! He JUST CAN’T. He doesn’t feel sad or angry about this he’s just wants to because.And Oh my gosh he can be a jerk sometimes,like honestly sometimes he doesn’t even know he’s being a jerk. He’s just so confused sometimes,and I don’t know what error wants from him,I know he wants him to care but HE CAN’T. Like he can’t just magically start caring,If he could,he would’ve already! And error doesn’t want him to act cuz it makes him madder,I love error but omg please understand error,he’s trying,even though he can be a megadouche sometimes,most of the time it’s not on purpose(most of the time) He’s just super dense ok? 

and also I just love how they use funk.

Ok,I’m sorry for ranting,I just needed to get that off the chest and also thank you for making such an epic comic,K,I’m out.

Alaina says: 

Holy shit. 

Like holy fracking heck omg thank you like, SO MUCH!?!?!

Yeah I’m kinda sorry the askblog is getting ignored lately but like! 

I have WAY TOO MUCH going on right now I promise it’ll pick back up soon. 

omg this is so sweet I am so floored right now holy crap. 


And like these little doodles are GREAT AND AWESOME OKAY OKAY THANK YOU THANK YOU OMG 
I can’t handle this WOW. Just. AHHH!!

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hey there pots-nim! :))) i'm sure a lot of people have said this but i'm going to say it again lol YOUR DRAWINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! ;_; /sobs/ like u dont know how happy i am whenever an update comes out i'm just-- THE AUs ARE SOOO CUTEEE OMG i cant choose one i love all of them <3 i wish i could draw like u /sobs again/ so um im just going to leave this here and um could u say hi to tattoo artist baekhyun for me? HAHA //w\\ keep up with your amazing works okaaayyy have a wonderful day! :D oh HNY~

whoever you are bless your beautiful soul!! 💙 💙 i’m so happy that you like my aus!! they are my babies ahahaha and i’m sorry that i can’t update as much as i used to  ☹️ ☹️ but i’m trying!! hahaha thank you again ;; ;;l try my bestest!! 💙 💙 💙 💙  hhahaha

and baekhyunnie says hi to you as well!!

Imagine Hinata as a real famous artist. 

And then Sasuke goes to her studio bc he wants a nice picture to give his mother/brother

After they met Hinata can’t stop drawing him because he’s sooo handsome.

And then she has a expo of all of her artworks and Sasuke decides to take his mom/bro there to see it because her art is really good. 

And then he sees a lot of paintings of himself…