i love this artist so much uwu


CAN WE STOP REPOSTING ART WITHOUT CREDIT? I don’t care if you love the show so much, you’re a dick if you repost without the slightest bit of credit. 

“ B-b-b-b-b-b-b-ut if you really wanted to find the artist, you could look for it! “

Funny thing, you can’t even copy an image on instagram to even put in google image search or tineye. I’ve tried to find the art to message the artist, so sometimes its not so easy. Also if they credited, it would make finding the artist a whole lot easier. I mean, so could you, dude.

“ But I love this show and I wanna show off the amazing art! “ 

No you don’t, you just love seeing the amount of likes growing in your notification box, you don’t give a rats ass about the artist. All of those 400+ likes could’ve done to the artist. If you really wanted to show the love to this fandom that makes wonderful art, you would’ve asked the artist first to see if they’d let you.

Interesting fact, some artist don’t like having their art reposted at all, even if you credit them because you’re getting the likes and attention, not them, fuck off.

I just baked some chocolate chip cookies OWO anyone wants some ?
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P.s : LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH UWU 💜💛💚💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💞💙

shsl--robot  asked:

what do ya think about atsutodo? if ya have the time, may ya draw em please? ya don't have to if ya don't want to of course! >////< i really love your art! aaaa i just wanna hug ya! im so glad we have amazing artists in the blmatsu community uwu

i like atsutodo!!!

here’s something i drew long ago but too lazy to do linearts.. 

and thank you so much for loving my art <333*hugs~~*

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Hello! I'm so happy I've found you - I absolutely love your art, you've become my favourite artist >w< May I ask what do you use to colour drawings in your sketchbook? :3 Have a nice day, lovely uwu

hello!!! omg thank you so much!!!! :’3 I mostly use highlighters, pens and water colour :P I’ll show the materials I use in my next sketchbook tour, which will be very soon ;))

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I didn't know that you liked Monster High, and I'm so happy, because not many people do, and you draw so much lovely fanart for a lot of my favorite fandoms, and you're one of my favorite artists! Have a wonderful day/night! uwu

yes I love monster high!  :D 
Thankyou so much, I’m so glad that you like my art!

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say how much I love your art <3 you are by far my favorite artist and I love your art so much that I've actually been noticing aspects of your art style influencing my art style. I really look up to you and I just wanted to tell you uwu

:,) you are so kind! ahh thank you so much anon! I feel so unworthy of your sweet support and message. 

canada-is-dry-deactivated201509  asked:

Hello there! I'm a really big fan of your SlyMizu Skater AU! It's a really neat AU and I'm loving the art you put out for it and everything else you do! It'd seem (personally this is) a bit rude to ask, but could you do a by-request drawing of Mizuki doing a peace sign with a grin? If you can't get to it, it's alright and understandable uwu, but if you do take the time to answer this ask, thank you so much! I always feel special hearing back from an artist ^w^

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OMG you are so cute Lady! X3 I love your thing, I might make another tumblr so I can follow~ UwU -Jello <3

  • lilien passe: man there's still so many great artists drawing gilutz
  • Germanbrothers: yes ;A; I love it
  • lilien passe: me too
  • lilien passe: although i do wish it were more than just once a year |D
  • Germanbrothers: well there's 9 November too
  • Germanbrothers: Berlin Wall shenanigans, that's always a sweet day
  • lilien passe: that is true
  • Germanbrothers: see we're lucky, we get like 2 entire days dedicated to how much gil & lud love each other
  • lilien passe: that is very true uwu
  • Germanbrothers: WHAT OTHER SHIP HAS THAT HUH
  • Germanbrothers: FUCKING NOBODY

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Would you mind showing some of your old art for TINF? UwU As a boost for us struggling artists and such. Love you and your art! <3

HELLO ANON! ILU THANK YOU SO MUCH… ;u;))) I hope you’re ready for this BLAST FROM THE PAST… did you know I started TINF in 2007 with a friend, scrapped it, and restarted in 2010? Well, enjoy this journey… I hope you’ll be encouraged… that you, too, can be as wild as me… INTRODUCING…

THE **VERY** 1ST DRAWINGS/DESIGNS of Julian/Landon!!!! Julian was a little taller… and more Cute Manga Boy. Landon was… …. … he was something. He was born w/that poem I hope everyone is pleased yes I am a true poet. Isaiah wasn’t designed bc he was a background char I decided to make a main char I KNOW, I KNOW. I’M AMAZING

(I’ll put the rest under a cut!!!)

