i love this art style.... woah

starsaavik said to leifor: art suggestion? Saavik with Amanda Grayson, since I believe she was sort of adopted by her at the start of Voyage Home? 

@starsaavik you’re reading my mind!! saavik is spock’s adoptive sister/amanda’s daughter and no one will convince me otherwise

so here they are at amanda’s garden - also i think they would dress in a similar style?

ANYWAY WOAH. i love your art so much and it’s absolutely amazing!!

thank you! <3

anentireuncookedmeatloaf  asked:

WOAH i love your art style :0 since you did usnavi, have you/can you draw sonny???? hes my little boy..... i trust him with my life....

i can now assuredly answer the question “can you draw sonny” with “only vaguely, but i tried my best!”

genocideroute  asked:

hey I just stumbled upon your AU. I actually co-admin the UndertaleTrashGroup on DA and once I saw your pages, it peeked my curiosity to dive into this. I love your style and art and can't wait to see more of this AU. <3

Ahhh omg, thank you so much for your nice words!!

We’re really happy you like our AU (and super grateful to you for featuring our art on DA) ;v; we’ll do our best ~

intheplace2be  asked:

hey, im not forcing you or anything to answer this, i just want to know what happened to your hamilton art? i have nothing agaisnt you cause of your au's or anything. I just really like your style and art but idk if my phone is fucked up and i cant see it, thats all. Not asking u to post anything or answer this now, im just curious. Thanks. Have a good day/night, kiddo

im going to changed everything! MORE PRACTICE!!!!! >:D

but hey! before i stop in this fandom… i wanna thank  exadorlion who bring me to do hamilton genderbend on yt the non-stop one tbh. (love your art im a fan but im shy as hell to talk that you’re my inspiration, but woah…that is what i get..) 

anyways. i may do more on hamilstuff again soon or later to change everything!

extremely late (and messy) but here’s some of your fave witches at the women’s march!

ahyesfandoms  asked:

I really love your art!! Like aah!! I have no idea how to describe it, but like, its so like... sharp! And your coloring??? Oh man dont bet me started!! Its so so wonderfully done! Like realistic but still with your pwn style and its just aghhh i have no words!!! Its just all so so good! A+ on like literally everything you've drawn! I saw like you progressed from a while back (a year i think?) to now and its just amazing!!! Keep up the good work my dude!! I love it so much!!

Thank you so much woah! It means a lot to hear that. I just love colours so much. I always think of my colouring process as like Im sculpting my drawing. 



Why did you try to find the dog again?
Uhhhh cuz you said if I put the dog face filter on Coconut you won’t be mad at me anymore
So… :0
You know I was never mad at you, right?
It was a joke. I was joking.
Yeah I know
But I wanted to do it anyways
I thought you would get a kick outta it?
I wanted to make you smile
You’re fucking unbelievable.
Yeah but did it work
It worked. You made me smile.

[ Fanart for the fanfic ✓✓ Read !! 
You should check it out because it’s funny and tbh my fav so uH- 
it’s written in text format too (cool woah) i love it and maybe you guys will too <3 ]

anonymous asked:

Woah hey, I was having a pretty bad time just a while ago and talking to my friend and seeing your art helped out so much, I love your style and I loved Karamatsu before, but now I love him even more. Ahh thank you~ (and thank karamatsu lol)

I’m glad I managed to help in cheering you up anon-chan! I hope whatever bad times you were having have passed, good luck with whatever trouble you might be having and remember–

There’s always someone who believes in you!

mazziecat  asked:

I'm just seriously in love with your art style??! plus your coloring is top notch 💯like woah

O̶M̶G̶ ̶M̶Y̶ ̶H̶E̶A̶R̶T̶ ̶ TYSM ❤❤ im really happy u like my dumb art ;w; ♡ ahhhhh -scream-

natsv  asked:

Woah..!! thanks so much for the follow! (I was really surprised! x) ) I really appreciate your gruvia arts so much. And your art style's so good and I love how you draw Juvia! ;)

aahh no prob my fellow !! i love to having fun in this fandom *yeah

and OMG thank you so much im so happy you like my works *screaming

anonymous asked:

I LOVE YOUR ART STYLE SO MUCH LIKE,,,,,HOW DO YOU DO THE THING,,,, WITH THEIR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS??? SO GOOD I...woah I just love your style a lot I have a panel of Hux's face when Kylo sneezed on him that just,,,,makes my life. I can't explain how much I feel their expressions 😫😫👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻. Seriously tho, how did you master such accurate facial expressions with a cartoony style? It boggles me.

THANK U!!!! i like to practice drawing different facial expressions esp the emoji challenge one!! 

anonymous asked:

hey! i just wanted to say i love your art so much (i know i'm not the first one to say this) and you're absolutely beautiful! i love your style, and everything about your art is amazing. i really admire you, and you're an inspiration to me and so many other people! have you ever done a self-portrait?

Oh woah thank you so much  * u *  <3 you’re too nice <3
Yes I have! My Witchsona drawing is actually a self portrait
 lol that gaptoof witch is me and my demon pompom!
 I’ll reblog it so you can see the full version

Oops, I arted



She looks so wonderful in your art style! EEEEE- Thank you!~ Excuse me while I go save this drawing and fangirl cuz one of my senpais drew my Twily!~ >v<