i love this art style.... woah

lieutenant-sapphic​ said to leifor: art suggestion? Saavik with Amanda Grayson, since I believe she was sort of adopted by her at the start of Voyage Home? 

@lieutenant-sapphic you’re reading my mind!! saavik is spock’s adoptive sister/amanda’s daughter and no one will convince me otherwise

so here they are at amanda’s garden - also i think they would dress in a similar style?

ANYWAY WOAH. i love your art so much and it’s absolutely amazing!!

thank you! <3

genocideroute  asked:

hey I just stumbled upon your AU. I actually co-admin the UndertaleTrashGroup on DA and once I saw your pages, it peeked my curiosity to dive into this. I love your style and art and can't wait to see more of this AU. <3

Ahhh omg, thank you so much for your nice words!!

We’re really happy you like our AU (and super grateful to you for featuring our art on DA) ;v; we’ll do our best ~



Why did you try to find the dog again?
Uhhhh cuz you said if I put the dog face filter on Coconut you won’t be mad at me anymore
So… :0
You know I was never mad at you, right?
It was a joke. I was joking.
Yeah I know
But I wanted to do it anyways
I thought you would get a kick outta it?
I wanted to make you smile
You’re fucking unbelievable.
Yeah but did it work
It worked. You made me smile.

[ Fanart for the fanfic ✓✓ Read !! 
You should check it out because it’s funny and tbh my fav so uH- 
it’s written in text format too (cool woah) i love it and maybe you guys will too <3 ]

anonymous asked:

Hey umm... i love your art style, especially the way you draw hands.. do you mind if i draw them like you?

\(;´□`)/ woah i’ve never drawn hands correctly but s-sure ?

i’m sure that would be better to draw them like somewahn else  but do waht u want 

lulu-lo  asked:

I have so much to say! Okay, first of all, I LOVE the Mafia-AU and your art in general, your style is so nice and unique! Also, I read ORD as fast as I could because I didn't want to stop, it's so cute and the fact that you put in so much dedication and time.. Wow! It was cool to see your style changing gradually, at first I didn't register the change but then I went all the way back and woah :0 You've become an inspiration to me, really. You are, as Victor would say, Amazing! *❤*

Awwww, you’re so sweet ;w;
It makes me super happy that you like my AU so much!! ;A;
And ah, I am always surprised to hear I have a style at all, much less a style that ppl think is nice o3o
I know it’s rough to look at in the beginning and also long ^^;;
And it is true that a lot of time has gone into it, and I’m happy that’s something you appreciate :’3

I just finished reading and then watching Mob Psycho 100. stuff I noticed:

the anime:

•has a way better and more consistent art style, just woah a huge difference

•the music is great and I think it really matches the story very well, I just genuinely loved it

•easier to understand than the manga, more fast-paced

•no word of season 2???

the manga:

•really brings the emotional aspect of the story to the forefront 1000000% more than the anime and does it so well, I was clutching my heart the whole time

•has more details and goes slower, which tbh I think works better for it bc of above^

•if you didn’t know is very very very far ahead of the anime, and imo (like this whole post is) it doesn’t lose any quality as it goes on like a lot of other manga

•you grasp a much better understanding of the characters themselves, their motivations and relationships from the start than the anime

•IS FUCKING HILARIOUS oh my god I have a really weird sense of humor so maybe it’s just me but I was cackling for a lot of it and some of the funniest parts just weren’t at all in the anime, like completely lost

•is ongoing and supposedly updates very regularly

in conclusion: maybe you can tell I loved the manga a million times more than the anime buuut I’d still recommend watching it bc the animation and music are just fantastic tbh.

I don’t know if I regret reading it and then watching it or not, maybe it’d be more or less enjoyable the other way around??? maybe not??? idk it probably depends person to person

cat-cipher  asked:

Hello! I heard you weren't feeling good about your art, so I'm here to (hopefully) help with that! When I discovered you and your art, I was in a really rough patch. I hated my art, and didn't think I was ever going to improve. Then, I saw your art. It made me so happy, your art style was amazing, and it still is! It made me strive to improve, and really try my best. I love my art now, because of you. Because you inspired me. You are a great person and you have beautiful art. Just remember that.

woah dude i don’t know what to say

this made me feel a lot better thank you 

kourvo  asked:

Hello! Found your blog through someone who's reblogged your art. I just felt compelled to let you know that you've got an incredible art style! Your works are absolutely gorgeous to look at it. The faces you draw, the colors, the brush strokes,... I found myself staring at each image for a good amount of time, wow... I'm in love with your artworks! Health to your hands! :D

oh dear i love you

for real, why are you so good woah woah

ausro  asked:

I saw Séan repost your drawing of him being pulled down into the water and thought, "That's an AWESOME style!" Then, I saw your drawing of him in the rain, and thought, "Woah, I love that style!" Then I found out it was the same person. HOW CAN ONE PERSON BE SO DAMN GOOD? :O

Aww, thank you! It’s really a challenge for me doing the water and the one in the rain since I barely do any art with landscapes UwU. Tho It’s a good practice :D

ahyesfandoms  asked:

I really love your art!! Like aah!! I have no idea how to describe it, but like, its so like... sharp! And your coloring??? Oh man dont bet me started!! Its so so wonderfully done! Like realistic but still with your pwn style and its just aghhh i have no words!!! Its just all so so good! A+ on like literally everything you've drawn! I saw like you progressed from a while back (a year i think?) to now and its just amazing!!! Keep up the good work my dude!! I love it so much!!

Thank you so much woah! It means a lot to hear that. I just love colours so much. I always think of my colouring process as like Im sculpting my drawing. 

anonymous asked:

Woah hey, I was having a pretty bad time just a while ago and talking to my friend and seeing your art helped out so much, I love your style and I loved Karamatsu before, but now I love him even more. Ahh thank you~ (and thank karamatsu lol)

I’m glad I managed to help in cheering you up anon-chan! I hope whatever bad times you were having have passed, good luck with whatever trouble you might be having and remember–

There’s always someone who believes in you!

anonymous asked:

Your art is gorgeous. I love checking your blog every now and then for my EM fix. You draw her so well. :D

woah, thank you so much anon ! I was a little worried when i noticed my style art on EM is a little.. special ? idk. I found it’s a little different. But now I am reassured, thank to you ! 

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roxas-j-frost  asked:

Hey, happy (belated?) birthday! I really love your style and one day I hope I'll be able to draw amazing art as you normally do!!

Oh woah, thank you so much! It was back on the fifteenth, but nevertheless I’m happy for the thought! <3 And the compliments, wow, that means so much to hear that? So encouraging, and exciting! I am absolutely certain you’ll draw masterpieces in the future - you’re art is already really good bud, just keep on drawing and you’ll get where you want to be :D

Anonymous asked you:

Just thought Id mention sometimes yer artstyle reminds me of the art in /Hannas Not a Boys Name/ and I was wonderin if ya knew about it and/or liked it

woah anon, that is some seriously high praise, thank you!!! i love tessa stone’s art style! and HINABN was an amazin webcomic, so i this gave me the urge to doodle some fanart~