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You are my all time favorite tumblr artist, and I enjoy every piece of art you do! Keep up the good work! You're awesome! *double pistols and a wink*

Anon:you have such cute art and gr8 taste in fandoms omf let me love u

Anon:you are my favourite art blog and the best blog on here

Anon:Your Roxy art gives me life, keep up the good work <3

Anon:every time i see your art on my dash when it’s reblogged i’m like “omg i know this style i have to follow this person” and then i scroll over your name and I’m like “I already follow this person!!” and it’s really neat and you have amazing art and an adorable and awesome style and you inspire me so yeah. You’re neat.

Anon:I just wanna say you’re one of my favorite artists. I am in love with your artwork.

Anon:bruh, I don’t even like homestuck that much and yet you made me ship like 5 ships or smthng and btw your art is flipping fab. YOU are fab uwu

Where to begin even, there is many artist who inspire me in way or another. So i picked few i know to this post~ 

Your art looks so good every time i see it and last time i was in your stream i felt like i learned something by only watching you. The way you draw and anatomy, they both are great! You have inspired me to get better in art. 

Your style is simple but so good at the same time, your anatomy is also good. I get impressed to see how well you run your blogs, you do so much art in both your normal and ask blog. Also the characters you create are so interesting. I hope we get to talk at some point. 

I am very impressed how much you have improved when i last time saw you who knows how long time ago. Seeing how you have improved inspires me to get better! Your art is simply amazing~ 

Your art style is unique and interesting! I haven’t seen anyone else draw like you do and your characters are absolutely lovely, personalities and everything else. I can only say that keep goin’ there fella~! 

You mah friend, i always get happy to see art of yours no matter what it is about! The ideas what you put in drawings and characters, they are great! I love your style~ 

Your art is so cute and adorable! Your art is lovely and it also makes me happy when i see it, i really mean it. And i still remember that one contest entry what literally made me cry and squeak because it was so adorable! But i know you can also draw other than cute stuff, like this pic for example. 

Digi, you’re also inspired me greatly with your art! I love the anatomy and the way you draw, the style! Your characters are also very interesting, personality and the story behind them. Just keep going mah friend~! 

Ooohh boy what do i even say. Your art is lovely too and the ideas of yours are so funny! I never get bored to look at your drawings over and over again, and the characters designs: I SIMPLY LUV THEM. 

Your art, your monsters, i simply love everything you make! Your characters are interesting in both personality and the design of them. I wish i could draw more that kinda stuff you’re drawing but i still get a little nervous. I also hope that i could get to talk with ya, like in skype but i know you’re shy what is totally okay. uwu 

daggerjaw and fuckingmonsters
I’m actually a little confused that is there like two artist? Maybe it is because both their blogs look so same that i get confused. Anyway the art is absolutely lovely and amazing! The shadows & light, anatomy and the style. And the monster characters are also lovely and like their personalities so much and the stories behind them. 

There is also other artists i appreciate and luv too, but there is now some i want to mention. You’re all great and amazing, keep goin’ fellas~!

aaahh today i made it to 350 + followers so in celebration of that here is my second follow forever uwu ! thank you all so much i love u guys

italics are people i consider friends and bold are people i admire a lot and would want to be friends with but im very shy about talking to them orz


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 If you were in the last one but you arent in this it doesnt mean i dont love you anymore i just didnt want to make this one too big ;w;

i love all of you so dont worry !!

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You are by. far. my favourite artist on tumblr! Love your art, and as soon as I get the money for it, I'm buying myself some awesome stuff from your society6 store! You're amazing! Have a lovely day hun! :)

Thank youu ヽ( ★ω★)ノ there are so many great artists here so I am very much flattered *squeeeeeeeeee*

Also there is a free shipping promo at my society6 store if you click this link ! I’ve also added a bunch of new stuff UwU x

geminiio-deactivated20141113  asked:

I just went reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally far back on your blog and I wanted to let you know that I love how your art has evolved!! uwu

damn man i

i really wanna single out this ask for my last post leading into 2014 b/c i pretty much never get messages like these — about how much progress i’ve made and if i’ve improved. its a process and during the time i couldnt really see it myself even though a small part of me feels it so when i saw this it made me really happy uwu;;

as an artist its

really important for me to hear something like that sometimes, especially when the going gets rough and nothings turning out the way you want it to and ur the type of person who is way too hard on themselves

so yeah i say it a lot but really, thank u so much and more thanks for staying a long for the ride on this blog! lets keep at honing our interests and hobbies and being proud of what we’ve done evERYONE KEEP BEING AWESOME HERE WE GOOOOOO


Today I finally got in the mail a birthday drawing-gift from my dear flavialikestodraw! In the first pic, on the left, you can see the cute package and her sweet note (I almost cried), and on the right the title of the artwork… and then here it is: a WONDERFUL Molly Hooper tribute only for me. I’m like so honoured!! It’s now hanged in my room and I smile everytime I see it C: THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN DARLING, you are truly an amazing artist and person, and I can’t wait to - finally - meet you and give you a great hug uwu ily!!!