i love this artist omg

ohkai-sims  asked:

2, 4, and 10?

2. favorite expansion pack?

just answered dat one :)

4. favorite skill?

painting!!! i cannot TELL u how many artist sims ive had omg i love watchin them get better n hangin their stuff around the house :)

10. favorite world?

san myshuno specifically the SPICE MARKET!!! so cute i love it so much i would make all my sims live there tbh but i dont wanna get bored of it so


oh. oh.

omg yaaaassss I LOVE THIS!!! JYP artists need to collab with each other more and make amazing music. pls.

For this week “Frans and nails”
(Its a thing that i do now let me have fun with it) a dark sexy purple fade out to light blue with a touch of sparkels nails
With a fan art for the wonderfull and sooo beautifull AU -Tribetale-
By the so talented @diesel-1997 who is my new idol on art as a whole i mean MY GOD i adore her
Anyway the color version will be later this month cause lord knows my life full of pffffttt a lot

Anyway i reallllyy hope you likes it 💙💜
Love, Villainy !

Lil Edit - OMG i got likes here from 3 artist that i admire and other great ppl and it really lift my spirit i had such hard times lately ;; thank you so much Diesel ;0;